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Chapter 8: The commander’s little mirror 8

Waiting until everything was arranged, Han Ying again pressed the small mirror on his chest, the other hand massaged his forehead. Liu Ming Mei, who had already left couldn’t help but look back and cautiously ask: “……commander, do you have any discomfort?”

Recently, Liu Ming Mei’s hair was cut into a loosely scattered short hair, although there’s a difference from the previous long hair image, from afar it’s like a little boy’s look, but was unexpectedly pretty, it looked very good, and Chen Tong after turning into a demon spirit, could only let his hair grow without trimming, making it a little longer than before, almost identical with Liu Ming Mei’s hair length.

Against the light, Han Ying couldn’t clearly see Liu Ming Mei’s face, only saw her short hair that was unexpectedly like Chen Tong, couldn’t help but be still, Han Ying’s expression became heavier than before, waving his hand said: “I’m fine, you can go.”

Liu Ming Mei could only obey and leave, just before closing the door unprecedently heard a praise from Han Ying: “……your hairstyle looks good.”

Since her hairstyle changed, it wasn’t known how many people praised how good it looks. There were sincere admirers, there were merely polite colleagues, there were also those types of people with insincere compliments. Liu Ming Mei since earlier was already tired of hearing all kinds of compliments, but with the same words, spoken from different people, the feeling was still very different. No matter how people compliment it, without exception she will immediately ignore and not care, but when Han Ying says this, it will be engraved in her mind.

Liu Ming Mei’s ears were slightly red, unconsciously raised her hand and scattered the hair around her ear, even shyly bowed, “Is it? I was worried about looking bad before, ……thank you commander.”

The Intelligence Department before sunset proved that the information about the ammunition confessed by Yoshino before death was correct, adjutant Yang Sen Yu strode in, whispered to Han Ying: “Commander, what Kawashima said was confirmed, it will arrive around 8 o’clock tonight at Lin Jiang wharf, –will you be going tonight?”

Han Ying stood while picking up his military cap, “Let’s go.”

The Southern province is always rainy, it began drizzling at dusk, the cow’s hair was dripping wet on the street, like a lump of dense smoke from afar. Han Ying didn’t drive, instead lead his men to ride horses straight to the wharf, the body’s military cloak is flying just like while hunting with accordance to the galloping horse, like a bat spreading its wings.

At nightfall, Lin Jiang wharf was relatively still, without the daytime’s bustling noise, only a few guards were stationed, the river’s water seemed deeper at night without the moon and stars as the waves surged. As the night gets deeper, the rain became stronger, Yang Sen Yu hurriedly took an umbrella to give Han Ying.

Han Ying raised the hand holding the horse whip, signaling Yang Sen Yu to remove the umbrella, the tall figure looks more upright in the wind and rain. In a little while saw a cargo ship head to the northern shore, the light’s probe directly illuminated, with strength to breakthrough the curtain of rain on the river’s surface

Finally arrived.

Han Ying eyes slightly narrowed, once again raised a hand, Yang Sen Yu immediately understood, to his side the captain of the protection force unit Xu Da nodded. The cargo ship soon docked, the ship’s boards were slowly lowered, the guards on the wharf routinely conducted a document review, a merchant who looked like his middle-aged with several partners went down and smiled at the guards: “Aboard the ship are satin fabrics, all are boss Du’s recently entered goods, jun ye* is assured, our procedures are absolutely complete……”

*jun ye: Jun (military), ye (old gentleman) respectful way

Just as he spoke, Xu Da and vice captain Wu Shi separately took two guard teams to hastily entered the cargo ship left and right with the excuse of borrowing the ship’s board!!

This way, it took about a minute from start to finish, the guards took control of the cargo ship, not only was the merchant who looked middle-aged unable to respond, the people aboard were almost too late to resist. Han Ying ignored the wharf’s guards respectful greetings, the thudding of the military boots on the deck was like a spell pressing someone to death, directly commanded: “Take everyone out.”

There was a faint sound of a kick mixed with a little cry, shortly afterwards, from the cargo ship’s captain down to the crew members by the guards were knocked on the head then thrown out, even the middle-aged man that explained was obliterated by the elements*. Han Ying immediately took another guard unit to board the ship, directly proceeded to the ship’s hold, opened a few satin boxes in the outermost area, a box full of guns and ammunition was finally turned over.

*obliterated by the elements: to be included in the matters, without exception (it was lit said that way.)

“Continue searching!”

Han Ying patiently stood there while the guards searched the boxes, nearly a hundred boxes of weapons and ammunition were found as a result, not only were there a bulk of newly styled □□, there were also the Mauser pistols mentioned at noon.

This quest continued until dawn.

With the arrival of dawn, the night gradually faded, the daylight glimmered, and the rain was about to stop. Han Ying personally examined the people on board again, further verified that Qing Zhi Qian was the mastermind behind previously, later the ship even the people along with the goods were taken in custody, the follow-up matters was assumed by Jiang Tai, only then took a car to return to the commander’s mansion.

Yang Sen Yu drove the car, turned around and through the light saw Han Ying tiredly leaning against the backseat, the long and narrow phoenix eyes were half closed, seemingly asleep, suddenly moved softly and quietly to not disturb, making the car more steady.

The car entered the busiest south side of the city, through a few streets, passing a row of kite shops during the turn. The store’s assistant just opened the door, inside and outside the store is full of various handmade kites, in all sizes having every color under the sun, swaying with the early morning’s breeze.

“Stop the car!”

Greatly startling Yang Sen Yu, who quickly stopped the car. Looking back to see that Han Ying had already woken up, his eyes were clear not all like having slept, then opened the car’s door and walked towards the shop of kites.

Yang Sen Yu immediately got down the car to quickly catch up, Han Ying entered the shop, surveyed the elaborately made kites one by one, then slowly said: “Tell me, what kind of kites are children fond of?”

“……ah?” Yang Sen Yu was temporarily unable to respond, thought about when a child was around the commander and subconsciously asked: “How old is the child? Is it a boy or girl?”

Chen Tong’s appearance emerged before Han Ying, Han Ying’s cold look somewhat unconsciously softened “A boy, around fifteen to sixteen years old.”

“My nephew’s older,” Yang Sen Yu smiled, pointing to the front left side said: “This falcon is pretty good, powerful and domineering.”

Yang Sen Yu couldn’t help but have an unprecedented curiosity. He has followed Han Ying for years, but for the first time saw him buy gifts for others even using a serious attitude to pick. Because Han Ying has always been pursued by men and women who used every means to give Han Ying gifts, Han Ying to make an exception to receive gifts for a day is already good enough, not to mention to give gifts in return.

It’s not Han Ying being insensitive, he simply disregards those people. Han Ying’s character is positively called as black belly cold, is negatively called as selfish and arrogant, there is no one in his eyes, as he sees it all of them have aims and are unbearably deceitful, –This can be seen at his negative favorable impression to other people.

However, this man wasn’t heartless, just deeply hidden, once opened, it would be found that buried deep beneath the surface is a volcano.

Returning to the bedroom, Han Ying spoke to his little mirror again: “Baby, when can you come out again?”

He had been busy the whole night, still trying not to sleep, continued to say: “We agreed to go to Qing, then fly a kite……”

Still not seeing the youth’s figure in the mirror, the man’s blade-like eyebrows frowned more tightly, “I bought two, but don’t know if you’ll like it……”

“Baby, will you come out to see the kites?”

Han Ying sighed, gently closing his eyes, holding the mirror trying to sense Chen Tong’s presence. As time passed, sleepiness started to rise, only at this time, Han Ying felt that the mirror in his hand seemed to have suddenly disappeared, the body then became heavy.

Suddenly excited, the sleepiness disappeared, quickly opened the eyes. Seeing a white light flash, Han Ying subconsciously held his breath, waited as the white light bit by bit fades, the constantly thought about youth finally appeared before his eyes!

Only the youth doesn’t seem to have woken up yet, leaning on his chest, drowsily raised his eyes. The almond like dark pupils have an elegant beauty, maybe it’s the light and just waking up, the raised eyes looked like it was reflecting a flow of glittering waters, it had affectionate like tears that were about to fall at any time.

Han Ying knew that the youth’s eyes were truly moving, but it used to be just looking in the little mirror, previously he was in a hurry and hadn’t looked closely. Being able to closely see him with the current morning light’s slight reflection, unexpectedly made him speechless.

The great commander who always had a fastidious mind suddenly lost reason, indescribably held the youth’s waist and turned him over to press him under his body, then bowed the head to kiss.

The youth’s lips were very tender, during the kiss, the soft and sweet feeling instantly passed to the heart’s nerve endings, others like the sense of smell and the sense of hearing seemed to have been lost all at once, only the beautiful feelings between the lips were magnified countless times, and because of this touch there was a noise in the eardrum, the thoughts were blank, the heart unceasingly roared.

This is an unprecedented feeling, like when he was young and saw the guardian heart mirror shining, followed by seeing Chen Tong captivating startled look in the mirror for the first time, the youth comforting him clumsily, the one in front of him isn’t the same desire. This similar feeling Han Ying has only experienced three times in his life, and are one of the few and most important experiences in life: the first ejaculation at a young age, the first kill, and the first time standing as the Southern army’s commander-in-chief.

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