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Chapter 86: The chief executive\'s little kitty 24 (part 2/3)

At 4:30 in the afternoon, a police squadron headed straight to the corporation\'s headquarters with a search warrant in hand, declaring that they have official business and requesting the cooperation of chief Li.

They originally thought that they would receive some extent of resistance. But unexpectedly, not only did Li Shaolin not avoid them, on the contrary, he even went down to personally meet them. Moreover, not even the slightest trace of frenetic panic could be seen from when the kitten had hanged up the phone on him. The black suit gave him a sharp and impeccable temperament. The moment he found out that the police wanted to investigate the financial accounts, he immediately made Tan Zishang lead them to the accounting section without another word.

The work of the chief police officer was also very difficult to carry out. It was said that even after suffering a loss, a rich person would still be better off than the ordinary people. The prestige of the Li family was really too extensive, that even if they would one day fall into a hopeless situation, the falling rocks would also kill a whole lot of people. However, they will still helplessly execute the orders given to them. An awkward smile could only be shown while saying: "We only came over to gather some evidences required as well, I ask chief Li to forgive any inconveniences we may cause."

Li Shaolin calmly waved his hand. Even though his face always remained expressionless, but the attitude could also be considered as polite. The group of people immediately followed Tan Zishang to the accounting section. The accounts had already been prepared ahead of time and all the things had been completely processed, so the police joined forces to divide the work. Half were left to register the account books, while the other half went to do a routine question with the staffs.

Tan Zishang was waiting at the side, they saw 50 to 60 percent of their boss\' ability to not get angry but still give people pressure with his temperament. However, it was at this moment when a police officer unexpectedly spoke up: "There should still be another accounting section in this corporation\'s headquarter, right? This seems to be a direct department dedicated to the management of the personal financial statements of chief Li?"

Tan Zishang slightly furrowed his brows, then turned his head to give that person a glance. This glance actually managed to raise Li Shaolin\'s oppressive pressure without anger to up to 80 percent, which also made the person subconsciously shrink back. But then heard Tan Zishang levelheaded reply: "En, there is, on the 18th floor. Would you also want to take a look?"

This attitude of not acting ignorant as well as not playing for time made the police officer feel that something was a bit off. They once again followed him all the way to that private accounting section, the two accountants inside and a person from the other accounting section from where they came from just now gave their cooperation. Soon all the required data of the financial statements were laid out.

All the police officers were able to clearly feel that sense of abnormality this time, because everything seemed like something that had been properly rehearsed. They were just like puppets in the string, from the moment they entered to search the Li corporation\'s headquarters, they were already being strung along by the other party.

However, the industries of the Li corporation covers a wide range, so wanting to seamlessly|flawlessly conceal the issues in just a few short days was simply an impossible feat. On the contrary, the police officers would rather believe that Li Shaolin had not been under the suspicion of breaking the law at all, because if he was really able to completely dispose of the illegal accounts in just two days. Then his decision-making power and manpower would have definitely reached unimaginable proportions, such wisdom and means would simply be inconceivable.

So, before leaving the premises, the chief police officer made a special trip to the office of the chief executive, Li Shaolin on the top floor to make another apology. But this time, the same kind of politeness just a moment ago was not received. —— Li Shaolin was watching the video that had just been sent by his subordinate through narrowed eyes. The body increasingly exuded an intense chill that even caused the criminal police officer who had seen blood feel somewhat frightened.

The content was that scene when Chen Tong had been surrounded by a crowd of reporters in the airport\'s passageway. This piece of video had quickly spread online, with the caption\'s of the rare beauty in a millennium youth had been injured and frightened. The film was very shaky, but had nevertheless been able to clearly capture the startled and helpless appearance of Chen Tong the moment he heard the buzzing questions come in.

Li Shaolin felt pained in his heart. The following scene was much more shocking and painful, —— He actually saw his darling being hit and knocked down to the floor by a very heavy video camera, while also loosing a lot of blood.

That great amount of blood instantly caused his eyes to turn red.

In the eyes of other people, Li Shaolin was someone with a very dangerous temperament which was typical in the underworld, but had converged a lot as a result of the whitewashing these years. However, it had completely returned on the double today. The body\'s murderous atmosphere was like a rolling fog, that chief police officer indescribably experienced a suffocating feeling. Quite some time had passed before a coherent word was uttered: "……chief Li?"

Li Shaolin looked up to him with eyes that were tinged with darkness as if a brewing storm was about to descend. However, the tone of the voice still retained it\'s calmness, he then handed over the report forms he had taken out, "I still have this financial statement here, you can also take it back as evidence."

Recorded in this were the evidences of smuggling and other illegal activities of the James and Cao family. It was a mystery when Li Shaolin had started to procure this, as there were even evidences before the death of the Li grandfather when they still had a deep friendship with the James family. This would inevitably implicate the Li family itself, but also caught the Joseph and Cao family unaware. They had never thought that Li Shaolin would be this ruthless, that he wouldn\'t hesitate to inflict 80% harm to himself in order to damage the enemies at 100%.

However, these were all ignored by Li Shaolin, as he was engrossed in looking for his kitten. In the car, the man who hadn\'t smoked for a long time even lit a cigarette and took a very long breath.

His smoke-filled appearance was very sensual, giving a decadent and indifferent temperament, with an illusory appeal that was completely comparable with any famous actor. However, the slightly trembling fingertips exposed his uneasiness.

Jiang Heng directly brought Chen Tong to a reliable private clinic of their family after leaving the airport. The injury wasn\'t really serious, but the head was nevertheless bandaged with a gauze by the doctor, which had inversely made it look very serious. Li Shaolin\'s heart also stagnated when he saw this, even his breathing stopped for a moment. Following which, he grab a hold of the youth\'s hand with great care, then lowered his head to rest it on the back of the other person\'s ice-cold hand and repeatedly said: "Sorry, sorry……"

This was probably the first time the chief executive daren had ever apologized to another person in his life.

The slightly hoarse voice was full of self-blame, remorse, regret and all kinds of other emotions. Making it very hard to imagine that it came from the mouth of such an indifferent and powerful man. As if afraid of seeing the youth\'s disgust and rejection, Li Shaolin hurriedly rushed to explain: "Tong Tong, believe me. Those so-called scandalous pictures are all fake. The Li corporation will specially deal with this matter after the court appearance. None of those medias involved will be allowed to escape as well……"

The words he wanted to convey had not been completely said yet, when Li Shaolin saw the youth look at him with a slightly furrowed brows, the heart couldn\'t help but reach the peak of nervousness and for a moment, was just like waiting for a death sentence. But he only heard the youth repeat the words he had just uttered a while ago: "……court appearance?"

He didn\'t have that shock or fearful expression a normal person would show which indicated that you had actually committed a crime and killed someone. On the contrary, he directly inquired with some concern: "Will you be alright?"

The obvious tone of concern in his voice made Li Shaolin pause for a moment.

He couldn\'t help but ask: "If something bad happens to me, what would you do?"

"Then I\'ll forcibly break you out from jail," The kitten Chen determinedly said without another thought: "I still have eight lives. In any case, I can help you get away."

An unspeakable emotion spread out from Li Shaolin\'s heart. His expression clearly remained wooden, but the corner of his lips had been uncontrollably raised. The little guy who behaves contrary to his expectations continued to behave unexpectedly: "Right. If something bad happens to you, will you also not have money?"

Li Shaolin who couldn\'t understand why the topic would suddenly go around to money, then heard his kitten speak with joy and expectations: "But I still have money, I can raise you, la!!"

The kitten even started to seriously calculate, "Director Xie had already paid me, plus the seafood payment of director Yan, in addition to the ad that I received from Jiang Heng……" The kitten finally announced just like a local tyrant: "I want to raise you. You can name the price!"

"……" The chief executive daren was rendered speechless for a long time, but still answered cooperatively: "Alright."