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Chapter 68: The chief executive\'s little kitty 6 (part 2/2)

The little kitten at this time was finally able to get a method to break away.

This came from the inhabitant downstairs, to be precise, the big African grey parrot pet of the inhabitant downstairs.

African grey parrot

This parrot has a considerably high IQ, with a net worth that had already been directly on par with a small apartment in the city center. It\'s hobby was to loudly sing songs at night, and it was still such songs under Over the Moon*, listening to it made Chen Tong feel more and more restless, that he couldn\'t resist using his paw to knock the window frame with a knock tap** sound.

*Album of Phoenix Legend

**knocking sfx: it actually written down as ding dong…

The singing actually stopped because of this, the kitten relying on the sharp hearing of an animal, then heard the the Macaw knock on the window frame with it\'s beak, the knock tap had the same beat and interval, which made him wide-eyed for a brief moment.

——No one would have ever thought that in this expensive high-rise condominium, a kitten on the 24th floor and a parrot on the 23rd floor were disputing in Morse code.

Knock tap, knock tap tap, knock knock tap, knock knock tap tap……

——That singing is lousy and very terrible!

Knock knock tap, knock tap tap, knock knock tap tap……

——Who\'s so accommodating to take care of you, ah?

Even if their head start hadn\'t been too good, and couldn\'t be said to have a friendship that grows with the exchange of blows. But the ensuing communication of the cat and bird had quickly led to the establishment of a revolutionary friendship instead, so the parrot giving aid to the little kitten was also to be expected.

So after the parrot\'s owner had finished his call, he only saw his parrot suddenly open the window and fly out from the balcony, after a while when it flew back again, it actually carried a very beautiful little kitten on it\'s back.

The kitten had already been raised by Li Shaolin for almost 3 months, but the size was more or less similar to when it had just been brought home by Li Shaolin, and was practically not any longer. The parrot reached 40cm long, even bigger once the wings were spread wide open, that carrying a kitten that barely reached 20cm wasn\'t too difficult at all.

The parrot\'s owner was instantly dumbfounded. A slightly pleased expression and smugness could even be seen from the kitten face riding on the back of his parrot, which made him subconsciously take several snap shots of them and passed it onto k.

As an internationally renowned director and film producer, there were a lot of fans under the parrot\'s owner account, who had instantly started to forward it. After Joseph who had been handling business matters in the study suddenly realized the abnormality of the sounds on the window, he had already been a step too late, that not even the cat\'s hair was caught.

Joseph wasn\'t really unfamiliar about the Morse code, but had lost in the hearing ability. The hearing capability of an animal were far more superior compared to a person, the knocking sounds of the cat and bird were very light, that humans would simply be unable to hear it clearly.

The parrot immediately sent its new friend to the nearest bus station. The kitten raise it\'s small head, and was very fortunate to have found the location of the Li family\'s corporation on the route of the bus\' station, it then seriously waited for the transport with the other people. The bus just happened to arrive at this time, the kitten followed after the crowd and boarded together with them, after seeing a vacant seat it immediately jumped up with a whoosh*.


A gorgeous young girl who got on the bus after it was shocked still.

Heavens! I just saw a kitten grab a seat and with a very swift movement too. The way I got on the bus must be wrong! I should probably get off once more!

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