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Chapter 66: The chief executive\'s little kitty 4 (part 2/2)

Li Shaolin was currently in the bathroom giving the kitten a bath.

The kitten had a quick recovery, the injury on the hind leg was completely healed in just a few days of effort, Li Shaolin\'s injuries were practically healed as well, the person and cat who was only able to scrub clean because of injuries was finally capable of taking a proper bath. The faucet had already been turned on, the mist started to spread in the bathroom bit by bit, Li Shaolin stretched out a hand to try and feel if the water temperature was just right, then carried the kitten in his arms to the bathtub, and also made it\'s small paw test the temperature.

Kitties were naturally afraid of water. Li Shaolin who had originally made preparations for the kitten\'s unwillingness to enter the water, saw an unexpected thing happen yet again. He only saw that after the little thing in his arm\'s tested the water\'s temperature, the hind legs pushed off on his arms, then animatedly plunged directly into the bathtub.

The water level of the bathtub was naturally nothing to Li Shaolin, but was considered as a bay to a kitten as big as a palm. But possessing it\'s own swimming ability, the four claws started to rise and fall in the water, while the kitten\'s wide eyes were slightly narrowed.

Which simply made people shocked.

Fortunately, Li Shaolin has already been accustomed with the uniqueness of the little thing, and was only stunned for a short period of time before following after it to step into the water. A little water were spilled out because of over capacity, the kitten leisurely swayed along with the water\'s waves, and slowly floated to the man\'s chest.

The little fellow who was lazy to continue swimming extended it\'s soft paws to the man\'s body, trying to climb up. The man single-handedly brought it up, then bowed the head to gently kiss it\'s soft furry head.

The kitten became inexplicably shy, and suddenly found it embarrassing to look at each other\'s eyes again, so the line of sight was moved away, and turned to look at the bare|naked chest muscles.

En en, the chest muscles reached down the abdominal muscles again, Li Shaolin\'s abdominal muscles were not less than eight packs just like Han Ying, seriously counting it one by one past the clear water ripples, then the following is……

The kitten\'s face suddenly turned bright red.

Thanks to the thick fur on the cat\'s face, the blush couldn\'t be seen, and so, Li Shaolin only saw it raise a small pair of paws to cover it\'s face just like a human being.

The chief executive-daren who has always been omniscient in businesses had a question mark on his face, not knowing what was wrong with the little things. Raising an unusually intelligent kitten also has a downside, because of you being unable to always guess what it\'s thoughts were.

The thing that made the kitten blush more soon occurred. After a quick wash, Li Shaolin tied a bath towel and stepped out of the bathtub, then started to apply the shower gel to the whole body of the kitten. The s strawberry scented pet shampoo had a very good fragrance, but, ——where does your hand happen to be touching, ah!!

"Meow meow meow……" I\'ll do it myself……

The kitten squirmed while letting out a meow meow sound, and refused to cooperate for the first time, Li Shaolin coaxed it by saying: "Be obedient, the bottom part has not yet been rubbed, it will be over once it\'s rubbed."


The little kitten\'s hair had been blown up, even the the fur on the tip of the ears were also raised, and desperately started to struggle to escape, but how could it get away from the big hands of the other party? Seeing that the bottom part would soon be rubbed, it unexpectedly bit the other party out of anxiousness.

It certainly didn\'t want to bite the other party for real, so the mouth wasn\'t that forceful. Li Shaolin also didn\'t feel much pain, and couldn\'t resist speaking upon seeing the bite marks that were neither too shallow nor deep: "Only a dog will bite a person, ——Could it be that you aren\'t a kitten, but a dog?"

"Meow meow meow meow meow!" Your a dog! Your whole family is a dog!

The little kitten\'s whiskers were raised in anger, then found the right opportunity to stomp on Li Shaolin and run away. Li Shaolin extended his long arms to catch it, but the foot slipped at this moment, and inadvertently fell down, during his fall he still didn\'t forget to securely hold the kitten whose shampoo has not been rinsed off and had tried to slip away.

Unlike Tan Zishang who was obediently and honestly waiting in the living room, Lu Ze at this moment just happened to find the bathroom doorway and also heard the loud sound that followed. He could couldn\'t help but widen his eyes and be stunned for a moment, then whistled out loud, "Oh! That is really a good dark hobby! So that\'s why you, ah\'Lin didn\'t want a man or woman, it turns out that you like the man|beast play!!"

Where did this brain dead thing come from! Your uncle is a beast! The kitten immediately changed it\'s target to Lu Ze, lifting it\'s head to give Lu Ze a condescending look without restraint.

Lu Ze had been stunned once again, the eyes went rounder compared to a moment ago. ——Who could tell him why he saw a glaringly contemptuous gaze from a cat?!

Li Shaolin had finally rinsed himself and the cat clean, and returned to the living room after changing clothes. The little kitten was wrapped into a round group inside the big snow white towel by him, the color of the body was the same as the towel, without a single variation of fur from head to foot, but were much more softer and glossier than the towel, and was simply too beautiful. Li Shaolin gently rubbed it\'s back to help it dry, causing it to make two heng heng sound, the finicky appearance couldn\'t help but make Li Shaolin movements be more gentler, and only used the finger to gently rub it across the towel.

From the small and exquisite head, to the extremely thin auricles, up to the pointed chin, and the soft belly……

"It turned out to be a demon spirit," Lu Ze had finally been able to completely return to his senses at this time, then seriously pointed to the kitten and repeated: "It is definitely a demon spirit……"

The strength of Li Shaolin\'s caress and strokes were just right, the comfortableness caused the kitten to purr softly, but not forgetting to give Lu Ze a contemptuous gaze again.

"Ah ah it looked down on me again! It\'s definitely a demon spirit!"

Lu Ze couldn\'t restrain from shouting, but Li Shaolin only cared about towel drying it completely, making a casual oh sound, the attitude was too perfunctory.

"Ah\'Lin you\'re too biased……" Lu Ze exasperatedly complained against Li Shaolin saying: "I\'m sure that your cat\'s gaze admonished me of being an idiot just a moment ago!"

Li Shaolin finally looked at him in the eye, "You are an idiot."

The fully showered kitten\'s fur was exceptionally fluffy, becoming even more beautiful. After jumping off the sofa, it then went to sit beside the cat dish, and raised it\'s head to issue a gentle cry to Li Shaolin.


Coupled with a pair of big bright and limpid eyes.

This appearance was clearly an indication of wanting to eat. Being tossed around for a long time also made it hungry, Li Shaolin quickly washed the bowl for milk, and used warm water to soak a little packet of cat food, causing the tiny nose of the kitten to constantly wriggle from the fragrance.

However, as the food bowl was brought before him and as he was just about to eat happily, it had once again been taken away by the man, then heard the other person speak: "In the future, no other person is allowed to touch, even a bit of contact is not allowed, understood?"

This was naturally because of the incident regarding Joseph which made Li Shaolin feel aggrieved until now, thus he resolved to set rules for the kitten, "The food will be given upon agreement, not agreeing means you will go hungry, as the food will not be given."

The little kitten looked up to the almost unseeable food bowl and saw the exceptional stern expression of Li Shaolin, after a moment, it unexpectedly turned around slowly moving to the bottom of the table.

Then under the man\'s shocked gaze laid down and curled into a very small group, then buried it\'s small head in it\'s paws, then sent out a very small aggrieved sound: "Mi~"

if I\'m starved, then I\'ll be starved. heng!