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Chapter 87: The hitman and the little koi 1 (part 1/2)

At night, the hand of the clock tower in the distance had already pointed to 11 o\'clock in the evening.

The entire area was completely quiet, the streets bare, but a man clad in black silently appeared on the top floor of a small building situated diagonally opposite to a single-door courtyard. In a dark area that was deprived of the moon and stars, a man instantly took the position in a narrow area that combines both concealment and suitability. He fluently and speedily assembled a SV99 sniper rifle equipped with silencer that was taken out from his carry-on bag. He then steadied it on a tripod stand with both hands then supported it on his shoulder* and took aim at the exit of the courtyard in the distance.

*This position + the SV99 sniper rifle on the right

After this, he did not move a single muscle like a statue and maintained the same posture as he quietly laid in wait. His entire body was like a part of the night, completely integrating into the darkness.

The piercing coldness of the evening wind produced a deep and deathly stillness. The man hidden in the dark was looking at the courtyard\'s door silently, without restlessness, irritability or even a tinge of fear.

He is waiting.

Waiting for the prey to appear.

That pair of hands supporting the gun was as perfect as a pianist, slender and fair, with distinctive joints, in addition to being large and powerful. Never sweating or shaking, and can always remain as smooth and steady as a mountain at all times and places.

——That pair of hands was the hands of a hitman.

This professional hitman, Pei Lie has been doing this for 8 years, this assassination business has become so simple and natural to him just like eating and sleeping. He can be regarded as the cream of the crop, that the organization had cultivated over the years. He was able to enter the ranks of the top three within the hitman\'s domain in just a short two and a half years, excelling in terms of completion speed to the success rate, up to the practically impeccable performance.

Needless to say, this may not be the credited to training, but was similar to how the organization had assessed him. —— He was a natural-born hitman.

Because what the hitman needs the most was not the ability and skill, but more of a good psychological quality. At this very moment, the long waiting process was not as calm and peaceful as it seems. In Pei Lie\'s mind, he needs to repeatedly think of the route, in addition to devising the offensive and withdrawal routes properly. More importantly, he didn\'t know the exact time the prey would show up. The only thing he was sure of was: —— The second the other person shows up, he must respond with the quickest speed to grab a hold of success.

This seemingly silent wait, was in fact, completely packed with tension in each second. Pei Lie\'s five senses were in the highest operational state. The instant the mission\'s target appeared, his pupil instantly constricted!

But the rest of his body did not have the slightest changes or turbulence, his breathing still remained smooth and steady. So much so that he even had the spare time to silently count his own heartbeat, calculating the interval between two beats.

Just as this heartbeat passed, that split second when the following heartbeat was just about to fall!


A bullet was immediately fired, which easily pierced through the man\'s head who was just about to board the car!

The sound created by the rifle wasn\'t loud at all and only roused several black clouds, that covered the moon more securely. However, the hit paid by the employer was not just limited to this single life, but also included the mistress who was walking behind the man. The car\'s tire had also been busted by the bullet, so the frightened mistress could only escape to the left under the cover of the bodyguard\'s protection. Be that as it may, Pei Lie jumped straight down from the third to the first floor of the building with the use of implements, and quickly gave chase.

The bodyguards split into two groups in an attempt to divert Pei Lie\'s attention. One group turned southward, while the other two ran northward while covering the mistress who was gasping for breath. The tall person covering the back held a handgun, would glance at the shadows behind from time to time, and couldn\'t help but show an anxious and frightened look. The shadow not so far away always kept up, flexibly crossing over different kind of obstacles and railings. Appearing and disappearing in the dark, just like a spooky and frightening spectre.

The sound of gunfire finally came with the whistling wind and carrying the scent of death.

Before the two bodyguards could respond, the bullet had unexpectedly pierced through their necks like it had eyes and made a beeline to the mistress. Only a miserable groan came out, as the woman unwillingly fell to the ground with her eyes widened in horror.

Mission complete.

Pei Lie went out from a different alley with an expressionless face and turned left, heading into the darkness once more, until he was completely hidden from sight, as if he had never appeared in this part of the urban area. Half an hour later, the entire person had completely changed out from that black hoodie jacket, wearing a light-colored home clothing while standing in front his refrigerator in is house, he then twisted off the cap of a new water bottle and took a swig.

He owns different residences in many cities, not only does each residence hold a corresponding identity, but every identity was also completely legitimate. If a hitman wants to live through his life with confidence and ease, he must master how to conceal himself. So he would sometimes resemble a child, like a gentleman on other occasions as well as like a lifeless office worker at other times, or even a patient suffering from autism, but he will never have the appearance of a hitman.

Because the people who saw his appearance as a hitman were dead.

Pei Lie first gathered and orderly put his beloved guns away, then repeatedly washed his hand for no less than twenty times. Each step of the flight of stairs leading to the second floor in the duplex apartment were also conscientiously counted three times in silence before heading into the bedroom upstairs. Then last but not the least, he followed a specific sequence in washing his face, brushing his teeth and other strings of actions. After which, he switched off the light and went to bed.

Yet a whole hour passed but he was still unable to sleep.

Because his mind kept entertaining the idea of getting up to arrange his guns one more time, in case he hadn\'t arranged it orderly, he even wanted to count the flight of steps once more to make sure he didn\'t miscalculate…… Pei Lie realized that his obsessive-compulsive behaviors tend to recur when he wants to rest and this made it impossible for him to fall asleep, which inevitably made him furrow his brows.