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Chapter 68: The chief executive\'s little kitty 6 (part 1/2)

As the head of an influential family, no one had ever dared to bite Joseph. Moreover, the place that the kitten bit was somewhat delicate, which simply made people not know whether to feel amazed or depressed, that also cannot be argued with to a sleeping little kitten.

On the other hand, the kitten was also very dissatisfied with the taste, feeling disgusted beyond belief that the small nose had wrinkled and even the tongue was spit out in it\'s dreams.

The appearance of the little thing was too amusing that Joseph stared at it\'s ever changing expressions, which eventually made him want to laugh a bit instead of getting angry for being dismissed.

After patiently waiting for a while, the kitten had finally woken up.

Without opening it\'s eyes, the limbs were stretched out first, soon after it habitually began to clean it\'s face with it\'s paw, right until it realized that the person near it wasn\'t Li Shaolin, but was the enlarged face of Joseph instead. It\'s movements suddenly paused, as the entire cat had been momentarily stunned.

The kitten\'s round pair of eyes suddenly widened to some degree because of the unfamiliar person\'s proximity, that even the fur on the tip of it\'s tail had raised a little. It unexpectedly used both it\'s paws to swiftly cover it\'s eyes the second it returned to it senses, as if covering it was equivalent to making Joseph disappear.

Joseph seeing this also wanted to smile as he raised his eyebrows. He then calmly and motionlessly watched the next action of the little thing. After half a minute or so, he only saw the kitten slightly move a one of it\'s paws down at a turtle\'s speed, furtively revealing only half of an eye, after seeing that Joseph was still actually there and had not disappeared as it hoped, the whole cat became unhappy and simply turned it\'s body around only giving Joseph the back view of it\'s head.

"Wei," Joseph finally laughed out loud, extending an index finger to gently poke at the small round white furry butt, "I saved you from the kidnappers clutches, ——You have a saying in China about giving oneself to whoever saved you, is this how you treat your savior?"

Joseph\'s accent was half-Chinese and half-Western, the content of the words were also half true and half false. The businesses of the Li family\'s corporation has been going on for many years, so there will inevitably be some enemies of the family or pure money bandits. However, even if Li Shaolin greatly pampers his kitten and the kidnappers were also extremely wicked, they also wouldn\'t have thought of kidnapping a cat.

After all, a kitty is nothing more than a house pet, according to the thoughts of normal people, everyone feels that it\'s impossible for an owner to spend such a large amount of money for it no matter how much he loves it. For them who went to such lengths to break into the Li family to steal a cat, was completely thanks to relying on the aid of Joseph\'s subordinates.

Chen Tong listened, but even though he had no suspicion towards Joseph he also didn\'t believe him. So he got up while feigning deafness and thought of jumping down the bed to leave.

"Don\'t go, I know you can understand me," Joseph hurriedly reached out his hands to catch the kitten: "You are a kind of cat that can cultivate into a human form, right?"

I\'m sorry, the wind is too strong and I have no idea what you\'re talking about.

The kitten continued to feign deafness while ignoring Joseph, but this contributed in making Joseph more certain of his idea, that he even cajoled it with a mixture of threatening words: "Let me see you turn into your human form, I will then send you back okay? Otherwise you won\'t be able to return to Li Shaolin."

Hehe da*.

*net slang: sfx of a sarcastic/contemptuous laugh

Two standard he sound came out from the kitten\'s throat, Joseph who had just been recently filled up with a lot of internet culture had understood after a bit of thinking, and was immediately stunned.

Ever since he had grown up, no one had dared to openly scorn him like this, but not only did Joseph not get mad, he even began to look like a silly fool that is loyal to the kitten, "I really don\'t have any malice, just having a special liking to the legends of the little demon spirits, and want to personally witness the human appearance of a transformed demon spirit that\'s all, ——You only need to transform once, then I will meet all of your conditions alright?"

The kitten looked at him with a gaze brimming of suspicion, Joseph actually persisted and went on to raise his hand to swear by the method of the ancient Chinese people: "I absolutely wouldn\'t lie to you, otherwise the five lightning strikes will break of the children of my future generation, how about it?"

He didn\'t expect that this for-eign-er* would even use this choice of words, the kitten finally condescended and turned to look back, the pair of big glistening eyes of the kitten closely sized Joseph up and down once more.

*internet slang: homonym of foreigner

The beautiful sapphire-like pupils made Joseph’s heart throb with a trace of an unprecedented kind of feeling, which inexplicably gave rise to some nervousness. He stared at the kitten\'s every move with an expectant gaze, not even daring to blink his eyes, that he even subconsciously lowered himself, but after waiting only a soft and tender "Meow~" sound came.

We are hungry la and want to eat delicious food.

Fearing that Joseph with his mental retardation would still be unable to understand, so it also stretched out it paws to point at it\'s little belly, and with it\'s little hand use the standard gesture of drawing a big circle, it was obviously saying that it wanted to eat a whole lot of delicious food.

It was really an exasperating little demon spirit.

Joseph\'s expectation had been in vain. He called for the assigned person to come over and bring the food inside with gritted teeth. The subordinate was very swift, as all kinds of Chinese and Western-style food were quickly spread over the table, after the meal, even the deserts that the little fellow was fond of were available, which simply couldn\'t be more better.

This was probably the most pleasant kind of kidnapping in the entire world.

Because Joseph simply held the kitten up like an ancestor granting all of it\'s endless exorbitant demands. Laying out a great meal with deserts, giving everything it wants, except for not allowing it to go out without changing it\'s shape first. The kitten after those two days of getting along had finally determined that Joseph was a mental case, in addition to having a questionable brain and IQ.

At this very moment for instance, Joseph had once again began that hundred thousands of why pattern:

"How do you demon spirits cultivate?"

"Are you acquainted with other demon spirits?"

"I heard that you saved Li Shaolin\'s life, did you come looking for Li Shaolin to ask him to return the favour?"

"The book said that demon spirit\'s were very head over heels in love, ——You like Li Shaolin, right?"

These questions did not receive any answers at all, but Joseph didn\'t care about this, then he suddenly became bashful as his face flushed red while he asked: "I will be very good to you, so you mustn\'t like Li Shaolin, but like me alright?"

The kitten simply wanted to sigh. If he had medicine, it would certainly be fed to this fo-reign-er.

The other thing that makes him sigh was naturally because he couldn\'t run away. Half a day had already slipped by, as he also didn\'t know whether or not Li Shaolin would be anxious due to his disappearance. At present, he could only conclude that this place was an expensive high-rise condominium, the room\'s space was very large, unfortunately, the door was always tightly sealed, which simply gave no chance to slip out at all. The windows were absolutely out of the question, he was in the 20th floor, jumping down will undoubtedly kill him, the energy of spiritual cultivation in his body had not fully recovered yet, forcefully using the ultimate skill was not really a wise plan.

Little did he imagine that Li Shaolin was not only feeling anxious, but had also been unable to soundly sleep for the whole night. He had given up all his personal matters on that day to search for the whole night, the heart along with the passing time grew more and more laden, as his expression grew terrible which could frighten other people.

Once a single man with a cold personality and a boring life was contaminated with something it will certainly lead to a fatal devotion and dependence. If the little kitten hadn\'t gone missing, Li Shaolin might have never realized how significant it became to him in just a few short months. He was even irritable enough to commit murder, but was persuaded by the courageous Lu Ze: "Your kitten is smart enough to be spiritual, nothing will certainly happen, even if it was taken by someone it will also be able to escape by itself, maybe it will be back by tomorrow."

In this one and a half day, Li Shaolin barely had an adequate sleep that was less than 2 hours, but this two hours was also not a comfortable sleep. Closing his eyes would make him dream of the little kitten\'s lonely and helpless appearance. The sounds of the gentle meowing cries as well as that pair of limpid blue eyes that reveals thick grievances would make him feel an endless sense of distress. The scene would soon turn to have a lot of blood flowing out from it\'s body.

Li Shaolin would be instantly startled awake, and would no longer be able to fall asleep anymore. When looking around, the traces left behind by the little kitten were everywhere, from the various cat supplies and cat toys, even the small teddy bear it likes to cuddle in sleep, yet the little kitten was not there.

His entire chest became absolutely empty, the gust of wind blowing in from the outside passed his chest, turning his hands and feet colder. This kind of feeling was actually similar to love, but a normal person falling in love with a kitten, was an absolutely absurd matter.