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Chapter 45: The head\'s little peach blossom 4

Chen Tong seeing this, knew in his heart that the other may have misunderstood, to remedy the situation he reached out his hand, and accompanied it with a light smile, “I’m called Chen Tong.”

“Hello.” Lei Xiao Shan hurriedly returned holding his hand, at the moment of grasping his hand he then became shocked for the third time. Fortunately this time’s shock was very short, and almost no one noticed this, including the person himself who Chen Tong was shaking hands with.

The survivors because of living under the great catastrophe, not even one because of the arduous circumstances as well as being subjected to the attacks with the trials and hardships, even with proper maintenance, their hands would also inevitably become rough and coarse, but the youth’s hand was exceptionally smooth and delicate, in contrast with Lei Xiao Shan’s pair of big wheat colored hands that were completely filled with callouses from the weapons, making the difference even more obvious.

Both of the youth’s hands were white and soft just like the first snow that falls into the hands, which even made Lei Xiao Shan produce an illusion that it would melt with just a bit of effort, even if his heart was reluctant to let go but he also didn’t dare to linger for too long.

Of course, it was ‘almost’ no one noticed his shock, but not ‘completely’, --The only one that sensed this was precisely Xi Yan who had always been following Chen Tong at his side.

From the moment of he was born he had been struggling and fighting under difficult situations, personally experiencing the ruthlessness before the great catastrophe while also having experienced the cruelty after, Xi Yan was very adept in observing facial expressions compared to other people, and had an intuition that was more like an animal’s instinct, in a flash, the heart immediately raised the highest alert.

……right,” after holding his hand Lei Xiao Shan also hesitantly raised his other hand to pass over a thing, “this too, will be returned to you.”

Chen Tong with a glance saw that it was the petal which served as a concealed weapon that he had thrown over, and shook his head, “I don’t want this, you can throw it.” He anxiously moved back to the previous topic: “If I join your hunting team, is it possible to head towards the forest today?”

“Can.” Lei Xiao Shan did not throw the petal away according to his words, but this unexplained event bordering to a supernatural explanation made him somewhat cherish it and with great care stealthily placed it inside his own pocket, “Follow me to register, so you will be able to acquire the team’s badge. Because my hunting team was the first to be established, so it is called as ‘First hunting team’, apart from you and me there is still another team member called Qiu Jiang,” Lei Xiao Shan raised his eyes to look at the clock suspended above the hall, “it is now 8:30, we will set out at exactly 9:30.”

In fact, Lei Xiao Shan’s team was dubbed by the name of First, was not only for the reason that it was the earliest to be established, but more of its ability to frequently ascend to the top of the hunting results. The other hunting teams generally have four team members, yet they were able to reach this kind of high achievement with just an insignificant number of two people, this was enough to show how powerful the abilities these two people had.

As a result, the remaining two vacancies in the ‘First hunting team’, had always been the goal of numerous applicants who were sharpening their minds to be able to join, Chen Tong with all kinds of admiring and envious eyes finally received the team’s badge, but because he had always been thinking about the matter of sending Xi Yan to school so he became completely unaware towards this, so much that he couldn’t help but turn towards Lei Xiao Shan for help: “Team leader Lei, I don’t know if you have……

“You don’t need to address me something like team leader,” Lei Xiao Shan subconsciously said: “I’m not that much older compared to you, calling me Lei-dage* is fine. You can ask me about anything, you absolutely don’t have to be modest.”

*dage: big brother; different with ge and gege

Lei Xiao Shan while saying this also tried to show a smile to express his good naturedness, unfortunately he had not smiled so much before, therefore it seemed to look somewhat sloppy and rigid, it would have been better if he hadn’t smiled.

Fortunately, Chen Tong didn’t care about this the slightest, readily following his advice, “Alright, Lei-dage.” then pulling Xi Yan who was at his side to the front, “I want to send xiao Yan to school, but I’m afraid that the tuition fee will take 3 days to gather, I don’t know if you are acquainted with anyone in school, that can maybe lend a hand to have a grace period for 3 days?”

In fact, raising this kind of request towards an unfamiliar person he had just recently been acquainted with was very improper, and was already the bottom line of Chen Tong, so it goes without saying that he didn’t hold much hope in his heart, but to his surprise Lei Xiao Shan readily agreed, even saying: “Just enough for 3 days? If it’s not sufficient, I can help you get an extension up to 10 days.”

--Chen Tong had inquired to just the right person, Lei Xiao Shan in the past was the best comrade-in-arms with the vice-principal of the school, and Qiu Jiang, the other team member he had previously mentioned, happened to have a son that was one year older than Xi Yan, who was also attending school.

As a result Qiu Jiang who had just sent his son to school, just so happened to meet the 3 of them heading to school.

“Good morning boss!”

The other party seeing Lei Xiao Shan from afar called out with a loud and carefree voice, then how could he not widen his eyes when his gaze shifted to Chen Tong’s body, it took him 2 seconds, to unexpectedly behave in a frivolous and unconventional way while rushing over to call out beauty.

This morality and conduct of his was very similar to Xu Jun Duo in the first world, even if the mouth was liberal but there were no bad intentions, so Chen Tong very generously did not bother about him, but unexpectedly the one who seriously cared about this were instead the big and small one at his sides.

“Qiu Jiang!” Lei Xiao Shan was the first one who severely scolded Qiu Jiang, with an unprecedented serious expression, “This person is a new team member of our team, give a bit of respect, don’t use your usual flippant and insincere side here!!”

Qiu Jiang hurriedly stopped his movement, --But not because of Lei Xiao Shan’s severe scolding, but rather due to a hidden murderous look.

The keen nerves immediately perceived the danger, Qiu Jiang subconsciously stopped trying to seek out the source, but that gaze in a blink had already disappeared.

It was probably an illusion, ah.

Qiu Jiang very tactfully removed all the frivolousness on his face, correcting his facial expression, and with a smile faced towards Chen Tong’s direction and introduced himself.

Because of following and working with Lei Xiao Shan for all those years, he was very clear about the character of Lei Xiao Shan, if Chen Tong did not have enough strength, even if the appearance was very good he also would not be accepted as a team member. At the same time, Xi Yan indifferently withdrew his gaze that had just been directed towards Qiu Jiang, slowly lowering his face with a dark expression that was completely inconsistent with his age, in the same way this also made his first impression of Lei Xiao Shan be particularly unpleasant, that made him clench his fist bit by bit.

The school’s ground occupied a large area, there were quite a few professional training ground specifically built, but not much decent classrooms, because the education of the cultural knowledge by this place were already placed to the next level, physical training and hunting techniques were the main focus of the education.

The school’s matters were smoothly resolved like this, it’s just that Xi Yan’s age group should be arranged in the elementary year level, but he insisted in joining the training ground for the middle grade levels.

The children in school were accordingly divided into elementary, middle and high these 3 year levels, it also accordingly corresponds to elementary, middle and high these 3 grade levels of training grounds. All people entering with the age below 10 is assigned at the elementary year level, entering at the age of 10 up to 13 will be at the middle year level, Xi Yan was already 10 and a half year, but due to being malnourished, gave the impression that he was younger when compared to a child of the same age, and should clearly enter the elementary year level.

So Chen Tong asked Xi Yan: “Why must you enter the middle year level? Isn’t it much better to first adapt to the elementary year level for a while?”

Of course it was for the purpose of getting stronger.

Xi Yan even wanted to immediately follow Chen Tong to hunt in the forest right now, to avoid letting the other be with Lei Xiao Shan and staying together. However, he completely and thoroughly understood that his current self did not have any ability to be mentioned, even if he follows to the forest he can also only be a burden to the other.

He was still to small and weak, so he must quickly get stronger.

Xi Yan firmly pursed his lips without saying anything, Qiu Jiang at the side couldn’t help but cut into the conversation: “In fact, as long as he passes through the assessment, it is also not impossible to enter the middle year level ahead in time. It’s just that the middle year training is especially difficult, and is also very difficult to persevere to,” Qiu Jiang then took his own son as an example, “my son just recently entered the middle year level last month, and is often too weary to become unable to stand.”

“I will pass the assessment,” Xi Yan suddenly looked straight towards Chen Tong and lightly said: “I will also persist on it.”

Chen Tong at this brief moment saw the brilliance and firmness of the beast in Xi Yan’s body, this kind of feeling was very familiar, because it was almost the same with the body of Han Ying up to Nicholas.

The danger and endurance limits of the beast was twice as much when compared to normal people, then Chen Tong without any kind of objection, also let go of all his worries that he might get bullied by his older classmates, and only nodded his head saying: “Alright, I will believe in you.”

This simple 2 words of ‘will believe’ made a slight fluctuate of emotion in Xi Yan’s eyes, that unspeakable feeling also once again rushed forth, and finally watched with clenched fist the back of Chen Tong’s figure that was gradually drifting farther away.

The beast was indeed dangerous, but the beast after being domesticated will willingly hand over his life to the owner who cared for him. And from that time on, he will completely be under the control of his owner’s thoughts, whether it was to return to humanity, or to completely fall into becoming a demon.

Chen Tong’s task of heading to the forest today reaped a lot of harvest.

As a peach blossom demon that had grew from the depths of the forest, the forest can be completely said to be his home ground. The newly assembled small team of the First hunting team squad went in the forest at noon, Chen Tong immediately extended his divine sense as soon as he entered, immediately focusing on the important task of finding ingredients.

Main line task three requires him to improve in order to maximize his culinary skill level, but even an ingenious housewife cannot make rice without rice grains, ingredients are needed no matter what dishes were made. Chen Tong upon using his divine sense without any surprise was able to obtain responses, and the grasses were also a hundred times more enthusiastic compared to the city, the plants in an instant immediately made a chaotic clamor.

“Calm down, calm down a bit!”

Chen Tong could only loudly call out to maintain order, the big trees, small grasses and vines finally calmed down a little bit, conscientiously listening to the words of Chen Tong. Chen Tong then immediately raised the request of needing to find ingredients, and was soon able to quickly obtain the enthusiastic assistance of the plants.

Many men, oh no, it was many grasses with great forces, made Chen Tong in just a short while able to learn a lot about new kinds of plants.

For example, this kind of shrub before his eyes that looks just like a firethorn, the juice of the yellow fruit on top can be substituted for table vinegar, the leaves that were slightly like the fig tree, that bears ginko can be directly crushed into ‘flour’, Chen Tong even found produces that can be use as a substitution for the leek and ginger, as well as finding a bunch of mushrooms that can be detoxified with the use of the mutated maidenhair tree leaves.

Even if large vicious beasts were not encountered today, but they were also unable to encounter any prey, both Lei Xiao Shan and Qiu Jiang spent almost 3 hours to finally be able to hunt one mutated pheasant and hare, then turned back to look for Chen Tong, but surprisingly found that the bamboo basket the youth carried on his back was actually filled to the brim.

Qiu Jiang couldn’t help but point to the lush green leaf at the topmost pile inside the bamboo basket and asked: “What is this?”

“This one is considered as a spinach, even if the length is a bit different, but the taste and nutrition is more or less like the spinach,” Chen Tong without a bit of secretiveness mentioned the rest: “furthermore this, is very much like the cabbage, but is actually green pepper, and this guy looks very much like green pepper, but is actually a cucumber. However, this kind of king oyster mushroom beyond it’s size being just a bit bigger, has no difference compared to before, but the growing environment has changed, it was unexpectedly growing on top the blood-thirsty vines……

Qiu Jiang who was keeping his ears open became dumbfounded.

Matured blood-thirsty vines were more often more difficult to handle compared to the enormous vicious beasts, just how strong was the actual strength of the other party, to actually be able to pluck the mushroom on top the blood-thirsty vines!

As a matter of fact, Chen Tong didn’t even need to personally do the job himself, as the blood-thirty vines took the initiative to hand it over.