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Chapter 41: The imperial little fox 20

As Nicholas chased the little fox out the auditorium he then found out that he wasn’t wearing any footwear, immediately becoming more anxious, without even considering whether or not the other’s anger was provoked lifted the person up, then brought him in the car.

The little fox contrary to expectations didn’t struggle, nevertheless he also didn’t look at him and directly ordered the driver stating: “Go to the biggest bar in the city.”

The time at this moment was already more than 4 o’clock, if the travel time is also calculated, then it will almost be the time for the bar to be open for business. However, this two simplewords immediately made Nicholas alertness level rise to the highest, hurriedlysaying: “Out of the question, baby can’t go there, that place isn’t suitable for you……”

The little fox finally gave him a look, unfortunately the gaze was very chilly, “What is to you if I wanted to go anywhere?”

“I……,” If not for the car’s compartment being too small, His great Highness would have already stood up to anxiously pace in place, he also did not dare to say any more words that could stir the little fox’s anger, and can only blindly apologize saying: “I know that it is my fault, because I was afraid of you leaving me, so I thought of wanting to quickly tie you down in a relationship, but there was no one else from the beginning to the end of this engagement, I was only waiting for you alone……”

His great Highness spent all the tolerance he had in his life on the little fox alone, the voice could almost be said to be subservient and fawning: “It’s my fault, baby don’t be angry, forgive me okay?”

In a place where Nicholas couldn’t see, the little fox eyes has already been slightly moved, but still said: “Not okay.”

This extremely short two words immediately and finally made His great Highness hit the lowest point, he hesitated for quite a long time before being able to once again open his mouth, trying to make a final form of resistance: “……for what reason must baby go to the bar? That place is quite messy, in addition to being noisy, there are also many bad people……”

“Because I’m in a very unpleasant mood,” The little fox looked up, and was actually willing to look at him at this time, “so I will drink alcoholic drinks to relieve the sorrow.”

Regardless of whatever expression the little fox has, the eyes were able to distinguish between right and wrong, the wide pair of eyes looked over, the eyes naturally bearing a bit of watery beauty also showed an unspeakable grievance and stubbornness, immediately making Nicholas incapable of speaking any words of refute.

Arguing with a beauty is simply a difficult matter, especially if the other is his own darling which he holds at the tip of his heart, no matter what was said he will always feel that he was wrong. So, being looked like that by this little fox, His great Highness was just like being hit straight in his heart, immediately wishing to kneel down whileclaiming that he was guilty in all kinds of ways and manner, even taking his heart out to give it to him.

His great Highness finally gritted his teeth nodding in consent, --Don’t say going to the bar, he was even willing to accompany his baby in mountains of daggers and seas of flames*.

*extreme dangers

However, he soon regretted it, and even couldn’t help but wish to kill all the people in the entire bar.

Because the little fox after entering the bar didn’t drink any alcoholic beverages, but actually ran to dance. The theme of the empire’s bar today just happened to be a costume party, all the customers has already been dressed up in all sorts of costumes and began to enter in twos and threes, the number of people along with the night’s arrival became more and more, the lighting at the middle of the bar was deliberately dimmed, but there was a gorgeous and diversely colored almost in a discord round stage, the dazzling colored lighting and psychedelic smoke, made the whole round stage produce a type of glowing atmosphere that isolates it from the surrounding environment.

Around 7 o’clock, when the sky has thoroughly darkened, the people inside the bar was almost already packed, and everyone’s line of sight were unconsciously drawn and concentrated to the white figure that was dancing on the center stage.

The other’s getupjust happened to be the latest and greatest trending fashion craze with the little fox as the model.

Wearing a fox shaped mask, in addition to having a pair of furry ears with long hair. Under the backlight, the youth’s slender as well as flexible body slowly swings along the rhythm of the music, the long hair under the lighting scatters in all directions, even if there was a mask to conceal his appearance, but each and every move of his hands, feet and body, was just like a strong drug attracting people’s attention.

Only Nicholas knew that this youth wasn’t dressed up just like the little fox, but was the little fox himself.

Originally arriving at 7 o’clock, the bars music sounded, dressed up in all kinds of styles the customers one after another began to randomly dance along with the crowd, but all gradually stopped because of the youth’s participation, dazedly watching his figure and was simply incapable of moving their eyes away.

The youth was wearing a plain white robe, just like an immortal in the mortal world that was untouched by the human world’s smoke and fire, but the dancer’s movement seemed to have a mysterious essence that was full of charm, that type of contradiction and mysterious charm makes the people produce a bit of incurable intoxication.

The music shifts, becoming increasingly high, the fox movements also immediatelyaccelerates, a shocking and exciting movement bursts forth from him with each beat, brimming with fantasies and radiant high spirits, the tension of the crowd were completely stirred up.

The charm of the fox demon, that was capable of causing the downfall of a city.

Nicholas was naturally also exceptionally shocked, this kind of little fox is something that he has never seen before, it was completely beyond the limits of his knowledge, the man’s line of sight was immediately attracted to the youth’s figure, the body and hands were trembling because of emotional changes, the Adams apple couldn’t help but slowly roll, the chest’s undulation was completely stifled with emotions and unbearable breath.


At this time someone from below the stage actually couldn’t help but let out a sharp whistle, and this sound was like a stone thrown in the water, the crowd with a crash suddenly became excited, everyone immediately followed as they started to blow whistles and clap their hands to applaud the little fox.

The people in the entire bar has already automatically formed a significantly large circle surrounding the round stage, the exhilarating shouts of the women and the exciting cheers of the men occurred again and again, because of the movements being comparatively large, the youth’s lapel had become somewhat loose, exposing the delicate clavicle and a small area of smooth skin on the chest, along with it the crowd’s excitement were fiercely stirred up, all of the sudden, the atmosphere of everyone present was finally peaked.

The third mainline task‘unconsciously exudes a seductive atmosphere’ was completed as expected.

Having heard the system’s prompt the little fox was also finally satisfied revealing a light smile.

Chen Tong actually thought of this method and wanted to try it out a day ago. When he participated in the high school’s dance club, a bit of modern dance was learned, even if it wasn’t mastered, but these were already enough for bluffing in the futuristic world where people completely doesn’t know about dancing. Especially in these kind of situation like drunken indulgence, even if some places of the dance movements were wrong, but the excellent body proportion and flexibility makes each action look incomparably beautiful.

Finally the youth began to extend both his hands and in a languid posture slightly looked up, each and every move was like a beautiful slow motion in a movie, the slender and graceful nape line even made the surrounding people’s breath feel a stifling sensation, the entire bar seemingly became still in this split second.

Nicholas finally couldn’t help it anymore, irregardless of anything directly rushed forward, declaring the general sovereignty by placed the person in his embrace.

But the little fox raised his hands to pinch his shoulder, without knowing what method was used, with a little bit of push and another push, easily breaking free from Nicholas hold, at the same time a feeling of numbness quickly spreads from theplace on the shoulder, just like being struck by an acupuncture, half of the body was unable to make a bit of movement.

Nicholas heart suddenly sank, the previous lust that had been triggered because of the youth’s dance movement and posture had also faded for more than half, “Baby, I……”

“There is still a minute.”

The little fox’shaphazard, sudden and unexpected sentence made Nicholas even more confused, foolishly looking at him with question marks across his whole face, completely not understanding the little fox’s meaning.

“I will only give you one minute to propose marriage once again.” the little fox unexpectedly took the words that His Highness had spoken to him at the time even returning it almost unchanged, the ‘five days’ was replaced with ‘one minute’, “……if you don’t do it well, then I will get engaged with someone else, after that I won’t come back to bother you again.”

Nicholas paused for a while then reacted, hurriedly attempting to clear and understand his thoughts, however it took only 10 seconds, as the little fox once again started speaking: “Times up, the time has already passed I will no longer wait for you.”

After completely speaking he turned to leave.

Nicholas immediately wanted to hurriedly and anxiously grab him, but forgot that the left half of his body was numbed by the cultivator’s spiritual energy and was temporarily unable to move, taking a step the left leg became weak, the whole person unexpectedly fell to the ground.

Withoutalso knowing whether the heart was very chaotic and restless, or the surrounding dances lighting that was very dazzling to the eye was the reason, this fall made him somewhat stunned, but still subconsciously reach out to seize the ankle of the little fox.

The little fox which ankle had been seized stopped, easily stopping his footsteps, turned back, then looked down on the man lying down on the ground. With Nicholas viewing angle, only the fine and graceful jaw of the youth could be seen.

In the end with the SS level physical strength, His great Highness with the fastest energy mobilization dispelled the numbness of the entire body, in an awkward posture got up while holding the youth’s ankle, by chance inadvertently adjusted into becoming the most standard posture of one-kneel marriage proposal in the ancient earth’s period, then holding the little fox’s hanging left hand, with the forehead that was almost piously pressed against the back of his hand, “……baby, I love you.”

“I want to be together with you for a lifetime, to always be by your side, and will never let go even in the next life,” the man raised his head, looking straight towards the youth continually saying: “even couldn’t help but want to entirely eat you up, so that you will remain in my body and be inseparable this way. But I’m afraid of you getting hurt, as long as you will get hurt even a bit, will make me very reluctant……”

Having said that, Nicholas voice suddenly became seriously hoarse, in the end earnestly asked a line of sentence: “Baby, let’s get engaged?”

The little fox actually had a momentary illusion of passing through time and space, seemingly seeing Han Ying for a brief moment, as a myriad of tender sentiments were hidden in the depths of the man’s bright eyes, and that look was exactly the same as the expression of Han Ying when he was looking at him.

--A single person’s expression of deep love, was of course the same.

The little fox closed his eyes, softly releasing a long breath, and finally nodded his head under Nicholas restless held breath.

“En, I will reluctantly agree to try it out,” the youth raised a brow, the pitch-black pupils were sparkling and beautiful, in a very imposing manner declared, “there will be no retreat if you are not up to standard.”

Obtaining a trial period, His great Highness finally once again took his baby into his embrace.

The floating car was driven in a fast and steady pace, and soon returned to the prince’s mansion, drinking a little alcohol and repeatedly squandering the whole day the little fox on the way back nestled in the man’s embrace fighting back sleep, childishly rubbing his eyes trying to pull himself together, but instead this rubbing made him more sleepy, he was only roughly a bit soberright until he was carried into the bedroom, following which prepared to take a bath before heading to bed.

The water in the bath was clear and bright, the little fox sitting inside had a delicate and tender look. His face for the most part had a bit of blush because of the slight intoxication and steam, with slightly narrowed eyes, the eyes had a dense haziness, the lustrous whiteness of the skin was like jade, it was so seductive without any deliberate temptation.

Nicholas coming in carrying night clothes became tenaciously fixated on him, the previous lust that was raised because of his dancing movements and postures had been hopelessly renewed once again, exhausting the combination of reason and strength of his whole body was barely enough to suppress the rising thirst of desire.

The little fox didn’t know that his own line of movement and smile can make Nicholas have an embodiment of a beast, but the beast had learnt to show restraint, what should be done if by chance the little fox became unhappy and withdrew?So he persistently hovered back and forth between his desire.

Gu du.

It wasn’t the waters sound, but the man’s perfectly clear gulping noise.

It’s simply very unattractive, was the little fox’s thought.

He had actually noticed since earlier the man’s silent forbearance that almost warped his expression, finally with great compassion hooked his finger, “Want?”

The voice was horse to a grievous extent: “……En.”

The youth’s eyes actually took a seductive expression in addition to a completely mesmerizing look, “Come over then.”

The intense feelings in Nicholas’ chest burst open, immediately holding the little fox up. Undoubtedly, it was an expression of an exceptionally profound love, towards a treasure, filled with gentleness and cautiousness, but the movement was exceptionally fierce, brimming with overbearing possessiveness, in the end this fierceness made the little fox feel that his tongue seemed like it would be sucked up by him, the entire person felt a kind of suffocation being hard-pressed on the man’s broad and sturdy chest.

His great Highness held his softened baby, groping, kneading, kissing and nipping him once through from head to foot, the little fox’s senses was captured by these pleasurable sensations, emitting a gasp that was pleasant to hear, a kind of numbing electric current spreads from the □□ to the whole body, finally releasing in the man’s hand.

However, the completely released little fox at this moment stopped Nicholas’ hands, not letting him continue to descend, Nicholas suddenly had a foreboding premonition, and as expected the little fox once again turned his head and refused to acknowledge people, pushing him away while simultaneously saying: “……get up.”

The little fox languidly released a yawn, softly saying: “I’m tired, I want to sleep.”

After completely doing eccentric things for three times, the third mainline task was finally completed, the little fox satisfactorily headed to bed nestling his tail to sleep, His great Highness could only bear his exploding desire turning to the bathroom to relieve himself, this unfortunate fate can practically be said to compete in being the first in the empire.

It is said that, happiness more often begins with the door.

Finished with bathing His great Highness went out the bathroom, gently pushing the bedroom’s door open.

The little fox has already been sleeping very deeply, the entire bedroom was very tranquil, and seemingly only able to hear the little fox’s light breathing and his own heartbeat. Nicholas softly walked towards the bedside, from this single angle he could see one side of the youth’s refreshing face, there was still some red blush on the face that had yet to fade, when breathing the little nose will slightly move, beautiful and yet well-behaved.

He couldn’t help but lower his head, gently and briefly touching his lips with affection.

The little fox in his dream faintly felt something intermittently falling on his lips, just like a sweet candy, and also like a soft feather.

That kind of sweet and soft feeling, is probably what happiness is right?

The author has something to say:

Sorry for the late change, I originally wrote Eve’s ending and thought that it took up the number of words and all of them changed,it’s really difficult as the computer’s screen had a problem changing into blue,being more hurried makes more errors, and thinking that everyone is waiting,being anxious won’t work……

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