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Chapter 65: The chief executive’s little kitty 3 (part 2/2)

( ¬ω¬ )……

After waiting for quite some time, but the only answer he received was a single \'Meow~\' sound.

The kitten\'s had an adorably and innocently expressionless face, with a set of a completely uncomprehending look, only issuing a instinctive sound to Joseph. The kitten\'s cry sounded both soft and tender, accompanied by the clear limpid watery-like eyes, which couldn\'t help but make Joseph\'s heart issue a few chaotic beats.

Tut tut*, what is this spicy foolish pretense, ——It turns out that this little demon spirit had attended an acting school!!

*tongue click sfx: stuck to english

Even though no distinguishable breed could be seen from the kitten, but the appearance was even more beautiful than those famous cats, big and bright eyes, exquisitely soft body, smooth snow white fur from head to toe without a trace of motley hair, which seemed synonymous to the word grandeur, that anyone who looked upon it couldn\'t help but want to touch.

Jospeh finally couldn\'t resist, reaching out a hand to touch the soft head and back of the kitten. The fluffy texture is warm and slightly itchy making people feel addicted, the more it was touched the more addictive it was, until the sound of the opening door could be heard.

Li Shaolin who had finished the meeting had finally returned, following close behind him were special assistant Tan Zishang and secretary Wang Xi. In the next second, Li Shaolin brows were furrowed due to seeing the scene before him, even the opening of first sentence was: "Trouble you to let go of it, that is my cat, I don\'t like other people to touch."

"Yours?" Joseph froze for a moment, then bluntly said: "Li, I want your cat."

"Joseph," The calm face of Li Shaolin had already shown a icy fierceness, even the eyes had slightly narrowed, "We have already known each other no less than 20 years, I thought you knew my temper. My office can be entered when wanted, my pet can be demanded when wanted, ——Who do you think I am?"

But Joseph\'s attention was placed on the word* pet, "Do you regard him as a pet?"

*house pet: but it isn\'t usually used so…

Li Shaolin did not answer, but immediately walked forward to pick up the kitten.

Joseph persistently repeated: "I really want this cat." Then briefly pondered for several seconds, and said: "How about this, my James family can still be regarded to have some background, from now on, your Li corporation and I can do business, whether it be on the bright side of the company or the hidden deals, I\'ll hand over 30% of the profits to the Li, how about it?"

When this sentence came out, even Li Shaolin had been momentarily silenced, not to mention Tan Zishang and Wang Xi. The James family has a very wide range of businesses, gathering all the businesses then letting the Li have 30% of the profits, how much piece of fat meat* will this be?

*something profitable

Tan Zishang was almost ignorantly stunned by this piece of fat meat. How could a leader in charge of an influential family, who\'s mind and means weren\'t low, inexplicably spend than much money for a kitten? Could that cat be something like a lucky cat* or a Pokonyan cat**, that can make gold?

*fortune cat or beckoning cat found in business

**is a show of a creature that can make fantasies into realities

So much that Tan Zishang couldn\'t resist turning his attention to the kitten, and analyze it carefully. But seeing it almost turn into a round fluff in Li Shaolin\'s arms, and was simply minding it\'s own business by nestling the fore paws on it\'s body to lick the tip of it\'s tail, licking it until it\'s tired as the little head bowed down to sleep, as if everything that was happening around had nothing to do with him.

Apart from being a bit more beautiful and cuter than other cats, there doesn\'t seem to be any other special characteristics, ah?

Secretary Wang Xi was completely stirred up. As a genuine cat lover, she couldn\'t hold out against the sight of the kitty\'s big eyes, if it had been a bit closer to her, she would have immediately gone down to her knees. The scene in front was even more exciting, just like shooting an idol drama, the first and second male lead match were of an unprecedentedly high class, that were genuinely handsome and wealthy, but the object of the dispute was actually an ignorant little kitten.

This is really the rhythm of the CATS* taking over the world!!

*internet slang: cool person

Li Shaolin had only been silenced for merely a few seconds before voicing a heavy refusal, "The boss of the James family actually has a big hand, however, I, the person of the Li group is not someone who is so poor as to rely on selling a kitten for a profit, I also do not like to do empty business transactions."

Joseph had unexpectedly refused to give up, and continued to insistently say, "As long as you agree to give me the kitten, I can immediately sign an agreement. Since I can say it, I will not rely on these money, and will certainly give a commitment."

Joseph naturally failed to deliver his commitment, and eventually left alone with a body guard. Li Shaolin brought the kitten to the pet store with a low-pressure.

The chief executive-daren was very dissatisfied.

His little kitten had managed to hook up another person after he had just left for 20 minutes, also inciting that person to spend a large amount of money to exchange for it. the more he thought the unhappier he was, so much that an indescribable burning flame of jealousy raged.

Li Shaolin has a height of 190cm, not to mention Asians, it\'s also considered as tall in Europeans, such a tall man paired with a kitten as big as a palm, had no problems attracting attention. The sales people in the pet store seeing this combination at first glance wanted to come closer for a look, but was somewhat timid because of Li Shaolin\'s cold face, nevertheless, the store\'s manager went ahead to inquire: "May I ask what things you want to purchase?"

Li Shaolin did not know what kitty\'s specifically needs, so he said: "Help me get all the necessary set of matching things for a two month old kitten."

An attractive looking sales lady had finally taken the courage to step forward because of the kitten\'s cuteness, then gave an introduction one after another: "We have all kinds of kitten food flavors, there are also catteries, cat toys……"

The little kitten that had been sleeping soundly in Li Shaolin\'s chest all along the way had finally woken up. Stretching that very little waist, issuing a languid yawn, washing his face with the paws and tidied it\'s fur, then opened that big limpid eyes.

Shortly after that, he immediately became momentarily stunned because of the big pile of things on the shopping cart before him.

A small claw-printed pattern on the food bowl, a small strawberry-flavored shower shampoo, a small rocking chair shaped cat claw board, as well as hanging egg chairs, ear drops, comb, a set of 7pcs nail repair, three pieces of kitty toothbrush……

Even the chosen toothpaste had several types of flavors, which was enough to see the extent of the buyer\'s heart, this was simply a rhythm of emptying the pet store.

The kitten couldn\'t resist raising it\'s head, looking at the man\'s face. Li Shaolin had already been long aware of the little thing\'s movement in his arms, so he lowered his head to look at the other, the deep voice sounded: "……awake?"

Because of being pressed against the man\'s chest, the kitten could clearly feel the chest\'s vibration of the other person\'s voice, so much that even the strong and powerful heartbeat of the man can be heard.

Lub-dub, lub-dub.

*heartbeat sfx

The afternoon sunshine shines through the window, the handsome man and the cute little kitten silently gazed at each other\'s eyes, was really incomparably beautiful. The sale\'s lady firmly resisted her desire to scream, then took out her mobile phone to take a sneak shot of this scene.

The author has something to say:

Joseph: Hello everyone, I am love rival No. 1 called Joseph, I like surfing, fencing and little demon spirits!

Abi: I am also counted as a demon……

Joseph: What demon?

A Bi: ……bucket waist.