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Chapter 83: The chief executive\'s little kitty 21 (part 3/3)

But Chen Tong was completely unaware of these chaotic thoughts within Li Shaolin, and would never understand it even if he became conscious of it. Because everything was still very normal in his perspective, there was nothing different aside from the time he spent together with Li Shaolin growing shorter. The filming was also completely in normal track because of his deep dedication these days, which not only enabled him to completely integrate with the entire crew, but also gained him a lot of friends. At the same time, a new social microblogging software was officially released in the Internet. Chen Tong decisively registering two accounts in it before it became popular. One was named His cat Highness, for his cat form, while the other was with his original name, Chen Tong.

Even though only four episodes of Which cutie is your favorite? Was aired, but the little white cat was already very popular and deserved to be ranked number one in popularity among the six pets. So the account of His cat Highness attracted attention from innumerable fans with it\'s post on the first day, the comments left behind were also very enthusiastic.

The content of the microblog was so plain that it didn\'t even contain any text, but only comprised of a single selfie of the kitten\'s arrogant appearance. Everyone was well aware that Li Shaolin was the owner of the kitten, so they automatically thought that this account had been registered by Li Shaolin. So in addition to leaving the comments with cries of long live His Highness!, praises to the kitten\'s intelligence and beautiful appearance, there were also a small section that expressed their feelings to Li Shaolin.

The popularity of Li Shaolin in the program surpassed those teen idols. He was handsome, rich, intelligent and cool-headed, in addition to having that gentle behavior towards the kitten, simply made him a model of the new generation of male gods*.

*decided to stick with the Chinese term: which simply means Mr. Perfect, Adonis or Prince Charming.

But were unaware that this male model had already fallen into a very deep remorse that he was unable to extricate himself.

Li Shaolin had originally planned to wait for some time before having a proper conversation with Chen Tong. However, when the crew relayed that the several remaining scenes needed to be filmed outside the city and would require them to immediately set off the next day, on top of the filming which requires almost a month to complete.

More importantly, this information was not relayed to him by Chen Tong, but had instead been revealed to him in the movie conference that was held today. Chen Tong never mentioned this matter to him at all. Li Shaolin couldn\'t help becoming anxious in the conference room. He took a look at his mobile phone for the 5th time, which had still yet to receive any text message or call. The Americans seated opposite of him in the conference table was still discussing about the proposal, their subdued voices were followed by the rustling noises of turning pages, causing Li Shaolin to suddenly feel more irritated.

Li Shaolin moved the chair back as he stood up.

Both sides of the negotiating team couldn\'t help but lift their heads to look towards Li Shaolin, this person who was barely 30 years old, but had already held the people of the Li family at the palm of his hand with perplexed expressions on their faces. But under everyone\'s confused gazes Li Shaolin only said the single sentence of \'Take your time to discuss it\' before immediately walking out of the conference room.

The Americans immediately looked at one another. The head of the delegates couldn\'t help but ask Tan Zishang with a perceptible anxiousness: "Mr. Tan, may I ask what the president Li means?"

Tan Zishang was also very confused, but as a gold medalist assistant, his level of bluffing was very superb. So with a slight cough, he then replied while feigning an inscrutable English language: "It means, president Li feels that there\'s no need to discuss this matter any further. You can sign the contract if you agree, if you don\'t……"

The special assistant daren gave an intentional pause, then looked at the door that Li Shaolin used when he left, "——then you can just head back."

Several Americans couldn\'t help but panic and convene once again in subdued voices for a short moment, before finally compromising under Li Shaolin\'s compelling style and agreed to sign the contract after coming to a decision.

In the meantime, Li Shaolin was already rushing towards the venue of the 《Immortal fates》\'s press conference.

The scale of the press conference was not too large, only a handful of relatively prestigious medias were invited to endorse and advertise the movie in advance. After the conference was a small-scale dinner gathering which could also be regarded as the first formal meal of the entire cast and crew together. The meal was a buffet style, Chen Tong held a plate while attempting to get some squid rings with the use of tongs, when he suddenly heard someone calling him, "Tong Tong!"

Looking back, he unexpectedly saw Joseph\'s smiling face, which inevitably made him raise a brow in curiosity: "How can you come here? What are you doing in this place?"

Joseph had just returned from France some time ago and had just gotten off the plane this morning. Joseph didn\'t provide any answer but only helped Chen Tong get a hold of the squid rings, then spoke while pretending to be pitiful: "I haven\'t eaten the entire day and feel so hungry. Would you like to eat with me?"

"Humph, I no longer want to listen to your nonsense anymore, alright?"

The kitten Chen was just about to leave disdainfully, when his shoulders was grasped by Joseph, as he whispered near his ear: "Tong Tong, you don\'t want to let other people know you\'re a demon spirit right?"

Even though the James\' family had great strength and reputation in Europe, but they still haven\'t taken root in Chen city, so there was not a lot of people who recognized Joseph. However, Li Shaolin was completely the opposite, as a crowd of people immediately went up to greet him the moment he showed up. The producer was followed by several associate directors carrying wine glasses, all of whom were eager to accompany him. Xie Zhiqi also came over to greet him despite his busy schedule, there were also some small-time producers who came over in an attempt to form a close relationship with him from time to time. There were also some young models and distinguished guests invited today who wanted to muster their courage to come out and show their faces, even the small numbers of reporters participating today tried to obtain an interview.

Hence, Li Shaolin stood still in the middle of crowd people who were respectfully fawning over him or had minds filled with nothing good for a long time, just like a flock of cranes. His expression was always very solemn and stern. He would still be able to cope with everyone here even if he was impatient and can deal with a number of people in a blink of an eye, but also make people unable to say anything unpleasant at the same. Although some people may think he is arrogant, but it also makes people feel that this was just right, and it would only be right and proper no matter how arrogant he behaves.

Li Shaolin had always been looking for Chen Tong. However, once his eyes passed through the heavy encirclement, not only did he see the image of Joseph and Chen Tong who were being buddy buddy with each other, but he also unexpectedly witnessed the two walk together towards an inconspicuous corner hand in hand. Which instantly caused his brows to furrow, as his anger simultaneously sky-rocketed.

The little details of the past immediately rushed forth in his mind. He inevitably recalled the time when Joseph offered a huge trade in exchange for the kitten the first time he saw it, in addition to that kidnapping incident that Joseph instigated, as well as the first time he encountered the human form of the kitten in the evening of the auction banquet, the one beside the youth was also Joseph. Li Shaolin\'s anger indescribably grew bigger, that the fingers holding the wine glass suddenly tightened, as an ominous chill appeared on his handsome face.

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