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Chapter 51: The head\'s little peach blossom 10

Xi Yan\'s normal body temperature hadoriginally been higher than Chen Tong, even more so after he had justtaken a hot bath. Xi Yan turned off the lights,thensoftly whispered, "En. ……like it? "

Whether or not there was a fear of cold, anyone would like a nice and warm thing during the cold season, Chen Tong who was too tired to open his eyes replied: “Like.”

Xi Yan changed his position to let Chen Tong lie in an even more comfortable position, he reached out his hand holding him in a tight embrace, and said: “It’s you that I like.”

Because Xi Yan had changed his position, Chen Tong also followed to shift his, the head subsequently rubbed against him, the head of black hair that was rubbing against him was thrown in disorder, the voice had taken a thick nasally sound, “……you were originally mine.”

Xi Yan knew that he was not talking about him, but that person called Han Ying. Facing him, he would not say these kind of words, and will only try hard to act like an adult, telling him that he should learn to be independent, saying that once he grows up, he would then leave him. When they were sleeping together before, never was there an intimate action like this hug, but had two different quilts on the bed, for each of them to sleep in.

Xi Yan also had an unspeakable taste in his heart, his goal had clearly been achieved, he should have felt very happy as the other showed a never seen before sense of closeness, yet he felt an exceptional sense of loss and distress.

However, right now, Xi Yan was still able to maintain this mental balance, because he was still unaware of his real feelings, only having this mindless possessiveness, as long as he was able to keep the other, he was willing to accept this false happiness.

Waiting until Chen Tong had completely fallen asleep, only then did Xi Yan softly and quietly get up, intending to apply medicine on his wrist.

Chen Tong’s skin to begin with is the type that easily bruises, the area that had been gripped by Xi Yan had turned red and has already started to become blueish, that appeared very terrible to look at. Chen Tong himself was totally unaware of these bruises, but seeing it made Xi Yan feel distress.

The medicine bottles were placed in the cupboard not far from the bed, and were personally made by Chen Tong with those grass blades which claims to have medicinal effects, such as dispelling blood stasis and rapid decrease of swelling with exceptional effects. Xi Yan relied on his excellent night vision ability while cautiously applying the medicine upon every bruise on Chen Tong’s wrist, distress and regret flashed through his eyes, he returned to bed after that, then quietly watched over him for a while.

The dark clouds in the sky began to disperse, as the faint moonlight spilled over the bed, the peaceful sleeping appearance of the youth exudes a gentle atmosphere under the simple and elegant moonlight, the eyelashes were slightly curled, the long hair strewn to the side of his face and nape, that also meandered throughout his whole body, that finally wrapped the heart of Xi Yan.

He was looking at him, just like seeing his whole world.

The next morning, when Chen Tong had opened his eyes at around 7 o’clock, Xi Yan had woken up earlier and had been running in the courtyard since dawn. The courtyard not that big, a single lap was no more than just over a hundred meters, after Chen Tong has finished washing up, Xi Yan had already completed running 7 to 8 laps, seeing Chen Tong head into the kitchen intending to prepare breakfast, he then walked over asking if he needed a hand.

However, Chen Tong who had never allowed him to intercede in the past nodded his head today, “Okay, help me wash these vegetables first.”

This kind of unrestrained attitude contrary to expectations, actually made Xi Yan very happy, he had obviously been instructed to work, but this to him was ten times more satisfying than when he was running alone.

The instructions of Chen Tong also became more and more rampant.

“Be quick, hand over the vinegar to me.”

“Quickly, help me scoop a bowl of water.”


The breakfast had unwittingly been prepared by the combined efforts of two people, afterwards, the two sat very comfortably having their meal together. However, Xi Yan’s character was still like that, giving a gloomy impression along with an attitude that cannot to be trifled with, and will not speak a word for half a day.

He didn’t say, so Chen Tong took the initiative to ask: “When is the exact date of your school’s physical competition next week?”

“Next Wednesday.” Xi Yan pressed his lips in a thin line, then after a moment of silence said: “……when the time comes, are you going to see my match?”

His voice was very low, and contained an implicit trace of imperceptible expectations, giving Chen Tong a type of cautious feeling. This made Chen Tong somewhat confused, --Because his image of Han Ying’s face was so thick that it would be alright despite being dragged around the floor, but he still gave an overflowing smile and said: “Of course, I will certainly go!”

The training ground of the senior year level was the widest, therefore, the venue of the competition was arranged in the senior year level’s training ground. The students of the elementary, middle and senior these three year levels were arranged in accordance with their group number, the number of each group is divided to circle around the outer diameter of the training ground, behind the numbers were the chairs spread around the rest area. In addition to Chen Tong, there were also a lot of parents who came over, but they at a glance could be seen as parents, but Chen Tong resembled a student from the senior year level.

Xi Yan first brought Chen Tong to the gathering area of the middle year level, the group of students that were originally noisy and in disarray suddenly became quiet following the appearance of Xi Yan, so much that they practically retreated three feet out of extreme nervousness. Unavoidably, some were attracted by Chen Tong’s appearance, hence, each and every one made secretive glances toward him.

Chen Tong noticing those sights, was completely unconcerned, but Xi Yan dangerously narrowed his eyes a little, after that said a sentence to the person who had the closest distance to him: “What are you looking at?”

The voice wasn’t loud, but was soft, slow and impassive, yet the student being questioned had an appearance that was just like facing his greatest enemy, he suddenly became intimidated so he lowered his head, and stammeringly said: “No-nothing.” The surrounding students seeing this, also followed to silently lower their heads, their actions could simply be said to be neat and uniformed, so much that Chen Tong couldn’t help but become somewhat speechless.

--This fellow had obviously just been attending school for less than half a year, what did he do in school, that made him this dangerous to this extent?

“Boss, you came!” Several of Xi Yan’s followers came running over at this time, “I just helped you get your group number, you\'re in the third group!”

By chance, the third group was not too far from this place, Xi Yan directly headed towards the third group’s rest area, accompanying Chen Tong to seat at the foremost stool that had been arranged, before he could feel at ease to leave for the competition.

The competition’s contents were a bit like the training of the special forces, there were a sequence of courses such as climbing over iron net barriers, upon seeing the final sprint phase, Chen Tong became so nervous that he unconsciously stood up.

The rest area by then had long been reduced to a spectators area, and had become very crowded, not long after Chen Tong had stood up, the arm had been ruthlessly hit by a person, the foot had then been stepped on, and the seat had also been occupied by someone else.

At the same time, Xi Yan had jumped over the obstacle bar, sprinting in a fast speed like a cheetah, and succeeded in becoming the first in the group.

As a result, Chen Tong then didn’t care about the issue of being hit, and was very happy to show a big smile towards Xi Yan who was coming over.

But Xi Yan for some reason was gloomily calm, without a hint of smile, and with large strides directly headed towards the front of the male student who had taken Chen Tong’s seat, then with a fierce and intimidating look said in a low-toned voice, “Get up.”

The boy was startled by that intimidating voice, but stuck his neck out and shouted: “Why must I get up? I had just been seated, moreover, this is also not a seat arranged for anyone!”

Xi Yan expressionlessly looked at him, and no longer spoke, in the next moment, as the other person thought that he had given up upon this, he without warning, was suddenly pulled up by the other party with just a single hand, and was immediately slammed down to the ground. Afterwards, he also reached out and pulled a single man from the right side of the crowd, “Didn’t you hit him just a moment ago?!”

“I-I didn’t mean it,” the student confronting Xi Yan\'s piercing gaze, actually became frightened and admitted it directly, “There were a lot of people pushing me, and I couldn’t stand firm……

The other party had apologized, but Xi Yan seemed to be unaffected at all, Chen Tong hurriedly pulled to stop him: “Xiao Yan, don’t be like this, I’m also fine……

Chen Tong felt speechless once again. --Xi Yan was more than deadly, but was also a school tyrant as well? Moreover, he was obviously in the competition just now, and was still at the crucial stage of the final decisive sprint, how did he still have free time to notice him get hit by someone?

Xi Yan finally let go of that poor male student, rearranging Chen Tong to his proper seat again, and immediately examined his arm. Chen Tong repeatedly stressed that he was truly fine, as a result, Xi Yan had once again shifted his gaze to the top of his foot, and even squatted his body down, one hand took hold of his ankle to lift it up, the other hand softly pressed the instep that had been stepped on, “Does it hurt?”

Chen Tong felt speechless for the third time. There was a feeling of being treated like a fragile object by the other party, in a moment, he suddenly feels that it was very important to discuss a little about life with Xi Yan, as well as the aspect of the social issues in school.

So, on the way home, Chen Tong once again repeated what he had said to Xi Yan a long time ago about friendliness and mutual assistance, it’s a pity that it was completely ineffective. When Chen Tong spoke of this before, Xi Yan would feign obedience by briefly nodding his head and answering okay, but this time, not even the word okay was said, and had been silent without even saying a word from beginning to end, just listening to it, but without a bit of response.

Chen Tong couldn’t help but ask: “Xiao Yan, are you actually listening to me?”

However, Xi Yan asked the other a question, “Are you going to the hunting team again tomorrow?”

“En,” Chen Tong nodded his head, “It will be deep winter soon, large snowfalls will block the roads, in addition to being on guard against beast tides, the city will no longer allow anyone to go out again, so every opportunity to get out the city must be valued. I haven’t gone out today already, moreover, Lei-dage said that tomorrow……

……I don’t like Lei Xiaoshan,” Xi Yan interrupted Chen Tong at this time, speaking out the words that were hidden in his heart: “I don’t want to let you meet him.”

……ah?” Chen Tong paused a bit, then immediately became aware that Xi Yan must have been jealous, so in an assuaging tone said: “Was it because I went over to his house a few days ago and celebrate his birthday that made you unhappy? From this day on, I will never go to his house again, and will also only give you a birthday, I only like you alone, okay?”

Using softness to conquer the strength method is very effective regardless of time, Xi Yan’s lips that was pressed in a thin line began to loosen, “Okay.”

After a moment, he felt uneasy and asked again: “How long will you like me?”

The youth looked at him, his gaze growing softer and gentler, his wholehearted appearance was lovable and touching, “Like until I can’t like anymore.”

“Then when can you no longer like?”

Chen Tong was stumped by this question, then casually said: “I don’t think you would want to know when that time comes.”

However, this casual sentence made Xi Yan clench his fist. At night, just like before when the two people were holding each other to sleep, all the trees have a weakness at night, after nightfall the branches and leaves will droop and begin to ‘hibernate’, as a result, Chen Tong will punctually sleep every night, at the same time, will spontaneously and consciously cultivate in sleep.

Chen Tong had quickly fallen asleep, but Xi Yan had never slept from the start. He always waits and watches Chen Tong close his eyes all the time, after quietly waiting for him to completely fall asleep, he silently watched him for a while, then suddenly with great cautiousness withdrew his arms from Chen Tong’s embrace. Then bowed his head and kissed Chen Tong’s cheeks, before finally tiptoeing straight out of the window.

If someone were travelling at the road at this moment, a black shadow could be seen quickly flashing by, with an incredible speed.

The shadow dashes all the way to the city area, passing through the center of the residential district, then without the slightest hesitation advanced towards the left side, the destination was Lei Xiaoshan’s residence.

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