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Chapter 89: The hitman’s little koi 3 (part 1/2)

Sadly, neither Pei Lie nor the little koi cared what he had thought of. This on the other hand, made Jones feel that he had made a huge fuss out of nothing. That consequently made him bottle up his feelings.

Apart from the tiny pectoral fin of the little koi pointing towards the crystal tank, it even latched onto the edge of the bucket to look at Pei Lie. That adorable dead set appearance inevitably instigated Pei Lie to reach a hand out to touch it\'s tiny head. Afterwards said to Jones: "This is a very beautiful tank, ——Is there still a bigger size?"

The little koi swiftly raised it\'s tiny head even higher, the tip of the tail had been perked up high and also seemed to glisten. The taste of this great deity would naturally be beautiful. Only such a beautiful tank can convey the noble beauty of this great deity!!

"There is. The biggest size is no less than 2 meters wide. But, the price is outrageously expensive. Moreover, the item can only be delivered by tomorrow."

The crystal with such a high quality was naturally stunning, the price was equivalently stunning as well. Moreover, the bigger it is the more expensive it becomes. On top of that, this set of tank is handmade, in addition to having a unique shape. That Jones couldn\'t resist but say: "Your little fish is so tiny. This medium-sized at the front is more than enough, there\'s no need to buy such a big one."

Nonetheless, Pei Lie still insisted and said without a second thought: "I want both. I hope that the biggest size can be delivered during breakfast tomorrow."

He was naturally worried that such a small space would make the little koi uncomfortable. Jones had also been aware that he didn\'t have a shortage of money right from the start and had money to pay no matter how expensive it was. So he called and informed the person to send the item over. Jones also recommended a portable type of fish tank that can be easily carried, and gave a brief overview: "This is a newly developed product. The price would undoubtedly be very expensive as well, it comes with an oxygen supply system and filtration system. The material is transparent and unbreakable. The seal is also very secure. —— You can even ride the roller coaster together with your little fish without any problems."

The rounded polygonal shape of the portable fish tank is very unique and has a length of about 30 centimeters. Pei Lie then placed the little koi in to give it a try, "Give it a try. Do you like it? Does it feel stuffy?"

But the outcome was the complete opposite. Because of the very impressive oxygen supply installed, the little koi could breath very comfortably inside. It then issued several tiny bubbles towards Pei Lie on the other side of the transparent wall.

"……pop pop……pop pop pop……pop pop……"

I want this, I want this. I don\'t want that small ugly bucket. That wooden barrel cannot match the temperament of this great deity!

The gurgles of the tiny bubbles were issued in an energetic and regular manner, causing people to have an irresistible feeling, which momentarily dumbfounded Jones. The black eyes that showed it\'s intelligence made it hard for people to believe that it was just a tiny fish. He couldn\'t resist but speak: "Pei, your fish is really very beautiful and lovely. Where did you manage to get it from? Can you sell it to me? You can state the price. I\'m also willing to pay no matter how expensive it is!"

Nonetheless, Pei Lie was too lazy to give a reply and directly proceeded to the second step. ——Buying fish feed suitable for the little koi to eat. There were different varieties of fish feeds as well. Jones who had been brushed off regretfully touched his nose, then put forward several recommendations: "Take several of this sachets for your little fish to try first, in order to see which type of flavor it prefers. Because juvenile fishes needs nutrition, it needs to be fed two to three times a day……"

Pei Lie took the sachets and placed two pellets of each sachet, for the little guy to have a taste test.

But it unexpectedly refused to eat even a single pellet.

Ah ah ah, what is this thing that looks similar to a very disgusting poop!! The eyes of the little koi widened, so much that it couldn\'t help but cry out, then swim to the bottom of the tank to steer clear from it.

Unfortunately, hiding at the bottom of the tank was also useless. The fish feed quickly broke down into smaller pieces because of the water and slowly descended. Soon there were several black pellet particles that fell on the large and beautiful tail of the little koi. Provoking it to hastily shake it\'s tail and try to run away.

However, it hadn\'t been able to clearly see the way as it was in such a rush, that it accidentally crashed into the tank\'s wall in the end.


Following the crash sound, the strength was so surprising that the little koi had been flipped over, exposing it\'s tiny belly.

Pei Lie immediately jumped in fright and was so anxious that he even thought of scooping the little guy out. But had been stopped by Jones in time, "Juvenile fishes cannot be touched frequently. It would be better for you to wait for it to slowly recover."

Ying ying ying, so dizzy……

The little koi only felt that there were a bunch of tiny stars flying in front his eyes. It shook it\'s head left and right, then confusingly swam in a full circle. Before finally turning it\'s body upright to face Pei Lie\'s worried eyes.

The great hitman couldn\'t help but let out a breath of relief, that brief moment was a hundred times more strenuous than when he was shooting someone down. Having turned back, the little koi spewed out a bunch of tiny bubbles. However, the tempo this time was no longer cheerful, but seemed to have a slight aggrieved feeling or a wronged feeling.

"……glub lub……glub lub glub lub……"

……The head is very dizzy……not happy……

The little koi was extremely depressed. What can be done when the perfectly clear water was polluted by those fish feed?

Nevertheless, Pei Lie became very anxious. Why doesn\'t the little guy eat the fish feed? What should he do if it goes hungry?

Jones who was leaning on the side thought of a mischievous idea: "Maybe your little fish likes to eat worms? I still have various kinds of worms here, which are very suitable to give to the koi……"

The single word of worms caused the tiny pectoral fins of the little koi to fully flare up. But the red worms had already been placed into the tank by Jones, which energetically scattered all over. The little koi instantly felt it\'s scalp go numb, that it even forgot to breath. With a mysterious burst of strength, it shot out and jumped out of the fish tank with a splash.

Then tragically fell down on the solid countertop.

Ahhhhh! I won\'t care about this pair of humans anymore!! The golden fish scales on the side he fell on was excruciatingly painful o(≧口≦)o!!!

Pei Lie\'s heart leaped twice in alarm during the brief moment of it\'s feat. This time, he no longer cared that a juvenile fish shouldn\'t be casually handled, as he hurriedly scooped the little guy in his hands and placed it into the little wooden bucket before. The water in the bucket was still clean, the little koi sank in a corner as soon as it was placed in the water. The large drooping tail seemed to be very aggrieved, as the fish completely curled up in a corner.