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Chapter 5: The young commander’s little mirror 5

Unfortunately, Song Ben Yilang quickly recovered, and kicked Chen Tong. Chen Tong was quite nervous and barely evaded, the arm was grazed, really painful, then the syringe fell, and rolled to the side.

Several people outside rushed in upon hearing the sounds, one by one took their guns and aimed at the waiting youth who doesn’t know how to pick a fight, “What kind of person are you?!”

Young master Chen having lived for seventeen years and a month, encountered a fight for the first time, to say that there was no fear was wrong, but he tried to remain calm with great effort, taking a deep breath said: “Who I am is not important, the important thing is who you people are.”

Even if the [Reflect everything] assistive skill can identify any object, but it cannot be used on humans, Chen Tong still used it to obtain valuable data. He quickly swept the items on everyone’s body, from guns to clothes and even the shoes, belts and accessories……

Suddenly faced Song Ben Yilang who almost injected a virus to Han Ying and asked: “All of you are Chinese, why be a spy for the Japanese country?!”

“Japanese spy?” The front left person clothed in black frowned, but was indignantly interrupted by Song Ben Yilang: “Simply a venomous slander, don’t listen to his nonsense!”

While talking the gun’s trigger was pulled, in a blink a bullet whizzed towards Chen Tong!

At that crucial moment, Han Ying quickly got up and rushed to pull Chen Tong in an embrace. The youth’s slender and soft warm body moved his heart, bullets swept pass them hitting the wall, a loud bang sounded. Seeing the bruise from before appear on Chen Tong’s arm, Han Ying’s black eyes started to fill with dangerous dark clouds, the helped Chen Tong to stand, slightly squinted and said: “Song Ben xiansheng[1], it isn’t a good habit to be enraged due to humiliation.”

He actually knows his name!!

Song Ben Yilang’s pupil abruptly shrunk, his keen instinct immediately told him that the situation was wrong. If Han Ying understood his purpose from the beginning, then he would have already been outsmarted, in that case……

No, this is definitely impossible, Song Ben Yilang’s heart turned around more than a hundred times[2] in a moment, knowing that their plans have no possibility of leaking, a bit of cold sweat soaked his back. The gun was clenched subconsciously to dispel his worries, reason tells him that he must not rashly shoot to kill Han Ying, –Because he still needs to use Han Ying as an exchange for someone else.

However, in less than a minute Song Ben Yilang fell into a crisis again, because Han Ying’s words also provoked other people’s doubts of his identity, with great effort can only suppress his rage to explain, at this moment a burst of commotion was heard outside, it was adjuant Liu Senyu who arrived due to their agreement to swap the prisoners.

“I have to confirm that the young commander is safe.” beside Liu Senyu the guard took a gun and pointed at the prisoner’s head, without a moment to relax, Song Ben Yilang finally saw Chuandao Yi Ye in between several prisoners, then Han Ying and Chen Tong were brought out.

Song Ben Yilang’s sole purpose for coming to the Southern Province, is just to rescue the Japanese army’s intelligence service department head Chuandao Yi Ye. However, the water prison‘s[3] defense is very tight, having tried many methods without the least progress, today he is already desperate, to succeed or die trying, failure is not allowed.

Next is a simple process of exchanging hostages, just as Song Ben Yilang is about to reach for ‘Chuandao Yi Ye’, but saw the other suddenly raise his head to reveal a strange smile.

A knife suddenly flashed!!

Years of being a spy let Song Ben Yilang unconsciously take half a step back, but was still stabbed in the chest, and was stunned to know that the person wasn’t Chuandao Yi Ye!

Obviously the height and figure are identical……

Between a fire and rock situation, Song Ben Yilang finally realized what had happened, in the midst of a crisis a shrill cry was made with a Japanese language.

His men who were suppose to ambush the group of people immediately withdrew with this sound, but it was already too late. In the next moment, many soldiers with guns came from nowhere, conversely they were surrounded, there was suddenly a rain of bullets, the scene became chaotic.

Han Ying is the only calm one, very calm and composed as if watching a show. The scene before him has finally reached it’s climax, bullets were densely intertwined, crimson blood, frequent gunshots, mournful screams and the cold night wind mixed, distorted the land.

To have never seen this bloody scene before Chen Tong couldn’t help but tremble, subconsciously stepped back, at the same time was tightly held by a thick and broad arm.

“Baby,” the man used his other wide palm to gently cover his eyes, “don’t be afraid, it will soon be over.”

The long eyelashes under the palm are restless, a tingling sensation passed from Han Ying’s palm to his heart, the youth’s trembling lessened, like a frightened little sparrow that cause fondness. However, the trembling isn’t obvious, the person is like a portrait of a limpid autumn waters[4] blown by the wind, the overflowing ripples is like a soft and gentle silk, he was finally a bit calm in his strong arms.

Chen Tong’s hair was on the side of his face with the wind gently scratching Han Ying’s fingertips, the slight touch let Han Ying feel indescribably warm, uncontrollably bow to gently kiss his forehead, “Baby, since when were you able to shape into human, why didn’t you tell me, ……n?”

The man’s last words were deep and very seductive, closely breathed at Chen Tong’s ear, that gave his sensitive earlobe a hint of numbness, hurriedly pushing him away. Then frowned and thought a bit, vaguely replied: “I also don’t know what happened……was anxious a while ago, then suddenly became like this……”

Han Ying also recalled the whole process of the small mirror he saw before changing into human form, and the slender back of the youth’s who resolved to protect him, clearly a frail figure, clearly trembling due to fear, yet still didn’t yield and covered his front with a firm resolution.

This feeling is very subtle, Han Ying never experienced this before. Just knew that when he was watching the youth’s back, the heart moved faster with the other’s every move, even wanted to tightly hold him, never letting go.

The ‘favorable impression measure’ is aggrieved at this moment.

It once again sensed the favorable impression increase, but couldn’t make a sound because Chen Tong closed the prompt for Han Ying, it felt that it is one of the most wrongly restrained impression measure prompt in history. Han Ying was concerned for Chen Tong’s body, “You suddenly became shaped like this, will it cause any adverse effects on the body?”

“……ah?” Chen Tong was still stunned, shook his head, “I don’t know……”

Han Ying fixedly rubbed his forehead, can’t help but helplessly pamper and said a line: “little fool.”

Chen Tong suddenly recalled Han Ying’s words before that even if he could one day shape into human he wouldn’t be able to do anything at all, couldn’t help but refute: “I’m not stupid! Moreover, I have a lot of skills, that can already be used!”

Since earlier Han Ying had already decided to raise the small mirror for a lifetime, never though of letting him do anything, thus did not mind the boast and said: “En, Baby is great.”

The battlefield not far away was about to end, the roundup is basically over, the young commander went to the prey without delay: “Actually, I have secretly executed Chuandao Yi Ye this morning.”

Song Ben Yilang’s body was shot twice, being firmly held to the ground by the soldiers, stared at Han Ying with blood red eyes like an evil spirit. Han Ying remembered Chen Tong’s grazed arm, signaled adjutant Liu Senyu to cleanly handle the follow-up, and is about to turn and leave with Chen Tong. Yet no one expected that the clearly restrained Song Ben Yilang was able to suddenly break out with a huge force at this time, struggling to get rid of the soldiers restraining him, he slid out a thin lancet from the cuff.

Like a stream of cold tip, going to Han Ying with a terrifying wind breaking speed!

Chen Tong as a demon spirit, even if the cultivation isn’t good enough, the five senses are twice as strong as an average person, was naturally the first to notice that something was wrong, the small blade breaking in the wind may not be heard by humans, but was very clear in his ears, the guardian heart mirror’s trait to protect the master interfered with his movement again, not having time to think spontaneously turned to go behind Han Ying’s back.


[1] xiansheng: mister, sir

[2] turned around more than a hundred times: lit. think very fast (not an idiom)

[3] water prison: prison cell containing water, in which prisoners are forced to be partly immersed

[4] limpid autumn waters: trad. description of girl’s beautiful eyes