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Chapter 44: The head\'s little peach blossom 3

This is also the reason why Xi Yan who was always vigilant even when sleeping opened his eyes, involuntarily got out of bed, following the aroma all the way through the kitchen.

Pushing the door open, only to see Chen Tong still preoccupied inside, hearing the sound of the door being pushed open raised his head to look over, after seeing him revealed a slight smile, and spoke in a manner like coaxing a child: “The food is still not yet ready, be good and wait a little longer.”

The sky outside was already dark, but the light in the kitchen was very warm, and the smiling expression of the bustling youth in front the cooking stove was even warmer, Xi Yan really wanted to say that he was already 10 years old, and was no longer a small child, but when facing this kind of smiling face he suddenly couldn’t say a single word, with a pair of pursed lips could only fixedly stare at Chen Tong without blinking, that made him look more and more expressionless, contrary to expectations the appearance was just like getting angry.

Chen Tong couldn’t help but deeply feel that the other’s morality and conduct was practically like Han Ying and Nicholas, only when he grows a little bit will he become temperamental and implicitly doubtful, as a result, the manner of speaking to coax a child became more evident: “Don’t be anxious ah, it will be ready soon.”

The stir-fried noodles were already ready, Chen Tong then completely filled the large pot with dark green leafy vegetables, a golden yellow egg, and an externally roasted with a tender interior shredded meat, competing with the tempting sprinkled color and luster of the ‘noodles’ above, that can absolutely be claimed to smell, look and taste great. These noodles made from rhizome starch was first steamed in a pot until becoming thoroughly well-cooked, then stir fried with wild herbs and shredded pork, so that the resulting taste will become exceptionally savory.

After two minutes have passed, the spare rib soup was also already ready, opening the clay pot’s lid, the steam and the aroma rushed out while outdoing one another, a bit of whiff was only needed to make him exceptionally satisfied.

The soup and noodles were finally completely set on the table, while the meat produces was the most frequently seen food nowadays, but the meat which can easily be stored had an extremely poor taste that was hard to ignore, in the city, even the person with the most power and status can also only eat vegetables once a month, but being placed before him was actually a complete meal with vegetables, meat and egg, making Xi Yan uncontrollably help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“The toxins of this dish has already been removed,” Mistakenly believing that the other was suspicious of being poisoned, Chen Tong clipped a piece of wild herb placing it in his mouth and chewed it to prove that it was safe, “be at ease, alright.”

In reality, Xi Yan was not a bit worried about being poisoned. Because in this current society, there were hundreds of ways if one wanted to kill a child without a father or mother, it was completely unnecessary to have this kind of grand fanfare expending great effort and expenses, like giving him such precious and delicious food. In addition, he doesn’t own anything at all, there was also nothing profitable to gain by poisoning him to death, at the very least, even if it was poisonous, being able to eat a delicious meal before dying was also not bad.

So, Xi Yan began to eat without a trace of politeness, with a rapid speed that can shock people. He had never been able to eat a full meal since he could remember, the wonderfully delicious taste between his lips and teeth made him unable to stop even more. After he had devoured his meal ravenously, the large pot of stir fried meal was just like actually having a wind sweep through as how not even a bit of leftover was left with the food he had eaten.

Even if the amount of food was astonishing yet it only made Xi Yan 7 to 8 part satisfied to be full, but facing towards the utterly empty food pot, he produced a bit of shame and uneasiness that was hard to come by, --Because of remembering that Chen Tong still did not eat anything other than that piece of leafy vegetable he place in his mouth.

But to his surprise, Chen Tong was only looking at him eating with a satisfied expression, still brimming with expectations asked: “Is it delicious?”

Xi Yan a bit stunned, nodded his head.

Chen Tong suddenly felt an increasing sense of accomplishment, and took the soup pot also pushing it towards him, then said with a smile: “There is still a soup, the soup should also be eaten, ah!”

Xi Yan because of his smiling expression also became slightly dazed, then finally opened his mouth to talk: “You don’t want to eat?”

Chen Tong nodded his head, “I’m not hungry.”

The actual fact was that Chen Tong basically did not need to eat anything. In the previous world when he transmigrated into a little fox, he still retained the gluttonous habit of eating meat, but when he transmigrated into this world as a peach blossom demon, even the interest towards eating meat disappeared.

In Xi Yan’s point of view, with the current circumstances these days, those who give food to other people was nothing but a naive fool or an idiot. But the other party was obviously neither of the two, not to mention that there was also a method for detoxifying wild herbs, as well as having an excellent culinary skills.

Xi Yan in his heart finally judged Chen Tong as a good person who tries to be on good terms with everyone.

However, this type of kindhearted person being good towards him alone was enough. Xi Yan secretly clenched his fist, resolving to carefully watch over the other in the future, in order to avoid this tenderhearted as well as defenseless and foolish guy to be taken advantage by other people, or be deceived and harmed.

--Before the feelings had yet to begin, but the state of possessiveness in Xi Yan has already unknowingly started to take root.

After waiting for the child to finish drinking the soup, Chen Tong then asked once again: “What’s your name?”

There was finally an answer this time: “Xi Yan.”

“I’m called Chen Tong.” Chen Tong then declared: “I will be your foster father in the future.” saying this, he couldn’t help but reach out a hand to pat the child’s head a bit.

At the moment of contact, Xi Yan entire body became stiff and motionless, the subconscious mind wanted to push away the other person’s hand. However, that soft and warm touch also made Xi Yan produce an unspeakable attachment that he wants to preserve, furthermore, the other’s body also had a freshly mowed grass fragrance that made people feel happy, it was very light, but smelled very good.

Remembering how Nicholas made him call papa, Chen Tong suddenly became very pleased with himself, this is the feeling when the fortune of wheel turns that even made him able to return with great retribution, so he couldn’t help but smile and say: “Xiao Yan, xiao Yan, quickly let me hear you call dad.”

Xi Yan expressionlessly looked at Chen Tong who had a beaming smile, even if he didn’t know the reason that made the other feel this happy, but for a moment, this made him indescribably produce an idea of wanting him to always be this happy, and because of not wanting to ruin Chen Tong’s mood seriously called him dad.

Chen Tong’s smile became even wider, the pair of beautiful eyes and brows even bent into crescents, “En, from now on we will be a family, if someone wants to dare and bully you later, you have to tell me, I will help you settle everything, if you have something you want to eat, you must also tell me, I will definitely think of a way to make it for you……

……a family.” Xi Yan repeated these 2 words silently, but slightly narrowed his eyes and sneered, “Even a family in flesh and blood, when great difficulties happens will also abandon and make use of each other.”

Having a child less than 10 years of age say this kind of thing with a sneer as well as having this type of view, can really shock people, Chen Tong couldn’t help but blurt out: “It won’t happen, as long as I can live for a day, then I will never abandon you no matter what.”

Xi Yan was still as expressionless as before, and seemingly unaffected because of these words, yet subconsciously flattened his pursed lip, and a slight movement was made in a place where Chen Tong’s eyes can’t see.

Therefore, Chen Tong was completely unaware that him saying these words without thinking the matter thoroughly was firmly remembered by Xi Yan, but also recorded it for a lifetime.

And Xi Yan will also quickly regret calling him dad.

He was under the impression that Chen Tong should be at least 20 years old, but to his surprise after the youth had washed the dirt off his face, he appeared to be at most around 17 or 18 years old, and was basically not that much older than him, so he immediately asked: “Are you over 18?”

“Of course I’m over 18.”

Chen Tong had previously only turned 17 years old, after transmigrating the appearance had also ceased to mature, even if he replied with courage and conviction, there was still a bit of guilty conscience in his heart, pointing to the bathing water before his eyes to shift the topic said: “The water is going to get cold, so you should quickly take a bath.”

Sure enough he hasn’t passed 18. Xi Yan immediately reached this conclusion, uncontrollably wrinkling his brows, but didn’t utter a word on the surface, minding his own business entered the bath tub.

Chen Tong then began to seriously plan for the future path, “I will join the hunting team tomorrow, after that I will send you to school.”

Even if Chen Tong didn’t need to eat anything, but the child before him is at the age of growing up, so it is necessary to devise many means and ways to properly gather food. Chen Tong has already inquired in the trading area, that only by joining a hunting team can one freely leave the city, entering the forest to hunt and gather, and regardless of which ethnicity at this time, It’s the desire of the future generations to look forward to the future, the city have naturally established schools within it’s walls, and will systematically instruct the children from the ages of 7 to 16 about cultural knowledge and hunting skills, with lunch provided, but the tuition fee is considerably high, the payment for one term is 600 federal currencies.

Early the next morning, Chen Tong took the remaining half of the rhizome flour that was specially left last night mixing it together with water to cook porridge, then adding salt with the remaining wild herbs and shredded meat, to be able to make a potful to serve as breakfast. Even if the arrangement and appearance of this breakfast was not that great, but the aroma was equally enticing, the flavor like before was also not bad.

However, Xi Yan did not eat, but instead placed the bowl of food before Chen Tong.

Chen Tong did not know how to explain to the other party that he did not need to eat anything, and could only symbolically pick the spoon scooping out a spoonful, Xi Yan was observing him eat while following his movement, in a blink the bowl of food was quickly settled.

Waiting until he had reached his third bowl, Chen Tong then realized that he couldn’t finish eating the food, so subconsciously frowned, Chen Tong then unceremoniously pushed his leftovers in front of Xi Yan, and instructed: “I’m can’t eat it anymore, help me finish drinking this up.”

Xi Yan saw from his expression that he seems to really be unable to eat anymore, and was really not faking it, so without speaking reached over the leftover food and completely drank it up, at the same time frowned a little bit more because the other had consumed too little food.

When the two had finally settled their breakfast, they hurried towards the hunting team’s recruitment area, it was located directly across the trading area, the the small hunting teams that had already been assembled and those that had yet to be properly established will gather here, but only a handful had come to enlist. Chen Tong made a beeline for the recruitment desk at the middle of the lounge, “I want to sign up for a hunting team.”

……you?” the young person in front raised his head to look at the youth before him, a trace of invisible contempt couldn’t help but flash primarily because of the youth’s delicate complexion, then said: “Are you in the wrong place?”

This person is called Jiang Xu, and was specially responsible for the registration and statistical work of the hunting teams, not having any abilities himself, it was completely based on the exceptionally extraordinary family background that enabled him to get this effortless profession as well as opportunity to gain extra benefits. He was clearly almost as tall as Chen Tong, only 1 meter and 75 that’s all, but did not conceal any of his disdain to Chen Tong, and immediately said: “This place is the recruitment point for the hunting teams, going into the forest to hunt vicious beasts, demands a strong body and ability, can I ask what you will do to deal with the strange beasts? Or perhaps you can only do self-protection, to not be a liability to the rest of the team?”

The other party’s tone was clearly scornful making Chen Tong immediately feel displeased, the other people in the hall also felt that Jiang Xu was a bit too much, but upon looking at the youth’s slim back view, also felt that Jiang Xu’s words were really justified, so no one interjected.

Even if Chen Tong was greatly angered, but he didn’t show anything on the surface, then moving sideways, shot a glance at the entrance, just to see a tall and robust man outside the door carrying a military type cross shaped | crossbow on his shoulder walking in from afar. There were 5 long bamboo arrows in the quiver, each arrowheads were made of metal, the arrow’s tail was naturally a feather tail that is purchased to assist the arrow to fly smoothly, but the feather tail of the second arrow was somewhat asymmetrical, one side was long while the other was short.

Military crossbow

“There’s an arrow tail that’s not properly made.”

Everyone heard the youth saying these words while suddenly pointing towards the doorway, he then flipped his right hand, the fingertips added some spiritual essence to several pieces of things that resembles a peach blossom petal, shortly afterwards, the youth then seemed to inadvertently swing his hand up, the pieces of petals that were light as feathers actually flew out with inconceivable speed and strength!!

The man who came in carrying a crossbow on his shoulder only sensed a slight burst of howling wind swiftly approach, it was too late for any defense as it had already arrived before his eyes. The only fortunate thing was that the target of the ‘hidden weapon’ was not really him, but rather the crossbow he was carrying on his shoulder, otherwise there would have been a danger in his life.

To say it more specifically, the target was the tail of the second arrow in the quiver. After waiting for several people to returned to their senses and take a closer look, the arrow tail that had an excess feather has already been properly sliced off by the petal making it symmetrical.

The people in the hall became completely stunned, even the man with the crossbow froze, raising his head to look over at Chen Tong’s direction.

Coupled with an unprecedented expectation also became distracted, then stooped over to pick the petal, with large strides headed over to Chen Tong, “Could you be a descendant from a family of the ancient martial arts?”

Even if the man’s facial expression had always remained calm and unperturbed, but the voice clearly manifested a trace of excitement, Chen Tong’s eyes glimmered, taking advantage of the situation for his benefit said: “En.”

The man then immediately asked: “Can you join my hunting team?”

In a flash, Jiang Xu’s complexion became gloomy, unfortunately no one noticed his expression at this moment. The man in front of Chen Tong had already introduced himself, while also extending his hand out, “I’m called Lei Xiao Shan, what’s your name?”

Chen Tong felt that this name seemed to sound a bit familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere. Suddenly, recalling the moment when he had previously queued in the long line he heard the surrounding people speaking, explaining that Ming Ri city was jointly established by 3 different forces, one of the force’s leader is Lei Xiao Shan.

Seeing that the youth didn’t take his hand, Lei Xiao Shan with some hesitation retracted his hand, while subconsciously also wiped his hand on his own shirt.

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