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Chapter 77: The chief executive\'s little kitty 15 (part 2/2)

The senses of the cat were much keener than that of the humans, so Chen Tong had naturally been able to respond a step ahead compared to Li Shaolin. He subconsciously wanted to reach out to the steering wheel. However, the speed of the truck was just too fast, so there really was not enough time to avoid it. By the time Li Shaolin had reacted, the truck was already too close.

The time was too pressing, that Li Shaolin was only able to reach his arms out to try to protect the youth with his body. But in a short moment, the hug had been reversed by the other person, using such a great strength that he was actually unable to struggle free.


The sound of the huge impact reverberated through out the area.

The headlights of the truck ramming into them were so glaring that it was almost impossible to open the eyes. However, Chen Tong had been able to clearly see the surprised and pained face that Li Shaolin had as he looked at him under the white light.

Following the deafening and ear-splitting noise was a deathly silence. Consequently, a brief blankness had also emerged from Li Shaolin\'s brain, as if everything around him had seemingly been covered with a thick layer of fog.

The second his conscious returned, his entire body began to uncontrollably tremble.

Cars had stopped in a distance due to this car crash. The sounds of clamors and shouts got closer and closer, but Li Shaolin seemed to be unable to hear any of it. He still maintained the position he made to protect the youth before getting hit and only remembered the youth reversing his embrace, baring all the shocks for him.

In this magnitude of car crash, he actually didn\'t suffer the slightest bit of injury. But the youth who had been protecting him had slowly slid down.

Li Shaolin subconsciously caught the youth\'s falling body and was able to clearly feel the unique feeling of fresh blood at the same time. He attempted to lift the youth up from his back, only to realize that his entire back had been mangled and covered with blood caused by the huge impact of the crash.

A piece of glass had even deeply pierced through his back, deep enough to almost penetrate through the youth\'s slender chest.

Li Shaolin\'s eyes grew dark and momentarily felt an almost suffocating type of severe pain, but only felt like the entire world would collapse, shaking him to the very core. He had never experienced this kind of pain since growing up, as if all the injuries of the other person were transferred to his body with ten times the amount. It took him quite some time to reduce the powerful tremors of his voice: "……Tong Tong?"

The youth seemed to move a bit in response to Li Shaolin\'s gentle voice, but still failed to make a sound.

It had just been a moment ago when he had given him a radiant smile as he told him his name. Then in a blink of an eye, his entire body had been covered in blood and was now lying in his arms, made Li Shaolin completely unable to accept this kind of fact. He could only endure his anguish as he repeatedly reassured him: "Be good, hold on, don\'t speak. We will immediately go to a hospital, you will be fine after reaching the hospital, believe me……"

Li Shaolin tried to carry the person out of the car as he spoke, when the youth\'s breathing suddenly turned brisk at this moment, as if wanting to say something, while also exerting some effort to reach out towards Li Shaolin. Li Shaolin hurriedly caught his hand, but the hold soon became empty in the next second.

It wasn\'t because he didn\'t hold on to him, but because that hand had vanished.

To be precise, it was the youth who had disappeared. The youth\'s entire body faintly burst out a white light without warning. By the time the white light had dissipated, all that remained was the blood stained clothes and the white head | kitty which was partly revealed under the cover of the clothes.

Li Shaolin had still been able to determine that this was his kitty even if only a part of the head was exposed, had suddenly become momentarily stunned. Without considering anything else in the midst of his confusion, he immediately rushed to take the kitten out from the clothes.

At the same time as this, something fell down with a tinkling noise from the overturned shirt. A closer look revealed, that this was exactly the little bell he had given to the kitten.

In a flash, everything suddenly turned crystal clear.

But Li Shaolin did not feel any incredulity at all, only the four words \'So that is why\' emerged from his mind. What made him frightened was that he couldn\'t sense the little fellow\'s breathe at all. The severe suffocating feeling in his chest a moment ago had suddenly increased a hundred fold. The man\'s trembling hand reached out underneath the tip of the little fellow\'s nose, he held his breath for quite some time and was really unable to feel the slightest breath from the kitten.

However, this was similar to the sky falling and earth collapsing in Li Shaolin\'s perspective.

"Tong Tong?"

Li Shaolin was unable to believe it and called out once more, the voice had been completely choked with emotions, "Tong Tong, wake up. Please don\'t scare me……"

Tan Zishang who rushed towards the car saw this scene. A man was hugging the kitten which had already lost it\'s breathe while gently calling to it again and again, until the hoarse voice had almost been unable to make a sound, after which a drop of liquid had rolled down.

In fact, Tan Zishang and the bodyguard had always been following them in a distance with a car from behind, with just enough space to not disturb ** of the boss. This scene before him, was something Tan Zishang would be unable to forget even after a long time. Because such a thing was able to make this kind of man cry, unless it was the most extreme kind of pain. Since he is a type of person that would never let a single tear drop even when his entire body was bleeding.

Tan Zishang concealed the shock in his heart. He first took a dutiful and quick assessment over his own boss to determine whether he had been injured or not and only then did he let his sight fall on the kitten\'s body once more. He did not know when the little white cat had gotten into the car, as well as where the youth from before had run off to. But the little guy in front of him had closed it\'s eyes motionlessly, without any undulation in it\'s chest and had obviously taken it\'s last breath.

Hence, he couldn\'t help but say: "boss, it, it\'s already……"

"Shut up!!"

Li Shaolin had practically raised his head immediately to interrupt Tan Zishang\'s words. The pair of aggressive bloodshot eyes had untold dread, then using an irrefutable tone said: "He is only injured, and will get better sooner or later."

"Head to the hospital right now," Li Shaolin immediately ordered while carrying the kitten to the other car, but had then quickly corrected himself: "no, head back to the other mansion. Call Sun Xiao over. Let him bring all kinds of medical equipment and medicines. "

Sun Xiao is the exclusive doctor of Li Shaolin, with medical expertise that were better than the professionals in the hospital. But the kitten was a small animal and should be appropriately examined by a veterinarian. Tan Zishang thought so, but kept his silence due to Li Shaolin not having the right mentality at this moment. He just nodded and said: "Yes."

On the journey back, Li Shaolin motionlessly held the kitten, as if it was only through holding it can he obtain a peace of mind.

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