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Chapter 74: The chief executive\'s little kitty 12 (part 2/2)

It was almost noon time when everyone had reached the location of the film and tv station. The first three to reach this place will receive three, two and one badges respectively. So after the director and others got together, the first thing they did was to issue the badges.

The paw badges is very important in the show, wanting to purchase snacks and items, is through exchanging it, the winner at the end of each program will win by having the most badges during that period and can receive a 100,000 Yuan of Love Fund* that will be donated to an animal rescue station.

*Chinese version of charity fund

At present, the little kitten was naturally the one who had the most number of badges. In addition to the one it grabbed before, it has a total of four and was sufficient enough to look down on the rest of the pets.

It\'s a pity, that it had soon been evened out by the next round.

The next round was a simple and minor game before mealtime called \'Of course\'. Using a one-on-one PK style, the rule was to reply \'of course\' no matter what the other person says, otherwise it will lead to failure. According to the current existing ranking, it was only natural and expected for Li Shaolin to be paired with Yan Zhen as per the points garnered. The PK of the chief executive-daren with the director-daren was definitely something people looked forward to more than the 4 other guest participants, that even the personnel on the scene and the cameramen were secretly anticipating it.

In accordance with the rules, Li Shaolin would be the first to start. The face of the chief executive-daren did not reveal anything at all, however, he was extremely vicious the moment he opened his mouth: "The movies you film are horrible."

The director-daren immediately went rigid, it took him quite a while before he was able to grind this sentence, after which he said to the chief executive-daren: "The profit of your company is earned through illegal means."

Li Shaolin who came from an organized crime syndicate background will naturally have a lot of illegal businesses, so it was only natural that the chief executive-daren was able to stay as calm as before, so calm that he didn\'t even blink, "Of course. ——You have under the table transactions with a lot of female celebrities."

Isn\'t this too vicious? Yan Zhen couldn\'t help but miserably yell in his heart, as he tried to recall where he had actually offended him. The first, was when he took the cat to the studio to take promotional pictures without reporting first, the second one was when he specially went to look for popular fresh meat to be partnered with the little kitten before the start of the show, the offense he committed to the other was not just limited to one or two.

Luckily, Yan Zhen had really been pure and clean from the start of his career, he also didn\'t have any inclination towards women and was not afraid of being criticized. As a matter of course, he gritted his teeth while pulling out a big move to provoke Li Shaolin by saying: "Your entire company will soon go bankrupt!"

"Of course." the chief executive-daren is indeed more high-leveled, as he still retained his calmness, then as if he suddenly thought of some business due to these words, he casually asked: "Will your show finish filming before 9 o\'clock in the morning? I have a meeting tomorrow morning."

Yan Zhen hearing this, couldn\'t help but inevitably think about the planned schedule and wanted to disagree and answer that it wasn\'t until nine in the morning so he had to wait until noon to finish work. But he was able to return to his senses just as he was about to utter the word \'no\' because of the parrot\'s cry on his shoulder, so he hurriedly corrected himself: "Of course!"

The parrot had actually cried out the word fool. After crying out it spread it\'s wings and flew off from Yan Zhen\'s shoulder, when it had landed on the window side it once more cried to it\'s own master repeating the word it had just said: "Fool!"

Yan Zhen face was covered with black lines, looking up he saw the little ball of white comfortably lying on the windowsill and basking on the sun, so he hastily opened his mouth: "Not only does your family\'s little kitten not like you at all, but it also decided to look for another owner!"

To the surprise of the onlookers, this sentence which was obviously naive that even the other guest participants refused to say it had actually been able to successfully break the calmness of the chief executive-daren. The man\'s eyes instantly narrowed dangerously, as a domineering atmosphere was immediately released: "No, I won\'t allow it!!"

As a result of this, Yan Zhen who was able to win this round smoothly, successfully obtained the paw badge and was able to catch up. Reaching a tie with the little kitten on the first place.

At noon, the food for the pets and pet owners were equally sumptuous, facing the warm sun and gentle breeze, the atmosphere also became comfortable. Everyone ate their food while talking about the things related to their pets. Huang Qi fed his princess a little carrot while talking about an interesting experience related to it: "This little fellow likes to go out to catch small birds and frogs then come back to place them in front of my bed, so that I will praise it when I get up. It even went to the garden once to get flowers……"

"That\'s so good ah," Xie Shishi voice couldn\'t help but reveal a trace of envy, "My little Teddy hasn\'t given me anything at all."

The little kitten that was eating a slice of fish meat had subconsciously given Li Shaolin a glance, ——We also didn\'t seem to have bestowed anything to our servant……

"Ha ha, as if it\'s always been good," Huang Qi said with a laugh, "when younger, it would demolish everything just like Xiao Ha. Criticizing it will only make it unhappy and will only make it unhappily answer back with two barks, answering back with all kinds of actions, this various actions will be matched with a scornful expression, it was simply just like a rebellious youth."

In the midst of their talk, an unexpected person had actually come over to look for the Yan Zhen from his team.

This person is actually another well-known director called Xie Zhiqi. The reason for the shock of the a lot of people was the unexpectedly good personal relationship of Xie Zhiqi with Yan Zhen that reached up to this point. Yan Zhen was also very surprised: "Didn\'t you have an audition this morning? How could you have free time to come here?"

"No suitable person was found." Xie Zhiqi\'s expression was obviously a little depressed, "So I made a detour to the film and tv station to take a glimpse of how much the scenes had been completed. So, I also took a look on your show along the way."

"Is it still the role of the zither player?" Yan Zhen asked: "Didn\'t you say that you met a youth who was in line with your image?"

After this was said, Xie Zhiqi became even more depressed, "I waited, but the youth didn\'t make an appearance during the entire morning at all."

The little kitten had just realized that this Xie Zhiqi was not some swindler at all, but his interest to this was still much inferior compared to the fish meat before him. However, the enthusiasm of the ghost inside the little bell was immediately set aflame the moment the words zither player was heard. So he asked the little kitten: "This person who just mentioned the zither, is it possible for him to lend that to a friend to play?"

The kitten did not answer, but was seriously thinking of the possibility of participating in the film. On one hand it can hasten the accumulation of fans; second, he can earn money to bestow to his servant, or he could be well enough to raise his servant, as it was pitiful to see him work hard to busily sign documents, attend meetings and other things the entire day.

Imagining the domineering scenario where he would take out a big stack of banknotes and slam it to the ground before Li Shaolin and express his desire to raise him, couldn\'t help but make the kitten narrow it\'s eyes with satisfaction.

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