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Chapter 46: The head\'s little peach blossom 5

However what still made Qiu Jiang more stupefied was after that, as Chen Tong shortly afterwards also said: “There are still two baskets full of fruits over there, ……but I’m unable to carry it.”

There were still actually two more? This efficiency was also too high, ah!

Qiu Jiang’s jaw dropped, subconsciously turning wide eyed as he himself only carried one variant wild rabbit inside the basket carried on his back, becoming practically ashamed and unable to show his face. Lei Xiao Shan who was still able to keep his calm and look unperturbed, took the initiative to ask: “Tong Tong, do you need me to lend a helping hand?”

When these words were spoken, this once again made Qiu Jiang change the object of his gaze to Lei Xiao Shan.

Boss Lei was also too much, were you not practically the representative of this world that didn’t want to be inconvenienced! In the past, how many men and women spent their time and effort trying to impress him but received no results while also going by unnoticed, but now with just a single sentence, was eagerly presenting his diligence, --And even more importantly, he had been fiercely reprimanded by him just a few hours ago, but now he was the one who grabbed the opportunity, going ahead and calling him ‘Tong Tong’!!

Qiu Jiang then also promptly said: “Tong Tong, there is still me, I can also help you carry one!”

“Great,” Because as far as the plants were concerned with regards to the fruits, even if it weren’t harvested it could also only be left there to rot with no purpose, so a great number of plants were very happy to come and contribute, Chen Tong having small fine beads of sweats hanging on his forehead, with a pair of beautiful eyes that were also brightly sparkling, earnestly said: “Then I’ll trouble you, I can also share some of the fruits with you, as well as invite you for an evening meal.”

The harvest of the ‘First hunting team’ this time had not only once again reached the top rank of all the small hunting teams, this harvestas well wasalso several times more higher compared to the previous times.

The city adopted a system combining the public and private ownership, every time each team settles their hunts, all of them must give a ‘contributory fee’ to the higher authorities worth 300 federal currency of food or medicines, the remaining goods could then be handled by themselves.

This amount was still extremely large, many teams wouldn’t have been able to complete the task. However, only Chen Tong alone could easily settle this, by giving half a basket full filled with this large amount of fruits, --He was even able to make Lei Xiao Shan help him bring that bamboo basket back, which were filled with the variants of theshan ci li and chinaberry tree seeds.

Chen Tong hardly understood medicinal herbs, it was only because his grandfather,who has been afflicted with high blood pressure uses the shan ci li to brew wine, was he only then able to remember it’s efficacy. The shan ci li could be eaten raw, which could also be brewed to make wine and are beneficial to those with high blood pressure and stomach illness. Upon entering the city,at that same day the chinaberry tree seed wastraded-off by him at the trade area for as high as 50 federal currency, so it was only natural to also bring as much as possible.

He wasn’t mistaken, as expected, the current market value of the shan ci li was very good, even if the price was much cheaper compared to the chinaberry tree seed, but each one can also be sold for 30 federal currency.

Because of the things after mutation became one to several times much larger than before, as a result the total amount of fruits in this entire basket could only have more or less 20 pieces. Chen Tong very generously, immediately used 10 shan ci li for the whole team’s ‘contributory fee’, after that the remaining 11 chinaberry tree seeds were all exchanged at the trading area.

Selling the chinaberry tree seeds, Xi Yan’s tuition fee was now only missing a trivial amount of 50 currency, Chen Tong then took the basket Qiu Jiang helped him carry back, --This basket beyond the ginko that can be crushed into flour, the rest were all king oyster mushrooms.

A staff member of the trading area conscientiously examined the items over and over again, then said: “Even if all of these variant king oyster mushrooms areexcellent, but the current researched detoxification method is quite tedious and the success rate as well is only half, so as a result these king oyster mushrooms can at most earn you 150 federal currency.”

“Tedious?” Chen Tong blinked his eyes, hesitated a bit, but still firmly decided to open his mouth and speak, “……in fact when boiled with a piece of variant maidenhair tree leaf, all the toxicity can be completely removed.”

For Chen Tong what he said was a very simple sentence, but this made the staff from the trading area dumbfounded, after a while, Chen Tong then handed over a leaf from the maidenhair tree.

Because even if there were a lot of people selling things, but there was absolutely no one who wouldn’t hide the detoxification method. It is well-known that every type of detoxification method was very difficult to come by, it isn’t very easy for people to experiment in order to grasp the detoxification method, and would hide away the method without letting others know, selfless people have already been gone a long time ago.

Lei Xiao Shan and Qiu Jiang looked towards Chen Tong with a bit of meaningful expression and some unspeakable emotions, but Chen Tong was only very happy upon receiving the money, --Xi Yan’s tuition fee wasthen thoroughly completed in a flash, but conversely the excess 100 federal currency can be used to purchase other things.

In a good mood Chen Tong immediately turned around to face Lei Xiao Shan and Qiu Jiang beckoning them with his hand, intending to honor his commitment and promise in inviting them for an evening meal.

Neither of the two had paid the ‘contributory fee’, but had also asked his son to join them in eating without charge, which even made the thick-skinned Qiu Jiang a little bit embarrassed, so he wholly gave the sole mutatedwild rabbit that he hunted to Chen Tong. Lei Xiao Shan naturally also did the same, but he, along with the wild chicken he hunted at the same time the 3 wild chicken eggs he found, were also then sent out all together.

However, speaking truthfully, towards this matter, even if they were able to eat the food personally made by the youth, they would already feel very happy and even honored, but consciously did not expect much from the deliciousness of the food. After all, the other was still young, and still had that very high level of martial arts, if he was also able to make good food, then it can be said to be very amazing. Besides, being able to eat enough food for this year, where was there still the time to pay attention whether or not they were able to eat delicious meals.

The aromawas enough to announce it’s flavour, as more and more tempting aroma drifted out from the kitchen, it was simply like a hook, that can grasp the heart and souls of the people.

Chen Tong at the other side was in the process of making yellowsage chicken stew as well as braised rabbit meat.

The sizes of the wild rabbit and wild chicken after mutating became twice as much, when it was sent to him the skin had already been cleaned by his two teammates, the internal organs as well were taken out, and the blood had also been washed away. Chen Tong decided to make these two meat dishes with the combination of the remaining ingredients, and prepared to crush the ginko to make flour in order to boil a big pot of noodles, and finally add some plain hot water, so that the evening meal willbe settled at once.

The first thing to be done when making a meal were naturally the seasonings, so Chen Tong first took out all the ‘seasonings’ that had been harvested today, for example the juice of the yellow fruit that can be a substitute for the table vinegar, the small dark beans that can directly serve as Sichuan pepper, the sweet fruit that can be crushed to serve as sugar, and the Florence fennel which can be completely made as a substitute for the ladies finger……

After everythingwas processed, each were then divided into several categories in succession and were packaged into various small jars, there was a feeling of accomplishment after they were placed in one row.

--There was finally a complete set of seasoning in the cupboard, making xiao Chen feel extremely satisfied.

Next were the garlic, scallion, ginger, hot pepper and other ingredients. Unexpectedly, these ingredients that Chen Tong found as a replacement, apparently had much better effects than those regular garlic, scallion and hot pepper before the great catastrophe, just the aroma alone smelt very promising.

Afterwards, Chen Tong individually sliced the meat of the wild chicken and the wild rabbit into cubes before washing them once more, then strained the water, the king oyster mushroom, asparagus, sage and the rest were also individually sliced into thin pieces, as the toxins were already completely removed, --As all the preparation were done, he can now formally start to fry.

Heat the pan, then in succession throw in the ginger and garlic slices, chicken cubes, salt, hot pepper, sugar, king oyster mushrooms, sage and the scallion pieces…… Although Chen Tong’s action was somewhat crude, but everythingwas methodically arranged step by step, maximizing the use of the primary culinary skill that had been redeemed from the system’s exchange. The chicken’s meat was equally stir fried then covered with a lid to cook over a low fire, Chen Tong then boils the meat pieces of the rabbit on high heat until all were evenly cooked, then fished it out to be placed together with the sweet potato pieces, to marinate with the use of the seasonings.

Marinating it for a short while will not only make the rabbit’s meat more flavorful, it will also let the sweetness of the sweet potatoes seep into the meat, letting the meat’s quality taste better, sweet and salty, fresh and fragrant without making people taste the greasiness.

Not a moment later, the chicken’s meat that was cooking over low fire was more or less ready, the rabbit’s meat and sweet potatoes can also now begin to be steamed in the pot, Xi Yan came back from school at the same time as this.

Softly pushing the door open, then silently standing at that place, wrinkling his brows, his face gloomy, without saying a word.

--This is Xi Yan customary self-defense posture, but is in fact a manifestation of uneasiness, but more than often understood by Chen Tong as a sign of anger. Chen Tong mistakenly believed that he had encountered something that made him unhappy at school, just as he wanted to open his mouth and ask, another child came in, when the nose first inhaled the very enticing aroma that advertised it’s flavour, after which looked towards Chen Tong’s way, and with bright eyes, started speaking carelessly: “Tong-gege, you are better than what dad said and is even good-looking!”

Chen Tong did not need to think to know that the other was absolutely the son of Qiu Jiang, the character was practically the same as Qiu Jiang. Qiu Yi in some degree was much better compared to his father, relying in his young age, immediately started following Chen Tong’s side just like a tail circling him while sparing no effort in showing his goodness.

Children with honey dyed words will have an easier time in attracting people’s fondness, Qiu Yi’s appearance of acting cleverly to get what he desires was also not an exemption, not only was he able to make Chen Tong reveal a light smile, be also succeeded in obtaining a touch on the head, squinting his eyes in a cheerful mood.

However, Xi Yan expression became much more colder, both hands even formed into fists.

“Did you encounter something in school?” Chen Tong with a somewhat worried expression looked towards Xi Yan then asked: “Is the middle grade training not suitable? Or were you bullied by some bad students……”

Bullied? Qiu Yi’s first reaction was to secretly twitch his mouth. This guy is simply like a leader of the wild beasts alright? On the first day of mix martial arts class he was able to beat down his fellow students who were no less than three times stronger than him, who would dare to bully him!

Xi Yan naturally also did not feel any sense of discomfort with regards to the training in the middle grade, on the contrary, he even wanted to increase the intensity of the training, wanting to quickly master the steps of the various fighting styles together with the survival techniques taught in the training class.

However, at this moment, he, from the beginning to the end only pursed his lips without saying a word, Chen Tong as a result did not ask anything, but simply said: “The dishes are almost ready to be served, you can eat another egg drop soup again, --You should go out and wash your hands first, then later come over to help me serve the dishes.”

Qiu Yi immediately replied with an affirmative sound, the two children complying with what was said headed out.

Xi Yan still did not speak a word all along the way, right until it was the time to turn the corner to reach the water jar’s side, suddenly said a sentence that was filled with warnings: “Move a little bit away from him.”

The tone was brimming with gloominess and vicious coldness, that made Qiu Yi uncontrollably became stunned, then immediately manage to react to whom the other mentioned, --But Qiu Yi was also not that much intimidated, decisively returning the sentence: “Why?”

Xi Yan without any concern continued to speak: “I don’t like you looking at him like that, and I also don’t want him to see you.”

The coldness from the other’s body became even more stronger, Qiu Yi indescribably felt some goosebumps manifesting in his body, then saw Xi Yan raise his head, staring directly at his eyes, and slowly said: “Your eyes are very beautiful.”

While speaking, the right hand at the same time suddenly reached out, shortly afterwards Qiu Yi felt a burst of sharp pain in his eyes, with so much pain that almost made him scream!!

As a result of being subjected into extreme pain, Qiu Yi missed the sight of Xi Yan’s pupil actually changing into a vertical pupil of a beast in a very short time, and only heard the sound of Xi Yan’s voice coldly sounding again: “In the event that you look at him with these eyes again, I will dig them out.”

Xi Yan’s strength was still not enough to provoke the two grown ups that were Lei Xiao Shan and Qiu Jiang, but was enough for intimidating Qiu Yi alone. His pair of vertical pupils that were just like a snake slowly returned to normal, and the pain of Qiu Yi in the end also disappeared.