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Chapter 50: The head\'s little peach blossom 9

Xi Yan had suddenly stood up, walking over to force Chen Tong’s hand, and his entire body to lean against the doorway’s board.In accordance to his age, the normal height should beabout 145cm, yet Xi Yan’s height had recently shot up to more than 155cm in an instant, and had already exceeded Chen Tong’s shoulder.

During the period of growth and development, peoplewould usually grow very quickly, so much that it could be said to have been changing from day to day. Adequate nutrition with addition to the participation in the school’s arduous training, Xi Yan’s arm that had been pressing Chen Tong had already started showing his strong frame, while simultaneously exuding a powerful force that was difficult to disregard.

“Xiao Yan, let go,” Chen Tong did not use force to struggle free, but his tone became very serious, “don’t make me say it for the third time.”

Xi Yan slightly lifted his head toresolutely look in Chen Tong’s direction, the night sky was very dark, but Xi Yan’s pupils wereeven darker than the night, that also reflected a gleam of coldness, like a frosty starlight isolated in the deep winter sky.

“You said that as long as you live for a day, you would never leave me, and even promised to never leave me……”

Xi Yan tone was obviously unstable due to the violent fluctuations of his emotion, breathing heavilyas he continued to say: “It has only been a few months, yet you were already going to leave me alone, right?!”

His gaze were as fierce and as dangerous as a wolf’s cub, and stared at Chen Tong without blinking, as if,as soon as the other person nodded yes, he would immediately rush forwardtodrag the other down with himself.

In fact, dangerous things on the contrary have a wonderful appeal to people, just like the glint in Xi Yan’s eyes at this moment, which possesses a unique and incomparable shade. That Chen Tong couldn’t help but blankly stare and temporarily forget to make a sound, which made Xi Yan increase the force in his hands, as the dangerous atmosphere around his body also became denser, “Why are you not answering!!”

Chen Tong completely did not expect Xi Yan to firmly rememberevery word of whathe had said before.

He always thought that the other party was just a child, and children were very good at forgetting, but he did not know that children, especially a child like Xi Yan who had seen all the changes in the world, were much more mature and complex than the adults could imagine.

Xi Yan has always been a child who was well beyond his peers, and filled with sharp thorns* all over his body, but a certain corner deep in his heart was extremely eagerto love and be loved. As a result, he will be exceptionally sensitive towards the person who is of great importance to him, his aggressiveness and gloominess is actually to conceal the intense panic and uneasiness underneath.

*difficult to understand or handle.

Since Xi Yan was really not that ignorant and forgetful child he had mistakenly thought of, Chen Tong can no longer be as careless as he used to be, even though he has his own companionship, he always has to learn how to grow up alone, as he slowly grows up. Thinking about this, he thought over his wordings and said in response: “Xiao Yan, I will not leave you alone, but you have to know, there is no elder in this world who can be with you forever.”

Chen Tong’s tone was very serious, that even had a trace of persuasiveness, “Look, in less than half a year, you have already grown this tall, and the days will soon pass over more faster, in just a few years, you will no longer be a minor, and will properly turn into an adult, maybe there will be a girl you will be fond of, set up your own family, and even have children. At that time, I’m afraid that you will be the one who will leave me first, and you……”

“Saying this much, but your main intention is still to leave me isn’t it?” Xi Yan in the end couldn’t bear but interrupt Chen Tong’s words, the voice had a mocking tone, but the tone was filled with defiance.

The place that a person cares about the most is exactly the place that makes him feel the greatest amount of inferiority and insecurity, Chen Tong’s original intention was nothing more than just not wanting to let Xi Yan have a dependent personality, but inthe Xi Yan’s ears, the only meaning it has is of abandonment.

“How can that be?” Chen Tong’seyes slightly widened because of Xi Yan’s words: “Why do you think so?”

However, this falling in Xi Yan’s eyes made him think that he had a guilty conscience after being accurately guessed. Xi Yan once again held tightly onto Chen Tong’s hand, and for a moment even had the thought of wanting to tear this person before him into shreds, --So that he would never have to worry about being abandoned by the other party.

The strength of the hand was so heavythat Chen Tong couldn’t help but cry out of pain, however, the perpetrator’s pain was a hundred times more painfulthan the bearer. Xi Yan could even hear the gnashing sound of his own teeth, his whole person’s mind was being divided into two, one half was chaotic while the other half was clear.

That half of clarity and sobriety took the initiative to let him loosen his hand, then for a while looked at Chen Tong in a bit of daze, and was like suddenly returning to his usual senses, “I……, I just……”

Xi Yan strenuously shook his head, letting his emotions slowly stabilize, the tone had also regained it’s usual sound, “I don’t know what had just happened to me…… maybe it’s because I wasn’t doing well in the school’s training today, and the physical competition is already in next week, sothepsychological pressure in mehad been quite big, so……”

Seeing a red circle on the hands of Chen Tong, he wanted to touch yetstopped because ofnervousness, “Sorry……”

Xi Yan finally lifted his head, his expression had taken a trace of obvious pleading, “You mustn’t seriously take my words before, let’s just treat it like I didn’t say anything, forgive me,okay?”

When confronting the face that resembled Han Ying, Chen Tong would naturally soon become tenderhearted, and nodded his head decisively, taking the initiative to caress Xi Yan’s head and with a soft voice said: “It doesn’t matter if the results of the competition aren’t good, anyway, I’m here, If worst comes to worst, we can just train again next year……”

“En.” Xi Yan’s eyelashes had drooped down, and obediently answered, “……let’s go in the house, okay?”

Chen Tong then stooped over to pick up the food bag he had just dropped, as a result, he missed another expression that was hidden away by the other side, --Both the craziness and the desperation.

Even though the bag fell to the ground, but fortunately, the food inside had been properly packed, so Chen Tong went ahead taking the food inside the house, and completed the words he had not finished before: “I’ll help you reheat the dishes, then heat some water to give you a hot bath. You should find some thick clothes to wear first, be careful of getting sick in this weather.”

“En.” Xi Yan obediently responded once again, and even took the initiative to call him dad, “Right, dad, I still have some matters to tell you……”

As a result, Chen Tong who hadalready stepped into the kitchen turned around, “What matters?”

Only then did he realize that Xi Yan had unknowingly come over and hadsilently followed him, and had been standing just behind his back, that when he turned around he coincidentally came in direct contact with his pair of eyes.

Chen Tong indescribably thought that those eyes were somewhat strange, and felt more and more clearly that Xi Yan’s gaze seemed to have an unspeakable strangeness and terribleness, shortly afterwards, he immediately became startledas he sawthose pupil graduallychange into a vertical slit pupilthat were only seen on animals!!


But only one word had been spoken, as Chen Tong ceased tomake any more sounds. Not only that, but even his brain had started to slowly turn blank.

At the same time as this, Xi Yan who has always been tenaciously staring in Chen Tong’s eyes quickly bit his fingertip, pressing his bloody thumb at the middle of Chen Tong’s forehead. A series of movements were quickly carried out, following this, that pair of vertical slit pupils had become obscured with redness bit by bit, right until the color of the pupilshad been completely and thoroughly dyedwith red.

This was because he was putting his unusual ability into full use.

Xi Yan knew that he had this unusual ability from a long time ago, he learned from a very young age about this unusual ability of hisfromthe malicious curses of his birth mother, through the repeatedexperiments these past few days, was tentatively able to have an understanding what his unusual ability was in the end.

--He was able to influence other people mentally, creating illusions for the other party. All the sharp pain that Qiu Yi felt at that time, was an illusion he had created.

Andwhat he was going to do now was the highest level of illusion that wasalmost beyond the limit of his ability. Xi Yan mobilized the power in his whole body, his gums had been bitten as blood was flowing all over, his whole body was shaking violently, as he continually broke into Chen Tong’s mental defenses, and was carefully probing the deepest part of his heart.

He had nevertried this method before, as the object he is applying this to is the only person he values the most, which made him extremely nervous, that the bloody scent in his mouth also became more and more stronger.

In the end, Chen Tong’s eyes were slowly closed.

Xi Yan’s entire body was just like being fished out of the water, but he had no time to wipe his sweat, as he was only preoccupied in supporting the limp youth on the chair with gentleness and cautiousness that was like handling some kind of fragile treasure, and softly wiped the blood stain at the middle of his forehead off.

The unusual ability has been successful.

With spiritual world being successfully invaded, and the person he loves the most having been found, he then transformed himself into that person’s appearance. To be more precise, Xi Yan created an illusion that made Chen Tong see him as the person he loves the most,every time his eyes sees him, what actually emerges is the figure of that person.

--Nothing matters, as long as you don’t leave me. I’m willing to become another person instead of myself.

In fact, the reason for succeeding was not because the level of Xi Yan’s unusual ability was strong, but was rather due to the complete trust Chen Tong had towards him. Because he did not harbor the slightest trace of psychological defense against him, which then made it easy to invade and control him like this.

Xi Yan was practically holding his breath as he waited for the youth to open his eyes once again, it had obviously been only a few seconds, but it seemedlike a year of waiting. That pair of long lashes that was as beautiful as a butterfly wing softly moved, the first reaction after opening his eyes again was to stare in daze, then afterwards looked towards Xi Yan from side to side with some adoring look, saying: “This time you became smaller than me, la.”

Xi Yan only saw the youth watch himself with wide blinking eyes, this lovable expression was something he had never seen before, his heart couldn’t help but soften and melt into a puddle, and was completely reluctant to let this touching expression fade away.

I am doing the right thing. Xi Yan told himself over and over again, I am not wrong, I won’t regret it.

Shortly afterwards, Chen Tong smiled at him withsome childishness, the pair of eyes slightly turned into crescents, “Haha, Han Ying, it’s now your turn to call me gege*.”

*older brother

He had undoubtedly done an adequate amount of psychological preparations, but upon hearing the youth face himself yet call outa name of a different person, Xi Yan’s breath had still inevitably become difficult.

It was another strangers name, not Lei Xiaoshan. However, this careless tone of speaking immediately made Xi Yan’s heart ache more, that even made him subconsciously clasp his chest.

Of course, even if it wasn’t Lei Xiao Shan, he also cannot let him off.

“Han Ying, ” Xi Yan stagnation even made Chen Tong sense that something was wrong, and asked in concern: “What wrong with you?”

Xi Yan only felt that the sound of Chen Tong calling out another person’s name was like a needle piercing into his heart, the hand that was pressingagainst his chest couldn’t help but tighten. Chen Tong rushed forward examining the area he was clasping,his face taking on a nervous expression, “Is it uncomfortable here? Is it very painful?”

“……no,” Xi Yan turned his hand over to hold Chen Tong’s hand, letting out a soft sigh, and with great effort tried to raise the corner of his lips to show a smiletowards the youth’s gaze that was brimming with anxiousness, “……it was just a little uncomfortable just now, it’s already fine now, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Chen Tong was still not reassured, the small appearance of wrinkling his brow wereboth serious and adorable, “Are you really fine?”

Xi Yan nodded his head.

En, I’m really fine.

As long as you are beside me, as long as I can hold your hand, it doesn’t matter how painful it is.

“I changed my name,” Xi Yan then looked at Chen Tong and said: “I’m called Xi Yan now, ……do you remember?”

Chen Tong aside from completely regarding Xi Yan as Han Ying, the rest of his memories has not been affected in any way, so he nodded his head after thinking a bit and called Xiao Yan, “Right, I said I would help you reheat the dishes!”

The barbecue had already been placed inside the pot, luckily, the fire has not yet been turned on, otherwise it would have already been burnt. Chen-xiaohastily rushed towards the kitchen stove, the barbecue had soon been reheated properly, in addition he also cooked a large bowl of noodles with wild herbs, he also watched as Xi Yan finished eating all his foodwhile heating the bath’s water.

“The water is ready,” Chen Tong, in an instant, had also prepared all the toiletries, for a momenthe felt that he was simply a little expert in household tasks, and generally felt very proud wanting to give himself a like*, “quickly take a hot bath.”

*like as in facebook, weibo etc

The warm food and water made Xi Yan feel warm from inside to outside, it was the same as when he finished his bath and entered the room, what he saw was another warm picture that made his heart boil.

Under the saffron colored lighting, the youth that had originally been stubbornly supporting and fighting off sleep in order to sleep together with him had already slept, nestling inside the quilt. Breathing lightly and softly, the quilt that covers the chest slowly rises and fallswith it, that made people feel like they could hear the sound of the flowing time.

Xi Yan, softly and quietly climbed onto the bed, Chen Tong felt it in a daze, with an incomparable naturalness reached out placing his arms around him, and even rubbed against his chest, with a low voice muttered: “Your body is really nice and warm.”

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