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Chapter 53: The head\'s little peach blossom 12

Chen Tong was a bit stunned at first, immediately after, an uncontrollable blush rushed forth from his ear up to his cheeks, and completely did not know what he would say at all. Xi Yan’s face as before still had no expression on the surface, there were no emotions such as shyness or embarrassment that could be seen, but the eyes flashed a trace of fear of being intensely loathed by the other party.

Chen Tong did not produce any feeling of disgust, after all, the other party in his eyes was Han Ying, and Han Ying having no sense of shame really isn’t an incident in a day or two, it’s just that this time’s incidentalso broke through a new height. However, being humiliated and angry was inevitable, so he placed down Xi Yan’s clothes which he brought then turn to leave.

Xi Yan hadunexpectedly takena step to overtake him, then seriously said: “I love you, I want to be together with you as a lover, promise me alright?”

Xi Yan’s face was still as expressionless as before, but that pair of long and narrow eyes dripping with deep affection which was just like breaking out from it’s surface, that made Chen Tong who was looking become a bit dazed, while ignoring the inexplicable thoughts that emerged as well as the the strange subconscious nod in agreement, he also murmured a reply: “We were originally lovers, ah……”

However, this sentence made Xi Yan feel like his head had been doused with cold water, making him gradually clench his fist.

Originally, this kind of ‘confession result’ was a desirable outcome from anyone’s view, because it’s agreement was exceptionally smooth, but the smoother it was, the more intense the envious hatred increased in Xi Yan’s heart.

--He and that man called Han Ying had already been lovers before, so they must have been together before, having done all kinds of intimate things……

The envious hatred as a result violently raged and surged forth, in a split moment, it made Xi Yan want to tear Han Ying’s body to innumerable pieces, while simultaneously impatient in wanting to declare sovereignty and possess the person before his eyes.

Xi Yan couldn’t help but kiss Chen Tong on the lips, pressing his entire body to the wall’s corner, and deepened his kiss without being taught how to. The tip of his tongue opened the closed teeth driving straight into it, sweeping through the palate of the gums, just like a very fierce beast hunting.

Chen Tong’s entire body was weakened by this kiss, both legs were unable to gather any strength, if his waist had not been secured by Xi Yan, perhaps he would have slid down and would besprawled on the ground.

Xi Yan immediately carried him to sit on the chair at the side, throwing off his clothes while taking unfair advantage to press his body down, constantly kissing him deeply. Chen Tong only see that the other party’s eyes were like a dark raging storm that was surging forth, as if he would sweep him up in an earth-shattering way, the inside was filled with the desire to dominate.

However, Chen Tong was still able find a trace of Han Ying’s unique tender doting from Xi Yan’s being. Thus, he didn’t struggle to resist, instead, he subconsciously raised his hand to hook Xi Yan’s neckin order to stabilize himself.

Xi Yan’s fingers because of various kinds of training were noticeably rough, which greedily caressed the beautiful clavicle line of Chen Tong, another strokedhis chest heading downwards to the side of his waist, a kiss immediately followed which also extended downwards, that clamped on to his fragile and delicate throat.

Until Chen Tong was forced to throw his head up to let out a reverberating moan.His clear and pleasant voice became more pleasing, which now took this kind of enchanting and tempting color, that can simply and gentlyseep into the bones.

Xi Yan has already taken off his and Chen Tong’s clothes with the fastest speed. On the other party’s exposed chest, only two points of red peaks was seen to be constantly moving up and down along with his breathing, he couldn’t help but let go of the throat and transfer to that area, a slightly rude nip made him clearly feel it rapidly swell, like a ripened fruit.

The other hand simultaneously explored underneath his body, Chen Tong stiffened the moment it had been grasped. The slightly raised little thing was firmly encircled and wantonly caressed by the palm of the other person’s hand, the strong stimulation forced him to cry out.


“Behave, don’t be afraid.”

The rough whisper by his ear was filled with desire and love, the hand below kept moving incessantly while Chen Tong’s hand was place on his own.

Xi Yan had already taken that out as early as when he had set up to kiss the other party once again, after Chen Tong came across this hot sensation, but the brain that was muddled and tossed about by desire, in a flash, had naturally understood what it was, and couldn’t help but retract his hand.

But it was pulled back by Xi Yan the next second, with a slightly forceful urging movement, which was also full of patience. Chen Tong had finally been forced to release in Xi Yan’s hand, Xi Yan too because of his warm and delicate hand had hardened once again, he lowered his head to kiss Chen Tong’s abdomen while simultaneously felt up the back of his body.

The expansion was extremely careful and unhurried, but Chen Tong still wanted to subconsciously resist. The other party was clearly Han Ying, and this kind of thing had obviously been done numerous times with Han Ying, but this inexplicably made Chen Tong unable to suppressand still constantly feel flustered, right until his desire was once again raised because of the other party’s lips and hands, that the body stretched taut, as the bones felt soft.

The nerves had finally loosened, as it had thoroughly sunk into. The pitter-patter of the rain outside, was coupled with the piece of amorous atmosphere inside the window.

After entering, the beautiful feeling that was like falling in heaven made Xi Yan almost go crazy, thinking that the person called Han Ying had also once done the same kind of things to the person underneath him, having seen the same tempting and arousing appearance, he couldn’t help but become more uncontrollable under the interweaving of tender passion and envious hatred, the movement therefore became faster and rougher.

Chen Tong by this almost continuous back and forth movement, only felt that his consciousness was like being brought to, and was gradually ascending high in the clouds, losing himself in the swaying cloud and mist. As Xi Yan lifted his legs up on his shoulder to start a new round of conquest, a constant uncontrollable crying sound was voiced: “Wu……too rough……slow down a bit……”

This appearance was very delicate and helpless, just like a blooming plant that had been meticulously handled, which will only make people unable to let go, take it a step further to recklessly love more dearly. Xi Yan could only think of gradually peeling off what was underneath, making it bloom inch by inch, like a beautiful flower bud that’s starting to blossom, with each place having the appearance of the heaven’s national color.

Xi Yan’s mind was noisily clamoringout for more, but his proceeding movement became achingly gentle. Chen Tong struggled in the ups and downs of desire, just like unfolding petals, with water overflowing everywhere, while also exuding waves of delicate fragrance. He unconsciously widened his eyes, the split second that the hot liquid was thoroughly poured in, his breathing rushed as his entire face blushed red, making the branches and leaves shiver.

Chen Tong naturally woke up very late the next day, and almost missed the visit of Xiang Lin. Xiang Lin arrived in the afternoon, because Chen Tong had not gone to the research institute, so he came to help deliver the gathering’s written invitation.

“En, I will be there on time.” Chen Tong responded, with a beaming smile and a line of thanksto Xiang Ling. Xi Yan at the side wanted to speak, but eventually pursed his lips without saying anything.

Xi Yan had also not gone out anywhere today, and had constantly been keeping a careful watch at Chen Tong’s side since waking up in the morning, taking great pains to repeatedly evoke his sweetheart’s appearance. While faintly regretting his action of impulse last night, he was also fearful that Chen Tong will get angry because of it, at the same time fearing that Chen Tong might also feel uncomfortable anywhere. The food had also been prepared at an earlier time, having been reheated several times, that was only waiting for Chen Tong to wake up and eat a little bit.

He can only take advantage while he wasasleep, gently embracing him while lying on his side, burying in his neck, stubbornly repeating the words of love, to express his sorrowful feeling.

I love you. I am Xi Yan, not the person that you are thinking of.

Last night, Xi Yan was very restrainedfor the first time, Chen Tong actually didn’t have any uncomfortable feeling, and was also not very tangled or bothered about this matter, but he just didn’t want to eat at all, only nibbling on two fruits.

His eating problem has always been the biggest hidden concern of Xi Yan’s heart, his eyebrows immediately wrinkled, and anxiously said: “How can you not eat your meal?”

“The shirt’s turtleneck are also unable to hide it ah,” Chen Tong only grumbled at the hickeys Xi Yan left on his neck, “it will certainly not go away even until tomorrow night, what about the party tomorrow night? It’s almost the end of spring, a scarf also cannot be worn……”

Xi Yan with resoluteness and decisiveness immediately said: “I will go with you tomorrow night.”

He simply did not want to allow Chen Tong to participate in some gathering, but couldn’t bear to interrupt when Chen Tong said his reply to Xiang Ling before, and could only concede in taking one step back. His love towards Chen Tong had successfully condensed with the accumulation over time, and was not only a simple type of love, but there was also other feeling like kindness and affection, this kind of feeling was the most deepest and profound, but because his possessiveness was also very strong, he couldn’t help but want to shrink and lock Chen Tong in a cabinet to hide him.

Xi Yan did not have relatives or even friends, Chen Tong was the only one beside him, naturally he desired that Chen Tong would only has him too. Unfortunately, Chen Tong’s refusal was also resolute and decisive, “No, it’s a gathering partyto all the staffs in the research institute, what are you going to do there?”

The two became deadlock for the first time, the attitude of both parties were very resolute, Chen Tong’s temper had originally been gentle on the outside but firm in the inside, if he doesn’t want to yield then he really won’t yield, and will firmly not have any compromise.

He really feels that Xi Yan was also too sticky to a point, going to the research institute’s gathering will also make him nervous like this, he deeply believed that this type of behaviour must be contained and cannot be condoned, otherwise it will only get more and more worse, so he immediately started the cold shoulder method of punishment, so following this he ignored Xi Yan no matter what was said to him for the whole day.

Don’t mention a day, Xi Yan couldn’t bear even if it was just a few minutes of being ignored, and almost could even hold back the negative emotions hidden in his heart. However, he in the end was still afraid of scaring Chen Tong, and soon chose to back down, even opening his mouth to ask for forgiveness.

His cautious and gentle appearance made Chen Tong produce an unspeakable feeling that couldn’t be understood, which made him take the initiative to kiss Xi Yan’s lips.

In the next moment he was being dominated by Xi Yan who had been initially passive, the tongue’s moist heat came in, that was just like devouring the person, the violence and fierceness almost made Chen Tong unable to breath.


At 6 o’clock in the evening, Chen Tong’s wish of going alone to participate in the research institute’s gathering was fulfilled.

Seeing him appear alone, on the contrary made Xiang Lin somewhat surprise, and couldn’t help but say: “Yi, he actually didn’t follow?”

Chen Tong slightly became dazed. “……who?”

“The one I saw when I went to visit your house this morning,” Xiang Lin suddenly paused, then asked in a whisper: “The one waiting for you in the rain before, was he also that adopted son you mentioned?”

Adopted son, this two word always made Chen Tong have a type of forbidden feeling, and indescribably felt some nervousness, “That, I……”

Chen Tong was actually a consistent and obstinate type, and impossible to dissuade once he was determined about something. When he first saw Xi Yan, even thought he had been determined as Han Ying’s reincarnation, but he never thought of bending a minor. He had set in his mind that in this world, he won’t be a companion with Xi Yan, and will act as a father and son or as brothers for a lifetime.

So the proposal to adopt Xi Yan was suggested, even making him call out dad. He wasn’t like Nicholas who was daring and shameless, and had no shameful interest such as letting him call out papa on bed. He would never have been this frank and open with Xi Yan when he was together with him, if he hadn\'t regarded Xi Yan as an adult Han Ying who had spent his whole life with him under the influence of his unusual ability.

Chen Tong wrinkled his brows, wanting to explain this to Xiang Lin, yet didn’t know how to explain, “He actually isn’t……”

“You don’t need to explain, I didn’t have any other meaning,” After experiencing the great catastrophe, people who were able to live for a day was already a blessing, they were more open minded with their feelings, and the attitude of the other people were also more tolerant, Xiang Lin seeing Chen Tong misunderstand, hurriedly showed a kind smile, “--about that, I just……”

Xiang Lin hesitated for a little, but still spoke in a low voice: “I just think that your adopted child is a bit off, there’s always a feeling that he might harm you. Of course, I’m not saying that he doesn’t love you,” Xiang Lin wrinkled his brows, “It’s exactly because of loving you too much, that he will be like that. Anyway, I can’t say it clearly, but my instincts has always been accurate, so I only wanted to remind you.”

Chen Tong can discern that the other party was really sincere to him, he then said a word of thanks, but also did not take it seriously.

--How could Xi Yan harm him? He had just ignored him for a while, but he was so anxious till he wasrunning around in circles, even his impassive face had quickly collapsed, as if he would cry if another cold shoulder was issued again, there was completely no trace of danger at all, alright?

“Tong Tong.”

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded, Chen Tong turned around, and finally saw Lei Xiaoshan.

“Lei-dage,” Chen Tong quickly gave him a smile, “How are you doing recently? Were you not very busy?”

Ever since the attack, Lei Xiaoshan afterwards gradually withdrew from the hunting team, and had focused in dealing with the government affairs, and Chen Tong, a year later, also followed to join the research institute, so the number of times they met each other was also getting less and less, the reputation of the first hunting team in that year had already been replaced by the team Xi Yan had formed. However, Lei Xiaoshan’s gaze towards Chen Tong was still as deep and as focused as before, he also followed to smile, “I’m very fine. You……”

While speaking of this, he suddenly spotted the hickeys on Chen Tong that was hidden under the shirt’s turtleneck, making his expression slightly changed, his gaze also followed and got darker, then suddenly pulled Chen Tong two steps towards the place with less people, and said in a low voice: “Tong Tong, listen to me, keep a bit of distance from Xi Yan, at least don’t believe him too much.”

“Why?” Chen Tong first reaction was naturally of resistance, but Lei Xiaoshan’s expression was strangely serious, and was not like telling a joke.

“My men already discovered that Xi Yan may have a problem, he may even be related with the previous attack……” Lei Xiaoshan insistently looked at Chen Tong, “I still can’t talk about it now, as I also don’t have enough evidence, but Tong Tong, believe me, I will never lie to you.”

The newly planted sweet fruit juice of the research institute has been added to the water of this party, and was sweet and very delicious to drink, making Chen Tong unconsciously drink too much, which resulted to too much sweating, so letting go of his cup he lifted his foot and headed to the second floor’s toilet.

Plants do not need to excrete, foods that can be dissolved like vegetables, fruits, and water can be automatically dissolved by Chen Tong, animal meat and other food that cannot be dissolved will be immediately thrown up, but if too much water had been ingested, this will be dispersed through another method whichwas sweating.

So Chen Tong wanted to wash his face first, to clean up the sweat, and to also let his mind calm down.

Chen Tong originally didn’t care much about the words of Xiang Lin, but Lei Xiaoshan also said this, even though Chen Tong was still unconvinced, he still couldn’t help but give it a bit of thought.Thinking a bit, he suddenly remembered that dream about being caught with his waist being coiled by a snake, before waking up in fright, he seems to have seen the face of that monster.

And that face, was exactly Xi Yan’s.

The heart couldn’t help but be flustered, in a moment of inattentiveness, his original pace ingoing downstairs suddenly stumble.

He immediately wanted to hold on the stair’s hand railings, but not knowing what had happened to the hand railings, it was like somebody had deliberately painted it with something,which totally made it very slippery. Shortly afterwards, the whole person’s balance was lost, unable to support himself he then fellforward head first.

“Chen Tong!”

Xiang Lin was the first to see the falling figure of Chen Tong, the whole person froze in place due to fear, it took a few seconds of being stunned before shouting. The other people, one after another discovered it, the whole hall was suddenly thrown into a mass of chaos.

Chen Tong fell down from the steps of the second floor stairs, the whole person fell from the highest level rolling straight down to the lowest level.

Lei Xiaoshan who had already left was able to perceive the commotion in the hall from afar thanks to his keen hearing, in a curious coincidence he moved back and returned, after the crowd parted, he suddenly stood still in place because of the scene before him, and was temporarily unable to move a bit.

And only saw Chen Tong lying down on the ground, both eyes were shut close, Xiang Lin was half kneeling beside him, the right hand gently and cautiously supported the back of his head, the blood was flowingand dripping down in between the fingers of that hand.

Xi Yan received the news while he was having a meeting with the members of the hunting team, the first response upon hearing this news was his mind going blank, when this reaction passed, the whole person, like being pierced by a needle abruptly stood up, then with fastest speed rushed towards the direction of the medical facility.

All along the way, Xi Yan as before still had no expression on the surface, but the hands that was clenched in fistshad a slight uncontrollable tremble.

Not only was there just a single medical facility in the entire city, but the conditions were also not that good, “deng deng deng*” the footstep sounds in the quiet hallway appeared especially loud, Lei Xiaoshan scrunched his brows as he looked past, seeing Xi Yan quickly come over with a very cold face, the intense worry was revealed underneath his eyes, but the voice to Lei Xiaoshan sounded like it coming from hell that was overflowing with dangers, “How did this happen?! How can he fall from upstairs?!”

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