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Chapter 80: The chief executive\'s little kitty 18 (part 2/2)

With just these 4 words, the words that Xie Zhiqi still wanted to say were immediately swallowed back, as he immediately stood still, "President Li?"

They say that a strong dragon cannot repress a snake*, not to mention in other cities. But in the borders of Chen city, if Li Shaolin said he was second, I\'m afraid that no one would dare declare themselves as first. Shooting a movie requires a lot of connections, as a smooth and slick director and film maker, Xie Zhiqi will never dare to offend anyone who cannot be offended. It was no problem to those small investors and upstarts, but Li Shaolin definitely belongs to the ranking of the NO.1 person that must never be offended in this city, so Xie Zhiqi immediately changed his attitude: "Is anything the matter president Li?"

*a local gangster who is above the law

"I\'m calling to give a personal apology for my family\'s child."

The first sentence that came from Li Shaolin\'s mouth made Xie Zhiqi feel somewhat uncomfortable, ——Personally hearing a big time ex-mafia apologize was absolutely inconceivable. What child is he talking about? ——Did Li Shaolin actually have a child?

This will certainly be a big news if this spreads out to the city.

The man at the other end of the phone did not have the energy to deal with the messy thoughts of Xie Zhiqi, but just proceeded to speak: "Tong Tong was involved in a car accident two days ago, that was the reason why he was unable to find you on the agreed time, so I hope that director Xie can excuse him. His body still needs two more days to recuperate. I will arrange the lawyers and agents of the Li family to take a special trip to discuss with you regarding the contract signing. Will it be possible for you to meet them?"

So that was what happened. Xie Zhiqi had clearly and completely understood, ——How could I still not understand the meaning of the words your family have said? How can I still say no when you have already mobilized the Li family?

The lawyers and agents of the Li family plays a formidable role, in this case, then Chen Tong might not just be an ordinary and small newcomer that Xie Zhiqi had thought of. They would definitely maximize their rights and benefits, so much that even the actor\'s fee and other things will be taken into account one by one.

But correspondingly, the Li family will also join in the early investment and in the dissemination of the advertising later. Sure enough, after Li Shaolin heard Xie Zhiqi\'s agreement, he immediately spoke with the unique temperament of a local tyrant: "How much investment does your crew still lack? The Li group is willing to invest in this movie."

Xie Zhiqi was still in the middle of thinking about Chen Tong matters when Li Shaolin had unexpectedly pulled out such big move. This could be said to be a bolt out of a blue, after hanging up the call, he immediately notified the co-producer of this news, letting him recalculate the funds needed.

Chen Tong only knew that while he was looking at the entertainment news in the netbook he held, Li Shaolin returned, informing him that the matter has already been settled and to directly head to the crew next week to start the film\'s shooting. He suddenly felt that his servant was very impressive, being very pleased he opened his arms towards the man, doing a hug gesture.

We are rewarding you with a hug, but don\'t be too proud, oh!

In Chen Tong\'s view, this hug he was rewarding to his servant is a great manifestation of benevolence, however, Li Shaolin only felt that the well-behaved youth elicited his sympathy. So he hurriedly held the person and drew him in his arms with a gentle care. He kissed the youth\'s hair and couldn\'t resist touching the quivering pointed ears of the person as well.

The kitten Chen was well-behaved when he gave him a kiss, but dodged when his ears were being touched, in addition to sending him an unhappy glare.

Our ears cannot be indiscriminately touched!

The more Li Shaolin wasn\'t allowed to touch, the more he yearned to touch. The cat ears in human form was too tempting. The long black hair with the snow-colored ears, was enough to make people want to commit a crime. Li Shaolin felt that the little fellow before him was incessantly tempting or even seducing him. Even just a mere gaze, can inexplicably make him bear wickedness stemming from the gall. It was clearly my cat so why shouldn\'t I be allowed to touch? So he raised his hand without warning and rubbed it, then lowered his head to print a kiss.

The kitten\'s fur immediately bristled a bit.

Brazen! Impudent!!

If he was in cat form at this moment, perhaps the cat\'s whiskers would have been completely puffed up in anger. This ghostly servant is really too much, in addition to relying on-, relying on-, relying on the fact that we are slightly fond of you……

But being especially spoiled and arrogant, should be an added crime, that needed to be dragged out and beaten by a board!!

Li Shaolin had seen the little fellow\'s fur bristle up as well, but at the same time, he also saw the cat ears turn red at a speed visible to the naked eye, beneath the cover of the tender and soft white fur, tempting him to kiss it once again.

Speaking of the bristling fur, but it was actually just a bit more of shyness, right?

However one must no longer continue to irritate him when the kitty\'s fur was already bristled in anger, as the consequence of that would not be good at all. Perhaps it would uncontrollably extend it\'s claws and give you a paw first, the kitten angrily glared at him using it\'s beautiful eyes, then finally took several steps away with arrogance and decided to ignore him the entire day.

Li Shaolin immediately experienced the consequence of this, so he could only do his best to smile and coax the youth who had turned his back to ignore him by saying: "It was my fault, so don\'t be angry anymore, alright?"


"How about eating giant mud crabs for dinner? Tan Zishang has a family friend that specializes in raising giant mud crabs. He just declared that 5 pairs of the biggest ones would be selected and brought over……"


——Wait a minute, giant mud crabs?

This three words made the little kitten Chen silently swallow a mouthful of saliva, but still continued to don on a very haughty appearance on the surface.

You think that we can be bought with just 10 giant mud crabs? That\'s just too naive!!

——At least say 20.

On the evening of the same day, the youth who was pleased with the crab shelling service of Li Shaolin finally forgave him. Li Shaolin had already seen through the youth who was amenable to coaxing but not coercion behaviour. So he said with the intention of putting on a show of weakness: "My hand was clipped when I was not watchful enough in washing the crabs, can I have a kiss to make it better?"

As facts had proven, all the tsunderes were paper tigers in the face of shamelessness. The kitten\'s heart was really affected by the repeated pleadings of the other party that he truly went over to give a kiss to the lips of the other party.

This was the first time the kitten actively came over to kiss Li Shaolin\'s mouth in his human form.

Even though a lot of worlds had already been experienced, but just like a pampered child that had never learned to grow up, Chen Tong\'s approach to love was still as pure as before. He was passive in all his kissing experience and had still not learned how to kiss proactively until now, not to mention doing a passionate french kiss. At most, he could just touch his lips with the other in addition to extending his little tongue in.

Li Shaolin only saw the youth kiss him with a very conscientious expression on his face. Having a very careful and cautious attitude just like eating some kind of favorite food, wanting to eat yet fearful that it would be eaten or finished too soon.

It really was a pleasingly adorable and shy little kitty.

The feeling of letting the other party take the initiative was not the same, but just one simple touch was shocking enough and had already made Li Shaolin feel giddy. Both the lips and tongue of the youth were soft and flexible just like jellied tofu and was also similar to coming in contact with warm water, letting the body of the chief executive daren shudder all over.

Things like love, is something no one would believe before encountering, even more so with people like Li Shaolin. But now, Li Shaolin realized that not only had he fallen he was also deeply entrenched, in addition to unexpectedly generating a mentality similar to that of a little daughter-in-law, of not wanting to separate from the other for even a single second. Wanting to hold the person in his arms, touch the little hands for a while, kiss the adorable little lips for a moment, in addition to wanting to caress the little face for a while and never tire of watching him the entire day.

The chief executive daren also rested together with Chen Tong for two days at home, it was only on Friday when Chen Tong\'s spirit seemed to have been fully recovered that he came out.

"Aiyah, you finally appeared." Lu Ze who came as a representative of the Lu family to talk about the business matters started teasing Li Shaolin upon seeing him: "A workaholic like you can actually take a week of from work to rest at home, is really hard to come by. ——But your complexion looks so good, not like someone who had been sick, ah?"

Because of fear that traces regarding the kitten being a cat demon might slip out or be exposed through the car accident, Li Shaolin made Tan Zishang use all kinds of methods to suppress the incident of the car accident. So apart from Tan Zi Shang and Sun Xiao, no one else was aware of the car accident that Li Shaolin was involved in. They only thought that he took several days of sick leave because he caught a high fever. The car crash was truly just an accident and did not have any human intervention involved at all. ——The truck driver was fatigued by driving, while Li Shaolin was also driving under the influence of alcohol, both bore the responsibility.

Lu Ze continued to speak, when he mysteriously lowered his voice all of a sudden, "I heard that you hurriedly rushed away while you were in the middle of the video conference because of a noise in the bedroom. Hurry up and explain, are you really hiding an enchanting little demon* at home, to warm you everyday?"

*ref to a charming person: the author used demon here which means the same thing..

Li Shaolin subconsciously took a glance at the little fellow who had turned back to his cat form and was sleeping curled up on the sofa without a care.

En, there was indeed a little demon, but this little demon doesn\'t entangle with people at all.

Lu Ze was of course just joking, but seeing that Li Shaolin not only did not do anything to refute it, but his eyes also contained warmth that seemed to form something similar to a tacit approval instead, which immediately astounded him, "No way, you were really hiding a beauty, ya!"

He immediately followed it up with a fuss: "You are really too boring, do you not regard me as a brother? To actually keep silent about such a big thing. ——How old is she? Had the background been checked? Were there any issues? How about the character? When are you going to introduce me?"

Contrary to expectations, Li Shaolin really wanted to hide the youth at home and not show him to anyone, "Next week, he is going to take part in a movie next week, you can visit and have a meal together."

"A part of the entertainment circle?" Lu Ze had known Li Shaolin for so many years, but had never seen him having an appearance of being deeply ensnared with love. So he couldn\'t help but say something to remind him, "That circle can be very messy, maybe he doesn\'t like you at all and is only after your money……"

The kitten that had been sleeping right from the start immediately moved his ears.

——Who is only after the money? We are working hard to earn money to provide for our servant ok? How dare you actually provoke the relationship we have with our servant? Such an unforgivable sin!

The silly human Lu Ze had no idea who he had just provoked.

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