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Chapter 56: The head\'s little peach blossom 15

“Tong Tong,” Because the door has been locked from the inside, Xi Yan was unable to twist it open, “be good, open the door.”


Chen Tong did not speak.

“What reason does baby have for locking the door?”


Chen Tong still did not speak.

Then the sound of the door knob turning from the outside stopped.

Chen Tong was under the impression that Xi Yan had given up, and couldn’t help but breath a sigh of relief, attempting to calm down and clear his chaotic thoughts. However, a loud bang was heard the next second, Chen Tong raised his head, and only saw the whole door shaking vigorously, that opaque glass on the upper half area had cracked like a spiderweb little by little from the center.

Shortly afterwards, the fragmented glass pieces went crashing down the ground, as a hole had been made through the door.

Wasn’t this also too fierce?!

Chen Tong had been shocked still for a moment, with widened eyes stared at Xi Yan who had reachedasingle hand in through that opening of the shattered glass, with the purpose of opening the door’s lock from inside, after that approached him step by step, the blood that flowed out from his hand constantly trickled with his steps.

--Both the blood and the glass fragments, looked just like a scene from a murder case ahhh……

Unexpectedly, Chen Tong at this time was still leisurely running a barrage in his mind, and was subjected to this ‘the more ridiculous his thoughts goes the more aloof the expression on his face will be’ skill effect, Chen Tong as a whole had some sort of unattainable feeling, making Xi Yan even more flustered.

There was a feeling like he would be unable to get a hold of the other party……

Xi Yan clenched his fist, and tried to hold back his negative thoughts. Chen Tong’s heart was actually also very nervous, so when Xi Yan stepped forward, he involuntarily retreated 2 steps backward, even the word anxious was written in those pair of eyes.

Xi Yan’s heart ached upon seeing this, so he stopped his steps, then fixed his gaze at Chen Tong and said: “Were you hurt just a moment ago? Sorry, I was just anxious, forgive me……

The deep and low voice had a kind of magnetism that could make people intoxicated in this quiet space, Chen Tong raised his eyes and came in contact with Xi Yan’s eyes, and suddenly felt that the other party’s dark eyes were just like a bottomless abyss, that can slightly draw people in.

“Baby don’t be frightened,” Xi Yan looked into Chen Tong’s eyes and continued to speak: “……don’t be afraid of me okay?”

At the same time as this, Chen Tong began to feel a slight dizziness, his consciousness along with it gradually diminished, after which he unexpectedly nodded somewhat mechanically and said: “……okay.”

--Xi Yan had once again resorted to the use of his unusual ability.

His eyes had already changed into vertical slits, with long legs stepped forward taking Chen Tong into his arms, the magnetic voice even resounded inside this narrow bathroom, as he reverently kissed Chen Tong’s lips, “Tong Tong, I love you.”

Chen Tong once again mechanically nodded and said: “……en.”

“You love me too,” Xi Yan said word for word: “You love me very much, and will love me forever.”

Chen Tong repeated it very obediently, “……I love you very much, and will love you forever.”

“You will never leave me, and will always be by my side.”

……I will never leave you, and will always be by your side.”

Xi Yan hearing the words of Chen Tong, had an obvious slightcurve on his lips, but the expression showed a deep sadness, even the corner of the eyes had indescribably welled up a trace of wetness. Paused for a bit, and with a hoarse voice started the final step of the illusion, “You will not have any doubts towards me, even the suspicions that have been confirmed will also be completely dispelled, and will still have that unconditional trust as well as dependence in me just like before.”

……I--” But this time, Chen Tong only uttered a single word before stopping.

Because a burst of stinging pain had suddenly arrived from his dantian, quickly spreading to all the limbs and bones in his body, even the mind’s consciousness that had already fallen into a trance had gradually been awakened.

Chen Tong in the next second had been shocked still because the eyes of Xi Yan had turned into vertical slits, the entire brain, in a flash was filled with barrages.

What is this situation?

It’s really terrible, don’t you think so?

How did his male companion suddenly change into a monster?

Xi Yan also followed and paused for a bit, and tentatively asked in a low voice: “Baby, what happened?”

Chen Tong lightly blinked his eyes, because of the slowness in action, it would seem like he had not yet been sober, “I feel a little scared……

“Don’t fear, I am here,” Xi Yan was resolute and decisive, “There’s no need to be afraid as long as your in my arms.”

The fear just now was exactly because of you alright?!

Chen Tong’s mind thought this way, but decided to follow along Xi Yan’s line of thinking, then once again nodded mechanically and say: “……oh.”

Xi Yan repeated the previous paragraph thatChen Tong had only said one word of one more time, Chen Tong putting on an act completely repeated it in accordance with his words once more, the complexion unchanged, but the sense of panic had expanded to the greatest extent.

While being scared that Xi Yan was able to create an illusion, on the other hand he was also worried that Xi Yan would discover that he had already regained awareness.

Fortunately, Xi Yan soon stopped the function of the unusual ability, casually wiping the blood off his hand, then carried Chen Tong back on the bed. Then carefully spoke words of endearment by Chen Tong’s ear once again, each word and line were full of affection.

Chen Tong unwittingly closed his eyes.

The thoughts whirling in his mind had naturally never stopped, so much that the more he thought the more chaotic it became.

Recounting it, it had clearly been Xi Yan’s fault, but for what reasons was he feeling guilty of! He was just like acting in that kind of dog blood television drama, directly having a discussion with Xi Yan, making Xi Yan obediently and honestly give him a complete and clear explanation of this matter!!

After Xi Yan explains with an anxious face, but he covers his ears while saying I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening, and finally turn around to run out the door, since then each of them lived their own respective lives……

Hei* hei, the thoughts went astray.

*sfx: cough

In the event that he really abandons Xi Yan and leaves, will Xi Yan cry?

Because Chen Tong, just a moment ago had already heard a hint of cry from Xi Yan’s hoarse voice, and clearly felt his distress from the slight trembles of his body, Chen Tong knew that Xi Yan had created an illusion, making him unable to go out, that even tried to control his thoughts and actions, providing and weaving him a lot of false images, but his line of ‘I love you’ was absolutely true, more than anything else.

It was only in this world that he was very frightened of his departure, and did not hesitate to use all efforts, even using this type of abnormal means to imprison him, saying words of love over and over by his ear, even making him immediately repeat each word and lines……

The other party could only use this kind of method to obtain a little bit of false comfort, making Chen Tong feel some sadness. Well aware that the current Xi Yan may perhaps be very terrible, maybe ruthless, and may already be completely distorted, but Chen Tong would still not let him go.

Xi Yan laid on the side and hugged his lover who’s eyes had already closed to sleep, and silently listened to his shallow breathing, then also followed to close his eyes, the breathing accordingly evened out together.

But Chen Tong had been unable to calm down, as a needle like pain came from his dantian, then temporarily setting aside the matters of Xi Yan, turned to the system andinquired about the matters which were more important to him: “Didn’t you previously say that a plants propagation was different from my imagination? -- I don’t care, I don’t want to have children even if I die.”

“It’s not the same,” The white floccule seriously answered: “The host cannot give birth in human form, nor will the human shape be formed.”

Chen Tong couldn’t help but be stunned, “Then how is it born?”

“Return to the forest to change back into the original form, rooted in the soil like a normal peach blossom, wait for the fruit to mature and fall off is enough.”

He immediately sighed in relief, “When must I return to the forest?”

“Wait until the embryo is nearly 5 months old will be sufficient enough.”

Chen Tong felt that even as a demon, this kind of matter like giving birth to a child still exceeded his imagination, so there was no intention of telling anyone, and decided to find a chance to quietly return to the forest. After a moment of thinking the stomach had once again started to ache, secretly opened his eyes, and discovered Xi Yan had already fallen asleep, then softly and quietly withdrew from Xi Yan’s embrace, and prepared to head to the bathroom.

Not expecting that the moment he sat up, and without even having the time to set his foot down on the floor, the whole person was suddenly pulled back.

Xi Yan tenaciously stared at Chen Tong, the gaze unexpectedly did not have a hint of drowsiness, and did not even have a hint of warmth, one hand restricted his waist while the other seized his hand, then gloomily said: “You were really conscious, you had been deceiving me since a while ago……

Xi Yan’s voice was very calm, but buried beneath that calmness was a type of emotion that wanted to destroy everything, “You knew, --so you wanted to leave right?”

Chen Tong only felt that the grasp in his hand was getting more and more painful, then subconsciously exerted force to struggle, this struggle was exactly what thoroughly exhausted the remaining reason of Xi Yan, directly pinning down Chen Tong’s entire body, then lifted his hand on top his head.

“You can’t go,” Xi Yan’s look had a little bit of madness and desperation, the accumulated panic and anxiousness from all those years completely burst forth at this moment, “You’re not allowed to leave me……

Chen Tong clearly understood the severity of this matter, feeling that Xi Yan seemed to have lost his reason, and tried to wake him up, “Xi Yan, calm down a bit, I was only……

The words had not yet been completely exported, when the other party resolutely blocked his mouth. In the huge disparity of strength and body weight, Chen Tong was suppressed and unable to move a bit, his pants in this way was torn down, then the legs were separated.

Chen Tong’s heart panicked, he unexpectedly thought of wanting to mobilize his spiritual energy to shake Xi Yan off, not knowing whether it was because of great panic or something else, the spiritual energy was actually unable to be mobilized, then hiseyes widened as he cried out the next moment.

Xi Yan had entered after just a little bit of stretching.

“Don’t want to, hurts……

In the past, a little bit of frown form Chen Tong would make Xi Yan extremely anxious but at this moment he revealed a smile, “……the pain is just enough.”

Xi Yan gnashed his teeth, his mind has already fallen into a delusion, “You told me a lie, saying you’ll leave me! Did you not just want to sneak away? --I’m telling you, it would never be possible, it will never work in this lifetime!!”

He had a bitter smile as he spoke, in Chen Tong’s eyes, was simply like a madman. Chen Tong wanted to say something, but not a bit of word could be said against his forceful possession, and could only resist and struggle in vain, the aching and numbness of the lower body spreads along the waist extending to the whole body, the sounds of water were finely blended together.

Maybe due to the characteristic of a tree demon, even though Chen Tong felt pain, but no injuries were sustained, the painful feeling was also gradually replaced with a pleasurable sensation later, the reflected ripples in the eyes surface gradually turned into lust.

The pair of lips became slightly swollen because of the repeated kisses, becoming more attractive when spread open, the soaked eyelashes, the eye corner had also started to turn red, with that kind of enchanting color that can make anyone fascinated.

Xi Yan was naturally even more unable to extricate himself, but Chen Tong at this time had once again felt the pain in his abdomen, and was unexpectedly several times more stronger than before.

Chen Tong couldn’t help but take several great gasps of breath, however, the pain felt at this time was not like the previous two that had gradually faded away, but instead grew more and more intense, which even made him uncontrollably tremble, “Wu……

The body also huddled a little bit, subconsciously appealing to the nearby person for help, “Let go, don’t, it hurts……

The intermittent painful calls pulled some of Xi Yan’s consciousness back, letting his actions slightly still. Xi Yan at first thought that the cause was that the person underneath him couldn’t stand the pleasurable sensation, but at this time he had finally realized that something was wrong.

Xi Yan completely returned to his senses after the shock, the pain had already made Chen Tong spasm, the pair of wide eyes were unfocused, full of physiological tears, that fell down along with his very painful endeavor.

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