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Chapter 78: The chief executive\'s little kitty 16 (part 1/2)

When the car entered the villa\'s gate and the car\'s door had been respectfully opened by the bodyguard, only then did Li Shaolin return to his senses and take action. He gently and cautiously carried the kitten out the car and placed it back to it\'s favorite little bed.

The kitten that had reverted back to it\'s original form did not have as many wounds on it\'s body than in human form. Only a small amount of blood continued to bleed from the part of the back where the glass had been deeply pierced. Sun Xiao carrying along all kinds of medical equipment arrived without delay with the assistant*. Because of Tan Zishang\'s warning when he called him over. Thus, he didn\'t feel any trace of dissatisfaction towards his family\'s boss due to making him examine a kitten, that not even a question was raised. There were some similarities between a doctor and a veterinarian. Sun Xiao had also considered it very carefully, since he was already here, he must do his best to diagnose the kitten of the boss.

*Tan Zishang: I assume that Tan Zishang came with Sun Xiao

But when he saw the kitten, he realized that no matter how well he examined it, it would also be in vain. Since not even the heart rate of the little guy could be detected, it had apparently died already.

As a doctor, Sun Xiao only hesitated for a moment before deciding to speak the truth: "boss, it would be better for you to grieve."


Li Shaolin\'s voice was very faint and dull. In spite of that, listening to it, caused people to have a spine-chilling feeling. He then looked up and look towards Sun Xiao direction, "Grieve for what?"

"I already said it before, he\'s fine and will wake up when the injures are healed," The word strange could no longer be used to describe Li Shaolin\'s expression, it could simply be defined as eerie. The implicit fierce inflection in his tone was similar to a storm in the sea that would seemingly break out in the next second, "He\'s bleeding and needs treatment, can\'t you see?"

Sun Xiao\'s heart sunk as he looked in shock. This kind of man who had always been unshakable when killing would actually also be just like a normal person. He would actually have a day where he would be unable to accept the lose of someone because of pain and despair, in addition to manifesting self-deception in order to avoid facing reality.

Fortunately, there were only Sun Xiao and Tan Zishang around him, not only were these two people loyal and devoted, they were also very reliable. Furthermore, they are aware of what to do and what not to do, as well as knowing what to say and what not to say.

Sun Xiao couldn\'t help but inwardly heave a sigh. When a person like Li Shaolin had been pressured to this extent, it can clearly convey how important the kitten weighs in his heart. He had studied a bit of psychology and was able to realize that Li Shaolin was not in a very good condition right now. In this kind of situation, it would be much advisable to temporarily follow his whims, so he changed his line of action and said: "boss, I will then staunch the bleeding of it\'s wound first, you need to move over a bit……"

The chief executive daren\'s line of sight moved back to the kitten\'s body. The body\'s imposing atmosphere had finally cooled off a bit, seemingly like that violent mood just a moment ago had already gone by.

——Or, has already completely devastated him.

Sun Xiao was a doctor. His view towards the issue of life and death has always been a bit lackadaisical than when compared to other people. But seeing Li Shaolin regard his kitten as if he was looking at his entire world, with the kind of look that if the other side disappeared then his entire world would shatter and collapse, couldn\'t help but also make Sun Xiao feel an unspeakable sadness.

Hence, the great doctor Sun who has the highest medical expertise earnestly and carefully bandaged the kitten which was no longer breathing. After the treatment was completed, he then explained to Li Shaolin the need for him to come over to change the medication tomorrow.

Sun Xiao calculated that their boss was only unable to accept it for the moment. He was just using this type of method as an outlet for the painful feelings and will certainly be fine the next day. If his condition had not improved the next day, he can also use the opportunity of changing the kitten\'s medication to give Li Shaolin a psychological enlightenment.

Unfortunately, the situation the next day not only did not improve as Sun Xiao had hoped for, but had turned for the worst instead.

In just a short single night, Li Shaolin had already turned so haggard to the point that made Sun Xiao shock. The corners of the mouth were cracked and wan, in addition to the bloodshot eyes. The clothes had not been changed because of carrying the kitten the entire time, the wrinkled clothes he was wearing still had blood stains. The emerging beard on the chin was also an utter mess. As a large corporation, the Li company was involved in many industries, so a lot of business matters needed to wait for Li Shaolin\'s approval each day, but Li Shaolin didn\'t go to the company. More importantly, he still refused to believe that his kitten had already died and still made Sun Xiao give it a nutrient injection, while expressing his anxiousness of it not providing enough nourishment.

Sun Xiao just felt the this matter was really serious at this time. He could no longer let the other person continue to immerse himself in his own illusion nor let him fall deeper and deeper into it. "It\'s already gone, you have to accept it a bit. Let it be buried for it to be able to rest earlier, as well as……"

He had not yet completed his the words he wanted to say when he was forced to retreat by Li Shaolin\'s cold gaze. Just a mere glance, was actually able to make Sun Xiao envision innumerable life and death scenario, which immediately made his back grow cold. The chill extended straight to his heart, so much that he couldn\'t help but tremble for a moment. After that came the hoarse voice of Li Shaolin: "He is still alive, why should he be buried? I made you come to treat him, not to make you quibble what is black and white*! His body is still obviously warm, can\'t you even feel it?"

*opposing principles or issues.

After the kitten was bandaged, it had always been held in the man\'s arm, even a stone would get warm, so it would certainly be warm. However, Sun Xiao did not dare to say these words, but finally shared a look with Tan Zishang, then silently retreated together.

The room fell into silence once again. Li Shaolin still held the kitten motionlessly, occasionally touching the fur on top of it\'s head with gentle motions. The force of the hand was obviously very light, but it felt so overwhelming that he was somewhat unable to breathe easily. He also knew that he must have certainly gone crazy in the eyes of his subordinates, but if his craziness can be exchanged for his kitten to come back, then he would rather become crazy.

Not knowing whether it was an illusion or not, Li Shaolin always feels that the kitten seemed to grow warmer after the administration of the nutrient injection. Following this, he took hold of a dropper and dripped honey water on the side of it\'s mouth, then used a soaked cotton to dab on it\'s tiny nose.