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Chapter 49: The head\'s little peach blossom 8

In fact, men also have the 6th sense. Their so-called nerves that are thick and dull, may only be because they do not care about this matter. With regards to the people or things they care about, the man’s degree of sharpness are sometimes not less than that of a woman.

Although, most of his attention were placed on the youth’s body before him, nevertheless, Lei Xiao Shan, without any delay was still able to perceive a trace of hostility that was thrown from afar whichwas even had a killing intention, like a piercing sensation on his back, the professional qualities that he had trained in the police force for many years before made him immediately rely in his intuition to look for it, the line of sight was finally able to accurately capture the figure of Xi Yan.

However, Xi Yan had already lowered his head, which made Lei Xiao Shan unable to clearly see his expression, Lei Xiao Shan slightly frowned, his mind subconsciously raised it’s alertness, but because the other was only a child that had yet to mature, especially when that is the child that has been adopted by Chen Tong,thus he forced himself to relax.

Chen Tong on the other hand continued to devote himself in the great cause of making food, while pouring the lard into the pot said: “Lei-dage, give me the vegetables you have just washed.”

Lei Xiao Shan hurriedly lay asidethismatter with Xi Yan, turning around to strain the water from that bowl of vegetables then passed it over. After turning his head to look back again only then did he discover that Xi Yan had already left the place he was at, going to who knows where.

“Tong Tong, ” Thinking a bit, Lei Xiao Shan still opened his mouth to speak: “……does Xi Yan hate me?”

……ah?” Chen Tong couldn’t help but stop his cooking movement, then immediately asked: “Did he do something impolite?”

Remembering the faint killing intent that he had perceived just a while ago, Lei Xiao Shan’s eyes took a slightly serious look, but still shook his head: “No.”

Chen Tong slightly let go of his worries, then turned to Lei Xiao Shan and gave an explanation with great earnestness: “He is bad tempered, cold and obstinate, and is like this towards everyone, if there is really some problems with his attitude, then I will apologize for him, so please don’t take it to heart.”

Although it has only been three months since their team was formed, but Chen Tong had discovered that getting along with Lei Xiao Shan was very enjoyable. Lei Xiao Shan had a reliable and trustworthy character, who also gave him a lot of implicit care and help, and is a person in this world that could be counted as someone Chen Tong slightly cared about, that was why he didn’t want him to have any unnecessary contradictions with Xi Yan.

It’s a pity that Lei Xiao Shan did not realize that these kind words of Chen Tong was because he attached some importance towards himself, and could only stronglyperceive that he placed great importance towards Xi Yan. His mood became inexplicably low, and couldn’t help but actually open his mouth to ask: “……then what about you? Do you hate me?”

“How can it be?” Chen Tong suddenly widened his eyes, then firmly expressed himself: “I like you very much.”

The words of like that Chen Tong spoke of was naturally the like between friends, but Lei Xiao Shan’s earsflushed bit by bit, and said: “Tong Tong, I like you too.”

In fact, Lei Xiao Shan also knew that Chen Tong’s like and his like did not have the same meaning, but still,despicably seized this opportunity to confess, and even clenched his fist, mustering his courage said: “Do you want to have a relationship with me?”

As a man who wasn’t normally very proficient in speaking, not to mention being able to express himself was already amazing, and so, while seriously looking at the youth before him said: “Tong Tong, I really like you, when I first saw you I already felt an indescribable familiarity with you, wanting to always be by your side, and not wanting to let go even in the next life……

“I……” The words of refusal that Chen Tong wanted to say suddenly died down.

--Because this paragraph of Lei Xiao Shan was almost the same as the statements of Nicholas and Han Ying!

Chen Tong couldn’t help but be stunned in place, listening to Lei Xiao Shan go on: “I will take good care of you, wholeheartedly devote myself to you, ……I’m not asking you to immediately agree, I only hope that you won’t also reject me right away without warning, ok?”

Little did he imagine, Chen Tong simply did not have the time to agree or even the time to reject him, as his heart indescribably produced a question that made his imagination run wild.

Could it be possible that Han Ying reincarnation was actually not Xi Yan?

Because of Xi Yan having a completely introverted character, and would often not say a word the whole day, the more they get along with each other, the more Chen Tong feels that his and Han Ying’s personality was very different. The things of the world was exactly like this, all ideas eventhe unreasonable ones, will spread once it sprouts, Chen Tong for a moment seemed to have fallen into a vicious circle, and even forgot to continue his cooking.

Chen Tong was actually a person that was slightly obstinate, Han Ying, after having spent a lifetime was able to successfully enter his heart in the end, he was serious about Han Ying, as a result, in the previous world, he had not even considered accepting Nicholas, it was only during the time that the other party was confirmed to be Han Ying’s reincarnation that he later yielded.

It was also the same at that time, as he also firmly believed that Han Ying’s reincarnation was Xi Yan and it was only then that he was able to take him home. Those concerns, worries and care, all came from this point. In the event that Xi Yan and Han Ying were unrelated, it would be unlikely for him to produce this extra love towards a stranger for no cause or reason.

Chen Tong looked gentle on the outside, but actually belonged to that type of unselfish and heartless character. This was also one of the main reason that he was chosen by the system, --Not only was his innate talent exceptionally good, that was very suitable to practice cultivation but was also suitable for ruthlessness. In other words, Chen Tong was actually not that ‘person who tries to be in good terms with everyone’ type that Xi Yan mistakenly thought of, not only that, but in terms of feelings he was much more colder and cheerless when compared to ordinary people, and at times can even be extremely decisive without regards to the feeling of others, once there is a resolve to let go, even if the other party exhausted all means, it will not have even a tiny bit of possibility of recovering.

Fortunately, Qiu Jiang came at this time, the loud and carefree shout interrupted the thoughts of Chen Tong, “Boss, I brought a bottle of wine that was saved before the great catastrophe!”

He said while walking into the kitchen, revealing a big smileupon seeing Chen Tong, subconsciously thought of the culinary delicacies, and greedily used the nose to take a whiff. Then raised the eyebrows in amazement, “Yi, why is there the smell of burning?”

During the very short time of half a minute that Chen Tong used to thinkabout the problem, the pot had then been burnt.

“Tong Tong,” However, Lei Xiao Shan disregarded the pot as well as Qiu Jiang, and did not hesitate to persevere and continue to look at Chen Tong asking: “You will seriously consider it, right?”

“Cook first.” Chen Tong then turned his head to the side, avoiding the Lei Xiao Shan’s gaze, this attitude was already equivalent to a tactful rejection. The youth’s expression was very subtle, but the coquettish curvature at the end of the eye was exceptionally beautiful, the white delicate cheeks showed a slight pinkish hue, the lips was given a charming redness that was due to being bitten while thinking about the problem a while ago, this fine view made Lei Xiao Shan unable to move his eyes even when he had been rejected.

The rest of the guestshad also arrived one after another, in addition to the two closest comrade-in-arms of Lei Xiao Shan who were Sui Cheng and Liu Si, there was still Jiang Xu who turned up without being invited.

Sui Cheng is the vice-principal of the school, Chen Tong had seen him on the day of Xi Yan’s enrollment, the job of Liu Si is somewhat similar to a secretary, and is a faithful follower of Lei Xiao Shan that is responsible for the collaboration and coordination of the large and small events in the city, Chen Tong had also seen him several times, and was very friendly with each other.

Jiang Xiu was the only one he wasn’t friendly with.

Jiang Xiu was exactly the registrar that deliberately made things difficult for Chen Tong during the time he was signing up to a hunting team. Chen Tong from the beginning was too lazy to argue with him, but he pointed at Chen Tong and changed from a passive to active behavior: “Why is he here too?”

Lei Xiao Shan’s expression immediately plummeted, and ruthlessly said: “This sentence should be asked to you, I remembered that I did not invite you, so what did you come here for?”

Jaing Xiu’s complexion also became gloomy, but with a just and forceful tone said, “My father asked me to come.” Jiang Xiu’s father is the other head in the city, his position was also higher that Lei Xiao Shan, and then immediately said: “I took part in all your previous birthdays, and you even agreed to take care and be close friends with me, but ever since he showed upyou have never even given me a glimpse, you……


This kind of distorted statements of the fact was immediately interrupted by Lei Xiao Shan, the first extra move after anger was to see Chen Tong’s reaction, for fear that the youth would be unhappy.

However, upon seeing Chen Tong cutting the vegetables and minding his own business, just like he did not hear anything at all, without even a little bit of reaction. This allowed Lei Xiao Shan to let go of his worries while at the same time also produced an indescribable sense of loss, this sense of loss made him have an unspeakably unbearable feeling.

After Jiang Xu left, Lei Xiao Shan couldn’t help but dazedly look towards the profile of Chen Tong. The youth had a slim figure, but the body structure was very well proportioned, the white shirt made it even more refined, especially the impressively slim waist line, along with the meandering up and down movements of seriously cutting the vegetables, that made Lei Xiao Shan couldn’t help but want to stretch his long arm to measure it by hand, as well as to know how soft and delicate it is.

And just like losing his soul,subconsciouslytook a step forward, right until he was interrupted by the youth’s question: “Is there a barbecue grill that can be used?”

“Ah?” Lei Xiao Shan returning to his senses, hurriedly replied: “There is.”

Because all the guests were already present, it will be too late to cook again, Chen Tong then decided to make barbecue, the atmosphere was already bustling with excitement, cooking a potful of mushroom soup was to get rid of the greasiness, and was almost finished.

The process for making barbecue was very simple, cut all various ingredients into pieces, use the stick to skewer them together then they can be immediately roasted. However, when skewering, one must also pay particular attention whenmatching them, for example, the chicken’s meat can be placed together with the shiitake mushrooms, the lamb’s meat must be by itself, but cumin must also be properly scattered to get rid of the odour.

With the cooperation of Lei Xiao Shan, in a blink of an eye, dozens of mushrooms with the chicken’s meat had been skewered, Chen Tong then placed them on top the steel barbecue grill, sprinkling onion powder, paprika and table salt above, then brushing it with a brush soaked in chicken oil once through.

This way, there will be no charcoal taste upon eating the skewers, moreover it can also bring about a taste that was similar to frying, giving the skin on top a touch of crispiness. In addition to this, Chen Tong still had advantageous things, it is precisely that cumin beans and soy sauce fruits that was found inside the forest.

The mutton, potato and cabbage skewers were also quickly roasted, the last step was sprinkling the cumin powder and juice of the soy sauce fruit on top. In order to confirm whether the cooking levels were appropriate or not, Chen Tong made Lei Xiao Shan first have a taste of the skewered shiitake mushrooms at the outermost portion.

Taking a bite, there was a salty and crispy aroma that were unique in the shiitake mushrooms, it even has some tastiness of the chicken’s meat, and the added marinated scent that was a special characteristic of the soy sauce fruit, making the taste especially good. Qiu Jiang had already been running back and forth to the kitchen for several times, and was very tempted to drool, the wine had already been opened, and was just waiting for the meal to start.

The food hadbasically been settled, and all the members had essentially been seated, Chen Tong had only then found out that Xi Yan was missing, and immediately placed the food dishes down to look for that person.

“He said he was going back to school to continue training,” Da Shen who was responsible for cleaning Lei Xiao Shan’s house hurriedly followed Chen Tong and said: “he specifically made me tell you this when he left.”

In the dinning room over there, everyone was preparing to raise their wine cups for a toast under Qiu Jiang’s suggestion, and to simultaneously wish Lei Xiao Shan a happy birthday, Chen Tong could only head back to the dining table, and follow to also raise his wine cup for a toast. Lei Xiao Shan raised his head draining the cup in one gulp, then looked towards Chen Tong who had slightly lowered his head while seriously taking small sips and pursing his lips to finish the wine, the white cheeks because of alcohol produced a slight flush of redness, just like the peach blossoms that had just ripened, completely revealing the sweet scent to people.

The heart indescribably become more and more fond of him, and even unwittinglythought of a verse in an ancient poetry that hada sentence about mutual respect.

Feeling that if he was only able to be together with the youth like this for a very long time and have their meal together, morning, night and vice versa, then his whole life as Lei Xiao Shan, will have no whatsoever regret.

It’s a pity that Chen Tong didn’t join and partake in this meal in the end. Xi Yan was still too young after all, Chen Tong at first was still appeased and slightly reassured by Qiu Jiang and Sui Cheng, but as the night became even more and more deeper, he finally couldn’t help but get up and say goodbye to Lei Xiao Shan.

“Tong Tong, wait a moment,” Lei Xiao Shan then immediately got up to follow, and tightly held his hand, “I can go and look with you.”

“No need,” Chen Tong struggled free from Lei Xiao Shan, and gave him a somewhat apologetic smile, “I’m already very sorry to have left halfway, the school is also not that far, you should quickly head back to stay with them and continue eating.”

Seeing his light smile and long fluttering eyelashes, Lei Xiao Shan involuntarily felt his throat tighten. He had clearly said the words he wanted to say, and also held the hand he wanted to hold, yet the heart was still very eager to approach further, but Lei Xiao Shan did not dare to rashly touch anymore, but just spoke said another sentence, and only helped the other put on his overcoat, then hesitatingly nodded: “Alright, ……pay attention to safety.”

Chen Tong then hurried all the way to school, but heard the guard simply say that there was no one in the training grounds. But still searched around the school grounds, but still gained nothing, and could only choose to go home in the end.

They still lived in that temporary cottage that Chen Tong received upon entering the city, it’s just that the house had been bought by Chen Tong. There were no neighbors nearby, as well as lights, and the night at present was overcast, making the moonlight very sparse, Chen Tong was almost fumbling to walk in the dark, and because of thinking about something did not pay attention to his steps, upon reaching the house’s doorstep, not knowing what thing was kicked, had almost stumbled.

Luckily, he was soon firmly supported by a pair of hands, but he had just placed a little weight on a foot, and simultaneously heard a sound of smothered groaning.

Hearing the familiar sound made Chen Tong slightly pause, and sawa figure standing firm: “Xiao Yan?”

“You’re back.” The other’s voice sounded very low and deep, and was completely unlike that of a young child at all.

It was already the start of winter, and the temperature at night was getting more and more lower, yet Xi Yan was only dressed in light clothing, the lips had turned pale from the coldness. Chen Tong immediately became anxious, irritated and somewhat uneasy, “Where have you been before? Why did you stay outside the door at the middle of the night?”

Saying so, he then reached out his hands to pull him, but Xi Yan did not move at all, and like before sat on the upper part of the ice-cold stairs, in a low voice said: “Were you happy tonight?”

“It’s cold outside, quickly come into the house.” Chen Tong completely couldn’t manage to answer this strange questioning sentence of his, and only turned around to open the door, and simultaneously asked while opening the door: “Have you eaten? I will help you heat up the dishes, then……

However, at this time, feeling the loneliness of being alone made Xi Yan seize one of his hand.

Only then did Chen Tong realize that Xi Yan’s grip was actually exceptionally strong, that was sufficient enough to firmly detain him as well as make him unable to break free. Perhaps men were the type to be been born with natural aggressiveness, that is inherently, and has nothing to do with age. At this brief moment, Chen Tong clearly perceived Xi Yan’s aggressiveness that was concealed underneath his actions, and something unspeakable surged forth from within his heart, Chen Tong subconsciously wrinkled his brows, “Xiao Yan, let go.”

However, the other further tightened his grip, and Chen Tong at this moment had an intention of using his ability to shake him off, but then his other hand was also seized. That other hand of Chen Tong had still been carrying a specially packed food for Xi Yan, the package as a result of this fell to the ground, and emitted a muffled sound.

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