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Chapter 81: The chief executive\'s little kitty 19 (part 2/2)

After taking part in catching chickens was also the \'Game of luck\' mini game before meals, so an entire morning had unwittingly slipped by. It was only during lunch time, when Li Shaolin was finally able to vent out the unhappiness he endured in the morning, telling the kitten with a wooden face: "You can\'t play with that stupid dog in the future, do you hear?! Other dogs are also not allowed, understood?!!"

The tone was full of envy and overflowing jealousy, in addition to having a very serious appearance. Yan Zhen who went inside in order to talk to Li Shaolin about some matters just happened to witness this scene, that the corner of his mouth inadvertently twitched.

The great film director Yan paused for a moment, before speaking in an understanding tone: "……that, in fact, I\'m also secretly in love with my family\'s Da Hui, I even wanted to court it, unfortunately I never dared to do that."

Li Shaolin raised a brow, "……don\'t dare?"

"En," The great film director Yan replied in a serious manner: "You should be aware, Da Hui is very intelligent, I\'m afraid it might look down on my poor IQ."

These words actually held two meanings, because before Yan Zhen had said this, the kitten that had finished washing it\'s face with it\'s paw had already turned it\'s back while issuing a humph sound, disdainfully facing it\'s little butt towards Li Shaolin

Li Shaolin calmly shut Yan Zhen who still wanted to see a good show out of the door and promptly went to pick the kitten up. The kitten which was clearly unhappy because of the matter of the inexplicable admonishment just now, didn\'t give him the chance to touch it\'s body, so it hopped above the cabinet on the left.

Humph, we are a bit moody.

As a servant, you actually dared to disrespect and unscrupulously blame us, punishing you to stay away from our side, ——at least one meter away!!

The kitten thought while sashaying from the top of the cupboard to the bookshelf, but upon not hearing any movements behind the entire time he was walking, inevitably caused the upright ears to freeze for a moment.

……Nani*? The servant actually didn\'t come after us?

*Japanese of what…

After waiting for a moment, it couldn\'t help but secretly take a very very very careful* glance behind him.

*lol…the author wrote it 3x for emphasis

—— Hey, even though we punished you to stay one meter away from us, but you also cannot be more than 3 meters away from us, ah.

Li Shaolin noticed as soon as the kitten had stopped moving and was also able to magically understand the meaning in it\'s eyes when it secretly looked over. Thinking how this world could have such a lovely and heart-rending thing, he even felt regretful on how fierce he had just been towards it, so he hurriedly went over to smooth it\'s fur while saying: "Sorry, I shouldn\'t have said those words to you, I was just jealous……"

The kitten accepted the smoothing of it\'s fur, but still donned on an indifferent attitude, giving the people a feeling of a king that would never give in. But the moment Li Shaolin lifted his hand to switch, a paw was gently raised to prevent his hand from moving away.

Don\'t run off, continue smoothing our fur!!

He then fell asleep along the way.

The little fellow habitually breathed with it\'s mouth and nose alternately during it\'s sleep. The little mouth under the fur was light pink, in the human form it must be a very beautiful and moist pink, tempting people to intensely kiss.

On the way to sending Chen Tong to the filming scene of the《Immortal fates》, Li Shaolin gave the youth a passionate kiss and didn\'t stop until the person ran out of breath, then reassured him over and over again: "……you can let Jiang Heng handle everything, if Jiang Heng can\'t handle it you can directly give me a call, you can also call me even if it\'s not important, I\'ll quickly finish the business matters this afternoon so I can come early to pick you up……"

Jiang Heng, the agent that Li Shaolin had specially arranged for Chen Tong, was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car with his head lowered in obedience. Not only did the youth who was spoiled by his family\'s boss to the heaven\'s not feel appreciative, he even heard him complain in dissatisfaction: "I got it already! Don\'t worry alright? ……your so long-winded just like some little old man."

Li Shaolin and the client have agreed to talk about the business matters at 9 o’clock, so he delivered Chen Tong at the door and left. Chen Tong was filming for the first time and felt very novel. The majority of people in the film studio were very busy, carrying props, setting the scenes, arranging the stage lights……, looking very messy, but each and every section were actually neat and orderly.

"You arrived quite early, ah." Xie Zhiqi holding a notebook and a director\'s megaphone saw Chen Tong arrive and carelessly gave him a word of praise, then instructed the assistant beside him: "Quickly take him for a change of costume and make-up."

Because the heroic cultivator drama was of an ancient background setting, putting on the head ornaments and costumes were time-consuming, even more so with the actress, who more often than not needs to arrive 2 to 3 hours earlier for this reason. Only the costume of the demonic zither played by Chen Tong was relatively simple, a single headband on the head and just a traditional chang pao on the body. Chen Tong even had the hair and make-up covered, as the long hair and skin were already present, there was no need for any enhancement at all.

So much that even the makeup artist had gasped in amazement, while repeatedly proclaiming of having never seen a person with this kind of skin after mixing in this line for so long. The youth\'s skin was unimaginably tender, just like a drop of water, in addition to having a somewhat pure and limpid feeling. The makeup artist studied it for such a long time but still didn\'t know where to start, in the end, a a bit of light makeup was carefully smeared. Applying eyeliner to lengthen the eyes, after another glance, added a stroke to the pair of round cat eyes to give him a bit of demonic atmosphere that the role needs.

When Chen Tong went out after a change of costume, Xie Zhiqu revealed an obvious look of satisfaction the moment he laid his eyes on him. The youth existence was exactly just like the appearance of the zither spirit he imagined, the countenance had a mix of an immortal and demonic atmosphere, although earthly but it also had a trace of unspeakable charm and was completely just like the zither spirit that walked upon the realm of mortals in the script.

A lot of people who also auditioned to Xie Zhiqi before, were either too ostentatious or not attractive enough. Throughout the entire drama, the male and female lead as well as the other characters were ordinary people or were born from human cultivators. Only this single role was born as a demon spirit, if the temperament\'s characteristic cannot be distinguished from that of the ordinary people, not only will there no sense of substitution, even the viewers would not buy it.

Chen Tong had already read the script, the first scene he was going to act was the part when the zither spirit descended to a place in the boundary of the mortal realm where the Qing Yin deity had fallen to play the zither to commemorate her, and will then have an encounter with the female lead who was in a difficult situation.

A zither was also prepared, the crew rented a real zither that was considerably expensive in order for it to appear more realistic. The actor only needed to strum a few strings, in any case, there were only a few rare films which does a live sound recording of the scenes, as all relied on the later dubbing.

Chen Tong did not perform any extra movements at all, he only sat down unhurriedly in accordance to the script written, and showed the yearning expression of the shaped zither. Then strummed the zither as was previously taught to him by the Qing Yin deity, playing the other party\'s favorite piece of music.

A melodious piece of music had unexpectedly flowed out from the zither under the white delicate and slender fingertips of the youth.

Everyone was stunned, fortunately the camera kept rolling and never stopped. The youth\'s skin was very favorable in front of the camera, no pores could be spotted despite zooming in. The melodious ancient tune had a kind of shocking power, even when this piece was obviously light and brisk. However, the youth movements that were neither fast or slow emphasized the disappointments and frustrations, thoroughly exposing a faint sadness.

His portrayal of grief was not exaggerated, needing to be wordlessly perceived from a hidden corner. The pleasant tone of the zither had a sort of melancholic feeling that momentarily swept through everyone at the scene, letting everyone around him enter the play. As if they actually perceived that lonesome yearning of the zither spirit as well as his feelings and thoughts towards his former master the Qing Yin deity.

The short piece of music soon came to an end, the youth then slowly closed his eyes. A beautiful arc outlined the pair of closed eyes, the long lashes that were slightly upright were as captivating as the resting wings of the butterfly.

The director at the other side never shouted cut, as this bit naturally passed very smoothly. The site still remained very quiet, as a lot of people had still been unable to return to their senses. Xie Zhiqi had never imagined that Chen Tong would actually be able to play the zither, this kind of instrument that modern people hardly ever learn. The pleasant surprise was more of joy than shock, moreover, this ancient piece was also very suitable with the plot, so much that Xie Zhiqi even had the intention to compile this piece or make it into a theme song.

Strumming the zither was naturally not Chen Tong, but rather the male ghost within the little bell. He finally relied on using Chen Tong’s body to soothe the long time longing of wanting to play this zither piece, after which, he immediately went back into the little bell to think.

The next scene about the encounter of the female lead needed to wait, because before the female lead met the zither spirit, there was still the scene where she would be humiliated by the supporting actress and forced to leave home. Chen Tong was just a little newcomer, even if Li Shaolin had the capability, it would also be impossible to hang all the actors and actresses dry to the side while only filming the scenes that the zither spirit was part of.

Playing the part of the female lead was Xu Long who had just won the Golden Lion* award for the best female lead. The acting skills were very good as she was also photogenic in front of the camera lens. Chen Tong learned a lot through watching, so he didn\'t feel bored at all. More importantly, the agent Jiang Heng and the assistant Xiao Wu brought him a bunch of snacks, all of which were his favorites, such as milk tea, sushi, duck neck, petit four** and everything that can be thought of.

*award at the Venice Film Festival

**Petit four (aka. Mini cakes)

These were undoubtedly the instructions of Li Shaolin. To know that Jiang Heng had been witlessly scared the night before by the call of their boss, thinking that he would be told off because of a mistake he made somewhere, as a result, only a lot of preferences and habits of Chen Tong were relayed, including the napping time.

Jiang Heng had already brought up a lot of big stars and had also seen the faces of the world, but had never seen Li Shaolin like this. Their boss was not just supporting Chen Tong as a lover, but also raising him like a child. The entire body from top to bottom and from inside to outside was personally cared for, no matter whether it was eating or drinking. However, it seems that the youth\'s appearance would never be ruined by the spoiled upbringing because of his wonderful cultivation method, otherwise the people following him would suffer.

Perhaps, Xie Zhiqi\'s requirements were too high, that the performing standards of the supporting actress was not up to par and repeatedly received a NG starting from the second shot, that even the performance of the female lead was affected. Xie Zhiqi\'s temper finally flared up, uncontrollably hitting the pieces of equipments while scolding someone.

The filming of this scene lasted until 3 o\'clock in the afternoon before Chen Tong\'s turn finally came once more. The crew rushed to replace the scene, move the equipments, in order to prepare for the next scene.

At this time, Li Shaolin who had hurriedly completed his business matters had really arrived early to pick him up.

Xie Zhiqi was still explaining the drama seriously, the assistant director who knew of Li Shaolin\'s identity immediately went over to greet him in behalf of Xie Zhiqi, and took the initiative to explain: "President Li, this scene had just begun, do you want me to go over to say something for you? Or take you to the monitoring devices to see the filming process?"

"No need," Li Shaolin indifferently replied: "I will just wait here."

The site at this moment was a special scene set up at the outdoor area within the film and television site, the petals falling off the flowering trees were magnificent and were arranged very beautifully. The evening\'s afterglow spread through the structure of the tree, granting it a resplendent halo, which gave people a sense of tranquility. The chief executive daren actually stood in place, looking at Chen Tong from a distance, quietly waiting with a gentle appearance that had no trace of impatience.

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