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Chapter 54: The head\'s little peach blossom 13

Lei Xiaoshan was an elder in the end, even though there was some dissatisfaction with Xi Yan’s attitude, but he also did not excessively focus on it. After all, the more violent and uncontrollable Xi Yan was at this moment, the more it reveals his concern towards Chen Tong.

People really do have weak spots, and Chen Tong was exactly the only weak spot of Xi Yan.

Having seen the whole scenario, Xiang Lin took the initiative to answer: “Tong Tong seemed to have stumbled when walking downstairs, then fell down without being able to hold the handrail,” Xiang Lin’s face was still white from fear, his hands were also stained with blood that had not yet been wiped off, “I was downstairs, it was already too late to run over, I only helplessly watch him……

The doctor entered the door at this moment, Xi Yan no longer questioned Xiang Lin about the details again, and anxiously rushed to speak to the doctor the moment he turned around: “How is he?”

“The situation has mainly been stabilized, based on the current circumstance, only a head injury and sprained foot had been observed, but there’s a need to rely on the clinical reaction after the patient wakes up to judge with certainty.”

Xiang Lin listening to this let out a slight sigh of relief, but Lei Xiaoshan’s frown has still not yet loosened, and said: “Quite a lot of blood flowed out from Tong Tong’s head……

“This is naturally because the blood vessels on the forehead ruptured, in addition to the bleeding of the scalp at the back, but the bleeding has already stopped now.” The doctor paused a bit, then spoke to explain: “After all, there is no specialized radiology department, so there’s no way to take a brain CT scan, and there’s no way to confirm whether or not there is an intracranial hemorrhage, therefore, clinical observation is needed, but the possibility of intracranial hemorrhage is not too big, so please be at ease.”

The space between Lei Xiaoshan’s brows slightly evened out, “When can Tong Tong wake up?”

“This cannot be determined,” The doctor’s face became troubled, “There’s a possibility of waking up later, or it could also possiblybe by tomorrow. But I also want to remind you, even if it’s just a forehead trauma, after waking up it will still lead to headaches, nausea, and adverse reactions like dizziness, moreover, this may also be extended for a long time.”

There were only a total of 5 wards in the entire medical facility, immediately afterwards, the doctor pushed Chen Tong to the ward next door, Xi Yan followed pass, then sat on the beside towatch over him.

A gauze was wrapped on Chen Tong’s head, the face’s complexion was very pale, the peaceful sleeping appearance gives the impression that he is obedient, and especially fragile. Because of the injury that was at the back of the head, so he could only lie sideways, Xi Yan from when he learned about the incident of his fall down the stairs,the heart until now was still as anxious as before, when he used a handto gently touch his cheek, only then did he realize that his hands had never stopped trembling even for a bit.

Aside from the fear in Xi Yan’s heart, there was also regret.

He should have been with him at all times, and shouldn’t have agreed in letting him go out alone. It was very difficult for Xi Yan to think what it would be like without him, and did not even dare to imagine this kind of thing, for fear of losing his rationality then sinking into madness. The appearance of the person on the bed was still the same as when he first saw him, just like being forgotten by time, not only did the years not leave a trace on him, the gauze and the light’s illumination at this moment, contrary to expectations, made him appear more younger, making people who look feel unreasonably distressed.

Lei Xiaoshan’s gaze because of this became increasingly darker, Xi Yan turned to Lei Xiaoshan and spoke in a blunt and unconcealed manner: “You should leave.”

Unwittingly, it was already 10 o’clock in the late evening, Xiang Lin with another colleague in the research institute had left in succession, only Lei Xiaoshan and Zhang Huakai was still there. Zhang Huakai arrived together with Xi Yan, he was one of original and faithful followers of Xi Yan in school, who had also followed him in joining the hunting team, and had become a member of his team.

Lei Xiaoshan did not look at Xi Yan, and as beforeonly continued to solely watch Chen Tong, then said: “I’ll leave once Tong Tong wakes up.”

“No. I’m here to accompany him, there’s no need for outsiders to worry.” Xi Yan deliberately placed much emphasis on the word outsiders, the manner of speaking was also brimming with coldness.

Nevertheless, Lei Xiaoshan remained very calm, without the slightest sign of irritation, and onlyproceeded to look at Chen Tong whilespeaking indifferently: “The door of the hospital’s medical facilities will close at 11 o’clock, I will also leave at 11 o’clock.”

Xi Yan heart was very irritated, wanting to directly dig those eyes Lei Xiaoshan used in watching Chen Tong, but also knew that such a conspicuous action cannot be made in this kind of place, and could only bear with it. Fortunately, Lei Xiaoshan abided by his words, leaving at exactly 11 o’clock sharp.

When he had left, only then did Xi Yan command Zhang Huakai and said: “Help me to clearly understand this matter, I feel that there’s something off, there must certainly be human factors,” the matter Xi Yan spoke of was naturally of Chen Tong falling off the stairs, and also added a sentence, “Thoroughly check the people who have seen and talked to Tong Tong before, inform me immediately after the investigation.”

Zhang Huakai immediately complied, then helped Xi Yan close the door well before leaving. The whole medical facility became completely still, only Xi Yan was left to constantly watch and thoughtlessly stare at Chen Tong’s sleeping face.

An entire night passed very quickly, until the doctor came over the next morning to check the situation, but seeing that Chen Tong was still unconscious.

Xi Yan’s look seemed to appear moreterrible, “Why is he still unconscious?”

The doctor also did not know the reason, and could only answer: “According to reasons he should regain consciousness within this day, and the day is still not over, so you have to wait a little more longer……

Xi Yan didn’t even have the mood to eat, and patiently waited until the afternoon, Lei Xiaoshan also came over to visit once again, and evenarrived together with Qiu Jiang. Seeing that Chen Tong was still deeply unconscious, the doctor coming over to change the IV drip faced 3 pairs of ominous eyes, falteringly stated: “……the specific reason is hard to say, maybe he only needs to recuperate a while longer, and will wake up at night.”

The time Chen Tong regained conscious was really at night, opening his eyes to come across Xi Yan’s pair of deep dark eyes, the pain on his head sprang up at almost the same time, and couldn’t help but make him utter a groan, “Wu……

Xi Yan’s pleasant surprise was suddenly replaced by nervousness, the doctor immediately came in, and excluded the possibility of intracranial hemorrhage through a series of examination. However, various kinds of adverse reactions were also unavoidable, in addition to headaches, the other conditions like nausea and dizziness which the doctor have stated had manifestedwith Chen Tong,even the fruits and sweet porridge that had been previously favored was unwilling to have a bite.

“Let’s go home alright?” Xi Yan’s eyes were filled with distressed, “The bed at home is much more comfortable than here.”


The youth who was not in a good shape was very behaved, allowing himself to be gently and cautiously carried in Xi Yan’s arms.

Probably because the wound on the head had not yetbeen properly healed and completely recovered, Chen Tong actually felt that his body did not have even a bit of strength, and could only barely sit up, without almost havingany way to walk. The headaches and dizziness were also very serious, that made Xi Yan feel bad and distressed, so as a result, after returning home he can only be carried by Xi Yan to the bathroom, hugged while feeding, and coaxed in changing clothes for an entire week……

--It was simply not like having a wound on head from a fall, but was more like a semi-paralyzed patient.

Not doing anything while being taken care of by others, will naturally feel very good, because Xi Yan’s care was simply a hundred times more professional than a nanny’s, as he was meticulously considerate and attentive, but it was inevitable for Chen Tong to feel a slight sense of unease for not being independent and needing to depend on other people for everything.

Waiting for his body to recover, these strange uneasiness should probably disappear, right?

Chen Tong was just thinking about this, when Xi Yan brought a soup to drink in the bedroom, and very concernedly asked: “What are you thinking?”

Not waiting for Chen Tong to reply, said once again: “Do you want to go to the bathroom?”

Chen Tong gave a slight blush with the mention of bathroom, probably because of knowing that Chen Tong was easily embarrassed, Xi Yan will take the initiative to ask every other time, Chen Tong didn’t need to go to the toilet at all but hesitated for a while because he thought about something, just thathe wouldbe carried by Xi Yan to the bathroom with great care like a precious darling, then also carefully and attentively removed his pant’s pajamas, if Chen Tong had not protested strongly, even his little underwear would also be assisted in stripping off.

Chen Tong shook his head, Xi Yan brought the soup closer toChen Tong, “Try to drink a little bit more of soup, it took me a long time to make this, the taste shouldn’t be bad.”

“I just ate some porridge a while ago……” Chen Tong couldn’t help but complain.

“But your body still hasn’t recovered, so you should eat a bit more.”

“But an hour has not yet passed for me to eat again.”

Xi Yan kissed the tip of Chen Tong’s nose in distress, “Then sleep a while longer.”

“For the whole day I have only eat, sleep, and eat, besides lying in bed without being able to go out, I will certainly turn into a pig.”

“I will also like you even when you turn into a pig.” Xi Yan then continued to lightly kiss him while seriously saying this, the voice sounded like a very pleasant low noteof a stringed instrument.

Chen Tong couldn’t help but open the barrage mode, kick up a fuss in his mind.

--Wei, when speaking just talk, what’s with this voice having an entrancing sound!

The more intense Chen Tong’s kicks up a fussin his mind, the more expressionless his face becomes, Xi Yan himself was completely unaware of this, raising his hand to pick the soup again, taking the initiative to taste a spoonful, and deliberately commended it: “This soup’s taste is really not bad.”

Saying this a spoon was sent near his mouth: “Will it be okay for baby to also have a taste?”

The white porcelain spoon softly touched the tightly closed lips, it was simply not possible to feed it in, Xi Yan could only advance by retreating, “……do you dislike the fact that I used this spoon?”

“No.” Chen Tong subconsciously opened his mouth to explain, Xi Yan then seized the opportunity to send the spoon in his mouth.

“Does it taste very good?” Seeing Chen Tong swallow, the corner of Xi Yan’s lips actually raised to smile at him. A person whodoesn’t normally smile will usually have a strong impact upon smiling, increasing the attractiveness of the normal handsome appearance even more, which made the barrage mode of Chen Tong slow down to a stop.

Are all people with abnormal personalities look very handsome……

Even though I have a lot of shortcomings, but I have a tall and handsome boyfriend……

Until this sentence was rolled in the barrage he couldn’t help but think that he has now been reduced to semi-paralyzed patient, then going with this, the flesh in his body will definitely become more like a pig.


“What fat?” Xi Yan took advantage of the opening of Chen Tong being in a dazed and had already fed him several spoonful of soup, then asked with some pleasant surprise: “Do you want to eat meat? How about making barbecue for dinner?”

Chen Tong only realized that he had actually spoken the word out loud, and couldn’t help but frown.

--Laying on bed for such a long time, even the natural skill of the barrage in the brain has been affected! Before, no matter how many barrages he produced in his brain, not even a tiny trace could be seen on the surface!

In fact, apart from hearing that word, Xi Yan could only perceive an aloof and unspeakable unapproachable feeling on Chen Tong’s face, which even made him want to hold him in his arm, to remove this kind of unease.But for a lack of better option Chen Tong could only continue maintaining his facade of an aloof attitude and nod his head: “Ok.”

He only recalled that he couldn’t eat meat after he spoke, theheart had suddenly been infinitely stifled. This world is really too dreadful, not only can meat not be eaten, the culinary skill must still be upgraded and must also give birth to a descendant, bringing this up, he couldn’t help but fantasize about this.

--Suddenly he thought that it will be good if Xi Yan could give birth to a child! Assuming Xi Yan gave birth to his child, would it not also be counted as his descendants?

Chen Tong couldn’t help but shake his fist. The beautiful scenes of this lord’s counterattack is still waiting for him! He will certainly not disappoint the expectation of this lord’s counterattack, and must let Xi Yan take the initiative to be pressed underneath him!

*Danming Lake: beautiful scenery

Thinking of this kind of picture was really very exciting……

When Chen Tong’s fantasy had ended, looking up he saw that Xi Yan’s face was actually less than a centimeter away from him.

And couldn’t help but be startled, subconsciously blinking his eyes, the long lashes rubbed against Xi Yan’s lashes, which always produced a wonderful current. However, Xi Yan revealed a bitter smile, and said: “Every time I talk with you, you are always thinking of something else, never taking me seriously……

Chen Tong suddenly wanted to explain himself, but also didn’t know how to say it. Xi Yan looked at Chen Tong’s eyeswhich completely lacked even a bit of waves, and gently spoke in an imploring manner, “If I look into your eyes, I will be able to know what your thinking about……

--This way I can completely destroy all the people or things you are thinking of, and make you only think of me alone.

The rest of the sentence was naturally something Xi Yan can’t say, but Chen Tong’s heart finally felt like giving up.

It shouldn’t be like this! This hideous mess is ridiculous and is completely destroying my perfect image alright……

“But it doesn’t matter, I love you,” Xi Yan covered the corner of Chen Tong’s lips with his, the light kiss possessed deep desires and longing, then his hand was carefully placed inside the quilt, then just like coaxing a baby said: “Okay, sleep for a while, you can eat barbecue after waking up.”

Unexpectedly, Chen Tong had really been coaxed into sleeping once more, he woke up again at 9 o’clock in the evening, and opened his eyes to see Xi Yan holding a syringe to help him in injecting the medicine.

This sort of medication had also been injected once before, according to Xi Yan this was what the doctor said to be a nutrient needle to give him to treat his whole body’s weakness, even though Chen Tong always feels more powerless after every injection instead.

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