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Chapter 85: The chief executive\'s little kitty 23 (part 1/2)

Li Shaolin became completely rigid, so rigid that he couldn\'t even move a muscle. The youth\'s appearance at this moment was more overwhelming than during that time in the audition, that Li Shaolin subconsciously reached over and took the same action as he did during that time: Covering the eyes of the other person with his hand.

Because he didn\'t have the courage to look at it.

No matter how fierce he behaves, only the grievous expression of the other person can crumble it. The kitten nonetheless, only saw darkness descend before his eyes, as half of his face was covered by the slightly rough yet warm wide hand of the man, that he couldn\'t resist from blinking. This resulted for his long lashes to brush against Li Shaolin\'s palm, causing him to feel a very clear sense of numbness.

Li Shaolin backed down as he thoroughly calmed down as well. After removing his hand, he then strenuously reorganized his words before he attempted to speak once more: "I……"

But the youth had unexpectedly held onto his hand, then gazed at him with a pair of glistening eyes as he inquired: "How was it? Was my acting this time better than last time?"


No matter what the chief executive daren had thought of, he never thought that the other would suddenly utter these words. He immediately became at a loss of words and was unable to make any proper response, "What?"

"We will soon be filming that part of the audition soon." The kitten bit his lips with a seemingly anxious and whining appearance, "Director Xie had already told me that the emotion I invested was not strong enough, and couldn\'t express that deep-rooted sorrow of the zither spirit."

He slightly tilted his head downwards and changed the topic as he said in a very subdued voice: "……you really just misunderstood me a moment ago, I really feel a bit sad."

There was clearly no sign of grievance or even complaint in his tone, but Li Shaolin felt that gentle quiet voice strike against his heart, hitting his chest sorely. However, the reason of such pain, also couldn\'t be identified at this moment of haziness.

The kitten then went on to say: "Have you calmed down now?"

Li Shaolin remained in haze as he nodded his head.

"Are you now willing to properly listen to my words?"

Li Shaolin nodded once more.

But his thoughts only contained the two words of \'IT\'S OVER\' in capital letters, he had been completely beaten. The little thing had also been like this before, during the times when being haughty was inapplicable, his ability to show off his cleverness would also be better than anyone. It had even been brought a step further now, as he even knew when to intentionally show an aggrieved expression to let him back down, as well as when to use simple words to alternately let him feel remorseful and distressed.

A kitty was really such a clever creature. It would use force to clearly overstep it\'s boundaries yet had the capability to lower a person\'s bottom line as well. Li Shaolin who had clearly been so jealous and angry just moments ago, only proved how subservient he was to him in the end.

Joseph also faced the same ordeal. He had intentionally asserted of having something to prove that the kitten was a demon spirit to be able to sit down and have a meal together. However, after the kitten asked if that so-called evidence was nothing more than the surveillance camera in the hallway outside the washroom door that night in the charity auction, he instantly scoffed at him and punched him without a trace of politeness.

Even though the crew will be going to another province to film for a month, but the scenes of Chen Tong were already about to end and only needed half a month to complete. In the pursuit of realism during filming, the crew really went to the top of the cold mountains in order to film the scenes. The food and lodgings were substandard, the network signal was also unavailable. In a nutshell, the environment was extraordinarily arduous, that some artists* had almost been unable to get by.

*to have gender neutrality: since they may be actor or actresses.

Fortunately, Chen Tong had already returned to the peak stage of LV3 Illusion period, so he didn\'t need to worry about the cold or heat. Especially during that death scene of the zither spirit, where he was required to wear a flimsy costume while being soaked in the water during the harsh winter season. In addition to the high requirements and standards of Xie Zhiqi, where just a single scene can take an entire day. Had it been a normal person, he would still be frozen and shiver with cold no matter how dedicated he is.

The effects of the scene were naturally very excellent. As the zither spirit laid down in the water, the stark contrast of the blood bleeding from his body dyed the water red with the enchanting appearance and almost translucently pale skin, was breathtakingly beautiful.

This evening was the New Year\'s Eve of the mundane* world, a part of the sky in a faraway area was flourishing with fireworks. The lively mundane world in the faraway area left a greater chill to the zither spirit at this moment. He slightly tilted his head upwards to look up at the empty sky, then slowly reached a hand out, as if wanting to see He Qing Yin, the female lead for the last time.

*the place mortal people resides in the cultivation setting.

However, he knew she would not appear.

She should have already been rescued by the male lead at this time. He would then charge into the devil\'s realm irregardless of life and death, as well as successfully lure the enemy away from it\'s territory later. What\'s more, the male lead had already told the female lead that the zither spirit was only using her as a substitute. This immediately made her start to blatantly avoid him, that she was even more reluctant to say anything. As the camera zooms in, the youth\'s eyes that had already lost it\'s former luster and brilliance were clearly captured, his vitality was blithely flowing out from his body as the life in his eyes faded away.

His sight had already gone dark that he was no longer able to see anything, but he gently hooked up the corner of his lips, showing a very gentle and warm smile.

What came into mind, was not the austerity like temperament of the Qing Yin deity, but the face that always remained optimistic, in addition to being a positive influence during the face of adversity.

Qing Yin.

I have done so much, who do you think, it was for?

"……who do you think, it was for?……"

His words were very faint, like the faint murmurs in one\'s sleep during midnight or like a whispered reply of a lover.

Those pair of limpid eyes that seemed to be able to clearly see all the joys and sorrows of the mundane world had nevertheless been incapable of seeing his own relief, eventually closed bit by bit, with the final end of relief and of the deep-rooted sorrow.

The dead body of the zither spirit in the lake will be made into light spots by the special effects later, it was only at this moment, when Chen Tong\'s part in the movie had been thoroughly finalized. The zither spirit was the only tragic character in this light comedy from start to end. The director\'s team even paid great attention to the entirety on the filming of this scene and were still emotionally moved during editing.

Not to mention the viewers.