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Chapter 79: The chief executive\'s little kitty 17 (part 1/2)

"Tong Tong……"

It took quite a while for the chief executive daren to return to his self after his thought had short-circuited, he then gently called out the name of the youth. As if hearing his gentle call, the pointed ears of the youth trembled in the midst of his sleep, then unconsciously mumbled in a gentle voice: "Meow wu……"


Something seemed to come off in Li Shaolin\'s mind, like a string crisply snapping off.

The taut nerves which had been stretched to the extreme, had finally been unable to bear the load. The face of the chief executive daren flushed red, the loud badump badump beats of the heart almost seemed to burst out. He then raised his hand, placing it on his heart to try and restrain it, but also glossed it over with a cough. He then brushed away the cat\'s tail that was softly brushing against his shoulder and prepared to place both the youth and the person\'s tail into the quilt.

His little fellow had just recently suffered great injuries and had yet to regain consciousness until now. It was uncertain whether there would still be any sequelae. Even if he yearned for him once more, but he doesn\'t want to take advantage of his current weakness like a beast. He could only push it away, but couldn\'t help but make a move to touch the soft furry tail for a few more times.

The sensation was as excellent as always, silky and smooth like water, as well as being as fluffy and soft as cotton, making Li Shaolin\'s heart also become like water and cotton.

—— It\'s just that, how did this tail actually come about?

In the view of research (great haziness), the chief executive daren\'s line of sight trailed towards that semi exposed little bottom of kitty youth, observing that area with rapt attention. Serious on the surface, yet the heart had already been set ablaze, both ears were flushed with a suspicious redness.

It turns out that it actually protrudes from the tailbone, the meeting point was seamless and natural, without the slightest trace of flaw. The quality of the youth\'s skin was similar with the fur on his cat form, having a very attractive milky whiteness, that the white tail on the tail bone and the milky white skin were almost integrated. The little round bottom was both smooth and upraised, that seemed very supple and soft to touch. In addition to that seductive arc of the buttocks……

The chief executive daren immediately stood up, taking long strides as he turned to leave. The face\'s wooden expression had a look as if he was doing some proper business, he then covered his nose with a serious appearance.

The steps grew quicker, until a \'Bang——\' sounded. He had unexpectedly knocked against the glass of the bathroom\'s door.

This collision was so strong, that the entire door shook three times. The serious expression on the wooden face of the chief executive daren finally crumbled into pieces. What was more important was, because of this the nosebleed that had been barely suppressed with much difficulty had gushed out.

One hand covered the bleeding nose while the other hand covered the bump on his head. The chief executive daren had very nearly been caught in an unprecedented embarrassment of his life. Fortunately, no one was around to witness this, so he had narrowly kept his glorious image outside.

The chief executive daren returned to the bedside after he had properly straightened out his appearance. The first thing he did was to quickly obtain comfortable pajamas and put them on the youth with cat tail, he then carefully and properly covered him with a quilt until only the little head was exposed, even the fair feet were tightly covered.

—— Not my incompetence, but the opponent was simply too strong. The lethality of the youth\'s cat tail was so strong that the chief executive daren expressed that he was really unable to withstand it.

After much tossing and turning for such a long time, the youth still continued to sleep very deeply, without any signs of waking up. Inevitably, causing Li Shaolin to have some hidden concerns. He was still incapable of doing anything, left with no choice, he could only quietly and tirelessly gaze at the other person’s sleeping countenance.

The youth had a very excellent appearance and was still eye catching even with his closed eyes. Only the cheeky luster of the senses were lost because of sleeping. Although this appearance of his made him very well-behaved it also attracted people\'s tender feeling, but Li Shaolin still preferred his liveliness during consciousness. No matter how tsundere, short tempered or very lawless and pompous he was beyond reasons.

When the little fellow was in his cat form, the chubby little belly had some substance, but becomes very slim during human form. The waist was so thin that Li Shaolin was almost able to circle it with just both his hands. Thinking back to that scene when the other person stood in front of him, made Li Shaolin\'s eyes darkened once more. Even though the youth\'s body had already been completely devoid of scars now, but he was still covered with blood, including the back which had traces of blood everywhere, in addition to that deep wound that almost pierced through the chest…… All of which were truly real.

So much injuries, must certainly be very painful.

I am also in much pain, as my heart aches.