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Chapter 48: The head\'s little peach blossom 7

Chen Tong circulated his spiritual energy to try alleviating his stomach’s discomfort, it’s a pity that it could resolve major problems such as meridians disorder or injury, but on the contrary, would not be able to fix this kind of small ailments like the digestive system.

Now, it was already almost 10 o’clock in the evening, and was exactly the time that children must sleep well in order to grow taller, Chen Tong did not want to disturb Xi Yan, choosing to exercise patience and be silent, and with great effort tried to sleep.

Enduring and forbearing until he really fell asleep, after that he dazedly started to have a nightmare. Dreaming of an elegantly decorated room with a long chain, one end of the chain was firmly fixed on the wall, the other end of the chain was actually shackled on his ankle.

Therefore, Chen Tong could only stay inside the room just like a captive, with no way of getting out. Immediately becoming incessantly anxious, and tried to utilize his spiritual power to break the chain, but discovered that his spiritual energy had actually stagnated in his dantian and was completely unable to be released.

The anxiousness in an instant suddenly turned into panic, that was intense enough to almost let him wake up from his dream, fortunately, this dream soon ended with a confusing scene, and unwittingly changedinto another.

However this scene was also no better, he was suddenly surrounded by a bunch of chubby spiritual peaches, scrambling against each other to call him father. Which made him draw back at once, but the peaches were unwilling to let go and chased, and finally with a fluttering hua la la sound completely threw themselves into his arms.

Without also knowing the reason why, Chen Tong’s panic at this time was more intense than the previous dream, and used all his strength to completely push them all away.

The peaches that had been pushed away were actually like ginseng fruits that fell without leaving a mark, and completely disappeared without a trace. Just when he wanted to let out a sigh of relief, a monster having vertical slit pupils with a serpent’s tail unexpectedly appeared rising from the ground, that tenaciously stared at him with a gaze filled with wrath and desire while simultaneously coiling his waist, roughly pulling him to it’s front.

Chen Tong in the end woke up in fright, and immediately sat up, gasping and panting, after easing up a bit, only then did he realize that he was alone on top of the bed, and that Xi Yan had apparently disappeared.

Hurriedly turning his head to look all around, only with the aid of the sky’s bright twilight was he able to see that the other party had fallen off the bed, with a confused expression, as if he had still yet to realize what was going on.

Realizing that it could most probably have been during his nightmare when he shoved the peaches or the monster away that Xi Yan had also been pushed away, Chen Tong then hurriedly got out the bed to support the other person up, “Is there any pain from the fall?”

In fact with Xi Yan’s physical fitness he can remain unaffected even if he fell down from a very high wall, let alone a bed that was less than a meter high. He was obviously all right, but taking advantage of the situation to his benefit allowed Chen Tong to help support him in returning on the bed, and even assumed a little bit of contemptuous grievance, while also silently rubbing his elbow.

What’s being deceitful? As long as he can receive the other’s care and attention, he can become completely unscrupulous.

“Did you fall on your hand?” As expected, Chen Tong was filled with remorse, “I didn’t do it on purpose, it was only because of a nightmare, there won’t be a next time……

As a matter of fact, Xi Yan also had a nightmare.

He had originally slept very well, as the person he cared about was by his side, with the faint grassy scent lingering in his nose, the feeling of warmth and peace made him smile in his sleep. However, it suddenly fell short when he saw the scene of Chen Tong ruthlessly turning his back to leave, immediately waking up and opened his eyes, and was then suddenly pushed off the bed by Chen Tong.

“Don’t ever push me away in the future.” Xi Yan did not answer the question about where he fell, but only opened his mouth to say a single sentence, “Don’t ever leave me.”

Chen Tong did not see the other’s pitch black eyes watching him, and only regarded it as a small child lacking a sense of security, without thinking the matter through spoke in a soothing way: “Ok.”

However, his stomach was still not very well, as the discomfort came to strike again, and was more serious than before going to bed. It was already 5 o’clock in the early morning, the sky outside was getting more and more brighter, which quickly made Xi Yan notice the cold sweats on Chen Tong’s forehead, that immediately made his heart tighten, “What happened to you?”

The cold sweats on Chen Tong caused his pale white face to have a type of unspeakable fragility, and tried hard to smile while enduring the pain, “I’m fine.”

Not knowing that this feigned smile made Xi Yan feel even more worried, the tone had already revealed some unprecedented panic: “Where is it uncomfortable? I……

Before the words were completely spoken, he then saw Chen Tong suddenly cover his mouth and get up from the bed, running straight to the toilet. Xi Yan anxiously kept up, and only heard the sound of throwing up which immediately come out, --Chen Tong in the end vomited all the food he had eaten last night.

Those food contrary to expectations did not emit any acidic smell, simply because it did not pass through the digestion process, and still retained the appearance of how it was swallowed after it had been spitted out.

“How are you doing? Is the pain still very serious?” Xi Yan was already anxiously distressed, “Let’s go find a doctor……

Hardly imagining that Chen Tong after completely throwing up felt entirely relaxed, as all his discomfort faded away, washing the toilet first, then rinsed his mouth and face, and once again smiled towards Xi Yan: “No need, I’m really fine, it was only because I’m unable to eat meat that’s all.”

This time’s smile was really not a forceful facade, and appeared very natural, but the anxiety of Xi Yan had not been reduced for even a bit. --His meals has already been very lacking, and was still unable to eat meat, no matter how good the body is, problems will arise sooner or later, but he was unable to do anything, he didn’t even have the ability to help him request a doctor.

Xi Yan while thinking about this firmly wrinkled his brow.

However, Chen Tong only felt that the other’s stern expression when place on this kind of young and tender face, had a type of unspeakably cute contrast, and couldn’t help but reach out a hand to rub his head, “You are attending school at 8 o’clock, go back to bed and sleep for a while, I’m going to cook breakfast.”

Xi Yan was incredibly clear and recognizes that he was still too young, powerless and useless, and quietly said a sentence: “……I’m not a child, don’t touch my head like this.”

Even though he said it like this, but he also did not move his head away, and was still motionless allowing Chen Tong to rub.

“You are clearly a child before my eyes,” Chen Tong immediately said with boldness and confidence: “In addition, your not allowed to call out ‘you, you, you’, you must say dad.”

Ever since he became aware that Chen Tong was at most 6 to 7 years older than him, Xi Yan never called him dad ever again, but upon remembering Chen Tong’s clear and easy to see happiness when he called him dad, as well as the expectant gaze at this moment, paused a bit, yet still used the young and immature voice he loathes and said: “Dad.”

What is losing dignity? Ethics in the family’s seniority? For Xi Yan it is apparently not as important as Chen Tong’s happiness.

As expected, Chen Tong became delighted, the mood was not hidden at all and was completely written on his face. --In Xi Yan’s view this youth was apparently more child-like than him, that a little inconsequential thing can satisfy and make the corner of his eyes bend up.

Xi Yan had already enough sleep and didn’t want to go back to bed, but instead began to practice the bow and arrow that was issued by the school. As a result, one of them practiced his culinary skills in the kitchen, while one practiced his martial arts in the courtyard, the sun in the early morning shone brightly, completely sprinkling the entire courtyard with warmth.

Today’s breakfast was relatively abundant, Chen Tong then faced Xi Yan asking about his life in school yesterday. Chen Tong when looking at Xi Yan’s character was certain that it didn’t belong to that sociable type, both the facial paralysis and the dislike in speaking, made him very worried that he might be excluded by his fellow classmates, not feeling at ease he then greatly urged him over and over again.

“To easily get along with your classmates, there must be unity and mutual assistance, maybe you just went to school, and is still not very familiar with everyone, but xiao Yan is outstandingly handsome, as long as you can show a bit of friendliness, everyone will certainly like you……

Chen Tong said very seriously, but Xi Yan was not listening to it at all. Because his focus was completely placed on the other’s pair of beautiful lips and pleasant sounding voice, and could only feel that his absolutely empty spirit for the first time was once more filled to the brim by the other’s concern, and even produced a feeling of letting him continue to talk, and the idea of wanting the time to forever stop at this brief moment.

However, inevitably there will also be a time for this fine speech to be completed, as Chen Tong finally concluded: “However being friendly is not equal to being a stuffed bun*, if someone bullies you, be sure to come back and let me know, ……understand?”

*useless person

Xi Yan, acting very obedient nodded his head, as a result, Chen Tong had completely no idea how Xi Yan was like in school.

--What unity and mutual assistance? What friendliness and kindness? This points were not applicable to Xi Yan at all. Not only that, but in just2 weeks, he had turnedinto the number one campus’ tyrant, conquering the entire middle year level through his indomitable military force value, even the higher year level have somewhat heard about it.

Since the elementary year level, Qiu Yi had already been called as the boss, and had not yet had the time to dominate the middle year level, and was then defeated in the angles of the various areas by Xi Yan who had only entered the school for just a few days. Regardless whether it was the fierce competition of the daily endurance training, or the comprehension in mix martial art and shooting class, and cleanly loss in the end without a single exception.

In addition to this, what was even more important was that Qiu Yi was made to follow after that ‘threat to dig the eyes out’ day, and until now was still exerting all his effort to restrain his fear fromthe other’s madness, that was just like a wild and unruly nature of a beast that was difficult to tame.

Xi Yan was that kind of high-quality student who was physically strong and was still very popular with teachers, on top of that, on the day of enrollment, Lei Xiao Shan personally came over to greet the head of the teachers, he, just like with Qiu Yi was considered to have a small background. In fact, the children more than the adults still have their own groups and was flexible enough to be able to take advantage of the situation, soon a bunch of followers through their own initiative spontaneously started following Xi Yan, no matter how indifferent and taciturn he was, without even saying a single sentence or word for the whole day, and was far from being smooth and slick in establishing social relations like Qiu Yi, but the so-called dog that may or may not bite people is a dog that does not bark, this reservedness on the contrary made the little followers feel that his image was more powerful.

The entire day was dedicated to practice, when it was finally the dismissal time, amass of students busily left the training ground, but Xi Yan by the physical training class instructor, Sui Cheng was called to a stop, “Classmate Xi Yan, wait a minute.”

Xi Yan was seriously wiping the snickersnee* clean that Chen Tong had bought to give him and then kept it afterwards, only then did he throw an expressionless side glance to Sui Cheng.

*knife: esp. one used a weapon.

Sui Cheng was Lei Xiao Shan’s comrade-in-arms, and was a person that took the subject matter of loyalty seriously, “Next week is the physical competition, so this weekend when there are no classes, you can come to school to find me, I can give you extra special training.”

“No need,” Xi Yan, however refused it in a cold manner: “I have matters this weekend.”

“What matters?”

Having thought of Chen Tong, Xi Yan’s expression became a little warmer, after that, picked up his things and without turning his head left the training grounds, “Family matters.”

Waiting outside the training grounds were the little followers that were somewhat curious, and repeatedly asked Xi Yan: “Boss, why was headmaster Sui looking for you?”

Without any incident no answer was received, several of his little followers also did not feel any sense of disappointment, while walking, the person on the right suddenly pointed towards the school’s gate and shouted: “Boss, boss, look quickly, there’s a very beautiful woman outside!!”

“What wrong?” Zhang Hua Kai who was positioned at the left side immediately corrected him, saying: “that’s obviously a male, who only has long hair that’s all.”

After the great catastrophe, having enough food and warm clothes were already a problem, people would naturally have no time to get haircuts, some people would choose to ignore and disregard their hair letting it grow long just like in ancient times, Zhang Hua Kai watching that man couldn’t help but also supplement his sentence: “Even though he’s a man, but his truly very beautiful ah……

Unfortunately in Xi Yan’s eyes, everyone apart from Chen Tong looks exactly the same, being beautiful will also not leave a trace of favorable impression, and only casually raised his eyes, looking over there to watch from a distance. However, in the next moment the pair of eyes suddenly brightened, and also became somewhat wide with disbelief, then turned his head and gave an intense glare towards that two followers at his left and right, the dangerous atmosphere that gathered underneath his eyes intimidated the two people until their body trembled, then turned lifting his foot and hurriedly went over there.

And couldn’t help but run forward after walking two steps, his expression also changed along the way, from fierceness to happiness and then to being docile, when he finally ran to the front of Chen Tonghe even became somewhat shy lowering his head, “……you came to pick me up?”

“En,” Chen Tong slightly smiled, “it’s rare for me to return to the city as early as this today, so I came over.”

Autumn slowly passed by, as winter was about to come, all of the hunting teams were working hard to store up food, recently Chen Tong has been returning to the city often very late everyday, having been late several times made Xi Yan unable to sit or stand still out of anxiousness, for fear that he had encountered something unexpected in the forest.

Chen Tong also laughed upon seeing that two followers behind Xi Yan who followed him and came over, and said to Xi Yan: “We are going home, say goodbye to your little friends, ah.”

The youth was wearing a simple white shirt, the long hair at the back was casually tied with a string, yet his laugh was also stunning just like the Danxia tapestry of the heavens. Several of the little followers were simultaneously stunned, but it was absolutely not because of Chen Tong, but was due to Xi Yan’s attitude.

--They have never ever seen this warmth with Xi Yan, converging all fierceness, shedding all the wildness, just like a family’s domesticated dog.

Xi Yan in accordance with Chen Tong even spoke to them and said goodbye, letting several of the small followers become even more stunned. This was the first time that Xi Yan had actively spoken with them, the manner of speaking was also favorable, it’s just that the people simply cannot accept it.

Seeing Xi Yan walking together beside his friends, enabled Chen Tong to now feel somewhat at ease from his original worries of Xi Yan being unable to get along with others, but not knowing that what he considers as friends and the facts actually had the difference between heaven and earth.

After walking through the path of the main street, Chen Tong took Xi Yan and headed towards the Southern residential district. Xi Yan stopped in his steps: “This is not our way home.”

“We will not be returning home first,” Chen Tong explained saying: “tonight is your uncle Lei’s birthday, so he invited us to have a meal in his house.”

It’s Lei Xiao Shan again. Xi Yan slowly clenched his fists, the eyes hidden by his forelocks became very dark.

It turned out that he specially returned quite early to the city today, was only because he wanted to give that Lei a birthday celebration; and was not for the specific purpose of coming over to pick him up from school, but was rather because of wanting to quickly head to that Lei’s place.

This intense jealousy and hatred made Xi Yan almost lose control of his emotions, the pupil of his eyes also interchanged between the normal and the vertical slits, fortunately, Chen Tong was walking in front, and did not notice.

As one of the leading powerful force in the area, Lei Xiao Shan’s living conditions were naturally better than the average citizens, there was even a cook who specialize in making food at home. However, he preferred to personally cook, not letting the cook intervene at all. After Chen Tong had not seen the other guests, and only saw Lei Xiao Shan who was busy in the kitchen, couldn’t help but say: “Let me come and help you.”

There were quite a lot of ingredients, as the team work of Chen Tong with Lei Xiao Shan and Qiu Jiang had recently became more and more tacit, the trio had even joined forces to capture a wild boar and bear that became extremely fierce after mutation, Lei Xiao Shan showed a broad smile towards Chen Tong, showing a mouthful of white teeth, “Okay, thanks Tong Tong.”

After passing through the process of secretly practicing on the mirror over and over again, Lei Xiao Shan’s smile was finally not that stiff, if people used their heads, they will definitely be able to see what kind of hidden feeling he has towards Chen Tong in that smile.

As a result, one became the head chef in charge of cooking, while the other had the supporting role responsible for cutting and washing, the two people in the kitchen also had a cooperation with a full tacit understanding. However, the kitchen counter was clearly a little crowded for two men, there were several times that the proximity of Lei Xiao Shan and Chen Tong was only between several centimeters, that when Chen Tong turned back he even accidentally hit his chin.

A crash sounded.

“Wu……” Chen Tong immediately covered his forehead, slightly wrinkling his brows from the ache, and grumbled in a very soft voice: “why is it so hard……

The height difference between him and Lei Xiao Shan was as much as half a head high, by chance, the top of his forehead collided with Lei Xiao Shan’s chin. Lei Xiao Shan had a rough and thick skin that doesn\'t hurt or tickle, but he clearly saw the youth’s bright and clean forehead rapidly having a small red spot.

Immediately becoming anxious and panicked, he was just like an image of the main Buddhist when he stood there all mighty and strong while being at a loss of what to do, wanting to reach over to rub and yet didn’t dare to, for fear that he might break him, “I’m sorry, ……does it hurt?”

Lei Xiao Shan finally choose to use his mouth to softly blow at reddened area of the youth, the attitude was careful and gentle, from a certain angle on the side it would appear as if he was lightly kissing his forehead.

It so happens that this was the scene that Xi Yan saw which made him thoroughly fall in the dark swamp that made him unable to pull away.

Kill him.

Xi Yan watched Lei Xiao Shan, these two words had suddenly and constantly clamorednoisily in his heart, the strange vertical slit pupils even became faintly bloody. The noisy clamor was very frantic, to the extent that he needed to exhaust his strength and hold his chest so that he won’t immediately start.

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Ah Bi: Fellow Chen Tong, considering that you will have a hard time raising your doll, I can send you one last blessing.

Chen Tong (happy face): Really? What blessing?

Ah Bi: I heard that you had two ill-omened dreams in succession, --I wish you to have a dream come true.

Chen Tong (slams the table and smashes the chair): Scram!!!!!