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Chapter 47: The head\'s little peach blossom 6

A fear that was difficult to conceal finally appeared in Qiu Yi’s expression, at that very brief moment he really had an illusion that his eyes were being dug out while he was alive, “……y-you’re a lunatic! I-I will tell others that you’re a lunatic!”

However, the always expressionless Xi Yan at this time lightly curled up the corner of his lips revealing a smile, it’s just that this smile was filled with coldness that was completely incompatible to his age, making his whole person have a more sinister appearance, “Your voice also doesn’t sound bad.”

Subconsciously, Qiu Yi also firmly shut his mouth, and finally didn’t dare to say a word. Xi Yan then gradually withdrew his smile, “If I hear you say another word to him again, then I will also remove your tongue together.”

Even if the painful sensation in Qiu Yi’s eyes has already disappeared, but that kind of terrible feeling had unwittingly been imprinted in his heart. At this moment, he only felt that the Xi Yan before him who was only a year younger when compared to him was just like a devil, because the other’s expression was telling him, that the other was serious, and was not really just saying that.

At other side, Chen Tong has already started to finally prepare the soup.

First, take the cucumber slices, adding the ginger and onion frying it in the pan until it’s aroma will be released, after that, place the water, starch and salt to mix, then pour in the bright yellow liquid of the egg, in a flash, a pot filled with cucumber egg drop soup that smells, looks and tastes great is then made.

The wild chicken that was being cooked in a slow fire was then ready, just the scent was enough to know how incomparable delicious it would be. The chicken pieces had a color and luster that was bright red, the stew was also tender and chewable, with the added king oyster mushrooms and wild herbs flavor, letting the meat taste oily but not greasy.

Chen Tong raised his head to see Xi Yan returning, but was unable to see Qiu Yi, thus inquired with a sentence: “What about Xiao Yi?”

Xi Yan made a fist in a place that was not visible to Chen Tong, but the face still showed no whatsoever type of expression, “His stomach seemed to be a bit uncomfortable.”

“Ah?” Chen Tong couldn’t help but knit his brows, “Is it not serious?”

Xi Yan no longer utter another word, Chen Tong immediately beckoned him over with his hand, “Xiao Yan, come here.”

Xi Yan paused a bit, for a brief moment he couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty, but still went over without a sound. After all, he was now only 10 years old, and had still not yet been tempered just like in the future where he had accumulated enough kills to make a mountain and can be calmly complacent in this sort of situation, even more, irregardless of Xi Yan’s appearance in relation to his age, he did not fear about being criticized and blamed by any other person, but only feared that this person before him would reveal even a tiny bit of disgust.

However, Chen Tong with an attitude of coaxing a child, made a gesture to make him open his mouth, “Ah--”

Because the object was Chen Tong, Xi Yan then immediately and subconsciously obeyed opening his mouth wide, shortly afterwards, the mouth then became filled with a piece of juicy and tender chicken meat, looking up to see Chen Tong’s smiling expression, asking a question with a pair of bright eyes: “Is it delicious?”

The setting sun coming in from the window, made the youth’s smile look warmer, Xi Yan dazedly gazed at him, nodding his head.

“I’m relieved that it’s tasty,” Chen Tong gently touched Xi Yan’s hair, then took hold and handed over the whole potful of chicken pieces to him, “help me bring this dish over, alright?”

The braised rabbit meat that was being cooked was also almost ready, opening the pan’s lid, the steam in an instant leak out. Considering that there were a lot of people at this time, Chen Tong prepared a large amount of quantity for each kind of dish, the rabbit’s meat also filled the pot to it’s maximum capacity.

However, at the other side, Qiu Jiang, as a guest, could only honestly and obediently wait in the living room without the owner’s consent, could only bear and endure, and in the end, was finally unable to hold back due to the enticing aroma, pulling Lei Xiao Shan with him to run to the kitchen’s doorway, and just so happened to meet Xi Yan head on, that made him immediately become stunned.

--To be more precise, he was looking at the chicken with sage stew that Xi Yan was holding, the enticing bright red color and luster made him stare. Chen Tong seeing him approach, then said to him: “Quickly come and help, there are still other main dishes here.”

Unfortunately, Qiu Jiang’s response at that crucial moment became half a beat slower, and was over taken by Lei Xiao Shan who was behind him in just few seconds. Because the person was tall and had long legs, with two large strides, Lei Xiao Shan had already arrived in front of Chen Tong, with a gruff voice pointed to the braised rabbit meat that just been prepared and asked: “Is it this one?”

“En,” Chen Tong nodded his head, “the soup is also ready, carry the dish over then come back again to bring the soup.”

The white hot steam on that pot of braised rabbit meat gradually dispersed, revealing the unique transparency of the braised meat, only seeing the alternating fat and lean pieces of meat turn into a tempting jelly-like quality, the sweet potato strips that were thoroughly cooked by the steam were bright yellow and smooth, that can make the people drool just by it’s image. After the pot was opened a bit of chopped scallion pieces were scattered on top to improve the taste, the scallion’s green color traces lined the steamed meat’s plump and rich tenderness.

Lei Xiao Shan’s expression which had never before showed any happy or angry mood also couldn’t help but subconsciously gulp a bit, Qiu Jiang who came a step late had once again stared at the dish, after that lent a hand to help carry the pot of soup. The noodles were also thoroughly steamed, Chen Tong even blanched the spinach and mixed some edible tree fungus, topped with vinegar and other condiments, making it appear equally delicious.

Dinner was finally ready to be eaten.

Not to mention after the great catastrophe, even in the past it was also very difficult to eat this kind of delicious food, with richness and deliciousness that goes beyond the imagination, so the meal on the table made the two men exert a lot of effort to preserve a bit of grace with their usual table manners, so that it won’t be such an unsightly sight. With the two children, even if one had a hidden viciousness that was beyond his years, even when the other was still frightened by the former’s hidden viciousness, but when faced with this kind of culinary delicacy, still couldn’t help but ravenously devour his food.

Chen Tong seeing Xi Yan eating his meal with such a very fast pace, couldn’t help but clip a bit of food giving it to him while saying: “Slow down a bit, don’t choke, there is still a pot……”

He also clipped another piece of food with his chopsticks giving it to Qiu Yi, with a tone having a hint of concern: “Is the stomach still uncomfortable?”

Qiu Yi hearing this, subconsciously wanted to answer, but upon raising his head, he directly came in contact with Xi Yan’s gloomy eyes who was seated across him, and immediately didn’t dare to utter a word, but could only hurriedly shake his head.

Chen Tong felt relieved: “If you are no longer uncomfortable eat a bit more.”

Qiu Yi did not expose Xi Yan, in the first place there was still some lingering fear caused by Xi Yan’s madness, secondly there was no proof. --He didn’t know how Xi Yan had actually done it, he clearly felt a very strong and sharp pain, yet there was no traces of cuts or wounds on his eyes, and saying it out loud will also not guarantee that other’s will believe in him.

Several men have eaten half a stomach full in just a short while, and only then did they discover that Chen Tong had practically not moved his chopsticks, Lei Xiao Shan was the first to stop, “Tong Tong, why didn’t you eat?”

Chen Tong also didn’t know what was going on, he himself had wholeheartedly made these dishes, but he completely did not want to eat at all. The process of cooking was actually very enjoyable, but he was completely full just after doing the task, and did not have even a bit of appetite, on the contrary he was very fond of watching other people eat, especially when other people say that they like to eat, will make him feel very happy.

“I’m not hungry,” Chen Tong lightly laughed, “You guys should quickly eat.”

Xi Yan wrinkled his brows, even clipping several pieces of meat and placing it on top his bowl filled with noodles that could not ever reach half a cup, and persistently said: “Eat it all up.”

Chen Tong suddenly became a bit depressed, but it was also not a good idea to deliberately push it out in the presence of outsiders, and could only try to stomach and swallow down those meats with strenuous effort.

After eating they also helped to clean up the dishes and chopsticks, the sky at that time had already become completely dark, even if Lei Xiao Shan and Qiu Jiang along with his son still did not want to leave, and yet needed to get up and leave, after the door closed, Chen Tong immediately took out a bag, filled with joy and expectations faced Xi Yan saying: “Quickly give it a try to see if it will fit or not.”

Inside it is a complete set of clothing he had purchased using the extra 100 federal currency, --A loose version of powder blue jacket with hood, black slack pants, and an additional pair of sneakers. Even if the materials and workmanship could not be said to be very good, the design at the very least was stylish, comfortable and neat.

Xi Yan apparently found it very difficult to reject Chen Tong’s request, even if he obviously did not like the color of the jacket, but still did not say a word about exchanging it. He had a very good-looking appearance, the refreshing powder blue color as a whole, slightly gave him an added energetic and loveliness that was exclusive to his age, if one doesn’t look at his pair of deep dark gloomy eyes, then he would be completely indistinguishable from normal children.

“So handsome!”

Chen Tong wholeheartedly gave a sentence of praise, recalling the arrogant and even peculiar roguish temper of Han Ying and Nicholas, suddenly felt that this well-behave and obedient child is incomparably pleasing to look at, so he gently touched the head of Xi Yan again, even pinching his face, that person that was continuously being pinched suddenly had a belching fit.

The fit for as much as an hour had yet to stop, Chen Tong couldn’t help but begin to get anxious, “Isn’t this due to eating the meal so hastily before, do you still want a hot or cold drink?”

So while wrinkling his brows seriously thought of all kinds of ways to try to help Xi Yan stop his belching, holding his breath in addition to drinking a lot of water were done, but unfortunately bore no results.

In fact, this matter is simply not worth mentioning to Xi Yan, in the past he had suffered from all kinds of injuries, however serious the injury was, he could only huddle in the darkness to lick his wounds alone, but now even a belch would let a person be this anxious for him.

Xi Yan firmly pursed his lips, intensely watching the anxious youth before him, the face as before still had no whatsoever expression, but the heart was completely filled with warmth, and was frantically beating.

This type of feeling was really very wonderful, and was convinced that regardless of who, anyone who had tasted this would not be willing to let go. Especially with people like him, even if they usually don\'t care about anything they also wouldn’t relinquish this.

“Go to bed,” Chen Tong in the end could only soothingly touch Xi Yan’s head, with some frustration said: “perhaps it will be well after a good sleep.”

Xi Yan silently laid down, Chen Tong also followed to lie down. However, how could a person who had always been belching sleep at this time, no matter how Xi Yan strenuously tried to suppress it, it would still be very obvious in this quiet environment, Chen Tong got up again and said: “Come, I’ll help you rub your stomach, maybe it will become fine.”

Immediately afterwards the youth’s hand was placed on top the blanket and began rubbing his stomach, Xi Yan suddenly went stiff for the reason of not being used to be in contact with other people’s touch, and even subconsciously almost made a backhanded attack or defense, but also instinctively refrained his movements, because of the the other’s warmth and gentleness with a touch of familiarity and a faint grassy scent that could make him slightly relax.

Unexpectedly, the frequency of belching as a result had actually slowed down, Chen Tong retracted his hand and was about to switch with the other to continue, but Xi Yan at this moment suddenly sat up, “How did this happen?!”


Chen Tong became slightly stunned, and only reacted after following the other’s line of sight to see his own thumb. After all, he was still a novice in cooking, even if the culinary skill had been redeemed, there would still inevitably be amateurish mistakes, not only was the big thumb slashed by the kitchen knife there was also a shallow cut, the palm also had a bit of scalding.

Xi Yan seeing those wounds, tightly pursed his lips, his brows were also deeply wrinkled, it took a long time before he seriously inquired: “……hurt?”

“Doesn’t hurt.” Chen Tong shook his head, but Xi Yan was clearly unconvinced, and still tenaciously stared at his hand, as if just watching the wound could completely heal it, or perhaps transfer it to his body.

“Xiao Yan!” Chen Tong nevertheless thought about another matter, and with a cheerful expression said: “You’re not belching anymore!”

Xi Yan had only noticed the wound he found on Chen Tong’s hand which he held, and became startled that his belching had completely disappeared.

It was finally possible to sleep with ease at this time, Chen Tong also did not need to help rub Xi Yan’s stomach, but placed his hand on his own stomach. It was also unknown if it was because of this peach tree body he transmigrated into that is unable to eat meat, or if there were too much impurity in the meat, to become the reason which made it not suitable as food for the immortal cultivators, and actually made his stomach feel a bit uncomfortable.