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Chapter 61: The head’s little peach blossom 20

Xi Yan returned to his senses, and saw that there really was a small broken pinwheel on the ground, but Xi Yan at this moment was only interested in urgently asking questions, "What about your parents?"

His voice was obviously trembling, and a type of crazy speculation emerged in his mind that even he couldn\'t believe, wanting to confirm but also not daring to confirm. However, regarding Chen Tong\'s appearance and smile, Xi Yan could depict it with closed eyes, and had became more deep-rooted in his heart through the passing nights and days of these years with his repeated yearnings and reassessment, each successive detail became clearer, not to mention the striking similarity between the countenance of the child before him and Chen Tong.

The little child who had originally been fine standing but had been knocked down by Xi Yan, already feeling very wronged, conversely, even the parent\'s whereabouts were asked by the other person, and had naturally, refused to answer. The fallen pinwheel which had been broken was picked up with pursed lips, then turned around and with those short legs took big steps to leave.

In fact, Xi Yan had not wrongly guessed, this little child was exactly the \'little peach\' that Chen Tong bore. It just so happens that, the \'little peach\' had just followed Chen Tong in leaving the forest today, not so long after entering the city, collided with Xi Yan who was like an Amah Rock* that came to keep watch on the city gate everyday.

Amah Rock

Chen Tong had always lived in the forest with the \'little peach\' before, and never entered the city. His reason was absolutely not because of wanting to heartlessly hide from Xi Yan, but due to the reason of not knowing why, upon being born, the upper half of the peach\'s body morphed into a very normal baby, but the lower half of the body had a snake-like tail just like the Nüwa goddess*.

Nuwa goddess

Even Chen Tong himself had been very surprised, not to mention the ordinary people, who will definitely treat this child as a monster. So right until 2 weeks ago, when the little guy had reached the age of 3, the tail at that moment had turned into a pair of normal human legs.

Only after it had been confirmed that he could run all over the place using his short legs without revealing the snake\'s tail, could Chen Tong bring him back to the city with confidence. An old couple with inconvenient legs were encountered upon queuing to enter the city, he was eager to help the couple move their things and guide them as well, he then made the \'little peach\' stand at the side to wait for a while.

Chen Tong was actually not afraid that the little peach would be taken away by someone, as a lot of old and young people were left and forsaken after the great catastrophe, no one had the spare energy to raise an extra mouth to feed, what\'s more, when the little peach was born he was after all not the same as the other regular children, having an innate energy for cultivation, that could easily shake off an ordinary adult. In the forest, not only were the plants fond of him, but even the small and medium sized strange beasts would also spontaneously take the initiative to follow him.

But who the \'little peach\' came in contact with at this moment was really not an ordinary person.

The small short legs that had just taken a step before being seized by Xi Yan, without knowing why he couldn\'t break free, as the cultivation energy did not have the slightest effect on Xi Yan. The eyes of the little child had already revealed the traces of panic, but the taut little face became more drawn, then just like a small milk cat that surprisingly brandished it\'s claws which seemed aggressive but was really unable to hurt people shouted, "Release this uncle!"

Xi Yan had really let go.

But not because of the little peach\'s words, but because of another voice that sounded from afar at the same time.


Not seeing the little peach Chen Tong shouted again, when turning to the left in the next second he came in contact with Xi Yan\'s pair of eyes.

Chen Tong\'s face seemed to have a strong impact, which made Xi Yan unable to move for quite a few seconds, at the moment that the four eyes interlocked, Xi Yan had even forgotten how to breath, and only knew that his heart was beating wildly as his entire body trembled, completely beyond his control.

An excitement and ecstasy had also unconsciously surged forth from the depths of the the eyes that had initially been cold, so much that Xi Yan could seemingly hear the sound of gushing spring filling up his dry and exhausted heart bit by bit, the ice in the blood slowly melted, as the entire person\'s vitality recovered.

Chen Tong had also been stunned, before he was able to react, he had been tightly embraced by Xi Yan who had quickly rushed forward.

Xi Yan who had taken several deep breaths was still unable to restrain his trembling, the strength that held Chen Tong was also increasing, this regained emotions made him unable to extricate himself.

The person he originally thought of day and night whom he believed he would never see again, had suddenly appeared alive before his very own eyes, that it was impossible for anyone to remain calm in this situation. Even if he made a lot of mistakes in his past, even if there was grudges between the other party, as long as the most important person still existed, there will be a room for everything.

Xi Yan could now place Chen Tong in his arms, to really feeling his body temperature, practically inhaling the slight grassy scent on his body greedily, just to feel himself live once again.

But Chen Tong was slightly uncomfortable by this hold, and couldn\'t help but struggle within Xi Yan\'s embrace. –The reason of his struggle was only because of the uncomfortable feeling, but XI Yan looked like he was facing a great enemy, "Where are you going?"

Only after speaking did he realize that his voice had some hoarseness, that sounds just like crying. Indescribably softening Chen Tong\'s heart, that he actually said: "……go back home."

So a family of three returned to their home with this feeling of giddiness, — Or to be more precise, was being dragged by Chen Tong to the house. Because Xi Yan always held his hand refusing to let go, the little peach was tightly held by his other hand, one on the left and one on the right which was simply like dragging two big and small oil bottles.

Right until Chen Tong picked up the short legged little bun, Xi Yan did not loosen the hold of his hand, but changed it to the corner of his clothes.

Chen Tong suddenly recalled the time when he had just taken Xi Yan in many years ago, Xi Yan had also grasped the corner of his clothes like this, but Xi Yan at that time had still been unable to reach his shoulder, but was now a head taller compared to him.

Fortunately, there wasn\'t a lot of people along the way, only a very few have seen another strange look on their majestic leader Xi, and everyone\'s first reaction was to disbelievingly rub their eyes.

The little peach was only 3 years old in the end, having maintained a precautionary attitude for fear that his father would be taken by Xi Yan for a moment, but had immediately fallen asleep while leaning on the crook of Chen Tong\'s neck. A sleeping child was heavier, that Xi Yan couldn\'t help but say: "Do you want me to carry him?"

Xi Yan had not expected Chen Tong to only hesitate for a moment before agreeing, but Xi Yan had not yet held the child, when the appearance of the little child before him had completely become a smaller version of Chen Tong, which inevitably made him more careful, without knowing how to completely hold a child properly.

The little child had finally been placed in his arms without waking up, the voice suddenly became more hoarse, as a few words were spoken, "Then is he, ……that baby?"

"En," Chen Tong paused, "……the little one is called Tuanzi."

The little child, Chen Tuanzi had been running for an entire day today, the very relished sleep at this moment was due to weariness, the little belly rises and falls along with his breath, the tenderness and softness of the skin was just like a marshmallow. Xi Yan felt the preciousness and magnificence of life for the first time, a type of indescribable feeling quickly hits his chest.

No one saw that the magnificent city leader at this moment was just like an old man with limited mobility walking in a strangely rigid posture while holding a little child. After placing the Tuanzi on the bed, Xi Yan then turned to pick Chen Tong up, carrying him to the master\'s bedroom with large strides, the action was equally cautious and careful, but was more familiar because of having done it before.

The door closed with a soft bang, which made Chen Tong regain his senses, as he also felt the air around Xi Yan seemingly shift a bit. The person was suddenly pinned down on the bed in the next moment, as Xi Yan\'s gloomy shadow hovered above him.

Chen Tong opened his mouth wanting to speak, but was blocked by Xi Yan\'s lips.

It was only at this moment of being able to kiss Chen Tong again after several years of separation, that Xi Yan\'s heart experienced a complete collapse and reconstruction. If the feeling of seeing Chen Tong a moment ago was a pleasant surprise and disbelief, had now been full of regret and bitterness. The despair and pains of these days had also surged out in a flash, pouring out like a great deluge from the depths of the body.

These past few years of Xi Yan was really living a muddle-headed life that was worse than death, truly believing that he would never see Chen Tong again. How many nights were drowned in the cold waters of yearning, without daring to think too deeply. No anger and resentment was felt towards Chen Tong who left without saying a word, the scene of his accident is a nightmare that Xi Yan would think of when he closes his eyes.

Xi Yan tightly pinned Chen Tong down underneath his body, the tongue passed through the lips sweeping through each and every area of the mouth, the gentle movements at the start grew fiercer.

The sweet and pleasant soft warmth was just like in the memory which made Xi Yan more addicted in lapping and nipping, even using the teeth to either quickly or slowly tear. Chen Tong\'s lips began to have a burning pain, but no matter how he turned his head he couldn\'t escape the aggressive pursuit and encroachment of the other person.

Xi Yan simply held both of Chen Tong\'s wrist in a single hand, then the freed left hand fixed his head as he kisses him again.

His kisses was so fierce, as if was exhausting the entire body\'s strength, just like pouring the love he was unable to acquire for no less than ten years since meeting Chen Tong in his childhood up to the present.

Unable to acquire.

These three words which were light and easy to use pierced Xi Yan\'s heart like a sharp knife.

Chen Tong had been weakened by the kiss, and smothered by Xi Yan\'s fiery and persistent breath, making the whole body weak inside and out. Xi Yan\'s eyes contained an even greater desire, falling into paranoia, then immediately began to unbuckle the clasps of Chen Tong\'s clothes afterwards, fervently kissing and gently caressing the skin as if to verify, so he could repeatedly feel his authenticity with the touch of his hands, "……Tong Tong, I missed you very much……"

It wasn\'t until the top was undone and a clear feeling of the thigh being pressed by something that Chen Tong suddenly woke up, "Xiao Yan, don\'t, let me go……"

But Xi Yan pressed more harder, and like a stubborn wolf cub, "I want you……give me and I will forgive you……"

Chen Tong had already realized the reason Xi Yan wanted him to have an abortion a long time ago, he also knew that everything the other person had done before was only due to loving him, and his leaving without saying anything had certainly caused a very deep harm to Xi Yan. Chen Tong\'s heart had really felt remorseful for Xi Yan, but one yard was one yard, being remorseful was one thing, him not liking to be forced by a person was another thing, if Xi Yan\'s paranoia can\'t be changed, they will still have problems.

So Chen Tong who couldn\'t struggle free immediately used an ultimate move: "If you want to force me to leave again, then go ahead and do it."

To leave, this two words were just like a spell that made all of Xi Yan\'s movement stop immediately.

Because these two words to Xi Yan\'s view were a curse, his eyes were looking at Chen Tong like he wanted to swallow him in his belly, and hissed: "Do you want to let me die?"

"If you want to leave, then kill me first," Xi Yan\'s tone sounded fierce on the surface, but the inside were shedding bloody tears, "When you left last time, why didn\'t you just kill me directly?

My life had originally been yours, you don\'t want to kill me with an efficient knife, why must the fiercest method be used to torture me? Do you hate me that much?"

The series of questions made Chen Tong unable to speak for a moment, but Xi Yan had actually turned around to take a dagger out from the side, pointing to his heart said: "If you want to leave, stick it in here and kill me so you can go."

Chen Tong silently stared at Xi Yan for quite a while, then gently reached a hand out. Xi Yan had been motionlessly waiting for Chen Tong to pick the dagger up, but the destination of that hand to his surprise was his head.

But he had now grown very tall, to the extent that Chen Tong needed to stretch his hand just to touch his forehead, Xi Yan couldn\'t help but lower his head, to facilitate Chen Tong touch.

Chen Tong used to rub the top of his head like this a long time ago.

It\'s a pity that Xi Yan\'s head wasn\'t as good to touch as before, the former quality of the hair was moderately soft and stiff, but was now like a steel needle pricking the hand.

As a result Chen Tong quickly retracted his hand to Xi Yan\'s disappointment, who subconsciously grabbed that hand and placed it on his face.

The two people were looking at each other in a temporarily close distance, watching each other silently for a while, seeing the affection for the other in the eyes of each other, the atmosphere had slightly eased up. Chen Tong had no choice but take the initiative to speak: "In these few years you……"

"Not good." Xi Yan immediately said: "Without you, I will never be good."

"Xiao Yan," Chen Tong softly spoke: "You shouldn\'t focus everything on me, you should be living your life well……"

"live my own life?" Xi Yan laughed bitterly, "You gave me everything, without you, how do you want me to live properly?"

Chen was temporarily rendered speechless. Xi Yan sat up properly, then saw Chen Tong slightly lower his head, not knowing what he was thinking in a daze, taking a deep breath and raised his chin, "Thinking of countermeasures?"

Chen Tong\'s face showed a hint of confusion, "What countermeasures?"

Xi Yan continued to say with feigned harshness: "In short, no matter how many countermeasure you can think of, there is only way to leave, that is to kill me."

"……Oh." Chen Tong nodded his head without any explanation, giving Xi Yan the feeling of punching on cotton. Then saw Chen Tong wrap himself in a quilt like a baby silkworm, shifting from side to side on the bed, right until a space for a single person was left for Xi Yan, and even smiled at him: "Having run around for an entire day today, is so tiring, we should sleep."

Chen Tong quickly closed his eyes, yet Xi Yan dared not sleep and was unwilling to sleep, as he greedily looked at Chen Tong\'s sleeping face. After a long time had passed, and confirming that Chen Tong did not seem to want to sneak away while he was asleep, only then did he feel a slight relief to lie down, the clothes on his person had not been removed as he immediately hugged Chen Tong along with the quilt.

The night was already very deep, but Xi Yan had still not dared to close his eyes, fearful that all of this was a dream, and the baby at his side will disappear when he wakes up again. Then there\'s a feeling that perhaps the past 4 years were just a nightmare, and had now just woken up from the nightmare, and that Chen Tong had always been peacefully sleeping by his side.

At this moment, Chen Tong who had been sleeping well had a little nightmare, then took the initiative to spontaneously squeeze himself into Xi Yan\'s arms, burying the whole head in his chest.

Xi Yan\'s brain had not yet reacted, when the body had already moved, first, he moved his hand to slightly correct his head for fear of Chen Tong being smothered, then also placed his arm around the waist to lift him upwards, to make both of them lie more comfortably.

In his dream, Chen Tong reached out his hands placing the arms around Xi Yan’s waist, just like he had done many years ago before the two had been separated.

It was only at this moment, that Xi Yan felt that everything had slowly become real, and at this moment, all the suffering he went through was not worth mentioning, just like smoke.

The person in his arms seemed to have lost much weight, Xi Yan didn\'t know how Chen Tong survived in the beast tide, what difficulties and challenges were experience to give birth to Tuanzi, only a fierce regret was felt, kissing his forelock full of pity, when the sky slowly got brighter, only then did the state of drowsiness spread.

Xi Yan who had already been unable to sleep properly for such a long time, had now, while holding the lost and recovered treasure, finally felt some sleepiness, and unwittingly fell asleep at last.

He woke up in shock, especially after discovering that no one was beside him. Fortunately, the keen sense perceived the food\'s fragrance, he made a beeline to the kitchen without even the the time to wear shoes, in a single glance, a familiar silhouette could be seen bustling in the kitchen.

Xi Yan only thought that the silhouette was extremely beautiful in the morning light, then walked forward with some obsession, and couldn\'t help but embrace Chen Tong\'s waist from behind. Chen Tong turned around kissing Xi Yan\'s chin, "The meal will be ready soon. Go wash up first, then help me wake Tuanzi up again."

Then slightly hurt by his emerging beard stubble, added the words with some distaste: "Remember to shave off the beard."

Xi Yan was more entranced by the kiss, then as instructed, giddily went to wash, shave and call Tuanzi.

Tuanzi was still asleep, with a flat on the back and face up posture, the clothes rolled up during sleep, revealing a small chubby belly, the soft hair on the small head were also messed up in sleep, a hand that had been clenched into fists was placed in the mouth, suckling the back of the hand, that appeared so adorable.

However, it was still quite fortunate that Tuanzi looks just like Chen Tong and not Xi Yan, otherwise for Xi Yan this kind of of jealous maniac which does not distinguish the enemies between the old and young or even the species, I’m afraid not only will he not feel it was lovely, but will also feel a rejection and create a sense of crisis.

Xi Yan can vaguely see the young appearance of his sweetheart from Tuanzi\'s face, making his expression become more softer, even making him more unwilling to call Tuanzi up, that he finally opted to carry him out directly.

Tuanzi felt the swaying movement, and hazily mumbled the words father. Fully aware that he wasn\'t referring to him, Xi Yan answered subconsciously.

Tuanzi vaguely heard a response in his sleep, making a heng heng sound twice, and without a bit of restraint shuffled to find a comfortable position on Xi Yan\'s shoulder.

Just like a kitten.

But was also similar to Tong Tong.

There\'s a small baby in his arms, in addition to the big baby outside, simply made Xi Yan feel that there can be nothing in the world more fortunate than this. But Tuanzi at this moment had shifted feeling that something was amiss, opening his eyes after rubbing, then he saw a magnified version of Xi Yan\'s face.

Chen Tong called out to Tuanzi when placing the dishes in the living room. Tuanzi who had not yet wakened fully, looked at Xi Yan in confusion, and looked to Chen Tong, then flattened his mouth, showing a greatly aggrieved expression.

Because that little face clearly stated: Who is this strange uncle? I don\'t know, ah! Why are you holding me! Papa help!

It also wasn\'t strange for Tuanzi to not recognize Xi Yan, as Xi Yan still had a stubbly beard yesterday, and slightly felt down, the was unable to clearly see the face against the light, but Xi Yan\'s beard had been cleanly shaved at this moment, and had still directly used hair clippers to cut the hair to a haircut inches.

Unfortunately, Tuanzi\'s grievances did not receive the slightest response, not only did his favorite papa not come to take him from the hands of this bad person, he even turned a blind eye to it. The little child, Chen Tuanzi could only choose to stand for himself, thrashing the little short legs against Xi Yan said: "Let this uncle down, let me go!"

Chen Tong immediately frowned. –In the forest, he learned the call from those small flowers and grass which would also occasionally refer to themselves as this uncle, but this was impolite at home, and was no good no matter what, so he immediately spoke to him sternly: "How do you speak! What this uncle! He is your mother!"

Tuanzi was immediately stupefied, and looked at Xi Yan again, with a there\'s no love in my life look.

——Papa is so beautiful, but why does his mama look that ugly!!

Remembering the bellflower had once told him that he wouldn\'t abandon his birth mother for being ugly, Tuanzi could only reluctantly accept this fact, and acting like a sensible little grown-up even called Xi Yan mother.

Xi Yan: ……

For a moment, the answer was not a yes but was also not a no, so only rigid nod of the head could be done.

Chen Tong felt that the attitude of the two people were still very good, and said: "Food is ready, go wash your hands."

"O," Tuanzi obediently responded, "I still have to pee."

The newly pronounced \'mother and son pair\' went into the bathroom together to pee and wash their hands.

Xi Yan closed the bathroom\'s door, and simply told Tuanzi how to flush the toilet, Tuanzi immediately understood, but broke away when Xi Yan was about to hold him to sit on the toilet, puffing and blowing to push out the stool at the side of the wall, raised the short legs to climb up, then after standing firmly pulled open the waistband taking out the little pewee to start peeing.

After urinating he had also learned to give a earnest shake like a grown-up, then pull it back inside the pants again.

He had a particularly serious appearance from start to end, but that peeing was meticulous, just like completing some kind of ritual, simply too adorable, that even Xi Yan seeing this couldn\'t help but laugh.

After Tuanzi had fixed his pants properly and stepped off the stool, as well as push the stool back, he seriously spoke to Xi Yan: "Mother you can pee, then flush it together after peeing, to not waste water."

Xi Yan: ……

In turn, Tuanzi also watched the whole process of Xi Yan urinating, the little chubby face was pulled into a long face as he seriously said: "Mom, even though you don\'t look as good as my father, and still a man, but since father does not dislike you, I will not dislike you too."

Then held a small fist at the end, like putting some air for himself said: "En, as long as you don\'t grab my father, I will certainly not dislike you."

Xi Yan: ……

Xi Yan had been rendered speechless for three times in a very short span of time, and this could not be blamed to his reticent nature, as no one would also know what to say.

The breakfast Chen Tong made was based on the available ingredients, the contents were very simple, plain rice porridge with omelette and meat slices. How long had he not tasted the cooking of Chen Tong? Xi Yan would not even dare to fantasize about it, just a common porridge, was held just like some treasure, seriously eating it bit by bit, until not a trace was left.

Tuanzi looked just like Chen Tong, but the personality was more like Xi Yan, and also loved to eat meat just like Xi Yan. Looking at Tuanzi, Xi Yan couldn\'t help but think about how Chen Tong had actually conceived the child all alone, which immediately issued a fit of pain in his chest. He had a lot of relevant knowledge about it, including various discomforts during pregnancy and the great pains during production, he did not want to think about it, or even dare to ask.

Chen Tong was also unable give Xi Yan an explanation. Because of that matter of the peach becoming a baby after being born, he couldn\'t say because he also didn\'t understand. Xi Yan tried to take Chen Tong to see a doctor again, gently coaxing: "You\'re too skinny, I\'m worried, ……let\'s go have a quick look for a doctor, okay? There won\'t be injections or drawing of blood, it won\'t hurt too……"

This time, he did not instantly make an arbitrary decision like before, but had taken the initiative to ask Chen Tong\'s opinion, letting Chen Tong clearly feel his change. That Chen Tong couldn\'t help but say: "I\'m not afraid of pain."

Xi Yan kissed the corner of his mouth: "But I\'m afraid you\'ll be in pain."

However, the first to manifest problems with the body was Xi Yan. These last few years of consecutive losses of sleep, uneven diet and all kinds of actions caused him to have problems with his stomach and nerve center, constantly feeling headaches and stomach pains. Which were tolerated to pass by in the past, but unfortunately, these two types of episodes had simultaneously flared up in Chen Tong\'s presence, making Chen Tong immediately worry endlessly, asking repeatedly: "What\'s wrong with you?"

As a result, Xi Yan saw the doctor, but was also given a shot and had his blood drawn, over and over again until the evening to return home. Chen Tong carefully wrote the doctor\'s advice in the notebook, while also keeping in mind all the food that must be eaten and avoided for those with stomach problems.

Tuanzi had already fallen asleep, Xi Yan looked at the way Chen Tong was seriously writing under the lamp, and in this moment was finally able to read the feelings he had for him from his wrinkled brows.

Tong Tong likes him.

Not liking will not give birth to Tuanzi, will not come back with Tuanzi, will not cook him meals, will not have this anxious appearance when he is sick, and will also not patiently keep in mind the doctor\'s tedious advice.

The former Xi Yan had been too young, as a teen, the heart was vulnerable and uneasy, stubborn and distorted, and even unwilling to believe his own eyes, making a lot of mistakes because of childishness and stupidity.

Chen Tong had always compared Xi Yan with Han Ying, but forgot that he encountered Han Ying when Han Ying was in his most mature and confident moment, but Xi Yan had nothing aside from feeling of inferiority.

Xi Yan reached out, lifting Chen Tong\'s chin for a kiss. The pen tumbled to the ground, the sound made Chen Tong slightly still, but the brain was soon unable to think more, because the mouth had been opened, as the tongue had also been entangled. The strength of Chen Tong\'s struggle became a bit weaker, till he finally went soft by Xi Yan\'s passionate breath, and was just like renouncing himself to allow the other person to do what he wants.

The person\'s change in Xi Yan\'s arm made him more besotted, then carried the person to sit on the bed, raised him up, then bent down to lap his chest.

More than half of the clothes in Chen Tong\'s body had unwittingly been thrown off, he let out a repressed and seductive moan, wanting to to push the other person off in a final effort, but when lower part was gripped, the body had thoroughly slumped down.

"I love you." Xi Yan\'s hot breath blew in Chen Tong\'s ears, tactfully kneading those sensitive places while softly speaking repeatedly, "Tong Tong, I love you."

Chen Tong took big gasps of breath, more than half of the body\'s weight didn\'t feel like his since earlier on, a tingling sensation from the lower back spreads out in all directions, making him unable to sit still. Xi Yan had placed Chen Tong on the bed, putting the little dots in his mouth and kneading it till tears were shed.

Then finally held Chen Tong\'s waist, as he slowly but steadily entered him.

Xi Yan repeatedly buried himself in the warm and soft body of the person beneath him, while continually reiterating his words of love. Moving faster and faster, even feeling that a part of his uneasiness had been melted by the warmth, that he couldn\'t help but ask: "Tong Tong, say you love me okay?"

The intense pleasure made Chen Tong unable to speak, the eyelashes were soaked, as the corner of the eyes had also began to turn red, Xi Yan licked the dew-like crystals and softly said: "I know that you like me too……because that place of baby\'s wrapping me so tightly……the inside is so wet……"

The two eventually reached the peak together, Chen Tong\'s body flushed a beautiful red like a ripened fruit.

Once the heart had fallen, the body can only fall along with it, without the possibility of turning over.

Chen Tong did not end up saying I love you, but his active kisses before sleeping said everything.

Looking at his sleeping face, Xi Yan\'s handsome eyebrows at this time were really just like a genuine spring breeze, with an unprecedented happiness, the eyes watching Chen Tong was like having loved him for several lifetimes.

He couldn\'t help but say I love you in his ear before turning off the lights, with a sound of promise.

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