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Chapter 79: The chief executive\'s little kitty 17 (part 2/2)

As the night grew darker, the toll of not sleeping for two days and 2 nights straight, made the chief executive daren who was watching over him also feel some weariness. At the moment, he didn\'t want the youth\'s figure to leave his line of sight for even a single second, so he took off his coat and laid down beside the youth.

The kitty youth yearning for warmth spontaneously rolled over to the man\'s arms, the two people\'s body during the embrace were mysteriously fitting. The youth was evidently very pleased by the warmth, that the tail unconsciously started to sway, but had been brought still by Li Shaolin who couldn\'t endure the repeated attack in both the body and mind. Being unable to sway his tail seemed to make the youth very unhappy, that he finally went over and directly laid down on Li Shaolin\'s stomach, so the human form\'s posture was curled up similar to a cat, the adorable appearance appeared very endearing.

The kitten Chen was awakened by the fragrant aromas.

The person had yet to open his eyes, when the little nose had wriggled first, the lively nose sniffing about looked so adorable. The mind also followed as it immediately started to waken. He then played the \'Guess the name of the dish\' game which every food lover loves to do, all kinds of delicious dishes scrambled and flashed through his mind.

——Aah! Aah! Aah! This is the aroma of braised fish, in addition to the vinegar base, crispy shrimp balls, as well as the very fragrant pork rib soup!!

He unexpectedly even wanted to follow the scent with his eyes closed and started to head towards the delicious aroma.

The hunger of having an empty stomach for several days felt very uncomfortable, that even the little round tummy that was brought up with great difficulty had completely vanished. The fat and soft little tummy was somewhat adorable, that it felt very distressing when it suddenly disappeared like this.

Chen Tong who\'s mind had not completely sobered yet had even overlooked that he was currently in his human form, as he immediately pounced over towards Li Shaolin upon seeing the plate filled with broth meat on his hand, then without further thought expressed his desire to eat.

"Meow wu!" We are hungry, la!

Early in the morning, a beautiful cat eared youth actively threw himself into his arms. That it almost made Li Shaolin throw away the plate he held, fortunately he went to the dining table first. He immediately reacted, hastily placing the dish on the the table in time, while simultaneously using the other hand to draw the youth in a firm embrace.

"Tong Tong," The pleasant surprise and heartache could clearly be seen on Li Shaolin\'s face, "You woke up? Is there still any pain in the body?"

The kitten Chen had been completely revitalized upon resurrection, so there would naturally be no more pain, hence he hurriedly shook his head. Li Shaolin bowed, kissing his forehead, as if incorporating all the deep-seated emotions that were difficult to speak out into this kiss, only after quite some time had passed before he pulled back, then hoarsely said: "You scared the life out of me, I had never been this frightened my entire life. Do you know……"

"Don\'t be afraid ya, I\'m already fine." The kitten Chen in a somewhat clumsy manner reached out to pat the man\'s back to comfort him, then proudly stated while deliberately using a light-hearted tone: "Moreover, I have nine lives! Amazing, right?"

No matter how many lives the little fellow has, the look of the other person lying down on his arms without any signs of life was like the most terrifying nightmare, that Li Shaolin vowed to never go through that again. Moreover, the kitten said that he had consumed a part of his cultivation force when using the ultimate skill to revive, the burden was not light as the cultivation force had yet to fully recover. Hence, he wasn\'t as energetic as before, as well as having the feeling of drowsiness as soon as he had finished eating.

Chen Tong closed his eye and tried to go into a deep sleep in order to thoroughly immerse himself in cultivation\'s sea of consciousness, but why couldn\'t he fall asleep?

Li Shaolin had easily noticed the peculiarity of the youth and secretly furrowed his brows. The kitten Chen opened his eyes once more, then got up and used his hand to conscientiously smoothen Li Shaolin\'s brows. He then puckered his lips and took the initiative to place a kiss between his brows, in addition to giving him a sweet smile, "I bestowed a kiss upon you, so don\'t frown anymore."

This thing was deliberately trying wipe out the anguish in his heart, was what the chief executive daren thought.

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