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Chapter 84: The chief executive\'s little kitty 22 (part 1/2)

The deputy producer who was right beside the chief executive daren inexplicably felt cold and couldn\'t help but move back. The air flowing out of the air conditioners in the reception hall were clearly in appropriate temperature levels. Moreover, the winter season had just started, so even the temperature outside had yet to fall to zero degrees. The deputy director thought that it was just an illusion of his, so he laughed it off and proceeded to talk with Li Shaolin after a brief pause: "Chief Li, I have a feeling that this film of ours will certainly be well received, the responses of the medias had been particularly good as well. The screenwriter had especially left a foreshadowing in the ending. The director\'s team had already decided to film the second sequel of the movie while it is still well received. We plan to arrange two male leads, directly making Chen Tong play as a male lead. Take a look and see if you are interested enough to invest once more……"

A second sequel of the movie? The chief executive already felt infuriated with just this movie alone, so much that he was even willing to lose money just to let them find a substitute to act the role of his kitten.

At this time, Joseph and Chen Tong had already taken their seats with the food they got.

Joseph was really famished, that he immediately started eating in an unrestrained manner. This is a partly Chinese buffet, so he had certainly taken a lot of Chinese dishes. However, the tableware was still Western-styled, so even if there were food like the red braised pork, it can also be cut into appropriate sizes with the use of a knife and a fork.

Essentially, having been brought up from a rich and well bred family, so even though Joseph\'s half-Chinese half-Western style of eating was somewhat strange, but his bearing still remained very refined as before. Coupled with that deeply handsome profile of his face, it can be deemed as something that warms the heart and delights the eye. Unfortunately, this handsome appearance was something Chen Tong did not want to see at all, that even his tone contained some impatience, as he straightforwardly demanded: "What do you actually want, huh?"

"……GOD! So spicy!!"

The response to Chen Tong was actually a weird cry. He only saw Joseph hang out his tongue while constantly pant, as both of his blue eyes turned somewhat reddish.

As it turned out, he actually forked a small piece of Hunan cuisine. It clearly had a very normal appearance, but his entire mouth started burning the second he bit it. The scorching feeling rushed up to his head. It\'s a pity, as he had not yet taken anything to drink.

Chen Tong just happened to have a cup of cherry juice he had drunk a small portion of at hand. Joseph couldn\'t care of anything at the moment, as he hurriedly took the other person\'s cup and hurriedly drank the remaining fruit juice clean.

But the spicy taste had not been washed away. Chen Tong looked at the pitiful appearance of this fo-reign-er who was sticking his tongue out like a golden retriever. A seldom feeling of pity was kindled, so he charitably selected a sweet cake from the numerous food on his plate on the table and handed it to the other to relieve the spiciness, "For you, sweets can relieve the spiciness."

Chen Tong purposefully faced the fork\'s handle towards the other person, with the intention to let him pick it up. But had not expected that for Joseph, this act of feeding was a highly desirable opportunity. Not knowing whether he had gone crazy or not, he immediately moved his face closer and directly stuffed the sweet cake in his mouth without warning, in addition to showing Chen Tong a pleasant smile: "……thank you Tong Tong."


In the distance, Li Shaolin suddenly exerted too much force and violently cracked the wine glass he was holding without warning.

One hand timely placed the cracked glass on the tray of a waiter, while the other hand shoved away the people beside him. He then took large strides towards the corner where Joseph and Chen Tong were situated without saying another word. The producer and still talking deputy director who were shoved aside were stunned still and momentarily fell in a state of total confusion. On the contrary, those female models who were unable to find the opportunity to show their faces, noticed Li Shaolin walking over by himself and couldn\'t help but take a leap of faith.

A blazing anger was already raging in the mind of the chief executive daren. His kitten had actually gone to an inconspicuous corner with another man in broad daylight to \'kiss\'. They first shared a cup of drink and then fed one another. —— That man was simply courting death!!

As the whole person was feeling murderous, there was still someone who actually wanted to court death by doing a \'fraudulent scheme\', of deliberately attempting to fall into a persons arms. Li Shaolin who\'s heart was full of fire lost his usual response and evasive capability, had really collided with that delicate model who deliberately ran into him.

The delicate model cried out a muffled sound of surprise and subconsciously grabbed onto Li Shaolin\'s arm, then lifter her head up to look at him with pitiful eyes.

Her appearance was really very beautiful, she even had an alluring body figure with well endowed chests. That only a few very rare men would remain unmoved, however, Li Shaolin only uttered a single word that was filled with displeasure: "Scram!!"

The viciousness of the voice was so strong that it seemed to solidify into a real sharp blade, that pointed straight to the other person\'s throat, that she started to witlessly quiver with fright. But such delay was enough that the corner Chen Tong was at had already been vacated.