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Chapter 88: The hitman’s little koi 2 (part 2/2)

The pressure of the demon king period was so powerful that it could even scare off the sharks. So the youth continued to float in the water all alone, his stillness made him appear like he was in a daze.

When in fact, he was only thinking over the things the white ball of fluff had told him. Chen Tong has experienced the entire process of transmigration after all, so he was able obtain a rough understanding after being given an explanation. Moreover, the only thing he lost was his memory not his IQ, so he was still able to calm down quickly.

Nevertheless, the white ball of fluff was very responsible. After patiently answering all of Chen Tong\'s question, it also waited for him to calm down. Then just like in the previous worlds, it conscientiously gave the basic overview of the world along with the mainline tasks.

"Ding–, the basic state of the host in this world is as follows:

Demon name: Long fin koi

Category: Koi fish

Special characteristic: A lucky charm to all living things, all knowing, detached from material things

Status: LV5

Basic skill 1: [Blessings] ——Can bestow good fortune to others. Increase the luck of others, in order for them to have a safe and smooth life.

Basic skill 2: [The untraceable water] ——An inviolable kiss can heal the wounds on the body of other people, making it all disappear.

Assistive skill: [Rain of tears] ——Each kind of tears can cause different degrees of rainfall.

Ultimate skill: [Stormy sea] ——Only in the water can you call upon the sea to set off tremendous waves with formidable power that can easily overwhelm a large ship."

Because Chen Tong\'s memories of the past was more or less missing, the white ball of fluff no longer gave any unnecessary details like the past two worlds. But only emphasized on the first task of \'Devotional practice\' and the second task of \'Acquiring the people\'s goodwill\', then announced the third one:

"Ding——, mainline task three "Stay in character" has been activated, calling the host to strictly abide with the luckiness and all knowing which are the two special characteristic of the koi. Must always remain kind from the bottom of your heart, while showing great compassion, wisdom, aspiration and practice from inside to outside, with a disposition of having a transcendental clear mind."

"……ah?" Chen Tong as always was perplexed when listening to the mainline task three, "Great compassion, wisdom, aspiration, practice and such. Isn\'t this the practice of spiritualism? Will this be stepping into the path to Buddhism?"

"This is only to let you practice and refer to the meditative methods of Zen Buddhism," The white ball of fluff replied to Chen Tong: "You can learn a lot from the method of Buddhism as well as comprehend how you can obtain a transcendental kind of clear mind……"

Chen Tong thought that since he wasn\'t able to remember anything now, there was no need to learn thus as he already has a \'clear mind\'.

In fact, the little koi\'s loss of memory was similar to dissociative amnesia, such as forgetting or confusing an individual or other people\'s identity. However, general information and other common knowledge are still available. When thinking of the word transcendence, Chen Tong couldn\'t help but think about the Buddhist Bodhisattva, Guan Yin, who was unquestionably described as a noble and cold beauty.

—— So he directly summed up the three mainline task in a single sentence: Do a lot of good deeds and keep an unapproachable image. For fear that he might forget it once again after several days, he also pluck off a wide leaf of a sea anemone and wrote one stroke at a time, then stored it in the system\'s storage.

Moving back to the current scene. Looking at the dazed little koi that was frozen in place, Pei Lie who was at the side, was already thinking about bringing it to the fish vet due to worry.

The great hitman found a small bucket, then carefully scooped the little koi into the bucket, after which, carried the small bucket out. The reason he chose to spend his vacation in this place was partly because the owner of this resort had gone on a trip with him before and is one of the three friends he only had in existence. This person had a bit of medical expertise and was so fond of raising fishes, that a tropical fish shop had also been established, which has all sorts of fish supplies.

By the time the little koi returned to it\'s senses, the small bucket it was in had already been placed on a wide counter. The bucket was made of wood, so the scene outside could not be seen. It swam to the surface and propped itself up at the edge of the bucket with it\'s small pectoral fins, in an attempt to see the other side.

Pei Lie and Jones was still in the middle of their conversation, when they noticed the little guy swim to the surface with great curiosity, lifting it\'s head to look left and right in an unspeakably adorable manner. The two pectoral fins that had latched at the edge of the bucket was similar to the small paws of a cub. The capability to properly prop itself up, was simply magical.

Jones\' eyes immediately widened in surprise, that he couldn\'t help but go over, to take a much closer look. The little koi was shaken up to see the pair of green eyes enlarge because of the sudden proximity, that it had been slightly frightened for a moment, that even the elegant tail fin had shuddered.

Pei Lie followed and pulled Jones away, while simultaneously lowering his head, to try and appease the little koi: "Don\'t be frightened, it\'s alright."

Jones immediately raised his brow.

After knowing Pei Lie for so many years, he had never seen him try to soothe someone like this. Although the tone of his voice was rough because of having never done this before, but the concern that showed in his eyes was probably something he was unaware of as well. Jones couldn\'t help but tease him: "This is the first time I saw you show this type of expression. It\'s a pity that the other side is just a small fish. Not only do fishes have a short memory span but it also has a low IQ, it would never be able to understand ha ha ha……"

Unfortunately, his laugh had yet to subside when water was splashed on his face.

The little koi seemed to have inadvertently flicked it\'s large tail, all the water was hurled towards Jones\'s face, some of it even went into his wide open mouth.

╭(╯^╰)╮Humph. This stupid human actually dared to question the IQ of this great immortal koi, I\'ll give you a mouthful of bath water.

The great immortal koi would never remember hatred, and would generally retaliate on the spot. ——Because it would simply be unable to remember it ORZ. Moreover, this stupid human didn\'t even think that this was deliberately done by the little koi, but only thought he was unlucky. Jones repeatedly spat the water out, then wiped his face as he angrily pointed to Pei Lie: "You, you, you said it was sick! Where does your little fish look sick? It looks very lively to me!"

Pei Lie turned a blind eye to his accusations, and only said: "It\'s good if it isn\'t sick. Then I will just buy some supplies when raising a fish."

The aquarium was naturally the first thing a fish needs. But the great hitman who was raising a pet for the first time had never thought that there would be different kinds of aquarium. The various appearances and materials dazzled him. He then asked the little koi as he pointed to the aquariums: "Which one do you want?"

The little koi had actually been given the chance to pick.

There were transparent and opaque, made of crystal glass, as well as porcelain and precious stones…… The little koi did not show any reaction towards the several aquariums he saw before, right until the moment Pei Lie pointed to a resplendent crystal container, where it cheerfully raised it\'s little pectoral fin.

This action frightened the nearby Jones who was originally planning to seize this opportunity to jest Pei Lie once more.

"No way!! I-it, it can actually understand people?!"

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