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Chapter 86: The chief executive\'s little kitty 24 (part 1/3)

In the matters of disregarding human lives and illegal pledges, both were essentially slightly cut off from the lives of common people, so the populace were still unable to give any reactions. The scandals, on the contrary, immediately set off huge waves. This type of gossips were the most sensational, in addition to the fact that all the people involved were celebrities. Even the people who were usually unconcerned with the business and entertainment circle also came over to watch the fun, which led it to quickly spread like virus in just a few short minutes.

Even though it was toned down by the influence of the Li family. As a result, all major newspapers and websites only had the courage to publish the report of the actual incident of the foundation caving in and did not dare to mention those scandals without factual evidences. But in this age of rapid network development, various kinds of gossips continued to spring up in succession and kept going despite the repeated ban. Li Shaolin had already figured out that these came from the hands of Joseph and the Cao family who were the Li family\'s long time rival. This was probably due to his relentless suppression on the James family during this period which made Joseph anxious, but he was really not connected with the death of Cao Kun and the other people in those years.

Li Shaolin was not really worried about these matters, as he had confronted problems that were much harsher than this time. During the time when the Li grandfather had been assassinated, the whole Li family almost collapsed from internal and external disputes. He had clenched his teeth and had managed to turn over the situation, so no matter how desperate the situation was right now, it would still be incomparable to that year. Li Shaolin did not worry about those things right now, the only thing he was concerned of and cared about was his little kitten.

The 《Immortal fates》was set to be released a day before April Fool\'s day, the crew had already started the late period publicity. Under the agent\'s arrangement, Chen Tong went out the country to take part in a very popular variety show with the female lead, Xu Long. He will then return to Chen city after the recording was through. After boarding the plane, the kitten Chen turned off his mobile phone with great conscientiousness, so Li Shaolin\'s call could not connect as well.

The chief executive daren immediately grew anxious. That a little bit of unspeakable panic had even enshrouded his heart, over the worry whether or not the kitten had already seen those nasty news and scandalous pictures circulating online, since those picture looked so real after all. Had he not been so sure that he had not done it, even he would have wondered whether that person was really him. Moreover, the public opinion nowadays completely shows a one-sided trend, the so-called three man talking makes a tiger and the mass spreading of rumors can confuse the right and wrong. So a seed of doubt would still germinate even if the kitten completely trusts him.

Anxiousness leads to chaotic thoughts. As a result, the chief executive daren had completely forgotten about the kitten boarding a plane in order to record a variety show along with the other possibilities. Other than the immediate and obstinate belief that the other side was angry, that he no longer wanted to have any relationship with him anymore and no longer wanted to see him again from this time on. The uneasiness within the man\'s heart inevitably grew greater, that he was almost unable to think calmly.

During the moment when he was together with the little guy, even if they were just quietly hugging each other without doing anything, a happy and secure feeling would emerge. Li Shaolin didn\'t even dare to try to think what would happen to him if he lost the other. As long as he thinks of his little kitten refusing to acknowledge him from this time on, turning his back on him and regarding him just like that of a stranger. The fear and anxiety that gushes forth from the bottom of his heart was practically enough to completely smother him.

The knuckles of the clenched hands had already turned pale, so much that it even shook slightly due to the intense tension. Li Shaolin\'s breath gradually grew heavier and urgent as well. The luster of the eyes were stained and dyed with hysteria, which looked a bit terrifying. It only cooled off after quite some time had passed, the clenched hands were loosened, but the darkness in the depth of his eyes became more unfathomable.

After an hour and forty minutes, Chen Tong\'s flight reached the airport on time.

The kitten Chen bent his head down to switch on his mobile phone while following his agent towards the exit passage and only raised his head when he heard the clamorous noise in the distance, which inevitably startled him. A lot of people could actually be seen surrounding the entrance of the passage, apart from several dozens of fans who came to meet them, there were also a lot of paparazzi and reporters of the media.

As a newcomer who has yet to appear on screen, to actually have this much fans coming to meet the arrival of his flight, was really enough to illustrate the might of the face control. The girls held a bunch of daffodils and posters of the zither spirit which were the symbols of support for Chen Tong, and were excitedly looking forward to meet the real person. But the anticipation of the medias were higher than the fans, staring at the exit point with avid attention, for fear of missing the figure of Chen Tong.

The paparazzi and reporters did not get a hold of the specific itinerary or the flight schedule of Chen Tong. They were only persistently squatting here to get a headline about Li Shaolin and couldn\'t wait for this day to come. However, it was during this moment when the youth finally appeared, the person in the foremost position immediately took the lead to rush forward.

In the next second, more than a dozen of paparazzi swarmed like bees foraging for food to bring to the beehive. They surrounded Chen Tong like an impenetrable fortress and immediately raised a series of questions one after another:

"It is rumored that the chief executive of the Li corporation visited you during the filming of the movie. What is the relationship between the two of you?"

"Was your participation in the movie 《Immortal fates》 completely due to the behind-the-scenes benefit and the support of the Li corporation\'s chief executive as well? Do you have any opinion in the illegally pledged assets of the Li corporation?"

"Are you also included among the scandalous pictures of the Li corporation\'s chief executive with the other celebrities?"

"Are you aware of that murder case the chief Li is being suspected of?"


Chen Tong was suddenly a bit bewildered by the queries. Had it not been for his agent, Jiang Heng who was beside him, perhaps those reporters would have directly shoved the microphone into his mouth. He subconsciously withdrew under the protection and pull of Jiang Heng, but by the push of several of the crowding reporters, he was almost unable to even keep his balance. The security personnel in the airport also heard the news and rushed over, then tried to clear the entrance of the passageway, but this resulted to a more chaotic scene.

Ring ring ring——

The mobile phone of the kitten had continued to ring nonstop since the time he switched it on, the caller ID displayed was the word \'servant\' that he couldn\'t refrain from pressing the answer key. However, just as the call connected, a chubby young man carrying a video camera at his front left was unknowingly pushed, he suddenly tilted forward, the entire person along with the weight of the video camera fell forward.

The sharp edge of the device hit the youth\'s forehead, a loud bang sounded as a large amount of blood spilled.

The kitten was even toppled over to the floor defenselessly, the mobile phone was also smashed to pieces. Aware of his dereliction of duty, Jiang Heng finally reached the end of his patience and shouted while shoving the reporters away like mad: "Get out of the way! This is a crime of intentional injury! I have taken note of all the medias present today, all of you will be receiving letters from the lawyer!!"

The fury of the fans were also completely ignited due to the injury of their idol. So the security personnel, together with the help of the passionate crowd of fans opened a path. At the same time, Li Shaolin who was on the other side heard the long awaited sound of the call connection but had been mercilessly hanged up after he yelled Tong Tong. His anxiety had already reached the maximum, that several accountants near him couldn\'t help but be nervous.

The murder case of Cao Kun and other people a few years ago had already been personally settled by Li Shaolin in a much earlier time, so the only important issue to be handled right now was the problems with the financial statements. The accounting immediately did all the financial accounts all night long the day before the incident as instructed and was able to clearly clean the external aspect of things on time. Joseph and the Cao family knew that only by relying on speed and surprise could they inflict heavy losses to Li Shaolin, otherwise the more it is drawn out, the more it would be likely to fail. Hence, Li Shaolin had already received the court summons even before the scandal had erupted. The Cao family applied for a judicial appeal while requiring him to not leave the city in the period of investigation at the same time. However, the authorities did not disclose the news of the the defendant and plaintiff\'s identity to the public.