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Chapter 52: The head\'s little peach blossom 11

The weather at night was already cold that a white fog could be made upon breathing out, at around 1 o’clock in the early morning, Xi Yan had finally returned with a cold atmosphere, he threw off his outerwear, and immediately used cold water to rinse all the blood on his body, then gently crawled back into the quilt, holding Chen Tong once again.

Chen Tong struggled a bit because of his cold body temperature, making a light grumbling sound dueto dissatisfaction, but did not wake up, and still continued to sleep by his side in the end.

Holding onto Chen Tong, Xi Yan’s chaotic heartbeat slowly stabilized. There was silence by his ear, the person at his side slept very peacefully, the surrounding environment was extremely tranquil, but Xi Yan’s heart wouldn’t clam down.

He killed a person, moreoverthiswas the first person he had killed.

He hid sidewaysas that mancame up, with inconceivable speed he pulled the knife from behind the man’s waist, ruthlessly plunging it into the other party’s arm, then as the other party was suffering while simultaneously attempting to hold his gun for a counterattack, his neck has been accurately slashed.

The warm blood immediately splattered on Xi Yan’s face, the bloody atmosphere couldn’t help but make his heart tremble, but at the same time, there was also a kind of excitement that spilled out like a beast had finally broken free of it’s cage and had just been liberated.

Xi Yan’s expression became even more darker, his gaze was cold as he watchedthatmanwrithingin pain on the ground, in the end, the knife from above cleanly and efficiently fell towards his heart in an calm and steadymanner, which kindly gave him relief.

It was only a pity, as the one who died was not Lei Xiaoshan, but rather a city guard who works under the leadership of Lei Xiaoshan.

Xi Yan became more proficient the more he used this unusual ability, tonight he hadoriginally wanted to test a bit of his unusual ability against Lei Xiaoshan, after exchanging blows, he then realized that he was too conceited and had even miscalculated the other party’s level. After all, Lei Xiaoshan was a grown man from a military background with many years of battle experience, his reaction speed was very strong, the black shadow that had been watching from the closed window immediately came out after eliminating the light source, Lei Xiaoshan became alert the second the shadow came out to attack, as if he had been waiting for his movements, quickly evading while raising his hand to counterattack.

The windowwas instantly shattered by the collision forces from the inside and outside, the next moment when a spark had flashed, the traces of the black shadow had been lost.

However, Lei Xiaoshan had also miscalculated the attacker’s level, because the other party was simply not like a normal human being, as the attack power was too difficult to estimate, even if he was able to defended in time, the arm still had 3 deep and serious injuries, the marks were like from a beast’s sharp claw. Unfortunately, the other party’s movement was too fast, and the other party’s appearance completely couldn’t be seen in the darkness, the sound of the shattering window alerted the guard who was patrolling outside, and without saying anything had chased after Xi Yan.

The next day, the news that Lei Xiaoshan had been wounded in an attack spread like wildfire, Chen Tong went over to visit Lei Xiaoshan in the afternoon, at once, with a serious expression carefully explained about the security issue to Xi Yan who had just returned from school.

“Head home immediately after you have been dismissed from school, don’t stay outside, be extra cautious on the way home……”

Every concern of Chen Tong made Xi Yan feel that his heart filled to the brim, and had only been engrossed in looking at his beautiful appearance that he disregarded the contents of his words.

Chen Tong wrinkled his brows as he continued to speak: “A dangerous attacker had actually appeared in the city, attacking Lei-dage last night, and also killed a guard, it was reportedly said to be a new variation that was half-beast half-man, that had unknowingly mixed into the city……”

He spoke very seriously, while completely unaware that the dangerous attacker was silently sitting in front of him, not even knowing that this was only the beginning.

--There will still be a second and third Lei Xiaoshan in the future, no matter who, as long as they will show any closeness or affection to him, all will meet an accident with no exceptions.

A comprehensive search was conducted before the great snowfall would close the roads, trying to find that half-beast half-man with long claws, but to no avail. The first snowfall in winter descended quickly, it’s thickness had reached just below the knees in a day’s time, even going out the house became inconvenient.

Fortunately, the food that had been stored earlier was sufficient enough, Chen Tong had purposefully dug out a small cellar, placingmeats, vegetables, flours and rhizomes while also arranging them in different categories, in addition to this, several plants that were similar to rice crops had also been transplanted and placed indoors for observational experiments, hoping to successfully cultivate it, so as to promote planting inside the city, to help a number of people solve the problem in some food shortages.

Perhaps due to the demands of growing up, Xi Yan’s food intake were getting more and more larger, as a result, Chen Tong made much more servings with each meal, while also adding a midnight snack in the evening. Naturally, Chen Tong with regards to the matter in preparing these food was not even a bit impatient, but rather became more and more serious.

Because he finally got the key points to upgrade his culinary skills, first was the number of times in preparing meals, second was the heartfelt likes sent out from liking the meals. Every heartfelt like he receives from other people liking the food was counted as 1 point of experience, it takes 2000 experience points to upgrade into the intermediate level, and at least 6000 points was needed to reach the advance level.

In other words, wanting to complete the task of mastering the most advanced cooking skills, requires at least 6,000 meals to be made. A year has 365 days with 3 meals a day, making 6,000 meals will almost take up to 6 years, which must also be guaranteed that it will be liked by that person.

This is really a sad story, fortunately, Xi Yan is here. --No matter what Chen Tong makes, even if it was just a simple soup, he would sincerely like it.

Chen Tong suddenly felt that Xi Yan was very impressive, as a result, his enthusiasm for making the meals also increased. In a blink of an eye, winter had passed as spring came, the days quickly passed, but even more faster, is the speed of the children growing up.

In just a few years, Xi Yan had grown into a man through and through, his height has already reached 180cm, with a tendency to head straight to 190cm, a year before he was still by Chen Tong’s earlobe, and in a blink of an eye it became Chen Tong who was by his earlobe.

However, even though Xi Yan had grown up, but his character from the beginning did not change, he still had that unapproachable and taciturn personality, and was very cold in facing anyone, only when looking at Chen Tong, will his eyes become focused and have a hidden depth, underneath his eyes had a fiery kind of passionate feeling.

5 years was sufficient enough to let Xi Yan thoroughly understand the feelings and desires, as well as understand what passionate love was. His first spring dream occurred when he had still yet to reach the age of 12, without a doubt, the image had the face of Chen Tong. However, his possessiveness grew more stronger, whichlater gave Chen Tong two impressions of him, one was timid, the other was clingy.

If it was some other person, it would simply be impossible to think that this two points be associated with Xi Yan in any way. After all, Xi Yan was the first to occupy the topmost list of the school’s physical competition for several consecutive years, after that he was then deemed worthy to graduate from school in advance having the number one rank in force, then eventually joined the hunting team and became the youngest team leader, whichwas said to be completely unprecedented in history. Under this halo, even the serious defects ofhis character had been remedied, the bleakness can be seen as calmness, the ruthlessness was also seen as being valiant, and was even looked upon as hope by the newer generations.

These past few years, Xi Yan had also accumulated more and more followers, and had even began to trainwithout a bit of trace in relyingon his unusual ability of mind control toform his own group of people. Other people sees this as Xi Yan being domineering, only Chen Tong alone views this as ‘timidness’ with exceptional helplessness.

Due to Xi Yan’s constant anxiousness of what vicious beasts he might encounter when going into the forests, what bad people will be met upon leaving home, as well as what various unexpected incidents will be encountered along the way home, that Xi Yan no longer allowed Chen Tong to go out the city whenhe had finally joined the hunting team. Chen Tong had spoken to him several times, but every time he saw him purse his lips without speaking a word, along with several invisible pleadings and hurt in his eyes, that also exudes an unspeakable trace of abandonment, which made hisnotion have a huge difference from the domineering visualization he had outside, that couldn’t help but always make Chen Tong feel tenderhearted.

In any case, in the presence of Chen Tong, Xi Yan had never paid any attention to such things like image. Since Chen Tong had no intention of mentioning his cold feet, Xi Yan had developed a habit of helping Chen Tong wash his feet every night, after washing he would kiss the youth’s tender ankles a few times, in a serious and gentle manner. Chen Tong would ignore it when he’s in a good mood, but most of the time,thefoot would beretractedto kick his shoulder, and like a tsundere* would feel some embarrassmentin letting him touch.

*seemingly arrogant and standoffish outside but kind and tender inside.

Fortunately, Chen Tong had already replanted the edible plants into the house’s backyard, to do all kinds of observations and experiments, so there was no need to frequently enter the forest. The previous success inthe promotion of rice enabled Chen Tong to join the research institute, the treatment was better compared to the hunting team, and it was easier to obtain supplies.

This clingy person had only one unnerving point, which even made Chen Tong feel that Xi Yan was capable of reading minds, as if what he thought of, was completely perceived by Xi Yan, the people he wanted to see, the places he wished to go to, the fruits he wanted to eat, can’t escape the perception of Xi Yan, and any activity he has, must still be accompanied by Xi Yan.

Chen Tong can’t eat the meat of this world, but was able to eat the fruits, in addition, there were several kinds of fruits he specially liked, so following this, searching for fruits became Xi Yan’s first task whenever he goes out of the city.

But his attitude of having to accompany him at all times made Chen Tong feel more and more stifled, in addition, it always made him feel that something was wrong, this abnormal feeling became more and more intense as Xi Yan grew up, but this time’s clinginess made him somewhat upset, so without even giving any prior notice to Xi Yan, he immediately went out for a walk with Xiang Lin a colleague he has in the research institute.

He was completely unaware that Xi Yan had actually followed him silently.

Until the outside suddenly started to rain, that made Chen Tong and Xiang Lin return to the research institute, when he was about to take an umbrella out again, some chaotic and restless voices could be heard in front. He then asked the sweeping aunt who just came in from the outside, “What’s going on?”

“There is a very handsome young man standing outside who’s waiting for somebody,” The aunt couldn’t help but nod her head, “I also don’t know who he’s waiting for, and in such a heavy rainfall too.”

Chen Tong suddenly had a very bad feeling, so he went outside, and at a glance saw Xi Yan motionlessly standing in the rain.

His heart for a moment didn’t know whether it should feel angry or distress, eventually he still took an umbrella and went out, so two people sharing a single umbrella headed home.

The hair on Xi Yan’s head was soaked because of rainwater and stuck to the side of his face, seemingly having a taste of abstinence and indifference, after seeing Chen Tong show up, it gave rise to some darkness in his gaze, which made that pair of long and narrow eyes appear more darker, then suddenly called out: “……Tong Tong.”

The dull voice revealed an unspeakable taste, Chen Tong then took a deep breath, “We’ll talk about it when we’re home.”

Xi Yan pressed his lips in a thin line, then silently lowered his head keeping pace with him. His body from head to foot had already been drenched, even though it was late in spring, and was not as cold as early spring, but being this drenched was also not advisable, Chen Tong then asked: “Where’s your umbrella?”

“I forgot to bring it.” Xi Yan spoke as he moved a little bit away from Chen Tong, half of his body was outside the umbrella, fearing that other party would get wet by touching him.

“You didn’t bring it on purpose!” Chen Tong couldn’t help but get angry, “You’re responsible for your health, don’t think that injuring yourself to gain sympathy will be useful everywhere.”

However, Xi Yan had really forgotten to bring it with him this time, after discovering that Chen Tong had gone out without giving any prior notice, he momentarily became so anxious that he forgot about everything, so much that a lot of crazy and paranoid thoughts had emerged in a flash. However, he must not let the other know his abnormal possessive desire and uneasiness, so he defaulted to his usual silence, then mumbled a sentence: “Then what about you? Does it work towards you……”

His voice entirely changed sounding very low and deeply alluring, like a low pitch of a stringed instrument, making Chen Tong’s agitated mood slowly stabilize and calm down, but the heart still contained some knots, after returning home and seeing Xi Yan who had been blindly following closely behind him had now become motionless, he couldn’t help but say in rage: “Are you still not going to quickly take a shower and change clothes? What are you being distracted for?”

Xi Yan fixedly looked at Chen Tong for quite some time, and only then did he silently head to the bathroom. Chen Tong massaged his forehead, cooking a pot of ginger soup in the kitchen, upon returning to the bedroom he then realized that Xi Yan seems to have not taken any clothes and underwear, he hesitated for a moment, but still decided to help send it over to him.

However, Chen Tong regretted it the second he entered.

Xi Yan actually brought an underwear, only it was not his own. He was actually standing in front the bathtub, the dripping wet clothes he wore had still not been taken off, but his lower body has been exposed. One of his hand was constantly rubbing his huge thick length, the other hand was holding Chen Tong’s small underwear, sniffing iton the tip of his nose, and finally shot out while calling Chen Tong’s name in a deep voice.

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