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Chapter 81: The chief executive\'s little kitty 19 (part 1/2)

However, before the kitten could show his anger, Li Shaolin already spoke his mind without hesitation: "It doesn\'t matter even if he doesn\'t like me, it\'s enough for me to like him." The man\'s serious tone was just like a confession, "Always staying by his side like this. I believe that I can wait until the day comes when he will wholeheartedly love me."

The kitten\'s face had inexplicably flushed red.

To-to-too foul! The servant is really too mean, always thinking about charming us!!

But, we will forgive you, considering that you love us this much. Humph, only we can deal with this kind of brazen seduction of yours.

"Y-y-you," Lu Ze blatantly gaped, "are you still Li Shaolin? You\'re not being possessed by something strange right? A day had unexpectedly come when you insist on placing your feelings above everything without any concern……"

Li Shaolin\'s expression did not have the slightest fluctuation because of the words insisting without any concern*, but only raised a brow as he calmly said: "In this case, you should grandiosely brandish your sleeves and quickly scram."

*犯贱: means doing everything despite the fact that it might lead to nothing.

But, even though that poet wrote about gently brandishing the sleeves to leave, yet there were people who would most likely be very troublesome. He had effortlessly gone against Li Shaolin\'s baby, other people would usually only look on with envious green eyes, but only this fool would dare to push forward.

The only thing that Li Shaolin wanted to do right now was to pursue him regardless of everything. Life was too short, he mustn\'t hesitate nor pine over it, for fear that he would never find it again if he didn\'t seize it now.

With one glance at Li Shaolin\'s appearance, Lu Ze realized that anything he says would be useless, making him more curious about what kind of person was able to make Li Shaolin like this much. Not only did he not leave, he even pulled a swivel chair to sit on, then while holding on the contract\'s documents said with a grin: "Won\'t leave. I still have matters to discuss, on the city……"


But the voice was brought to a stop followed by a loud falling sound. He had only uttered half of what he wanted to say when it had been forcibly changed to a cry of pain. Lu Ze was only seen falling down the floor, the swivel chair he had clearly set to sit down on, had magically and silently been pushed aside.

He rubbed his butt and turned around, he then saw the little white cat walk by in a sashaying manner, crying a soft \'Mi~\' sound with a very pleasant mood.

Lu Ze was simply vexed, not knowing where and when he had offended this great immortal cat, unfortunately it was also a kitten that could not be reasoned with. But this was just the beginning, he had just opened the file\'s folder, when a nearby glass of water had been intentionally or otherwise turned over by the kitten\'s furry tail that swept past when it hopped on the table. Half of the water in the glass had immediately been spilled over on his clothes and files; he hurriedly wiped the clothes and files with a paper napkin with a help of an assistant, the opened files were also trodden on by the kitten\'s paw that it pretended to inadvertently raise.

The paws that had just accumulated a lot of dust in addition to walking on the spilled water on top of the table were pressed on the file\'s paper, a series of adorable little ash plum blossom shaped prints were the result. It finally raised it\'s head in satisfaction as it drilled into Li Shaolin\'s arms.

The chief executive daren took a handkerchief and conscientiously help wipe the 4 paws of the little fellow clean bit by bit, as he showed a somewhat helpless and indulging smile.

Saturday is the day scheduled to film the 《Which cutie is your favorite?》 program.

The venue of the first task was set in the farm this time, the task was to assist the livestock breeders in catching chickens, the quantity of catches would determine the victory or defeat.

The husky that loves running after birds was excited, feeling that it finally had the upper hand, so it vigorously rushed in without another thought. However, it forgot that in it\'s short two years of life as a dog, it had never been able to successfully catch even a single one. So it went without saying, that in the end, Xiao Ha scurried around for such a long time and only got a hold of a chicken\'s feather. It was really a chicken flying and dog jumping scene, the chickens that Liu Yang strenuously caught had also managed to escape.

How on earth could this still be chicken catching? This simply made a person anxious. Liu Yang finally realized that Xiao Ha\'s real purpose was to stir trouble. A bright idea struck as he made it run over to disrupt the other competitors, so that it could also make itself a bit more useful.

This move really worked, as almost everyone was defeated by the destructive force of Xiao Ha. The current scene of catching chickens of the teen idol who had always been known to be cold and aloof from the start of his career was still a very impressive sight to behold, in addition to the husky\'s 360 methods of causing troubles which even made the viewers unable to restrain their laughter. But the most spectacular thing was, the husky which would raise it\'s dog\'s head fearlessly to the heavens when facing anyone in addition to becoming more disobedient the more it was coaxed, would actually only act well behaved when in front of the kitten, which was simply a miraculous moment.

As long as it comes close to the kitten, the husky would automatically lower it\'s head | body. Although it didn\'t desperately wag it\'s tail like what the labrador had done, however, the same meaning of flattering was plain to see.

However, it\'s denotation was different, the labrador’s behaviour towards the kitten was like a servant trying to please it\'s master. But the siberian husky obviously had an implication of courtship, like a fool trying to win a sweetheart\'s favor, that it even tried to lick the kitten\'s face.

The only outcome of this was naturally being slapped by the kitten\'s paw, fortunately, the claws of the kitten were retracted, otherwise there would certainly be three bloody claw marks.

Xiao Ha didn\'t dare to lick anymore, but it was not discouraged at all as it continued to persistently move closer to the kitten, the foolish appearance made people unable to restrain their smiles.

In fact, in terms of appearance alone, Xiao Ha\'s appearance can be considered to be very attractive. It has a very pure bloodline, thick coat, with a dark blue that is almost black thick coat covering it\'s back, the face and belly was furry in addition to having a shiny silver color, the tail was also big and fluffy, just like a heroically handsome wolf, making the viewers begin another round of enthusiastic discussion once more, which made the number of comments skyrocket.

Oo unsweetened doudou*.: I want to stand in line again and change to the the kitten and Xiao Ha CP, but what about the sweet interaction of the kitten and Xiao Bu before?

*Traditional type of Chinese baby apron bib usually with a pocket

My homework was in vain: In this standard Xiao Ha would be the third party 233*……

*internet slang meaning lol or 😀

Whale shooting boy: Nowadays, even the silly and cute husky is courting his true love, so why is this old man still single!

All around from attacker to receiver: Helping the upstairs to correct their typos without charge, it should be a single dog, no need for thanks.

Everyone looked very cheerful and lighthearted, it was only Li Shaolin who had a very dark face. The chief executive daren even got jealous when he saw the little guy running together with that stupid dog to catch chickens, so dark that it began to thunder and rain.

Xiao Ha was really able to master the skill of catching chickens under the kitten\'s guidance, one of them was in charge of chasing while the other was responsible for containment. In the end when the siberian husky had finally been able to successfully capture one, it immediately barked twice in excitement. The kitten utter a \'Meow wu\' towards Li Shaolin, indicating it to place the chicken into the container of cage no. 1.

Everything was always difficult at the start, later on, Xiao Ha\'s accuracy got more and more better, in just a short moment of effort it\'s catches had almost reached 10. The existence of the entire dog brightened, that it had even been able to replace the Labrador\'s title of \'chest finding male god\', to a new title of \'chicken catching male god\'.

It just a pity that the chickens it caught were place under the possession of the team of Li Shaolin and the kitten, which simply left Liu Yang to cry without tears.