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Chapter 6: The commander’s little mirror 6

Almost at the same time, the flying knife pierced Chen Tong’s shoulder.

Han Ying reflexively turned back, barely supporting the youth’s slowly falling body. Things happened too quickly and suddenly, Han Ying couldn’t react for awhile, the red blood on the youth’s body was already very painful to his eyes.

For a moment, the heart stood still, to have never experienced such fluster and distress led to Han Ying’s hands that are stable at all times tremble, “……Baby?”

The knife’s blade that pierced in the youth’s skin, left only a little knife handle exposed, more importantly the upper edge was poisoned. Song Ben Yilang was once again restrained, Han Ying looked at him with a dark and blood red eyes, filled with a cold and bloodthirsty air, that let everyone at the scene be startled and not dare to breath deeply, “Where is the antidote?!!”

“Young commander……” opposing the pressure adjutant Liu Senyu cautiously opened, “he’s already dead……”

How Song Ben Yilang died was unknown, it would be useless even if he dismembered the corpse innumerable times, Han Ying clenched his teeth and tried to calm down, immediately decided to go back to the commander’s mansion.

During this time due to grandfather Han’s health steadily declining, the best Chinese medical practitioners and Western doctors in the entire Southern Province was on standby in the commander’s mansion, the driver used the car’s fastest speed, Han Ying embraced Chen Tong with one hand, the other tightly covered his wound, slowly said: “Baby don’t be afraid, will see a doctor so that everything will be alright……”

But from the driver to the guard, as long as people can see, the one with fear at this moment was Han Ying himself, on the contrary the youth in his embrace was always clever and quiet, with eyes that could distinguish right and wrong there wasn’t a trace of ordinary people’s fear and panic of death, only a small voice of pain.

the knife on Chen Tong’s body is □□[1], the blood continuously bleeds, also showing an abnormal dark red because of the poison, the moonlight and street lights shines through the car’s window on the youth’s face, vaguely like a watery eye movement, it’s fluttering makes a person’s heart more nervous, Han Ying didn’t know whether to comfort Chen Tong or himself, “Baby be good, it doesn’t hurt, it won’t hurt in a while……”

The man’s voice isn’t only hoarse, even the lips kissing between the eyebrows is slightly trembling, this obvious fearful look let Chen Tong feel very uncomfortable, feeling that something is wrong, started talking with great effort: “That, I didn’t want to save you, don’t you misunderstand……”

“Hai[2] hai,” Chen Tong wanted to clearly explain, even caused a few coughs, “……not me wanting to save you, it’s the body’s spontaneous movement, can’t completely control……”

“I know, I’m entirely aware.” Han Ying’s eyes grew darker, gently coaxed with a light kiss between his eyebrows, “Be good, don’t talk……”

What do you know? Chen Tong is confused, the heart still wanted to talk, but didn’t have the strength to speak again, so much blood bled that made him feel sleepy, so he slowly closed his eyes.

“Baby,” Han Ying immediately wakes him, although the tone is anxious, trying to keep his voice soft, “don’t sleep, we’ll be there soon, wait until you get home to sleep alright?”

The word home was very beautiful, Chen Tong couldn’t help but open his eyes, this expression made people feel at a loss.

The destination was finally reached.

The car directly entered, and continually drove to the front of the main building, Han Ying held Chen Tong while quickly getting off the car, instructing people to call a doctor and with large strides went to his bedroom, then met Han Yiyi’s 8th concubine Su Chuan er at the stair’s corner.

“Eldest young master, you’re back……”

Having seen Han Ying, Su Chuan er’s face immediately showed a surprised look, but the conversation was cut, it was halted because of the youth in Han Ying’s embrace and the unprecedented anxious look of Han Ying.

Even in ordinary days, Han Ying never looked at Su Chuan er once, what more at this time when there is a one and only treasure in his embrace, Su Chuan er wasn’t able to clearly see the youth’s face, as Han Ying had already far bypassed her, she immediately clenched her teeth, the heart couldn’t help but conceive much resentment and unwillingness, then followed with great courage.

This 8th concubine appears delicate, yet very good in schemes. Ever since she officially entered the Han family three years ago, she began to secretly seduce Han Ying, at the same time also let Han Yiyi constantly think about her, greatly favored by Han Yiyi, and can even enter and exit the main building.

Han Ying cautiously placed Chen Tong on his bed, then heard a knock on the door, thinking it was the doctor, Han Ying didn’t turn but said: “Come in.”

“Eldest young master,” Su Chuan er came in with a provocative smile, wanting to look at Chen Tong by any means, pretending to inadvertently look on the bed and asked: “Is the xiao gong zi[3] injured? Aiya, why is it bleeding so much……”

“Get out,” Han Ying’s voice is ice cold, “roll[4]!”

The man’s terrifyingly cold air let Su Chuan er step back, but didn’t leave, biting the lip as if feeling very wronged and wanted to complain, called: “Eldest young master……”

The last syllable deliberately carried a trill, every trill was charming, Han Ying eye’s narrowed dangerously, originally wanted to directly throw her out, but found that the youth on the bed had curled and frowned, “Wu[5]……”

He immediately didn’t have time to care for anything else, busily examining the youth’s state, but saw that the youth seemed to be in more pain, the eyebrows were tightly wrinkled, even the lower lip that was being bitten bled, the body slightly trembled, and the person was curled like a small shrimp, as if this is the only way to feel a little better.

The poison has entirely flared-up.

If the poison in Chen Tong was placed in an ordinary person then that person would have died right away, he relied on the demon body’s powerful support. The burning pain was intensifying, letting Han Ying’s distress reach it’s peak, embracing him with one hand while the other was placed on his lips to refrain him from hurting himself, and anxiously said: “Baby, you……”

Had only spoke halfway, but suddenly saw a white light surround the youth’s body!!

The next moment the white light flashed, the whole person slowly changed into a small mirror, after the white light completely dispersed, the youth’s figure was nowhere to be seen, only the guardian heart mirror quietly laid on the pillow.

This scene was too bizarre, Su Chuan er eyes suddenly widened, shouted out of control: “Ah……!!”

The personal maid around her was even more frightened, was so scared to even stutter a cry: “……there, there’s a monster, the mirror is a monster!!”

The maid drew back, shouting and trying to go out the door, then the voice suddenly stopped.


Interrupting her was a gunfire.

The maid immediately fell to the ground, with a bullet between the eyebrows, blood unceasingly flowed from the bullet hole, the shot was fired by Han Ying, from taking the gun to pulling the trigger, the series of actions were quick and simple, immediately afterwards the gun was emotionlessly aimed at Su Chuan er.

At this time Su Chuan er truly experienced the feeling of death, Han Ying looked at her like seeing a dead person, the body’s cold and murderous air made her unable to stand still. Su Chuan er wasn’t stupid, and instantly understood Han Ying’s reason for killing, she kneeled with a bang and swore: “I can promise, promise to not speak out, believe me, I beg you xiang……”

Unfortunately Han Ying trusts no one.

Just like the maid, Su Chuan er’s words were incomplete and by the same fate was interrupted by a gunfire, looked up while leaning back, without batting an eye.

The butler came at almost the same time as the doctors Han Ying called, two dead bodies were seen upon entering, Han Yiyi’s favored 8th concubine is included, the Western doctor Smith immediately shouted God, but being experienced the old Chinese medical practitioner Jiang Yu quickly ignored the sight, only respectfully and diligently asked: “Young commander, I heard that the patient is poisoned, I……”

“Everybody leave.” Han Ying’s slightly hoarse voice interrupted him, with an exhausted look raised his hand and ordered the butler, “find someone to clean up here.”

Han Ying is usually arrogant, always like a profound tall mountain with a natural and unrestrained demeanor, the old butler watched him grow, for the first time saw him with a slightly disheveled and tired look, couldn’t help but worry, but don’t dare to ask.

The dead bodies and blood stains were quickly cleaned, the room regained it’s stillness, Han Ying closed the door, caressing the guardian heart mirror that was devoid of the youth’s figure and lowly called: “Baby……”

“How are you now? Does the wound still hurt?”

“Give me a reply alright? I’m very worried……”

Being able to sense the unseen space was maybe because he is the guardian heart mirror’s owner, Han Ying can still feel Chen Tong’s existence, but he can’t see him, his specific circumstances is unclear, it is unknown whether or not he’s well, only the man’s slightly hoarse voice echoed in the empty room, over and over.

Chen Tong to speak is currently not good, but is also not bad.

The author has something to say:

Explaining the injury’s cause, Chen xiao Tong xie’s has not cultivated enough to withstand the use of basic skills. LV2 Congealed form period: Can use assistive skills, LV3 Illusion period: All skills are available.

Also thanking all the daren (adults) who threw a mine! In the past 2 days 3D is so busy to sort out the thank you list on weekends me me da!


[1] □□ : it was originally placed there

[2] Hai: coughing or sighing sfx

[3] xiao gong zi: respectful call to a young man

[4] roll: get lost, is an angry way of saying go away

[5] Wu: crying sfx