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Chapter 7: The commander’s little mirror

A weakened inferior demon is still a bit stronger than a human, what’s more the mirror spirit is born from the essence of heaven and earth, Chen Tong’s body started the repair function after returning into his prototype, bit by bit removing the poison, he finally had time to ask the white pom-pom: “How was I able to shape into human before?”

The white pom-pom said a late reminder: “Ding–, the host has successfully drew chi in the body, and was finally promoted to LV2 Congealed Form period, can tentatively shape into human and use assistive skills. One system gift pack, whether to open?”

Chen Tong hadn’t expected to quickly advance, couldn’t help but be stunned, just as he previously expected, advancing the first two levels are relatively easy, demons have the best and purest roots in cultivation, the most blessed kind, especially when they gained a little spiritual wisdom as plants or animals and even had tools for self-conscious demon spirit period for thousands of years.

Opening the gift pack, inside is a must-have LV2 Congealed Form period practice method, an intermediate supplementary spirit dan medicine, basic magic tool Moonlight crown shard x15, intermediate magic tool Purple immortal robe shard x10, Ling Yun boots shard x10. The white pom-pom adds another sentence as a reminder Chen Tong: “But you were injured by poison when you just upgraded, thus the congealed period stability state is affected, the shape will also follow the hidden dangers of instability.”

However, Chen Tong’s attention was on the shards, “When the fragments are completely gathered it can be converted, right?”

“That’s right,” The white pom-pom nodded replying, “to convert, the basic magic tool needs 50 pieces, the intermediate magic tool needs 70 pieces, the advanced magic tool needs 100 pieces.”

Chen Tong slightly frowned, “It sounds very troublesome, ……and what crown and what immortal robe, I have clothes on, there is also no long hair like the ancients, there is simply no use, can it be changed?”

“Not allowed,” It was immediately rejected by the white pom-pom, “the host’s clothes are ordinary without any aura or use, if you want to move on the road of cultivation, the host must own a few pieces or the complete set of immortal cultivation attire, the whole set includes a headgear, robe, belt, and four kind of boots, you can receive a qualitative leap in practice strength after wearing it.”

“Then to upgrade the gift pack, the moonlight crown is the headgear, the purple immortal robe is the robe, the Ling Yun boots is the boots.” The white pom-pom paused, to encourage Chen Tong said: “The Moonlight crown shards has now reached 25, you can have the first headgear with 25 more pieces, the host please give your best!”

Han Ying punctuality wakes up at dawn, the first thing to do after opening his eyes is to look at the small mirror in his embrace.

Taking advantage of the light at dawn, but saw that the mirror was still empty, only able to reflect himself, Han Ying’s heart was also empty, gently kissing the guardian heart mirror’s edge, with a husky voice lowly said: “Baby, the sky is already bright, don’t sleep, get up alright?”

The guardian heart mirror had no response, Han Ying tried to suppress the stifling disappointment and uneasiness, exhaustedly pressed the space between his eyebrows.

Due to the worry of Chen Tong’s poison, Han Ying wasn’t able to sleep much the whole night. This is the first time the great young commander had felt worried, it was like being at a needle tip*, his chest constantly felt a stifling pain, the heart had mixed feelings, the head also felt a buzzing pain, it was more painful than when he was injured.

*I don’t know what it means.

Han Ying’s body has several scars, most were from the battlefield. To get injured physically wasn’t distressing, it was tolerable and can recover at anytime, but never thought he would constantly worry if it would never heal, it would only get deeper, unless he can see the concerned person.

Today will not be a peaceful day, as before Han Ying is able to freshen up after the morning exercise, noticing that the living room was noisy due to Su Chuan er’s death.

Last night, Han Yiyi went pleasure seeking all night and never returned, it wasn’t until early morning that he knew that his favored 8th concubine died a violent death, the whole main building was suddenly in chaos, glaring at Han Ying like seeing an enemy, “You are a murderer and is unforgivable! Chuan er, how did she offend you, for you to personally kill!”

Han Ying didn’t have the mood to deal with Han Yiyi’s anger, only faintly said: “I will be going to the military department, there are a lot of things to do.”

This attitude not only angered Han Yiyi more, but even made grandfather Han slightly frown, and started talking: “Ying er, after all she’s the 8th concubine of the commander’s mansion, with this kind of completely uncalled for death, isn’t it too extreme……”

“She is a traitor sent by the Japanese.” Han Ying’s face was unchanged, directly labeled Su Chuan er as a traitor, I was kidnapped at Liu Guo hotel last night, the main messenger is a Japanese.”

“Kidnapped?” In Han Xuan’s heart the grandson is the most important, those concubines who died were dead, not worth mentioning, immediately forgot Su Chuan er or Jin Chuan er, anxiously asked Han Ying: “What happened? Were you injured?”

“No,” Recalling his little mirror, Han Ying bleakly closed his eyes, “……a youth saved me.”

“Du family is too daring!” after listening to Han Ying talk about last night’s matter, grandfather Han was agitated, “Du Yue Ying dared to collude with the Japanese, Du Qing must be tired of living!”

“I guess Du Yue Ying was temporarily replaced, Du Qing might not know.” Han Ying’s tone was very dull from start to finish, “I have already let Yang* Senyu investigate, the result should be available soon.”

*Liu -> Yang, by the author

Seeing the apparent exhaustion on his grandson’s face, grandfather Han couldn’t help but feel distressed, immediately said: “Then go to work, you must pay attention to your health.”

“I don’t agree!” Han Yiyi anxiously said, uncontrollably exclaimed: “Can’t go!”

Han Ying had already turned and walked out the door, Han Ying refused to give up, stopped and questioned him: “I don’t believe that the 8th concubine is a traitor sent by the Japanese! Can you provide evidence!?”

“Evidence?” Han Ying raised his brow, then finally unhurriedly said: “……none.”

Han Yiyi was about to shout again, but saw Han Ying raise his hands, inexplicably panicked and subconsciously took a step back, then found that Han Ying raised his hands just to press his chest.

To be precise, Han Ying is caressing the little mirror that hangs on his chest through his clothes, Han Yiyi’s anger redoubled because of his own fearful retreat: “Since there’s no evidence, why did you kill her!”

“That’s right, why did I kill her?” Han Ying still said calmly, “I have no hatred with her, even have no interest or connection, why bother killing an insignificant person? But she inexplicably appeared in the main building, also actively went to my bedroom, even attempted to poison the youth that saved me, –I want to know, why must your concubine harm me?”

Many servants witnessed Su Chan er actively go to Han Ying’s bedroom, Su Chuan er was personally killed by Han Ying, the dead cannot testify, who would think that Han Ying’s real reason for killing is just for the little mirror on his chest. Han Yiyi couldn’t refute, but wasn’t reconciled and could just swallow his anger, then tried to find something else, again requested Han Xuan to let his illegitimate son recognize his ancestors.

“Don’t check Du Yue Ying, first check Du Qing.”

Han Ying sat on the chief position of the military’s conference room, instructed Yang Senyu and several reliable subordinates: “Du Yue Ying might have died earlier, that woman must be a fake, I have roughly determined her identity, no need to waste our time with her, start with Du Qing directly, give me a detailed list of foreigners he had close contact within the past few years.”

What Han Ying said was completely different from what he spoke of that morning, clearly the previous one is not the truth, deputy adviser Chang Jiang Tai couldn’t help but ask: “Commander*, how did you know Du Yue Ying’s identity was fake?”

*young commander ->commander

“When I shook her hands, I found that she has callouses from guns, it means that she uses guns with her left hand. When wine was poured on her dress, I also saw a new scar on her shoulder caused by a gunshot wound.”

Han Ying’s habitually used his knuckles to knock the tabletop, continuously said: “Although they are all guns, but each firearms has a concept, the hit aspect and the different bullet holes, the scars caused are naturally not the same, and only a Mauser pistol gun shell can cause the scar on her shoulder, the Mauser pistol is currently only used by warlords in several provinces in the Southeast, –As far as I know Chen Dunfu to fight for the province specially purchased a batch of Mauser pistol. The Japanese military’s office has recorded their spy’s affairs, with her left handedness and changing appearance, in addition to being frequently active in assassination cases of the Southeast’s several provinces this past few years, it’s impossible to have more than two, it’s very easy to find her.”

Suddenly paused and instructed Liu Ming Mei, “You must confirm whether the information that was confessed before by Kawashima Yoshino* is true, if it’s true, I will go to Lin Jiang wharf tonight.”

*Chuandao Yi Ye: I changed it the Japanese counterpart

Not only is there a beautiful female spy in the Japanese country, they also have a military office, Han Ying’s subordinate Liu Ming Mei is the director of the Military Intelligence Department, she looks sexy and beautiful, is actually more intelligent than a man, only in Han Ying’s presence, this poisonous beauty will unconsciously reveal a docile little daughter’s mood, seriously and respectfully nodded: “Yes, commander.”

The author has something to say:

Chen xiao Tong xie disappears, the great young commander is anxious to catch the bird~~

It is said that the adults are saying that the stupid author is short~~ thus, regarding the low IQ and shortness, the stupid author’s specially weak arguments: the family’s human relationship is only accepted! As a delicate victim, to be so smart and to be always act rudely like who, to accept being stupid and small! (Makes a fist! If dissatisfied come and argue 23333333)