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Chapter 71: The chief executive\'s little kitty 9 (part 2/2)

The familiar embrace and scent, made Chen Tong aware that the other person was Li Shaolin without the need to turn back to take a look. Once Chen Tong regained his footing again, he raised his head and sent Li Shaolin an indignant glare.

Being given this incomprehensible glare once more, did not actually anger Li Shaolin, but had actually made him feel an extremely familiar feeling in addition to a unprecedented throbbing of his chest. The youth was even more daring and blamed the other, after bumping into Li Shaolin he grumbled in a low sounding voice: "Wei, are you not looking at where you\'re going? You even bumped into me."

The lines on Li Shaolin\'s face was comparatively stiff as he normally had an indifferent expression. There would only be a few individuals who were not afraid of him and this youth could be considered as the second one. The first would naturally be his kitten and this youth was really just like a very proud and arrogant Persian cat. The expression he had was still very righteous and self-confident, as if Li Shaolin was really at fault.

Something like this…

Li Shaolin spoke with indifference, his tone lacking any trace of emotion, "You bumped into me."

"But you caused me pain." The arrogance and willfulness just a moment ago was instantly replaced with grievance, the Persian cat\'s voice was low, hoarse and soft, just like a slight tease, that can make the people\'s heart itch.

Even though Li Shaolin was fully aware that the circumstances told by the youth was not possible, but it still gave him an indescribable nervousness and distress, that he had even had an impulse to ask him where it hurts. Li Shaolin looked at the youth\'s sparkling pair of black eyes, he took in a deep breath and shifted his sight away with difficulty.

He admits that the other person had an irresistible charm in his body, that every subtle movement of his was very fascinating, in addition to that pair of eyes that he feels like he had seen somewhere before, which constantly affects his heart. He didn\'t want to be influenced by this sudden rush of inexplicable feelings, didn\'t want to sink in that pair of beautiful and unfathomable eyes and didn\'t want to submissively play around. So, he finally moved over from Chen Tong area heading straight to Joseph\'s direction and directly revealed his intention on wanting to have that golden bells.

Joseph who had originally been depressed because of the kitten\'s retreat just a while ago, had become even more discomfited with Li Shaolin\'s attitude which did not carry a bit of politeness, that he naturally voiced his refusal. Lu Shaolin was not in a hurry and had actually changed his tone to talk with him about the the few business deals more than half a year ago.

These business deals were all of Joseph’s investments in the Southeast Asia, one of those had the biggest deficit, which was the biggest failure of Joseph after he became the patriarch, in addition to this he had even relied on Li Shaolin\'s connection to ship his goods.

Li Shaolin did not need to bring up the kitten\'s kidnapping incident at all, as this two businesses were enough to make Joseph have a shortness of breath. When all was said and done, the James\' family had been there for hundred of years, the things would always be tightly sealed, that Li Shaolin only knew that the kidnapping was related with Joseph, but was unable to get a hold of any substantial evidences. Thus, he could only choose to retaliate with other types of matters.

Joseph ultimately relented and directly expressed that he would directly send the golden bell to Li Shaolin. He had four ideas in his heart. First, was naturally because Li Shaolin was not an easy person to deal with; second, he wanted to sell the other person\'s feeling with this golden bell that only costed several hundred of thousands; third, he was really looking forward to which woman Li Shaolin wanted to give it to. His final conjecture was that the other party was going to give it to the kitten, but he had already observed that the kitten did not like this golden bells at all, so he also wanted to give Li Shaolin the taste of shooting himself in the foot.

"Li," As Joseph handed over the golden bells to Li Shaolin he deliberately put forward a question, "Are you going to give it to someone?"

From the perspective of people like Li Shaolin, it was better to owe money than to owe someone, because the human emotions were more precious than money, so the special assistant Tan Zishang had quickly handed over the bank check to a subordinate of Joseph. After the item was delivered and the bill was settled, Li Shaolin calmly said in response as he took in the proffered box: "En, it would be sent to someone special."

Someone special?

When Chen Tong who was at the side had heard of this, the jealousy that was scared back by the ghost also came rolling back. This time he had really puffed his cheek in indignation and glared at Li Shaolin for the third time, then turned away with rage and left.

It was exactly the same way his kitten would get angry, it would also give him this tsundere type of glare then angrily turn away and leave with small cat steps.

Li Shaolin felt his chest throb once more, as a faint guess emerged from his thought, but was quickly shaken off by him. ——His kitten is currently at home and might have been sleeping soundly, thinking about the it\'s appearance in it\'s sleep, had inevitably made Li Shaolin smile a bit.

He had lived alone for such a long time and had never experienced the feeling of having someone wait for him at home, but even though that little fellow was just a small animal, he still made him experience the warmth.

This kind of feeling made made it impossible for people to avoid getting addicted. Every time he returns home he knows that the little thing would be waiting at home, quietly listening to the sound of his footsteps, waiting for his return in a well-behaved manner, which will instantly melt his entire heart.

But after Li Shaolin had hurriedly returned home he knitted his brows, the face sank deeper as he was unable to see the kitten\'s traces after he had rummage every nook and cranny the kitten would usually be.

The cellphone\'s ringing tone suddenly sounded, Li Shaolin who would never had answered an unknown number had actually picked the call up. The first line of Yan Zhen were very similar to a kidnapper: "Chief Li, your family\'s kitten is here with me."

Yan Zhen had actually been very surprised as well. After he had just finished the dinner party and headed to the parking area to pick his car up, he suddenly discovered a small ball of fluff sitting on the hood of his car, which also had two pieces of a4 paper under it\'s paws. Seeing his approach, it used it\'s paws to lift the paper to hand it over to him, while crying a gentle and lovable meow meow sound as well.

The contents of the paper made Yan Zhen even more shocked. This paper was actually a contract, it clearly stated that Party A. the kitten agreed to take part of the \'Which pet is your favorite?\' tv program and Party B. Yan Zhen must pay Party A with five thousand tons of seafood as a remuneration. At the bottom following these words was a small plum blossom mark, ——A stamp left by the little fellows paw print.

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