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Chapter 55: The head\'s little peach blossom 14

“I don’t want an injection……” Chen Tong immediately retracted his hand, having seen the long and tiny needlepoint said in a low voice: “It’spainful……”

Xi Yan’s eyes immediately showed his distress, but still stated in an unyielding manner, “Be obedient, bear with it for a while, it will soon be fine.”

Chen Tong according to the words could only reach out his hand again, but because of the fear in pain, subconsciously flattened his lips in a cautious and solemn form of resistance, the pair of bright eyes were also full of absolute trust, this weak but vigilant appearance can soften and make the human heart tremble.

Xi Yan’s love towards him became even more fierce and ardent, at the same time, the heart had also inevitably and faintly felt some bleakness.

Because the the more higher it goes, the more pain will be felt upon falling down. --The deeper the trust and affection he receives from Chen Tong today, will perhaps make the coming hatred he\'ll face grow much more stronger.

But Xi Yan knew that the matter of falling down will come sooner or later, there will always be a day when the truth will be discovered by Chen Tong.

But human beings are the type of shameful and self-deceiving creatures, obviously aware that the end will be very terrible, but are still unable to extricate themselves from being engrossed in this sort of fictional happiness, in addition to pretending that it was real. It was exactly this kind of desperate feeling, that even if he was surrounded by happiness, he was still very clear, that the final destination of this happiness was not of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, but rather a dreary and lonely cold sea.

Xi Yan’s gaze couldn’t help but reveal a trace of madness, one of his hand slowly clenched into a fist, while the other held the syringe more tighter, so much that the joints revealed a little whiteness.

This kind of Xi Yan had once again made Chen Tong feel that strange unspeakable feeling: “……xiao Yan?”

Xi Yan in a flash had already returned to his senses, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Tong hurriedly shook his head. --En, his vision must have misled him into sensing some strangeness in Xi Yan awhile ago.

Xi Yan immediately took advantage of the time when Chen Tong relaxed, andassisted him in injecting the medicine into the vein. The action was so stable and swift, that it ended without letting Chen Tong feel any pain.

Chen Tong suddenly felt very satisfied, --His satisfaction has always been that simple, like that naivety of a child which had yet to disappear, it’s just a pity that the barbecue in the evening meal still couldn’t be eaten, but he with great interest watched Xi Yan eat, incessantly urging the other party to eat it for him.

Not knowing whether it was also the medication’s effect, that Chen Tong felt sleepy again without even finishing his meal yet, so much that even the strength to raise his hands were slowly waning, as his eyes also gradually closed. Xi Yan simply tidied up, then soon after also followed to climb on the bed, embracing the slightly cold body from head to foot within his arms.

So by the time Chen Tong woke up the following day, his entire body felt very warm, and extremely comfortable. Languidly narrowing his eyes, and with a voice taking on a muddle-headed tone from just waking up hummed saying, “It’s so warm.”

The earlobe was then lightly printed by a kiss, a deep and pleasing low sounding male voice came from behind the ear was heard, “Good morning baby.”

Only then did Chen Tong realize that he was tightly embraced by Xi Yan from behind, the place that had felt very warm was coming from the other party’s chest.

The mood indescribably became very good, that those strange dreams produced last night which were too fragmented until it became unclear were also completely swept away, then attempted to turn his body to face Xi Yan directly, but at this time he shockingly realized that even turning his body felt straining.

“I feel that I have less strength than before, and frequently feel sleepy,” Chen Tong’s tone revealed his anxiousness, “what to do, I couldn’t have possibly gotten some strange disease ah……”

Xi Yan who was hugging Chen Tong changed his position, turning to lie on his back, laying Chen Tong’s entire body on top of him, then with great patience lightly patted his back while speaking in a comforting manner at the same time: “How can it be? Don’t think about it, it’ll gradually get better.”

“But I always feel that this medicinal nourishment seems to make me more and more sleepy……” Chen Tong wrinkled his brows, “On your way back from the hunting team today, be sure to ask the doctor along the way, whether or not he got the wrong medicine……”

“En,” Xi Yan nodded his head: “Ok.”

Chen Tong at this moment still did not think about doubting Xi Yan, and instead felt relieved because of the other party’s promise, and just like a puppy lying on top of Xi Yan gently nuzzled against his chest. Nuzzling, while his hands scratched Xi Yan’s neck and shoulder.

He had been sleeping too excessively these days, that the skin that had been originally soft and smooth became more softer and smoother than before, the rubbing made Xi Yan’s heart beat faster, and those pair of dishonest hands made Xi Yan excited. Xi Yan fearing that his actions might make him fall down, held his waist and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Chen Tong did not answer, but instead with some amazement continued to go on scratching his underarm, front waist, side waist and even the stomach, after realizing that Xi Yan as before still had no whatsoever reaction, widened his eyesjust like seeing a new world: “You are actually not ticklish, ei*!”

*Chinese expression of surprise, regret, disagreement

“I’m ticklish.” Only after a long while did Xi Yan started to speak in a low tone: “……you just haven’t fixed on that place.”

“Ah?” Chen Tong raised his head, “Where is that?”

Xi Yan took Chen Tong’s hands without a change of look, guiding it all the way down, right until it touched his lower body.

As a result, Chen Tong immediately and clearly felt the changes of the thing he touched, the place that was already half raised had completely erected at once, as if it couldn’t wait to show it’s impressive size, which caused Chen Tong to flush red from his ear root, “……shameless.”

Xi Yan like before did not have a change in appearance, that expressionless face without a little bit of expression, but the the sweet words were fully utilized, as he seriously spoke: “Just shameless towards you alone.”

Xi Yan had already kept a close watch towards Chen Tong for more than a week, and had been urged to go by the members of his hunting team a few days ago, every time before going out, the house would repeatedly be inspected for quite a few times, after perceiving that there would be completely no problems only then would there be slight feeling of ease.

After eating breakfast, Chen Tong just like Xi Yan wanted had once again fallen asleep while being muddle-headed just like before; the fruit snacks and water jug had been placed within Chen Tong’s reach; there were even books placed on the bedside in order to cast off boredom in case Chen Tong will feel bored after waking up……

According to the medicinal dosage in the injection that Xi Yan gave Chen Tong last night, Chen Tong would be sleeping at least until around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and the latest he himself can return will be at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Xi Yan finally kissed the sleeping face of his sweetheart, and softly walked out the cottage, locking the door firmly.

Chen Tong was awakened by a burst of agitatedracket, and unexpectedly saw Qiu Jiang after opening his eyes.

“He actually even locked the doors, fortunately, this laozi* was able to climb over the window!” Qiu Jiang’s face took on an indignant expression, and even said some profanity, “MD, that kid is really an ungrateful white-eyed wolf**, and is simply……”

*arrogant of saying I or in a contemptuous way

**ungrateful person

Chen Tong clearly had no idea what Qiu Jiang was talking about, delicately blinking his eyes, the word confused was written in that pair of beautiful eyes.

Qiu Jiang’s heart was moved upon seeing that, the sound had consciously been somewhat stifled, all the remaining words of profanity were swallowed down, then resolutely said: “Tong Tong, come with me quickly.”

The confusion in Chen Tong’s eyes became more clear, “to where?”

“Going to my place or even Lei-laoda’s place is fine, at any rate, you cannot stay together with Xi Yan anymore.”

Qiu Jiang said as he pulled Chen Tong’s hand, “I don’t have the time to tell you the details now, in short you have to first come with me.”

“I can’t leave without giving xiao Yan any prior notice,” Chen Tong was naturally unwilling to go with Qiu Jiang, besides there was also no strength to move around, so he pulled his hand back and asked: “What is actually going on?”

Seeing Chen Tong’s skeptical look, Qiu Jiang was somewhat anxious: “Were you not aware that kid Xi Yan is crazy? He doesn’t want to let you go outside, doesn’t want to let you come in contact with other people, and only wants to let you stay in the house the whole day so that you cannot go anywhere, moreover……”

A kuang sounded, as the door at this time had been abruptly opened.

Qiu Jiang couldn’t help but be still, the next second, Xi Yan was seen to be quickly walking in, the face that had always lacked expression was obviously anxious, upon seeing Chen Tong still there did it only restore to the normal state.

Then turning to face Qiu Jiang, with an extremely dangerous intonation, uttered word for word: “I remember that there were regulations about entering into private residences without permission in the city, violators will be flogged 50 times, if there is theft, the guilt’s punishment is doubled, isn’t that right?”

Qiu Jiang immediately refuted: “This is Tong Tong’s home, not yours, and I don’t have the leisure time to steal your things!”

“You wanting to secretly take my most important person away, --isn’t that worst compared to stealing anything else?!”

“What about restricting other people\'s actions under the prescription of drugs?” Qiu Jiang directly looked at him while interrogating him: “Don\'t think I didn\'t know your method of obtaining drugs with sedative and hypnotic effects from the doctor’s place, --Haven’t you already given those injections to Tong Tong?”

Chen Tong was immediately stunned, as he listened to Qiu Jiang continue to speak with great indignation: “Fortunately, it can only make people lethargic and powerless, without any other side effects, otherwise I would really have the reason to send you in a trial in the city center!”

“Trial?” However, Xi Yan suddenly showed a cold sneer, “Qiu Yi is already inside, he had just been sent in.”

Qiu Jiang’s expression couldn’t help but change, “What do you mean?”

Xi Yan was still like a mountain, “It’s literally what it means.”

Chen Tong was able to make out the anxiety of Qiu Jiang, so he hurriedly took the initiative to comfort him: “I’m fine, you don’t have to worry about me, quickly go and see xiao Yi, ok?”

After all, he was his only son, Qiu Jiang finally chose to relinquish Chen Tong and chose to find Qiu Yi, gritting his teeth as he made Chen Tong wait for him to come back. The system that had not sounded for such a long time sounded at this time, “Ding--, Qiu Jiang’s favorable impression had increased by 2 points, the current favorable impression has become 71.”

“Ding--, main line task two ‘Acquire the people’s goodwill’ had been completed, congratulating the host for successfully making two people reach a favorable impression of greater than 70 towards the host, rewarding one big lucky turntable.”

Chen Tong then subconsciously asked who was the other person having a favorable impression with 70 or above, but the answer given went beyond his expectations.

That person was actually not Xi Yan, but Lei Xiaoshan.

The favorable impression measure which could only prompt when the favorable impression has reached a full 70 spoke in a very grievous tone: “Lei Xiaoshan’s had already reached 70 since 3 years ago, ah, but the host didn’t listen to it at that time……”

Chen Tong’s heart inexplicably had a sinking feeling, “Why was Xi Yan not included?”

The favorable impression measure conscientiously searched the information data for a moment then answered, “Because he is not a human being in the true sense, therefore it cannot be counted.”

A click suddenly sounded withing Chen Tong, “Then what is he?”

“Ding--, this question is not within the scope of the system’s response.”

Chen Tong took in a deep breath, and took a moment to return to his senses. Having reached this stage he was still reassuring himself: It also didn’t matter if he was not human, as long as he is Han Ying, whatever appearance he turns into completely doesn’t matter……

“Tong Tong.”

Xi Yan seeing Chen Tong lost in thought became more uneasy, even calling out twice to make him raised his head and look up, but his uneasiness grew bigger after looking into that pair of eyes, then said: “Baby, you mustn’t look at me like this.”

Chen Tong did not know what expression he used to look at Xi Yan, he probably had a bit strange and slightly frightened look. As Xi Yan’s tone had become abnormally desolate and hoarse, “We’ve already been together for so many years, you are my only important person, I’m even willing to give you my life, --Will you no longer trust me because of a stranger? Or hate me?”

Xi Yan started his affectionate pattern, that couldn’t help but make Chen Tong be tenderhearted, which made him subconsciously want to shake his head. Xi Yan continued to speak in a husky voice: “I’m really giving you a medicinal nourishment injection, Qiu Jiang was slandering me……”

Saying so he then took out the last medicine needle from the drawer in the bedside cabinet, without even looking at it he pricked it into his arm to prove that it was harmless, in his anxiousness to do it he didn’t take note of the pressure applied, and that prick actually caused a lot of blood to come out.

“Xiao Yan!” Chen Tong hurriedly stopped his movements, and finally started speaking to clarify: “I never said I didn’t believe you……”

Xi Yan breathed a slight sigh of relief, without caring and handling the blood on his arm, he reached out to pull Chen Tong’s hand.

Chen Tong also didn’t know what was going on, but as Xi Yan was about to touch him, he unexpectedly drew back. Only after withdrawing was he able to react, but he also couldn’t explain it, and could only stammeringly say: “I-I want to drink some water.”

Xi Yan’s lips flattened in a thin line, but turned to pour a cup of warm water. Chen Tong held it with his hands, drinking it all at once, the mood followed and simmered down a bit. Xi Yan watched him finish drinking before speaking in a lowered voiceagain: “If I’m doing something that makes you angry, you have to tell me, I can change, but don’t be like this all right……”

The anguish was clear in his eyes, “Don’t be like this, being so distant with me.”

Chen Tong followed his line of sight lowering his head to look downwards.

Eh, he admitted that he was a little bit distant from him at this moment. --But it really was just a little bit, it wasn’t even 10cm alright!!

But Xi Yan had an extremely insecure appearance, that cold and handsome face seemed to be very vulnerable, that couldn’t help but make Chen Tong actively move back to Xi Yan’s side, then obediently let himself be tightly embraced.

At the moment of being cuddled by Xi Yan, Chen Tong couldn’t see Xi Yan’s eyes, but could clearly feel him slightly trembling. It seems that some strange switch in Xi Yan had been activated, as the man who had always been taciturn and disinclined in speaking, has been incessantlyspeaking by his ear about the past little things they did together, speaking about the sceneswhen he first saw him, talking about the time he gave him a handkerchief to wrap his wounds, mentioning about how happy and satisfied he was at the time he kissed and embraced him, as well as saying that he loves him.

Which made Chen Tong who had been listening couldn’t help but do a self-criticism, how bad his own behaviour was that made Xi Yan worked up like this, but still inexplicably felt that Xi Yan was very frightening or even suspected that there was always something off about him. --Even if Xi Yan was not a human being, but he too was a tree.

Come to think of it, the Han Ying of the first world was more affectionately compliant than the Han Ying of this world, he had no whatsoever dissatisfaction towards him, as he would silently yield even when he was intentionally unreasonable, at the same time he would ask him where he was dissatisfied, him having even a little bit of dissatisfaction, is not good.

So how could he give him any dose of sedative medication?

Chen Tong had unexpectedly and unwittingly fallen asleep while thinking over it.

The one that woke him up this time was actually the system, with some intensity repeated again and again: “Warning the host, warning the host, the host has already been successfully pregnant, and must not be injected with sedative type medications, or else it would be detrimental to the baby!!”

Not knowing whether it had been by the noise or by the surprising contents in the sentence, Chen Tong immediately opened his eyes, his mind to his body suddenly became clear, then caught a glimpse at the syringe in Xi Yan’s hand.

“In his hands, is it really a drug that would make people sleepy?”

The system replied a word: “Yes.”

“And what is this successful pregnancy? Could it be that it really means I have a baby?”

The system replied once again: “Correct.”

This two consecutive information made Chen Tong have somewhat overwhelmed, without even knowing where the strength came from, he was actually able to push Xi Yan away, as he turned around to run in the bathroom.

He only felt that he needed some silence, that’s all, his body was absolutely not shaking, there was certainly no cold sweat on his back, and there was surely no confusion in his mind as well, he definitely did not want to escape from Xi Yan’s side too, and was absolutely not deliberate in locking the door.


Hearing the sound of Xi Yan walking over unexpectedly made Chen Tong produce a type of unspeakable fear, the sound of the turning door knob seemed to be magnified by dozen of times in his ears.

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