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Chapter 88: The hitman’s little koi 2 (part 1/2)

The sky was clear and refreshing, unlike the light blue color of the ocean floor. The sun\'s rays at this moment just happened to brightly illuminate the sea\'s surface, the wind was also very light and gentle. —— The world in the dry land looked so beautiful and warm.

The little mermaid in the fairy tale might have also been attracted by this beauty and warmth, for her to recklessly leave the ocean. However, the little koi even came with a readily available \'prince\'. The great hitman pushed the diving mask onto his forehead, completely exposing a sharp and angular face, sword-like eyebrows and handsome image. The water droplets on his short hair was bestowed by layers of dazzling glow by the sun\'s ray. He then spoke to the little koi in earnest: "The quality of the seawater is unsuitable for you, ……go with me alright?"

Regardless of who, anyone who does something for the first time will inevitably be rough and uneasy. The same is true for the great hitman who was trying to raise a pet for the first time. As he really spoke with great earnest to the little fish, "I will take good care of you."

After being scooped out by Pei Lie, the little koi did not struggle at all but only moved it\'s large tail a bit, as it continued to stare at him with it\'s dark round eyes. Pei Lie\'s heart seemed to have been swept along with the movement of that tail, which caused ripples. Such obvious fluctuations didn\'t even appear during his first kill. Afterwards, he actually saw the little guy nod it\'s tiny head as if it understood his words.

The great hitman had more or less used his quickest speed, as he carried the little fish in his hand throughout the entire way to his house.

Fortunately, the rest house he lived in was not that far from the sea. The \'professional skills\' had also manifested at this time. No matter how fast he moved, both his hands remained so stable, up to the point that the small slit where both palms converged for the little fish to breath did not spill a single drop of water.

Pei Lie who didn\'t have the time to find any aquaculture items and feared that the little guy would suffocate due to the lack of water, directly placed it in the empty bathtub which he immediately filled with fresh water. The little koi which was clearly very satisfied with the quality of the fresh water, energetically swam around the container at once. The very long fins that swayed along, was like a rippling of a long skirt.

The energetic appearance of the little thing had indescribably caused Pei Lie to slightly brighten as well, that his tight nerves unconsciously loosened.

But at this time, he noticed that the little koi that was cheerfully swimming around suddenly came to a stand still.

The entire fish was suddenly rooted in place, that even the fins became still, the limpid pair of round eyes even appeared dull and in a daze. Pei Lie\'s first thought was that the little guy had fallen sick. He couldn\'t help but feel somewhat anxious, which caused him to subconsciously furrow his brows.

Not realizing that the memory of the little koi had been wiped clean.


Who am I?

Where is this place?

What am I doing here?

Moreover, who is this man in front of him?

why does he look so tall and intimidating. It feels like he’s ten times my size……

——The answers to these questions can only be given by the white ball of fluff that was acting as a system supervisor.

But the white ball of fluff had almost been driven to the edge. Because it had already given the answers to these questions two day ago and each of it had been explained in great detail. But the memory span of the fish was just too short, that even the successful transformation into a demon spirit was unable to change this fact as well. At most, the memory could only be extended from several seconds to an irregular number of days.

This little koi was naturally Chen Tong who had transmigrated to the new world.

Just like how he started with the lightning tribulation in the previous world, the terrible lightning strikes this time was still as menacing and overwhelming as it was before, relentlessly striking straight towards him. The only difference this time was that due to the acquisition of a sufficient amount of blessings, he was finally able to successfully pass through the lightning tribulation. He at long last was able to advance to the LV5 Demon King period. He only realized that he was in the sea the moment he was finally able to open his eyes once more. The previous memories were exceptionally vague, that he was even uncertain about his own surname.

Even though there was a lack of memories, but Chen Tong had a peculiar lack of fear. The sea was dark at night, the calm sea currents seemed to be gentler than the air, which lifted the long stalks and leaves of those giant seaweeds that grew in the depths of the ocean. Which formed the huge and boundless marine forest. The little koi in this dazed state, floated above the marine forests and slowly transformed into it\'s most preferred half demon state.

Anyone who was able to gaze upon this scene, would probably be so stunned and shocked until they would be bereft of speech. The moonlight was like a sword, cutting through the water like a light beam, illuminating the golden slender, graceful and lithe fishtail of the youth. The huge and beautiful fishtail slightly swayed with the water\'s current. Numerous seaweeds spreads around him, coupled with the slim waistline, fair skin and delicate appearance, made it appear just like a spectacular painting.