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Chapter 78: The chief executive\'s little kitty 16 (part 2/2)

In a flash, the third day had already arrived. Li Shaolin had finally realized that he could not go on like this, otherwise he would have collapsed first before his kitten had returned. A lot of business related matters had also accumulated in the company and were impossible to leave alone. Li Shaolin finally relinquished his hold on the kitten. He washed his face, properly shaved his beard and took out some bread from the refrigerator.

He was not hungry, but cannot afford to not eat anything. In the past two days, Tan Zishang had specifically come over during meal time to deliver food, but Li Shaolin did not have the appetite to eat anything, so not even a little bit of the food was eaten.

The body did not feel any sort of hunger, only the heart had a constant lingering sense of pain.

The chief executive daren quickly ate the bread, in addition to drinking a cup of water to aid in swallowing. There was a bit of discomfort in the stomach, which he strenuously suppressed for a while before managing to ease it down. He then turned on the computer to look at the emails while also opening a video conference with his subordinates, trying to quickly handle the work-related matters as soon as possible.

The moment Li Shaolin was seen appearing in the video screen, was the time Tan Zishang was finally able to let out a sigh of relief. Thinking that his family\'s boss had finally managed to get over his grief. He instantly felt that the sky today had turned blue and the haze outside had dispersed, the tone of the voice reporting the business matters had also been upraised.


A sound was suddenly heard from the other side of that video, which made all the subordinates in the meeting room become slightly stunned for a moment.

The sound was not that loud at all, nor was it from the study room where Li Shaolin was, but was more like from the opposite bedroom. Maybe because the doors of the study room and the bedroom were not closed, which was the reason why the sound was able to pass through without any hindrance, that even the subordinates on the other side of the computer clearly heard it.

Everyone had not yet reacted when Li Shaolin\'s expression had already gone through some changes. He instantly got up and left the study room. He left so anxiously that he even forgot to shut down the computer.

——Ao ao ao, our boss is actually hiding a person at home? Which he also valued to this extent?

This was absolutely the first assumption that popped into the mind of everyone on the scene. They couldn\'t resist raising their ears is vigilance in an attempt to hear something more, while desperately staring at the empty computer screen. Fortunately, the buddy gold medalist and special assistant Tan Zishang was there to swiftly discontinue the video connection by showing a serious expression: "Ahem, everyone should go back to work first, the boss is estimated to have something to do for the time being. I will notify everyone in case the boss returns."

Yeah right.

The five people on the scene immediately couldn\'t resist giving Tan Zishang a contemptuous look together.

Tsk tsk, pretending to be so serious, no one believes you are not curious.

Those who were able to come to the conference room and have a video conference with Li Shaolin were naturally the most formidable ones, the exchanges were also very familiar, a bit of joking was also harmless. However being contemptuous to Tan Zishang was just showing contempt, not one of them would also dare to manage their boss affairs, so they really rushed back to work the moment they left the conference room.

Tan Zishang was naturally curious as well, the first thing that crossed his mind was that brash youth who made their boss treat him to a meal. But no matter who, as long as their boss could help them out the from the shadows, would also be considered as a very fortunate event.

Scarcely imagined, that Li Shaolin at the moment had been so overwhelmed by a pleasant surprise, that the entire person had frozen still.

He had actually been caught off guard as the pleasant surprise had also come without warning. After Li Shaolin had rushed back to the bedroom, he subconsciously held his breath upon laying his sight on it. The pleasant surprise was so immense that it even made him neglect to catch the quilt the cat eared youth held on to that had rolled off and also fell off the bed with him.

—— His kitten had unknowingly changed back to a youth\'s appearance he was no stranger to, but a pair of cat pointed ears were added. However, even when the youth was still asleep with his eyes closed, but his chest was rising and falling evenly, the rosy pouting lips slightly moved, as if having a dream of something delicious.

His kitten had really returned and came back to him alive.

This emotional state was really difficult to express in words. Li Shaolin hurriedly went forward in the next second, then with an exceptional care like treating a rare treasure, moved the person together with the quilt back to the bed.

Fortunately the bed was not that high, in addition to the thick carpet spread around, the fall of the youth did not result to anything at all. Li Shaolin immediately checked his back at once, but only saw a smooth skin, without a single trace of scar.

The chief executive daren didn\'t feel any shock, but felt a slight sense of relief instead. Only then did he realize that the fairness and tenderness of this skin he laid his hands on was not something an ordinary person can have, the sensation was similar to a mutton fat jade*, once touched it will make people unable to let go. More importantly, the body of the other person did not have anything at all, the quilt had also been messed up by him again, so only half was covered.

*mutton fat jade

Li Shaolin withdrew his hands with difficulty and tried to cover the youth properly with the quilt that had been pushed underneath his body. But the moment he pulled, at the same time the quilt was pulled out a fluffy tail had also emerged, which had unintentionally brushed against Li Shaolin\'s left shoulder.

That soft, velvety and beautiful long tail protruded from the lower back of the youth.

the velvety soft fur rubbing against his skin felt itchy, that half of Li Shaolin’s shoulder had already gone numb. He couldn’t move as if a pressure point had been tapped making him immobile. Yet, the youth continued to move uncomfortably in his deep sleep, exposing half of his bottom.

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