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Chapter 74: The chief executive\'s little kitty 12 (part 1/2)

Unfortunately, neither of the two treasure boxes contained a paw badge.

The chest the Labrador found contained an apple, which it excitedly took in it\'s mouth. Liu Yang\'s was a penalty slip, that said he needed to learn and bark like a dog 10 times.

His happiness suddenly turned into anxiousness*.

*this is supposed to sound cutesy but I can\'t find a proper phrase for it…

As a result of this, Xie Shishi taught Liu Yang to seize the loophole of the game: "You can make Xiao Ha

"Xiao Ha," Liu Yang crouched down then called to Xiao Ha and said: "Quickly bark a few times."

However, Xiao Ha who had just been very happy a moment ago did not open it\'s mouth at all, and gave Liu Yang a classic scornful expression that was very unique to the Huskies.

This expression was really too much, that the cameraman gave this a close-up with a caption attached: How sweet honey mocks.

"Ha ha ha," At the side, the mean uncle Huang Qi couldn\'t resist saying: "Little friend Yang, let me tell you, it must be what you said about being smarter than a dog that made it unhappy. You know that we are humans, how could we be smarter than a dog, am I right?"

As a simple person, Liu Yang paused, not aware that there was something wrong with these words, but had continued to listen to Huang Qi instead as he went on to lead him astray: "Then what? You should hurry up and give it an apology. Say that you are not as smart as it is, it will certainly bark afterwards."

The famous director Yan with his parrot who happened to pass by had actually joined this teasing and also gave a serious nod, "En. The apology must have sincerity, otherwise it will continue to despise you."

Xiao Ha had really prettily mocked him as envisioned, but when it saw the kitten, it also thought of shaking Liu Yang off to play with the kitten.

"Xiao Ha, don\'t go." Liu Yang hurriedly held on to Xiao Ha and began to seriously apologize, "I\'m sorry. The words I said a moment ago were wrong, don\'t get angry……"

Huang Qi really could no longer stand it and silently took his Akita in a hurry, as he walked away he turned to the camera at the side and then gave a smirk as he said in a soft voice: "Ha ha, xiao Yang, that foolish little child is really a great pair with that silly Xiao Ha. This fellow\'s Husky had always been like this and was born with that expression, with a look that always seems to be despising something, ha ha ha……"

However, Huang Qi\'s retribution also came quickly, his blissfulness didn\'t continue for too long before taking a nosedive, ——His \'Princess\' also found a treasure chest, in it was a penalty slip, the instruction was to shout out loud I am a moron for 10 times.

Come, quickly come take a closer look. Give me a dozen close-up pictures of the mean uncle\'s bitter shock and miserable look! !

But Huang Qi, the man who can be flexible or stand as tall as needed, decisively chose to, eh, ——Chose to give up the task and stand still for 15 minutes before being able to continue.

It was nothing but a measly 15 minutes, the mean uncle was very confident to express that not a single paw badge can be found even if he let the other people look for half an hour. But in less than 10 minutes, the Labrador was able to skillfully find two more treasure chest, it can be regarded as a \'male god*\' with it\'s speed in finding treasure chests.

*address when someone is excellent at something.

After finding the 4th treasure chest, it reached down to press the spring switch on the side of the chest where a claw badge had finally appeared.

The pet\'s owner Xiang Yiling was still carefully searching on the left side of the path without knowing anything and still needed a friendly reminder from the cameraman, which immediately made her excited, so she hurriedly turned around and walked towards xiao Bu. But she did not expect that as she was about to stoop down to take it, a stream of white followed by a swoosh was able to grab a hold of it first, ——It was actually the little white kitty that had taken the lead to leap up a step ahead of her, using a paw to grab the pin loop of the badge, after which it elegantly and smoothly fell on the grass while holding the badge.

Xiang Yiling was immediately shocked still.

Snatching it was actually possible! But people snatching things were normal, but when did kitties also learn how to snatch things, la! The movements were also fast, accurate and exceptional, was this kitten a 007 version of the show? But having said that, I\'m so useless for not being able to fight back with a little kitten.

Just a moment ago there was a person who was inferior to dogs, but now, people were not good as cats. This time, it was Xiang Yiling\'s turn to be given a close-up, with the added captions: What just happened?*

*it actually says clueless face, but…

Anyway, she still had xiao Bu with her. It was said that cats and dogs were natural enemies. The little kitty robbing the Labrador\'s stuff over it\'s head, was something she believed xiao Bu would be unable to tolerate.

As expect, she saw the agile movement of the Labrador as it quickly caught up in the next second, Xiang Yiling couldn\'t help but encourage xiao Bu: "You can do it xiao Bu, reclaim the badge!"

But to her surprise it\'s temperament did a quick shift after catching up. First it cautiously and timidly lowered itself with a clear fawning behaviour. It also curried favour with the kitten by cautiously using it\'s nose to gently touch the kitten. After the kitten\'s paw had accidentally let the badge slip off, it took the initiative to pick it with it\'s mouth and give it back to the kitten.

The little friend, Xiang\'s views had been blown away once more.

However, the kitten seemed to be very pleased, as it raised it\'s paw to pat the dog\'s head, it then held onto the badge once more and meowed. Just like having received a huge boost of encouragement, the Labrador eagerly wagged it\'s tail in excitement.

Liu Yang couldn\'t help but point it out in amazement: "Everyone take a look how happily xiao Bu is wagging it\'s tail!"

"Aiyo, with how much that tail is wagging," Huang Qi clicked his tongue, "you should be alerts, it feels like it\'s about to break anytime……"

This scene also fired the enthusiasm of the viewers, the official website and web forum were completely occupied by the barrage of comments.

Fatty superman:Ao ao ao, the big dog paired with the little kitten is simply too cute to see!

Purity0911:Xiao Bu actually took the initiative to give the badge in it\'s mouth to the little kitty. Is this a betrothal gift? Or is it given as a dowry?

The brother who will annoy you until your vexed: I was actually fed a mouthful of dog food by a dog and cat!

Distance will only produce a third party: Ha ha ha, the kitten\'s proud look is the highlight! Xiao Bu eagerly wagging it\'s tail for it is something I can watch for half a year!

As a result of this, the chief executive-daren with his kitten was the first to successfully reach the location of the film and tv station.

The second pet and pet owner pair to reach the location of the film and tv station is the director-daren with his parrot, ——Naturally, it was also through stealing. The target of robbery was the unlucky pair of Xiang Yiling and her Labrador.

This badge had been personally found by our little friend Xiang, she had just been happily holding on to it and was about to show it to the camera, but it was at this moment when she unexpectedly saw a stream of shadow pass in front of her eyes once more, which immediately stunned her for the third time today.

But this time it was not a white stream but a grey stream which flashed before her. That African Grey Parrot flapped it\'s wings and swooped down, snagging that badge so neatly and swiftly with it\'s beak, that it made Xiang Yiling stand still in place.

The baby feels wronged but can\'t say it.

——Because it is too shameful to say it.

She was first robbed by a cat and was now robbed by a bird. This show is to terrible. Ying ying ying*, I want to go back home.


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