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Chapter 80: The chief executive\'s little kitty 18 (part 1/2)

"Be good, if your sleepy then go ahead and sleep again."

With regards to the youth before him, the chief executive daren feels that he was so precious that he didn\'t know what to do in order treasure him more. He also couldn\'t smoothen his fur in human form, so he could only gently pat his back to coax him like a child.

The youth nodded his head in agreement, but was still unable to fall asleep. In just a brief moment, Li Shaolin saw him change into several positions, lying curled up on his side in a while, embracing a pillow in the next moment as well as lying on his stomach for a short time. He almost seemed to be very flexible yet he continued to be restless.

Li Shaolin\'s brows which had not yet loosened much were furrowed once again. He reached his hand out to feel the temperature on the youth\'s forehead to determine whether there was any fever while inquiring: "What\'s wrong? Are you still feeling unwell?"

"Not unwell," The youth uttered these words, but changed his position once more, then muttered a complain: "……the mattress is not thick enough, it\'s just a bit uncomfortable."

The chief executive daren looked at the soft mattress beneath the youth and couldn\'t help but sweat drop in silence. Because it was no less than 20 centimeters thick, in addition to having the best comfort and support.

The youth on the other hand still continued to complain: "Moreover, this body has no fur, I always feel the cold wind blowing everywhere……"

The chief executive daren once again moved his gaze towards the quilt that the youth used to wrap himself into a bag silkworm and couldn\'t help but sweat drop once more, which inevitably made him laugh out loud. He simply couldn\'t bear to do anything to this little fellow, so he could only helplessly pinch the youth\'s little face and say with a smile: "……truly a lazy little cat."

Being pinched for no reason, simply made the youth blink for a moment. He then suddenly said to Li Shaolin: "You finally laughed, ah."

The kitten Chen gleefully raised the corner of his lips: "You were always frowning before, smoothening it didn\'t help at all. Beware of quickly growing old like this, you might turn into an ugly uncle."

Li Shaolin had unexpectedly blanked out for some time. The other person\'s word of \'You finally laughed, ah\' was light, but had greatly touched him. The smile on his face hadn\'t gone away yet, when the warmth in his eyes began to suddenly spread. The hidden sentiments in his eyes grew deeper, yet he did not know how to convey them.

The reason was nothing more but due to the words the youth had uttered. That carried a kind and sincere concern, even if this was only due to another cause and didn\'t involve a trace of deep affection, but it was also enough to make a person feel touched.

In reality, Chen Tong was still somewhat anxious. He remembered that he had transformed into a kitty after he lost consciousness due to the severe injuries he suffered. Now, with the added pair of cat ears, even if Li Shaolin was dense he would certainly realize that he was that little white cat, there was no guarantee that he would be able to easily accept it. However, Li Shaolin did not mention this matter all. The attitude which had even turned more indulgent and caring than compared to before, not only made all of Chen Tong\'s apprehension dissipate, but also produced a bit of an indescribably sweet feeling.

To the matters with regard to his natural acceptance that there were really demon cats in the world, also made Li Shaolin himself feel somewhat unbelievable. But this matter felt so natural, that thinking about it was too late and was not needed. Anyway, irregardless whether the other side was a person or cat, all of them was what he loves the most.

Since he couldn\'t sleep, the kitty Chen did not intend to take a nap anymore and headed to the study room together with Li Shaolin. Opposite the desk was a large bay window*, the pajama-clad kitty youth nested at the soft cushion on the bay window, while holding the netbook that the chief executive daren had given him to surf online, the pair of eyes were particularly bright under the lights illumination.

*Bay window

Having his treasure by his side, made Li Shaolin\'s mood much better, that his motivation to work had naturally improved as well. But he suddenly became somewhat worried that the kitten would not like him. After all, the little fellow was still young. A kitty was a creature bursting with curiosity and should naturally be fond of those fun things that were popular. But he was already an old man in his 30\'s and had no idea what young people nowadays like to do for fun. He also didn\'t have any novel and romantic hobbies at all. Aside from doing business and earning money, he doesn\'t seem to do anything else. His life can be said to be extremely dull, not even knowing how to court or date a person.

The chief executive daren who always felt self-confident inexplicably felt that he was useless, so much that he even had some sense of frustrations. Just at this moment, the youth who was huddled in the cushion suddenly straightened up and exclaimed, "Ya, I actually forgot a major event!"

Li Shaolin immediately left his work, "What\'s wrong?"

"I just realized that today was Wednesday," The pointed cat ears of the youth drooped down, "Director Xie had told me before to sign a contract on Tuesday. It\'s over, it\'s over……"

A qualified man must always be able to solve all of his lover\'s problem in the first place, so Li Shaolin immediately asserted: "I will let Tan Zishang contact him. Nothing will happen, so don\'t worry, alright?"

Xie Zhiqi who had been stood up by Chen Tong twice in a row was really a little unhappy. So upon receiving a call and hearing that the conversation was in connection with Chen Tong, made him seriously begin to give a serious lecture with criticism: "Aiya, I\'m telling you that young people shouldn\'t act like this. What is referred to as punctuality? What is referred to as professionalism? What is called the values of honoring promises? Were this not taught to you by your teacher in school? Little student Chen, you are still young, the road is still very long, you can\'t just think that because your good in acting that you can……"

"I am Li Shaolin."