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Chapter 66: The chief executive\'s little kitty 4 (part 1/2)

"Since your awake take a look at this cattery," the man asked the kitten and pointed towards the cattery that had just been chosen at the right side: "Do you like it or not?"

Li Shaolin chose a luxurious cat tree house, the design took all of the kitty\'s life characteristics into full consideration, and was very popular with kitties.

However, the little thing in his arms did not give any consideration to it but looked over to the other one on the left side, in addition to directly waving it\'s paw to it, it even voiced out an excited meow wu sound.

Li Shaolin followed along the direction it pointed out, and discovered a European-style bed. A miniature version that completely mimics an adult sized bed, even the mosquito net pillow\'s bedside cabinet were available in all varieties, with a scale of about 5:1.

The kitten\'s core was of a human being, and would naturally continue to like human things, what\'s more, this bed was really very magnificent, the overall look was gorgeous and grand, the mattress can be seen to be both soft and bouncy, with a very praiseworthy size as well, which was sufficient enough to roll over for 5 to 6 laps with his current body size.

The core\'s human IQ was subjected to limitations and continued to degenerate within this kitten\'s body. In order to win over the bed he set his heart on, he even wriggled his little body in attempt to jump down from Li Shaolin\'s arm.

"Meow!" Bed!

"Meow meow meow meow!" Buy that bed!

Everyone only saw the little kitten pointing at the bed while using those little eyes to look at Li Shaolin with an expectant gaze, the mouth incessantly issued a meow meow cry, the little tender and immature-like sound was so adorable that it made the people\'s heart tremble. But was nonetheless softly settled down by a single large hand of Li Shaolin, "Be obedient, don\'t move around, be careful of falling down."

Truth be told, the gauze on it\'s hind leg had already been removed, walking was completely not a problem, but Li Shaolin was still not reassured and would practically tuck it in his chest all the time, not letting it go for even a step.

The little kitten then switched to another set of game plan, the head leaned over to rub against the man\'s chest, the long tail was also used to encircle the man\'s hand, even the little warm tongue was extended to lick the skin of that exposed part on Li Shaolin\'s chest, giving that skin a burst of soft|itchy feeling.

That was simply outrageously shrewd.

"Meow meow meow meow meow……" We* really want that big bed……that bed looks so comfortable…… Saying so while licking when the belly suddenly felt very hungry…… I want to eat fried chicken leg and Sichuan boiled fish in hot chili oil……

*We: imperial use of I

The watery blue eyes were so moving and vivid, as if it could speak, gazing at Li Shaolin without a blink.

Li Shaolin looked at that pair of eyes, and was suddenly a little speechless.

——I seem to be able to see that it not only wants the bed, but was also hungry……

Moreover, wanting to eat Sichuan boiled fish in hot chili oil, ——That spicy thing, can the kitten eat that?

Li Shaolin was also unable to understand how he comprehended these information from the blue eyes of the other party, without any other choice he could only helplessly say: "Both will be bought, alright?"

Upon hearing this, the kitten immediately stopped meowing, and raised the little head with an attitude of since you sincerely made an effort to offer this to us then we might as well accept it, but the tail on it\'s back was raised, swiftly swinging back and forth joyously.

The sale\'s lady had been in great shock since the little kitten raised it\'s paw to point at the bed\'s direction, and couldn\'t stop the sneak shot mode once it had been started. ——The sale\'s lady was very excited, but the special assistant-xiansheng soon fell into a state of deep confusion and distress.

As an decathlon gold medalist and excellent alumnus special assistant graduate of the world\'s top ranking university of business studies, Tan Zishang had never experienced a problem. As a subordinate following Li Shaolin for so many years, he frequently went to the boss\'s home to give a report on the matters due to the work requirements, but today, he had almost been unable to recognize where he was.

The first thing the eyes can see upon entering the door was not the simple decorative style before, but an overflowing supplies for a house pet.

The floor, on the sofa, and all over the coffee table, even the house structure had undergone a kind of change, as several pieces of wooden planks with an irregular arrangement yet charming effects were nailed on the wall, a hammock for a kitty had been hung on the roof, there was even a customized cabinet, with bookcases on both sides, intended for the placement of various cat kibbles and cat toys.

This was simply raising a kitten as a son, ok!!

Tan Zishang was really unable to understand how a kitten could have that much charm, but Lu Ze who came with him laughed and blurted out: "Ha ha, Ah\'Li also turned out to be raising a house pet? If I had known earlier I would have also brought my little Pekingese over."


Lu Ze is a childhood friend of Li Shaolin, who can be seen with a beaming smile all day long, but in fact, had a very savage mouth, in spite of that, his friendship with Li Shaolin was really very solid.