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Chapter 42: The head\'s little peach blossom 1

The city of Ming Ri, is the third largest federal state city that was jointly established by two different forces to shelter the survivors.

When the day had just recently brightened, the people intending to enter the city to rely on help or earn a living had queued up waiting in a very long line, as if the heads couldn’t be distinguished in a single look.

The west side of Ming Ri city was facing the faraway forest, while the other side was facing an almost barren wasteland. Whether it was passing through the forest, along the wasteland or even some other paths, the people who has arrived here can claim of having personally experienced numerous fights. They have experienced hardships, fully tasted the winds and rains, and also thoroughly knew the cold and warmth, but it instead made those who arrived here even more taciturn, there were no commotions or disputes toward the direction of the city gate, the whole line actually appeared exceptionally well ordered, there were no cutting in line, confusion or other incident that emerged.

Of course, there were still some people who were inherently talkative and were unable to continually prevent their talkativeness, a middle aged man took the initiative to try and make friends with the pair of father and son behind him: “Where did you come from?”

In this father and son pair, one appeared to be more than 40 years old, while the other was only around 20, the father immediately replied: “From a gathering place in the northern area, unfortunately the gathering place was met with a surprise attack from the savage beasts, along the way followed some little tribe travelling to the south, then passed through the wasteland to finally reach here.”

“I also arrived by passing through the wasteland,” The middle aged man smiled, “but I came from the gathering place in the western area.”

“It’s impossible to pass through the wasteland from the western area, ah” the son who couldn’t help but cut in the conversation said: “The wasteland is in the eastern side, if coming from the west, it should pass through the forest……

Having said that much, the youth suddenly realized that he was speaking nonsense, soon after, silently mumbled no longer speaking.

Because the forest was very dangerous and dreadful, but any person with common sense would know that. If the ability was not enough, going in would only be courting death for nothing, the vast majority of people who were also unwilling to enter the forest would rather walk in a large circle path.

The great catastrophe of the human race started 7 years ago, in the same way as the plants and animals began to change. A meteor shower happened due to the planets derailment and collisions, not only did it cause the destruction of more than half of the earth’s existing modern civilization, the plants and animals also suddenly mutated over the night, considering the plants alone, even the common sunflowers turned into a giant and savage man eating flower, an ordinary Boston ivy evolved into a long giant vine with lengths reaching several tens of meters, that could instantly sprout from the ground, wildly brandishing and coiling it’s prey, then just like an anaconda strangle it bit by bit to devour, in the forest, even an unremarkable little grass, may contain extreme toxicity.

Not to mention those incomparably ferocious beasts. Not only does the savage beasts have razor-sharp teeth and monstrous body structure, it even became more intelligent and cunning as if acquiring some kind of self-consciousness, which posed an even greater threat to humanity’s survival, which numbers had once plummeted to the point of extinction. Nowadays, even the most courageous and most experienced small hunting teams, would also only be brave enough to hunt and gather food at the periphery of the forest, not daring to enter without careful consideration.

However, when the middle aged man with the pair of father and son was still chatting, even now as they were still talking about the color changes a beautiful and tender youth unhurriedly walked out from within the forest.

Wearing white shirt and black trousers, the clothes were clean and tidy, not only did the clothes completely lack any dirt from camping outside, there wasn’t even the slightest trace of wounds or scratches from fights. It didn’t take too long for the youth to be able to exit the forest, conveniently relying on the overlooking geographical location and with superior vision that far exceeds an average person by multiple of times was able to find a long queue from afar.

There was some sense of uncertainty while looking at the distance for a long time, he also tilted his head to think a bit, in the end finally decided to rush over, silently joining the line’s queue from behind.

This youth was exactly Chen Tong.

After he accepted the transfer to the next world, just like last time he slept amidst the white light, when he opened his eyes again he discovered that his entire being was hanging in mid air. Several thick and solid vines from the gigantic tree were extended upwards, by chance, intentionally or unintentionally weaved to form a comfortable cradle for him to lie on. The vines even spread out wide leaves, that very carefully covered him just like a quilt, treating him tenderly like a child.

If this scene was seen by other people their eyeballs would surely fall out of surprise. --Because the youth was laying down on the most savage and blood-thirsty vine!!

It is a pity that there not a single soul around, Chen Tong rubbing his eyes sat up, looking around to determine that he appeared somewhere inside a forest, not only was it very dense, but it was also exceptionally ancient.

Because of this gigantic eye-catching tree that even with several people working together are unable to wrap their arms to surround it, that would take a minimum of several tens to even a hundred years to grow. Young master Chen was completely unaware that this was the result after the plants mutated, not even knowing that he had also turned into a plant, the heart still sighed in silent admiration that the environment here was so natural, then soon called out to the system: “Xiao Bai, xiao Bai?”

Receiving no response after several continuous calls, Chen Tong couldn’t help but wrinkle his brow, using both hands propped himself up then jump towards the ground.

With the youth reaching the ground, the vines that was woven into a hanging basket automatically became undone, then silently gathered back.

Chen Tong did not notice any of this, but instead seriously thought about the next step.

--The first step was to naturally leave the forest, heading to a place with people. Even if the system had been unable to immediately give him the description of the background and specific circumstances of this world, but the 3 mainline tasks will certainly not change, and the second mainline task ‘Acquire the people’s goodwill’, requires him to find people to complete.

As a result, Chen Tong in this way started his journey in the forest. Maybe because the sky was still bright, that no savage beasts were encountered along the path, in addition he never crazily lost his way all the while, solely depending on intuition to smoothly make his way out.

“Line up properly!” Chen Tong had just joined the line’s queue when the loud voice of a guard that were watching over the city was clearly heard: “There is still an hour left before the gate of the city closes today, everyone take out the things with you in advance for inspection, so that the efficiency can be a bit faster!”

In order to prevent any surprise attacks from savage beasts, the city gate closes at exactly 6:30 in the evening. However, even if survivors were welcomed here, but even then the city’s inspection at the entrance were exceptionally strict, not only was there a need to examine the people’s belongings, there was also a need to pay a deposit fee in order to enter the city.

A lot of questions have already bubbled up in Chen Tong’s mind, but as it also wasn’t good to inquire about it without careful considerations, so he could only silently observe in queue while obediently waiting in line. Fortunately, because of the reason that the city gates would soon be closing, three inspection paths were opened at the entrance, the long line’s queue soon began to flow quickly, greatly accelerating the speed in entering the city.


It was not until a voice sounded by Chen Tong’s ear that he realize that it was already and finally his turn. Liu Yi, the head responsible for the inspection also never lifted his hand even a bit off the table, “You, take out your belongings along with the deposit needed to enter the city, then write down your name, age and gender in the registration form.”

Unfortunately, young master Chen had nothing in his body.

Liu Yi after waiting for a while didn’t see any movement from the other party, and couldn’t help but raise his head angrily, but then later became momentarily stunned after coming in contact with the other’s eyes.

For the reason of not having any knowledge with the current circumstances, Chen Tong very sensibly and indiscriminately smeared a bit of dirt on his face before lining up, slightly making a bit of cover up, but how can those pair of bright eyes be hidden. The eyes of the survivors who has gone through the great catastrophe were already full of exhaustion and apathy, it was very difficult to see eyes like the youth, bright and clear, as if a ripple can easily be seen.

The anger Liu Yi had indescribably didn’t emerge, covering it up with a coughing sound, “Then, what about your belongings?”

Chen Tong shook his head, “I don’t have any belongings.”

“Then the deposit fee required to enter the city?”

The head was shaken once again.

Liu Yi could only say: “Without any money, pawning things can also be considered.”

In this time period when provisions and medicines were extremely scarce, material things were much more precious than money. Chen Tong previously saw someone ahead handing a strange leaf to get through, just before leaving the forest, he harvested a dark red fruit because of it’s unusual appearance, “Would this one be sufficient?”

With one look, Liu Yi was able to recognize the mutated chinaberry seed, and once again became shock.

Chinaberry seeds

After mutating, the seeds of the chinaberry started producing miraculous effects such as dispelling poisons and staunching the blood, but were extremely difficult to find, furthermore always living at it’s side were extremely dangerous mutated tropical pitcher plants.

……can.” Liu Yi having done the inspection work for so long, was also very experienced and knowledgeable, thus was able to quickly repress his shock, pushing the registration form toward the front of Chen Tong, “Write down your name, age and gender, then you can go in.”

Every person entering the city can temporarily live in a cottage for a week relying on the registration card, after a week, one must then be self-sufficient and leave to find other places to live in, or they can also buy it. The guards inside the city has already pointed out to Chen Tong the approximate location of the temporary cottage, but as soon as Chen Tong entered the city, he became dumbfounded.

Is this the city that a lot of people were lining up to rush into? There were no high-rise buildings, there were also no department stores and restaurants, there wasn’t even a descent residence, only cottages made out of simple stones or woods, almost like in the primitive societies.

There were also just a few people along the road, Chen Tong was walking along this long street, but then heard a burst of fighting sounds coming from the area in the right lane.

He couldn’t withstand turning to look over, and saw several children that were not of age fighting, only looking a little over 10 years old, busily exchanging their fists, without any image to speak.

If grown-ups were involved in a fight they would still pay a bit of attention to their image, being able to punch then the palm won’t be used, if the hand can be used then they will definitely not use this kind of means like pulling the hair, but children lacked even a bit of scruple, pinching, kicking, biting and all kinds of extreme actions, in addition would also be willing to perform any devious means depending on the circumstances, four or five people formed a circle to lock one in the center.

With a single look, Chen Tong was able to see a wound on the forehead of the child in the middle that had unknowingly been smashed by something, the blood that had been slowly seeping made his heart throb in pain, uncontrollably making him step forward while severely shouting: “What are you doing? Don’t hit!”

This sentence did not receive any reaction, worried that they would rashly and rudely take a human life, Chen Tong could only grit his teeth and take the risk of dangerously rushing forward, picking that one in the middle into a hug, while raising his spiritual energy at the same time, immediately breaking the joint attack one by one.

In a blink of an eye, several children fell to the ground in succession, even if the fall wasn’t very painful, but in the end were intimidated by Chen Tong’s unbelievable strength, becoming shocked at first, then finally completely running away.

“Is your injury okay?” Chen Tong immediately turned to ask the child in his embrace, “You……

But his words gradually faded as the child raised his head to look up.

The brain that loves to brush the barrage had not yet reacted, but the thought has already automatically processed, with a single sentence quickly rolling over: ……Han Ying??

How can this child resemble Han Ying so much?!

There was no need to explain that this was simply a younger version of Han Ying!! Even the implicit overcast look in the eyes were exactly the same!!!

The brain’s barrage was running at lightning speed, but Chen Tong’s face maintained it’s calmness, proceeding to ask: “What is your name? Where’s your home?”

But the child replied in a cold sentence: “I don’t have a home.”

“How about your family members? Your father and mother?”

“Dead.” the child lowered his head, the eyes hidden underneath his hair became more colder than before, even revealing some traces of vicious tendencies, after speaking the person then intended to turn and leave.

……I can be your family.”

Chen Tong while thinking couldn’t help but also indescribably blurt out this sentence, also making the child that was about to take the first step to go away freeze, after that heard Chen Tong use a serious tone while continuing to speak: “If your family has is no longer here, how about I adopt you?”

Adopt? In a place Chen Tong couldn’t see, Xi Yan produced an ironic smile.

In this era where food were badly needed and extremely limited, everyone couldn’t even manage to support themselves, is there still time to raise other people? The sarcasm in Xi Yan’s heart grew more and more larger, the trace of coldness in the eyes also didn’t melt away, but his facial expression suddenly changed, deliberately pretending to have a child’s lovable look while saying: “Alright, ……do you have food and a place to live?”

There was temporarily no time to eat, but it was possible to first go and see the place that had been provided. As a result, Chen Tong brought Xi Yan along and headed towards the temporary cottage, heading in to discover that the interior was considerably crude and simple, containing only some simple furniture and kitchen implements. The only thing that assuaged Chen Tong was that it was somewhat similar to a villa, a single door, with a backyard and dooryard, --Even if a lot of grasses has grown inside the yard.

Chen Tong didn’t know that this kind of house was the worst, because not all of the plants nowadays were threatening, but it was a pity as the weeds of this kind had the strongest vitality, being able to take root anywhere, and can never be cleared.

“Don’t touch.”

Seeing Chen Tong extend his hands towards the weeds, Xi Yan did not intend to remind him, but he still wanted to rely on the other to be able to eat a full meal, thus opened his mouth to talk: “It’s poisonous.”

“I’m not poisonous, alright?”

Chen Tong stopped moving his hand, but was surprised to hear that weed speak, in addition, it seems that he was the only one who could hear it: “My roots are more delicious and nutritious to eat than potatoes , not known and understood by humans!”

The author has something to say:

The new world just like before is the story of a father and son, but the roles are reversed. It has a bit of gourmet elements, after all, one of the characteristics of small peach blossom is to make a harmonious and orderly home.

The world\'s gong is a mutated person, paranoid and possessive will also be more serious than ever before, terrifying so proceed with caution.