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Chapter 57: The head\'s little peach blossom 16

That tear streaked across Chen Tong’s cheeks, then touched the back of Xi Yan’s hand that was supporting Chen Tong’s shoulder at the side, the tear’s temperature soaked the skin, unexpectedly, giving Xi Yan a type of feeling which was just like being scalded by the deep imprint of a searing-iron.

More madness was once again extinguished and washed clean by this tear drop, all the uncontrollable chaotic mood and stacked walls in the heart, even the invulnerability he believed he had, was unable to stand against his cries, --And had been completely been torn down by just a single tear drop.

Xi Yan who had recovered his rationality could only be flustered and anxious, even his mind went blank for a few seconds, then frantically and anxiously held onto Chen Tong while repeatedly asking: “What’s wrong?”


Only this single word was inside Chen Tong’s mind, the stomach was subconsciously covered, a searing pain could even be felt when taking a breath. The thick and long eyelashes seemed even more longer by the light’s reflection, the quivering eyes cast down an indigo colored shadow, which also made the heart’s of the people watching this trembling be stifled.

“Baby, where is it painful?” Xi Yan’s usual calm presentationhad long been gone and was nowhere to be found, no bleeding was found beneath Chen Tong’s body, then gently touched the stomach being covered by Chen Tong, “Is it here?”

Unfortunately, Chen Tong had already been in too much pain that aside from the intermittent calls for help, was simply unable to answer at all. That painful crying sounds was like a sharp knife ruthlessly stabbing into Xi Yan’s heart, making him so distressed that even his fingertips were trembling, the voice had also gone hoarse, “Baby, don’t scare me……

The person he loves the most was weakly asking for help from him, but he was haplessly unable to do anything about, this could probably make anyone feel collapse and stifled, and was also sufficient enough to consequently make the most unyielding man break down.

And even more importantly, the one that made the other party like this was precisely himself.

That type of feeling was like being poured by a boiling oil headfirst on the body, the boiling hot sizzling sounds resounded at the edge of his ear, which was like setting another foot to fall in the ice-cold abyss again.

Two more psychological teardropshad once again fallen down from Chen Tong’s wide glassy eyes, his vision had gone blurry, the consciousness was also hazy, the whole body completely curled up like a shrimp, that looked just like a small injured animal. The situation that had just happened coupled with the pain at this moment made him look like he had just been fished out of water, the dark hair in a blink of an eye had been thoroughly soaked by sweat, the strands stuck onto his forehead, and scatteredat the side of his body on the mattress, the dark pitch-black kind of color contrast made the entire individual more thin and pale.Before finally falling unconscious, a hand was even unconsciously stretched out to pull Xi Yan’s clothing, and was like grabbing a life-saving driftwood.

Which also grasped the weakest part of Xi Yan’s heart.

Xi Yan only felt his heart being penetrated by that lone hand, breaking into fragments, only after a few seconds pass did he shakily pick Chen Tong up in his arms, with the intentionof taking him to the medical facility. However, Chen Tong’s appearance at this moment was too embarrassing, the top was barely enough to go out, but the pants had been practically torn to shreds, Xi Yan was unwilling to let other people see even an inch of his lover’s skin, with teeth clenched, he firmly decided to first wash Chen Tong clean then change his clothes.

Fortunately, Xi Yan did not have the time to release inside, that the washing process need not be that cumbersome. Even though there was no bleeding in that small hole, but there was a slight tear and redness, Xi Yan gently applied a little herbal medicine on the chrysanthemum’s opening, making Chen Tong who had curled up in his sleep send out a slight whimper.

He didn’t have the strength to cry out in pain like before when hepassed out, and could only let out a cub-like whimper, the slightly hoarse end sound seemed to have a hint of weeping, and also resembled a plea. Making Xi Yan’s already shattered heart break once more, over and over without an end.

After completely dressing Chen Tong, Xi Yan carried him with an inconceivable speed all along the way, and finally arrived before the medical facility’s door had closed. The intense pain of Chen Tong seemed to have passed, as the expression had gradually turned peaceful, and the tensed wrinkling of the eyebrows had slowly evened. The result of the doctor’s first round of examination was fruitless, then after questioning Xi Yan on the details of the food in Chen Tong’s diet, the preliminary judgement was of acute gastroenteritis.

There wasstill a black and white ultrasound machine for examinationsin the medical center, although weaker in clarity and other aspects compared to CT, but it can timely locate the pathological changes in the internal organs of the abdomen, so just in case, Chen Tong was also given an examination via the ultrasound, to see whether there was a tumor or not.

The doctor went out the hospital room after the image had been taken to go and see the result of the ultrasound’s examination, and temporarily leftthe sole family member to watch over at the side. Xi Yan’s eyes was looking at the peaceful sleeping face of Chen Tong without a blink, but that sort of indescribable agitation that rushed forth had never faded away, and even increased continually, then leaned over to gently and cautiously hug his shoulders.

The body of the person leaning within his embrace seemed to be much thinner, that the shoulder blades appearedprominent despite being clearly separated by the quilt, Xi Yan subconsciously strengthened his hold, wanting to give him warmth, and fearing of hurting him, slightly loosened his hold.

Only cuddling him, feeling his body temperature and gentle breathing, only then was the worries and fears of Xi Yanslightly pacified, but aside from this he was filled with anguish and regret.

However, not too long after he had held Chen Tong, the doctor was seen lightly pushing the door open, the serious face indicated him to go outside, taking him to the adjacent consulting room.

The following words of the doctor made Xi Yan completely dumbfounded.

……the pain is not gastroenteritis or a tumor, but is rather the result of a pregnancy’s adverse reaction.” The two doctors were also surprised by this matter, so the manner of speaking was extremely serious and cautious, “Special attention is needed in the early stages of pregnancy, carelessness can easily cause throbbing pain in the lower abdomen, bleeding and even miscarriage.”

The doctor pointed to the sheet of the type-B ultrasound then said: “This is the gestational sac in his stomach, and a fetus is developing inside. We studied and assessed it for a long time, and determined that a bud has already been shaped, probably around 4 and a half weeks. Even though it is still very small, but from it’s form it still cannot be called as a fetus, but the primitive circulatory system of the heart and brain had already been developed, in just one more month, the appearance can completely be seen, even the fingers and toes can clearly be seen……

Xi Yan dazedly stared at that very small seahorse shaped embryo, it took a long time for him to just gather his thoughts, remembering the day when he first embraced Chen Tong, which had been about 5 weeks ago.

……probably an undetected dual gender, I also had come in contact with this kind of case before,” That aged doctor still seriously stated: “If the initial condition had been good, the baby can still be birthed smoothly……

But after the doctor’s words had been completely spoken, it did not take too long to thinkabout what the baby’s problem was, --because the grownup first had an accident.

When Xi Yan returned to the hospital room his keen senses perceived a faint bloody smell, the heart sank, the quilt was immediately lifted open, then saw that the white bed sheet underneath Chen Tong’s body had unknowingly been stained with a glaring bloody red, the bloody smell along with it became much more clear and intense, and the complexion of Chen Tong who was lying on it became more pale, wordless and uncommunicative, neither knowing or feeling, tranquil like a piece of feather that will float away with a gust of wind.

At this moment, Xi Yan could hardly detect the ups an downs on the other party’s chest, Xi Yan’s complexion instantly became even more paler than Chen Tong, holding onto Chen Tong’s hand, the words of the quivering sound could not form a sentence: “Tong Tong, Tong Tong……

The quality of the sleeping medication that Xi Yan injected to Chen Tong before was harmless in a regular person, but was entirely opposite to the pregnant person. Coupled with the last forceful sexual behavior that had almost been done before coming to the hospital, that directly led to the foreboding signs of miscarriage. Even though Xi Yan only cared about the safety of the grownup, and simply did not have the interest of the baby, but regardless whether there was a miscarriage or not, it will cause heavy damage to the body of thegrownup.

The next process was a long wait.

Xi Yan’s hand and feet exuded coldness while waiting outside the hospital ward, enduring the doubled pain of worry and regret, which made him feel that the day was as long as a year. Because the psychological torture was more fatal than anything, each and every moment was like being pierced through by a sharp needle.

After standing still for quite some time, Xi Yan bent down a little bit, the head immediately followed as it was lowered deep down, then took in big gasps of airjust like he was unable to breath. The pitch black eyes because of the choking and lack of air, made both of his pupils blood red in the dark corridor, the white of the eyes were densely covered with visible veins, the hand reached out to claw out 5 marks on the ground, the trace marks at the end showed an obvious bloodstain, --The base of the fingernails had actually been broken.

A night had finally passed, the time when Chen Tong opened his eyes again was already the evening of the following day.

The mind was still heavy and languid, the consciousness was still not very clear, and only saw a middle-aged man dressed in a long white coat using a stethoscope to listen to his arteries and veins. After listening he took out a thermometer from under his arm, and tightly wrinkledhis brows after seeing the 39.5 degrees, then spoke to another doctor at the back: “No good, an injection is still required.”

That man then prepared a medical injection, and handed it to him. The doctor while holding the syringe in one hand walked towards Chen Tong, one hand switched on the lights because of the gradually darkening sky. That lighting magnified his shadow, casting it heavily on the white wall.

Even though the thinking was still completely chaotic, but Chen Tong seeing that needlepoint stared at it with widened eyes. Dazedly feeling that the needlepoint was like a monster which can swallow him whole, seeing that needlepoint made his heart surge with fear.

Whether voluntary or not, protecting the offspring is a human nature, since the system informed him that the sleep-inducing drug that Xi Yan had been giving him was harmful to the baby, Chen Tong then produced a psychological shadow to the injections, a subconsciously strong resistance had also emerged even in his mentally confused state.

So using all his energy, he got out of bed, and ran out in barefoot. The doctor had been temporarily unable to respond, and actually allowed him to run out the door.

Hurriedly taking the syringe then went out to catch up, blocking the patient in the corridor, and in a gentle voice persuaded him to return to the hospital room: “Your fever is too serious, it would be dangerous if it does not decrease again, an injection is needed for it……

Probably due to being in a really confused state, Chen Tong did not speak, and only pursed his lips tightly as he watched the stranger in front of him with a syringe in his hand, as if they were totally fiendish he staggered back step by step, because of the rising fever, the small face that had been originally pale had an abnormal flush, the sweaty hair were stuck on the forehead, and was disorderly scattered like seaweedsbehind him.

This scene was precisely what Xi Yan saw when he set foot in the medical facility after he had rushed over to bring an evening meal, Chen Tong wearing a flimsy and snow white hospital clothes, the body appeared more thin in the backlight, barefooted, the pair of wide eyes filled with anxiousness, and continually moved backwards as the doctor approached. Anxiously rushed past: “What happened?”

“The patient refused the injection, and ran out of the room instead……

The doctor told the actual situation, and Xi Yan somewhat realized the reason, regret filled his chest again, so full that he was unable to breath easily. Then gently and cautiously reached his hands out towards Chen Tong, “Baby come over……

However, against expectations after Chen Tong had seen Xi Yan, the anxiety in his eyes suddenly became much stronger, continually retreating up to the end of the corridor. There was a window at the end, that happened to be open at this very moment, that had majorly been constructed for lighting purposes, the foundation of the hospital’s medical facility was very high, in this age when medicine was still more important than money, a lot of very poisonous shrubs were planted under the surrounding wallsin order to prevent the medications from being stolen.

Xi Yan’s heartbeat missed half a beat upon seeing the window behind Chen Tong, and hurriedly stopped his approaching footsteps, then took a deep breath to calm himself down, “We won’t have an injection, so it’s okay to come over……

Chen Tong dazedly looked at him, the mind had finally become somewhat clear, the next second, the previous memories unfurled like overlapping photos, with all kinds of emotions rushing all over his heart, the body instead stuck close to the window frame, that a little careless turn can make him fall down.

Xi Yan was frightened, the tone was already filled with a heavy plea, “Come to me, we won’t have an injection, believe me……

“I won’t believe you anymore.”

But when Chen Tong spoke at this time, the voice had an unprecedented coldness, such as an illusory cold wind, which made Xi Yan heart fall to the bottom, looking into his eyes again, it was discovered that the love in it before had faded to nothingness.

--That was naturally because the illusion that Xi Yan made for him 6 years ago had lost it’s effect, not only did Chen Tong no longer completely see Xi Yan as Han Ying, but a sense of rejection was also produced because of his repeated deception, and directly said: “……you have already grown up, we will each live our own respective lives in the future, no one should bother anyone anymore.”


Xi Yan had unexpectedly agreed, which bluntly made Chen Tong somewhat dazed. He however did not expect him to rush forward with an inconceivable speed in the next moment, and placing him into his arms while he was still in a daze.

Chen Tong had still not yet reacted even when he had already been carried back to the hospital room by Xi Yan, not being able to use the spiritual energy, made his strength just like a lion’s cub to him. The doctor followed to the hospital room and once again emphasized the necessity of the injection, “The fever is too serious, there is a fear of a brain burnout……

Xi Yan’s brows were tightly knitted, and could only bite his teeth to coax Chen Tong who was in his arms: “It’s only an injection, be good, don’t fear, it won’t hurt at all……

The tone was very gentle and cautious, but Chen Tong seemed to have fallen completely unconscious, as the face did not have any expression, under the faint light and shadow, the long lashes lightly quivered, just like a type of silent protest.

The doctor seeing this, wiped Chen Tong’s arm with a sterilized cotton, to prepare for the injection. The arm of Chen Tong was ruthlessly pierced as the ice-cold liquid was injected, Chen Tong did not sense any pain just as Xi Yan had said, but inexplicably felt cold and painful as it entered the bone marrow, making him want to curl up.

Xi Yan repeatedly coaxed in a gentle and cautious manner: “It\'s okay, don’t be afraid, ah……

Chen Tong had never spoken a word, but after slowly raising his head, an outstretched hand gave Xi Yan a slap.

This slap did not have a little bit of mercy, the sound resonated throughout the room, making the doctor’s still, Xi Yan’s head slightly tilted because of the strike, that also quickly left a red mark on his face.

Xi Yan’s reaction at the same time was also outside the doctor’s expectations, as he saw him immediately take Chen Tong’s hand, and seriously examined it once-over, “Did your hand hurt?”

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