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Chapter 69: The chief executive\'s little kitty 7 (part 1/2)

It was not only this young girl in blue skirt who had been shocked, the other people who saw the kitten couldn\'t help but also reveal a surprise expression. There were even two people among them who couldn\'t resist talking about it, wanting to know who\'s raising this kitten, for them to actually experience such an extraordinary situation.

The kitten was very calm and collected in the course of this entire matter, just like an obedient little child who honestly sat on the chair over there with it\'s small ears erected, ready to listen to the name of the stop\'s station.

Not knowing that the more serious it looked, the more adorable it appeared in the eyes of people. The blue skirted young girl stared at the the moving ear tips and the fluff on top of the kitten\'s head which swayed with the vehicle\'s motion. The heart had already been bursting with the desire to touch, but just didn\'t know why she never dared to do so.

It was just like that nervousness when facing an idol, wanting to leave a good impression to the other party\'s heart at all cost, for fear that the slightest disrespect will incite the kitten\'s anger or disgust; on the other hand, she also thought that the angry appearance of the kitten must be especially adorable. However, this internal struggle of just a few minutes seemed to have taken several hours.

At this time, she saw the kitten suddenly jump off it\'s seat.

Is this wanting to get off?

The blue skirted young girl hurriedly came out|extracted herself from her internal struggle, turning her head as her eyes chased the kitten\'s figure. The kitten was seen taking two steps to the left, it raised it\'s small claws towards the dark colored trousers, then gently pulled the fabric of the trousers afterwards.

Moving the line of sight upwards, the blue skirted young girl just realized that it was the grandfather that had just boarded the bus a moment ago. The grandfather looked down because of the movement on his trousers and immediately saw a small ball of fluff watching him with big round eyes.

"Meow meow meow!" Quickly take a seat grandpa!

The small ball of fluff quickly called out to the old man while pointing at the vacant seat on the right hand side it went down from, the small soft and sticky voice was oozing with cuteness.

This! Was! Simply! Spiritual!!

This time, the eyeballs of the blue skirted young girl had even popped out of amazement. The vehicle happened to start moving at this moment, the old man had been unable to stand firm and almost toppled over because of the inertia, he also took this opportunity to sit down.

After that, he couldn\'t resist but repeatedly praise the small ball of fluff by his feet: "Aiyo, such a bright fellow, to actually give up your own seat! It\'s even so white and beautiful!"

Having been rewarded by praises, the kitten appeared to be somewhat abashed and lowered it\'s head out of embarrassment, yet the little tail had been raised a little bit due to happiness.

The old person had a preference for animals like this kitten that he actually chattered to the kitten, "In fact, I only have to pass 5 stations before going down, la. Don\'t look at my old age, my body is still good and will still be fine even without taking a seat……I know that young people aren\'t so easy nowadays, going to school and work are very exhausting, so I try my best not to bother anyone……"

The kitten tilted it\'s head and seriously listened to the ramblings of the old man, without the slightest hint of impatience and would occasionally give a \'meow wu\' sound, that was just like a response, as if it really understood what was being said.

These days, there were already fewer and fewer people who were willing to sit down and listen to the ramblings of an old person. But a son wanting to care for their parents often do not get the chance to*, because when the time comes when he wants to listen, he would also no longer be able to do so anymore. A lot of young people are so busy to succeed in their careers everyday, that they couldn\'t compare with a small animal that can keep the elderly company.

*Chinese expression meaning: Spend quality time with your parents before it\'s too late

"My grandson is attending a school in a foreign country," The old man continued to ramble on, "I don\'t know how he could be that busy, that he just came back a week then left. It has clearly already been the summer vacation, ah……"

This last sentence ended with a sigh, but did not hold any complaint or dissatisfaction at all. He really just wanted to be close and watch over the child for a little while.

Every time the child comes home, the elderly seemed to mobilize all the energy accumulated on the regular days, seizing every minute and second to spend their time around the child with a better spirit. Unfortunately, those minutes and seconds were always very brief.

The appearance of the kitten that seriously listened was really adorable, that the old man couldn\'t help but reach out a trembling hand to touch the top of it\'s head, "Really clever. Who\'s family is raising a cat like you? What about your master?"

The kitten did not have any disapproval towards the shriveled and coarse hand of the old man, on the contrary it even used it\'s head to rub against that hand. It only expressed it\'s disapproval to Li Shaolin due to the word of master.

Master? How could We have a master? The little kitten raised it\'s head to express itself in a tsundere manner. Even if it is Li Shaolin, at most, he can only be a barely qualified servant.

The servant, Li Shaolin was already on the road rushing to find him.

Lu Ze who was not usually dependable had finally been reliable at this time around, the first thing that came to mind after seeing the picture of the kitty riding on the parrot was the little kitten Li Shaolin was raising. So he immediately notified Li Shaolin and quickly contacted Yan Zhen.

Yan Zhen was the name of the parrot\'s owner.

During the time Lu Ze went to school in New York, Yan Zhen happened to be an alumni of the same class. The personal communication between the two were not bad, so they had been mutually paying attention to each other on Facebook, otherwise he would have been unable to catch sight of the kitten\'s photo without delay like this. Under the inquiry of Yan Zhen, the parrot had simply stated the whereabouts of the kitten to it\'s owner in a succinct way, so it spoke while flapping it\'s wings: "Bus! Bus!"

Looking at the talking parrot in the video call, Lu Ze suddenly had a preposterous idea that the animals on the whole world might have turned spiritual, that he couldn\'t help but pat his family\'s dog, Er Ha on the head, "Xiao Ha. Quick, say something to me!"

The Husky was still unable to understand at all so it only barked twice, wagging it\'s tail with a foolishly adorable face.

Lu Ze thought back of the lethally contemptuous gaze that the little kitten had. So he patted the dog\'s head once more and said: "Let me look at your expression of contempt!"

But the Husky only continued to wag it\'s tail furiously, even lifting it\'s upper lip to show it\'s teeth, presenting a grin that seemed to appear slightly fierce but was actually very amusing.

Lu Ze let out a strange sigh of relief, and deeply felt that his pet was still the best, and the simpleminded brain\'s IQ wasn\'t that high at all.

On the other side, the kitten had already reached the stop, and was just waiting for the bus to stop as it bent it\'s hind legs in preparation of jumping off. But the bus suddenly stopped without warning at this moment, if not for possessing this skill of \'Perfect balance\', perhaps, the kitten would have already fallen to the ground, rolling over for several laps.

However, the reason of the bus \' sudden stop wasn\'t unrelated with it as well.

——Li Shaolin found it with the quickest speed, no less than 5 black sedan cars under his hands had almost surrounded the bus completely, letting the clueless faced driver almost want to raise his hands in surrender.

This line of action was just like a shooting of an idol drama. However, there was unfortunately no leading lady from the start, only a man and a little kitten that was obviously male. The moment Li Shaolin had waited to see the kitten again had arrived at last, his heart that had been anxious for several days finally fell back in place. Only a single look was needed to determine that this was really his little thing, he then walked over to it at once.

The kitten also looked up, the moment their eyes met, made Li Shaolin heart tremble, that he almost forgot to breath. His originally indifferent pupils were filled with an obvious excitement and joy, that even the hands picking the kitten up had slight trembles.

The kitten, on the contrary, was very calm and collected, without any happiness, sadness, anxiety or impatience, the eyes calmness couldn\'t be more calmer. Only the tail was raised with an embarrassed and cheerful gesture when it\'s head had been kissed.

"Little thing," Li Shaolin\'s mood had just stabilized from the loss, the moment he held the kitten inside the bus. The kitten\'s body was being examined for injuries as he said: "Have you eaten properly these past few days? Are you hungry?"

The man\'s lowered voice was intoxicating just like red wine. The kitten stuck out it\'s tiny tongue to lick the man\'s finger letting out a gentle meow.

"Be good, let\'s go home immediately and have a good meal." Li Shaolin felt distressed and sorrowful, as he mistakenly thought that the kitten was hungry. Moreover, he always felt that the little thing lost a lot of weight in a mere 3 days, which needed to be properly regained.

But the kitten in reality was chubby. As it had been drinking and eating in Joseph\'s place the entire day without temperance, had it been a real cat instead of a demon cat, it would have already had a stomach ache from overeating.

The familiar embrace made the kitten fall asleep involuntarily. It closed it\'s eyes, as it curled it\'s paws in with well-behaved manner, coupled with a completely unsuspecting sleeping face and the wonderful sleeping posture, which clearly revealed it\'s partiality and trust towards the man.

The man was also like this towards it. Falling in love with a cat was an extremely ridiculous matter, so it could only be firmly hidden inside his heart.

t/n: My bad Lu Ze’s dog is actually a Husky… called Er Ha…