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Chapter 62: The city lord’s fortune

Upon returning to the city the city, Chen Tong had still been somewhat unable to adjust.

Perhaps due to staying in the forest for such a long time, in addition to the many changes within the city compared to before, the city wall had undergone a new construction, the house had been renovated, the city rules also went through a revision of new laws. Chen Tong asked about the recent situation of Lei Xiaoshan and Qiu Jiang, but was informed by Xi Yan that Lei Xiaoshan was already together with Jiang Xu, advising him that it was best not to go and disturb; Qiu Jiang was working as a teacher in school, and seemed to have just hit it off with a female teacher that had just entered the city.

Chen Tong turned over his memory for a long time, only to remember that Jiang Xu was the young man he encountered in the hunting team registration office who was inexplicably hostile to him at first sight, so he didn\'t speak anymore.

The structure of the political power in the city also had a very great change, the collaborative authority by the three leaders before had now been changed to a single person, and that person was someone Chen Tong did not expect which was Xi Yan.

In terms of ability, Xi Yan was certainly qualified to be the city lord, in just a few short years, under his leadership, Ming Ri city had not only restored it\'s prosperity before the beast tide, but had also expanded a step further. But in terms of personality, he really couldn\'t be praised.

Xi Yan originally had a personality disorder, especially in those days when Chen Tong was not around, the whole person was just like an irritable and sensitive wild beast, making his subordinates tremble in fear and trepidation all day long, for fear of angering him if something was not done well.

Therefore, Chen Tong\'s return was not only a very joyous event for Xi Yan, but was also the same for Xi Yan\'s subordinates. Since he came back, Xi Yan\'s mentality had significantly been becoming normal day after day, even though he still had an indifferent attitude when facing strangers, but at least it wasn\'t that kind of vicious coldness, and according to Chen Tong\'s perspective, he will earnestly say thanks for the trouble or a word of thanks when ordering his subordinates.

–Without a doubt, the subordinates were more horrified than pleasantly surprised by the expression of gratitude.

Chen Tong had always known that Xi Yan\'s social interaction was a great problem, always hoping that the other person\'s life wouldn\'t solely revolve around him, and will be able to make some friends just like normal people. In order to develop the communication between Xi Yan and the other people, Chen Tong even made Xi Yan invite as many people as possible to have a meal at home.

Xi Yan always held Chen Tong\'s words as an imperial command, no matter how unhappy the heart was again, but was seriously implemented on the surface, so the next day, there were no less than seven to eight people who came to the house as guests.

But the one preparing the meal wasn\'t Chen Tong, but Xi Yan instead. Chen Tong thought that Xi Yan was using this as a pretext to express sincerity towards the guests, without knowing that Xi Yan hadn\'t placed any importance on the guests right from the beginning, but had just been reluctant to tire Chen Tong out, feeling that no other person apart from him was worthy enough to eat the things Chen Tong had personally made.

As a result, everyone saw Xi Yan working inside the kitchen upon entering the door, who was still wearing that very silly small flowery apron, and was unexpectedly more like a virtuous young woman at a glance.

Suddenly, each and everyone were simultaneously rendered speechless upon looking at Xi Yan\'s lofty back just like seeing a ghost.

Chen Tong had nevertheless invited them to come in with a bright smile, and to take their seats as well. The eight people took the initiative to introduce themselves to Chen Tong whether he recognized them or not, unfortunately, after Wu Xu who had a high military value but hopeless EQ introduced himself, asked a sentence: "……are you, the city lord\'s younger brother?"

Wu Xu had only entered the city 3 years ago, and was unaware of Chen Tong\'s matter, but had just been invited to come over to participate in the family meal today, the youth before him only appeared to be 16 or 17, Xi Yan had also never been close to both male and female charms, so it was only natural to come up with this conclusion.

"No," Chen Tong hurriedly shook his head, considering that Zhang Huakai and several little fellow students had seen him during their schooldays, he then cheekily said: "That, I am his father."

Zhang Huakai was already unable to restrain himself from using a sympathetic gaze to look at Wu Xu, the gaze at this time was overflowing with sympathy. The entire face of Wu Xu had been instantly stunned, the expression was more chaotic compared to seeing Xi Yan wearing an apron while cookng food inside the kitchen just a moment ago, it took quite some time before hesitantly speaking: "……Wh, what?"

Xi Yan who came over to serve the food was also somewhat disconcerted, placing the dishes down he then held on to Chen Tong\'s shoulder and tried to clarify. Chen Tong as if indifferent to the matter said: "What are you nervous about? I was, you even used to call me father before……"

Xi Yan was stifled for a moment, then had a serious look as he declared in the next second: "What father? You are my wife!"

Chen Tong raised an eyebrow, giving Xi Yan an unpredictable glance, Xi Yan\'s slighty converged his momentum, and corrected his previous words: "……I am your wife."

When all the dishes were set on the table, Xi Yan had also taken a seat, then with some expectations waited for Chen Tong\'s judgement, the eyes were only looking at him. Chen Tong then managed to earnestly try them one by one, then finally gave the evaluation: "Very delicious."

Xi Yan had been completely satisfied due to these simple words, the face was unperturbed, but the eyes clearly contained a twinkle. This was probably the reason why the people in love can easily feel happiness, because each and every movement of their lover will move their heart, that small smile feels just like a sun dispersing the clouds in the sky. This satisfaction\'s standard was low, and was naturally in the state of silliness at all times, the IQ would also immediately follow to disconnect.

Other people seeing this were completely blinded by the flashes of dog food, the food which had been prepared were obviously very praiseworthy but felt like eating dog food.

When the guests left, Xi Yan had naturally taken full responsibility for the work of the aftermath, doing everything from washing the dishes to mopping the floor, not allowing Chen Tong to do the slightest bit. Tuanzi was still taking a nap on the side, due to being young, not enough sleep, was an insufficient sleep, the chubby little body curled on the bed, an afternoon nap can reach for as long as two to three hours, and can\'t be awaken without the call of parents.

However, Xi Yan had discovered that Tuanzi had already woken up upon opening the door today, and had been lying on the bed while eagerly nibbling his small chubby hand which he cuddled. Seeing Xi Yan come in, the eyes blinked twice, then extending the pair of arms like a lotus root, indistinctly spoke: "Mother carry!"

Tuanzi\'s attitude towards Xi Yan had already become more and more natural and intimate, Xi Yan was disinclined to correct the way he was called. Something like dignity was really not important to Xi Yan, as the one who was able to take advantages on the bed was himself anyway.

The city lord-daren at present had already been changed into a 24hour obedient man and a good father, aside from being a sticky person and a wolf who doesn\'t know satiety on bed to Chen Tong, the other places were absolutely docile and obedient.

But mister wolf was somewhat strange tonight.

Chen Tong entered the house with a partially wet long hair after showering, the white face became rosy due to the steam, some places on the night clothes were thinned down and stuck to the body because of water absorption, the skin was faintly discernible, □□ seductive. If this was the usual scenario, Xi Yan would have already rushed up, but Chen Tong encountered Liuxia Hui* today.

*a man known for his virtuousness in ancient times

This Liu-gongzi had still been extremely considerate: "Tired? Wait for me to help dry your hair, then take a proper rest, I won\'t disturb you."

Being able to rest was naturally very good, but Chen Tong indescribably felt that something was wrong, the mind was somewhat suspicions, but the face remained calm and collected, after the hair had been wiped dry, he then obediently went to sleep.

Chen Tong was after all, someone cultivating to be a celestial being, having some vigilance, who could also be woken up even when asleep. When he quietly opened his eyes because of movements, he realized that Xi Yan had already gotten up, and was heading outside.

The man\'s action was very cautious, but the posture revealed some unspeakable strangeness and impatience, that Chen Tong couldn\'t help but get up to follow him softly and quietly, all the way to the front of the city\'s office.

It just so happens that it was in the middle of the night, the darkest time of the day, that there was no one inside and outside the building, not even the guards were left behind, that made him completely unable to guess what Xi Yan wanted to do. But Chen Tong lost sight of Xi Yan after a moment of slight distraction, he hurriedly headed inside the building and looked along the rooms of the long corridor.

Not knowing how long he was searching, when the keen senses actually heard a \'bang\' sound coming from the city lord\'s exclusive office, that he immediately ran towards the sound, but had been instantly shocked still because of the scene before him.

He had actually seen a thick and solid snake tail!!

The snake tail was clearly rolling over in slight pain inside the big room, the upper body still had a human figure, but Chen Tong couldn\'t see the face as only the back view was facing him. A pair of huge black bone wings had also grown out on the back, a frightening and beautiful feeling was actually coexisting in the faint moonlight.

——It was Xi Yan.

Chen Tong had already recognized the other party through the back view, in a moment an anxious feeling emerged because of the other party\'s painful posture which was rather far away from an overwhelming fear, when both legs were able to move, he unexpectedly stormed straight in the room without much thought.

The two pairs of eyes met, but the one frightened had actually been Xi Yan.

That pair of blood red vertical pupils had instantly constricted upon recognizing the person before him, the monstrous figure that had been strenuously concealed was seen by the most important person, the panic of being abandoned filled up his entire being, as each pore felt ice-cold. As a result, he constantly drew back in fear as Chen Tong approached subconsciously, and tried to hide the frighteningly horrible snake tail.

"Xi Yan!"

Chen Tong couldn\'t help but shout, who would have known that this shout would make the other party more panicked, that he actually fled wildly, escaping towards the corridor.

The office at the very least was a closed environment, but the corridor was a public area, Chen Tong was worried that this appearance of Xi Yan would be seen by other people, so he shouted while chasing: "Xiao Yan, come back, I will not be afraid or abandon you……"

The beast\'s bone wings and snake tail couldn\'t help but freeze, seemingly judging whether the words of Chen Tong were true or false. In the beast state, his mind would be taken over by the instinct of the vicious beast, and wouldn\'t be as clear as in the human form. In order to call him back, Chen Tong issued an ultimate move: "It\'s true, believe me, because I\'m not a human too!"

Xi Yan finally turned his head to look back.

Determinedly watching Chen Tong with the pair of vertical slit pupils, listening to him continue to explain: "Have you heard about the legends of the demon spirits? I\'m a peach blossom demon, if you don\'t believe I can change back to a peach blossom tree to show you……"

As spoken, Chen Tong tried to change back to his original form, unfortunately, in the absence of the soil, only a rough approximation of the half-demon form could be shown. Thus, Xi Yan who had still been unable to respond had suddenly been assailed by a strong fragrance, the fragrance of flowers filled the air, the scene before him was like suddenly falling into a wonderland, a trail of peach blossom flowers could be seen bursting forth with every step of Chen Tong.

His clothes also turned into a huge delicate and flimsy petals, the hem also happened to be dragging a long and clearly messy flower-like pistil, the left half of the face\'s forehead even had a crimson flowery vine-like pattern slightly creeping up, until almost half of the face had been filled.

If a timid person stares at the half-part of that face, he may feel fear, but it only had an unspeakably enchanting beauty in Xi Yan eyes.

He suddenly recalled the childhood memories he didn\'t want to think about.

Xi Yan\'s biological father was only a winged snake cultivated in the laboratory, his birth mother was an actual normal person. This was also the reason why she loathed and beat him, until he had been abandoned, the other person had never shown him a smile. Xi Yan only remembers that his birth mother loved to plant flowers, and was also raising a bonsai of peach blossom, the branches had been abundantly blooming layer upon layer in the spring of that year, complex like a tapestry.

He liked it very much, but dared not approach. Just watching as his birth mother carefully unearthed and caught the insects in it, pruning the branches and leaves, only when the other person wasn\'t around would he then secretly touch the blooming petals.

"Lighter," After discovering, the birth mother for the first time had not scolded or beat him, only wrinkling her brow as she said: "Flowers are very delicate, needing much care."

The peach blossoms before him were a hundred times more beautiful than the ones he had seen in the past, the fragrance of the flowers seemed to even have an aphrodisiac aroma, which made the eyes of Xi Yan who had been forced to hide in the office to change to the original form due to estrus turn even redder, as if dripping with blood.

Xi Yan suddenly rushed forward to hold the little peach blossom in his embrace, then sped outside through the window.

After Chen Tong had gradually returned to his senses he realized that they were already at the roof\'s platform on the building\'s highest floor, the bone wings at the back of Xi Yan had unreservedly been spread wide open, momentarily having an earth-shattering malevolent coldness and gorgeousness, even the partially covered moon overhead had been completely enshrouded.

Chen Tong suddenly had a dream-like giddy feeling, and had been dazedly placed on the ground by Xi Yan. But all the surfaces he touched burst forth with flowers of the peach blossom under the influence of the demon\'s power, extravagantly spreading out by bit with a speed visible to the naked eye, that even the originally empty platform of the roof turned into a giant bed of flowers. Xi Yan’s bare and muscular upper body was full of explosive strength, then leaned over to kiss his little peach blossom very deeply, so much that he even wanted to swallow this slender body into his stomach.

Chen Tong\'s mind became more giddy due to this kiss, only when the lower body had been touched had he just return to his senses, and subconsciously struggled. Wanting to make love with a half-human half-beast winged snake, even if he knows that the other side is Han Ying, there will also be an inevitable nervousness.

However, he soon felt the gentleness and the carefulness of the other side.

The winged snake in the estrus period has obviously been completely occupied by the beast\'s instinct, but the actions were unexpectedly very careful, like holding a fragile treasure. Even though XI Yan\'s mind wasn\'t very clear but he resolutely and constantly remembers this point: His little peach blossom is very delicate, and must be treated with extreme care and cautiousness.

Gently hold and kiss, then carefully stretch and enter. Under the moonlight, only the long black wings and the snake tail of the monstrous beast and a white slender and exquisite youth who were intertwined together could be seen, which can make people frightened but simultaneously feel a beautiful and exciting feeling. Chen Tong in a semi-demon state under the encroachment and attack of the beast stalk that went beyond the human size, felt no other pain aside from the initial pain, and helplessly clung on Xi Yan\'s body, just like a driftwood moving up and down on the sea.

The dim sky slightly brightened, as Xi Yan had also finally vented out. Chen Tong had passed out from the unbearable pleasure since earlier, and was unconsciously carried by Xi Yan, the peach blossom\'s flower on the ground disappeared along with his departure.

Chen Tong had already returned home when he woke up again, and Xi Yan had always been watching him restlessly at the side. Chen Tong\'s primary reaction was to sit up and say, "You are too much!"

Chen Tong even got out of bed to pick up the jumping and running Tuanzi who called out in hunger, with an attitude of wanting to leave, making Xi Yan suddenly become extremely panicked, being inarticulate with words knelt down for the second time of his life and said: "I am wrong, you……"

"Of course you are wrong! To actually conceal that for such a long time to me, not even telling me you have a snake tail, it\'s really too much!" Chen Tong panted with rage making his face bulge like a steamed bun, "Do you know how greatly shocked I was when Tuanzi was born with a snake tail? I always thought that it was my problem, becoming depressed for so long……"

The point at which the other person had been angry about was entirely different from his own thoughts, making Xi Yan freeze. Chen Tong then looked at the man kneeling on the ground as his anger dissipated, "In the end, no matter what, nothing should be concealed from me! It\'s also not allowed-……"

But the words had not been completely spoken when he had been tightly embraced by Xi Yan, so lightly and skillfully that he even carried Tuanzi to bed. This sudden and unexpected action made Chen Tong and Tuanzi stunned still, a pair of big and small widened eyes simultaneously stared at him.

Xi Yan took the opportunity to place a gentle kiss on the small one\'s face first, then once again resolutely lapped on the big one\'s lips for a while, then revealed a smile that had never been seen before, "Tong Tong, I love you."

Then looked up at the lovely spring sunshine outside the window, which happened to be the most beautiful day of April in the world.

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