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Chapter 73: The chief executive\'s little kitty 11 (part 3/3)

After breakfast was finished, the first task card was issued.

The task activity was called \'The great treasure hunt\'. The Six pairs of master and pet will head to the the set in \'Qingshui park\', to look for the treasure chests hidden throughout the park, only after obtaining a paw badge can the master and pet pair proceed to the next part of task in the \'film and tv station\'.

The treasure chest\'s size, appearance, form and such were not revealed but were only smeared with the scents the pets love the most to aide their search. They were reminded that only a few treasure chests contained paw badges, there were also penalty slips and extra incentives.

The contents of the penalty slips can have questions needed to be answered, helping the aunt collect trash, learning a call of a designated animal or shouting \'I am a fool\' out loud for 10 times and other things, if it is not completed they need to stay in that place for 15 minutes before they can continue. The extra incentives were different kinds of fruits and snacks that both the master and pet are able to consume.

After reaching Qingshui park, the six people immediately greeted each other to promote good rapport. Without a doubt, most of them were already well acquainted before, way before the start of the game and had even discussed to form alliances before the start.

The recently popular little flower Xiang Yingli is a fan of Huang Qi, not only did the little girl have an extrovert personality, but was also very quick-witted as she quickly ran to Huang Qi to seek protection. The 41 year old Huang Qi happens to have a daughter that was not much younger than Xiang Yingli, so the two of them forming an alliance between the young and old could only be expected.

The other young and old pair was the little fresh meat Liu Yang and the Golden Melody singer Xie Shishi. Liu Yang also happened to be a fan of Xie Shishi, as not long after his debut he had once said that he liked to listen to the songs of the Golden Melody singer during his childhood and was deeply influenced by her. Xie Shishi was also just around 35 or 36 in the present and properly maintained her beauty and health. So the picture was like of an older sister and younger brother when standing next to Liu Yang, appearing to be quite well-matched.

Seeing that the show had turned into a fan meeting, now it seems that only Yan Zhen and Li Shaolin\'s sides were pretty deserted. ——This was not because they lacked popularity, but because one was a famous director while the other was a chief executive, that the social status was really a bit too high.

As a result, the director who hardly comes up to talk to people couldn\'t help but summon his courage and head towards the chief executive who no one dared to approach to end this awkward silence: "Director Li, how about we also make an alliance?"

Li Shaolin\'s eyes had always been trained on the little kitten\'s body that was playing with the husky and parrot. The eyes were just like a parent watching his child, as the gaze was filled with coddling and indulgence, and was also full of attentiveness for fear of it meeting any kind of accident.

The begonias in the park had just started blooming. That a lot of falling petals had inevitably fell upon the body of the little thing was happily running underneath the plants. The red petals made the pure white fur look more enchanting, just like a lovely little snow ball.

The chief executive took a moment before asking: "Do you have any knowledge of the location of the treasure chests containing the badges as well as the ensuing games after that?"

Yan Zhen shook his head and answered truthfully: "I don\'t know."

"This time, I\'m only responsible for the main reception to produce and preselect the location of the stages as well as provide guidance for the post-editing of videos," Yan Zhen said giving a brief explanation, "The specifics of the games are mostly done by the planning team, the placement of the treasure chests are handled by the set supervisor with the stage prop teams, ……a tv show director is not the same as a film director, the divisions of works are very detailed that each division has it\'s own director."

After Li Shaolin had heard this, he then said to Yan Zhen is an unrestrained manner: "Then what is the purpose of having an alliance with you?"

"……" The director had been rendered speechless.

Li Shaolin immediately called over the little kitten, the little kitten quickly ran towards the voice and was picked up by Li Shaolin, who helped it in gently removing the petals on it\'s body. The small ball of fluff rubbed against Li Shaolin arms by arching it\'s body and was clearly flaunting it\'s beauty.

This little guy was really very charming, it\'s no wonder Li Shaolin spoiled it to this extent. It had even brought forth the sudden interest of the two women, Xie Shishi and Xiang Liying who was looking at it, that they couldn\'t help but yearn to raise a cat.

The treasure hunt had officially began.

Searching for things were originally something the dogs excelled in, so the Akita and Xiao Ha had already taken the lead and quickly moved with their masters. The Labrador and the Poodle was also not that far behind, in a blink of an eye only the little kitten and the parrot were left behind.

The cat and the parrot once again communicated through the use of Morse code, one used the bell on it\'s neck, while the other used the chestnut it brought along.

"Ting ting-a-ling,Ting-a-ling ling, ting-a-ling ting-a-ling……" —— Let the dogs find it first, then we can directly snatch it.

"Tap rap rap, tap tap rap, tap rap tap rap……" —— Good idea.

At any rate, the rules did not state the prohibition of stealing.

Because of going through a lot of training, the Labrador was the first one to quickly find a chest hidden amidst the shrubs. The little fresh meat Liu Yang found the second one through careful observation and couldn\'t help but excitedly tell the Husky beside him: "Xiao Ha look, I also found one, I\'m actually much smarter than a dog!"

The dogs: ……

Hehe, it\'s really a big deal. Shouldn\'t you as human beings be originally much smarter compared to dogs?

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